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    That's such crap. If it's worth a suspension, then punish him now. The offense was committed during a World Series game - the punishment should be, too.
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    Wait, is Blossom a WWE fan too?
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    Would YOU want to be the government entity trying to tell Scott Steiner he can't sell alcohol?
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    And then in the comments, Rusev replies "Double it then."
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    Oddly enough, the mid-carders and guys that missed and missed again are likely much better teachers than the superstars like Shawn Michaels. Look at baseball, how many great hitters and pitchers became great coaches? Very, very few. Your great coaches were guys like Walt Hriniak who had to work his ass off just to keep a job, whereas someone like Ted Williams or Rogers Hornsby (arguably two of the greatest hitters who ever lived), were incapable of teaching what they did. When you're doing something at an almost superhuman level, (say it with me!) "You Can't Teach That!". I'd be willing to bet that Norman Smiley and Matt Bloom are light-years ahead of Shawn Michaels as teachers. Nia Jax needed (and deserved) a LOT more training in NXT. Working as a monster is way, way harder than one would think. You're always going to be scared to death of hurting someone and building the skill and confidence to keep that fear in check is not an easy thing by any means. For large size folk, Braun "got it" faster than anyone else I've ever seen. From day one the only knock on him was that he looked like he was nice as pie. I couldn't buy him as a monster when he looked like the neighbor who shovels snow out of everyone's driveway and plays Santa for the kids at the community center. Some minor tweaks to his appearance fixed that and he grasped the concept of "less is more" far faster than most. Hell, guys that have been around twice as long are still trying to figure out the balance and he's already got it down cold. He's only 34, so we may be watching someone who will turn out to be pretty special.
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    Well, they're down 21-0, so if they were dithering on it, they're probably not anymore.
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    Gurriel gets five games... next season. What a shitty compromise.
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    Holy shit balls: The sound and reaction make this a fringe KO of the year contender in my mind, though it wasn't a one punch deal. Just going off that round, Kunchenko doesn't have much in the way of defense and his takedown attempts were not good but THE POWER.
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    Mark Hamill will never stop playing The Joker. Plot synopsis
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    How are you all sleeping on Becky Lynch being hot as fire?!?
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    I could see him as Ted Kord? Seems like a big gap.
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    I also like this shirt. Shame we didn't get more of Kevin Owens as the WWE United States Champion. The entrance graphics a particular highlight:
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    Special screening of ESPN's Ric Flair documentary. Check Michael PS Hayes with the bump bag!
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    wwe.com tributes to Kane by Smackdown even though Kane's RAW. Kayfabe!
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    Who's the Astros PA guy? I dug him in the pre-game ceremonies... very folksy and Texan.
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    The Misfits cover band I'm in, Teenage Martians, just celebrated our decade of performance tonight and it went off like gangbusters. With only four practices total, some missing members, some being cut short (like one where I was sick and ended up yacking in a trash can after five songs), we hit a fucking strike. In that spirit, I hope you all have a happy Halloween. Much love.
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    Well it does have to live up to it's reputation as the Rolls Royce of restaurants, so I guess not.
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    There's a story in Bret's book about a match he had on SNME with Savage, where Vince instructed Bret to work Savage's leg the entire match. I bring it up because the Savage-Michaels match reminds me a lot of that match, and I wonder if Shawn (a newly-minted heel at that point) was given the same assignment. (The match was also coming right off of Savage nearly getting his knee blown out winning the World title from Flair at WM8, so perhaps he was selling the match.)
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    "Batman created by Bill Finger and that fucker Bob Kane."
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    That cat had more yardage than Ajayi.
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    Welcome to White People. Even when it isn't about us. it's all about us.
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    So his new gimmick is Barkin' Matt Hardy? Honestly, I want that on my tv before Team Extreme the Retirement Years.
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    Yeah, Zelda and Mario will keep you occupied for a long time. Maybe pick up Mario Kart, too. The other major releases are mostly good but only have niche appeal (Arms is only worthwhile if you're just a fighting game fan, Splatoon only if you're just dying for a multiplayer game, etc). Beyond that, it's really the incredible library of Indie games that drives the Switch.
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    Picross S and Mario + Rabbids Battle Kingdom are two of my favorite games this year. I'd suggest those.
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    If the Marlins trade Stanton then they shouldn't exist as an organization. You can argue that they still shouldn't exist.
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    I enjoyed the 10/26 episode, I can dig GFW more as sort of a mixtape of different promotions, kinda cool that they showed matches from 5 different shows. Might have been one of the best shows in the GFW era since the Hardys left. Main complaint would be they chopped up the GHC Edwards/Marufuji match all to hell and really downplayed what looked like an epic match. I would have much rather cut out a Border City match and give the GHC match a 2nd hour slot and 20-25 mins, no one gives a shit about Petey Williams anymore Scott D`Amore. I know the Lucha style works much better with what they're trying to do with a bunch of short 5-10 min matches, so I can kind of understand what they're going for. But seriously, diversify your product with one full puro style title match, if you're going to do it at all do it right. The stuff w Trevor Lee was hilarious, he was great w the looking for the promoter bit. And Dan Lambert really is the biggest mark i've ever seen w all his belts and "I'm a bigger fan than ANYONE!"
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    REALLY late around to watching Batman & Harley Quinn because life has been bananas, and uh...wow. That sure was a thing. It wasn't BAD by any means but like...the fluctuations between being mostly serious to Batman being farted out of the Batmobile to the WAY TOO LONG musical numbers bit to the completely bizarre ending...it was an experience. I don't know how GOOD it was but I wasn't ever bored.
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    Girardi was 910-710 (.562) as Yankees manager. That's the best record in baseball for the time period. And if this beyond stupid decision ends up with the words "New Yankees Manager Dusty Baker", I will cry tears of joy as I laugh myself into the psych ward at Bellevue.
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    GOOD NEWS: Petrie & Ramirez are out as showrunners on Daredevil. BETTER NEWS?: They're being replaced by Eric Oleson. He doesn't have a glamorous CV, but he was a writer/producer on season 3 of Arrow, which wasn't the best of Arrow but was certainly a better vigilante superhero show than a lot of what Petrie & Ramirez did with Daredevil and the Defenders.
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    Things are apparently looking better in the KO household. Thank goodness. BTW, people are speculating wildly over what happened. Do not be one of them.
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    Agents of SHIELD is coming back on December 1st with a 2 hour season premiere.
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    He put on a ton of weight when his brother locked him up and started feeding him people.
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    Double post so...uh...shucky ducky quack quack?
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    That would explain his commentary.
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    Settle down, Hollywood Eddienetico lol
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    Congrats to Alicia Fox for finally getting a shirt. Which looks like will be a very big seller among the furry community. YIFF!
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    Must fight urge to slap the Brazzers logo on that picture.
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    I enjoyed the episode but at this point I've got no clue what's going on and have been notoriously bad at picking up the swerves in the series thusfar. It was only the first episode and it's still one of my favorite current shows but I feel like it's dangerously close to crawling up its own ass a la latter day Lost. Every season has had one or more bigtime twists so now I'm trying to figure out what it's going to be this time around. For someone who was gutshot, Elliot seems awful spry after only six days of recovery. Is it going to turn out that he's actually in a coma after being shot and everything that happens is all a fever dream (Angela's comment of 'turning everything back' a reference to him waking up and fixing it?)? Speaking of Angela this episode suggested that she's actually one of the people behind the whole debacle (which doesn't make much sense given the scene last season of her needing to be walked through the hack?). It also looks like she's the only person who's aware of Elliot's multiple personalities. I'm starting to get the idea that Elliot and Mr. Robot have two completely different plans they're trying to hatch and that Angela is in on Mr. Robot's plan and only collaborates with that side of his personality. The Winston Wolfe meets Leisure Suit Larry guy was an interesting addition and I'm curious to see what his agenda actually is.
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    YEAH! I'm glad somebody else caught that. EDIT: Except I was talking about the scene in Shin Godzilla not '85 Also, this thread is bereft without this ...and there's one more thing I wanted to ask. Why is it in Shin Godzilla that some of the military guys are wearing a black and white patch of the Imperial Japanese flag? Isn't that kind of like German officers being allowed to wear a Totenkopf? I know Japan has refused to admit to or apologize for a myriad of war crimes but still... damn.
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    The really sad part here is that if Sunny really wanted to self-fund her own rehab there are probably still enough Attitude Era/ECW mutant fans left that would pay her money to fart on THEM.
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