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  1. Jacksonville Atlanta Buffalo Cleveland Tennessee New England San Francisco Philadelphia Pittsburgh Los Angeles Chargers Indianapolis Arizona Tampa Bay Seattle New Orleans Baltimore TB #1: 6 TB #2: Wilson TB #3: 37
  2. Cleveland Tampa Bay Jacksonville Chicago Dallas Green Bay Minnesota Buffalo San Francisco Los Angeles Rams Pittsburgh Arizona Baltimore Kansas City Seattle New Orleans TB #1: 46 TB #2: 27 TB #3: 71
  3. Allen would probably still be in Jacksonville if Caldwell had actually paid him instead of Marquise Lee. Or, he'd have probably gotten run out of town via Coughlin being a senile shithead.
  4. Kansas City Seattle Baltimore New York Jets Carolina Chicago Jacksonville Minnesota New England Philadelphia Los Angeles Chargers New Orleans San Francisco Dallas Pittsburgh Tennessee TB #1: Brees TB #2: 4 TB #3: 231
  5. I remember Ludvig Borga doing something to Rick Steiner off the top rope at Survivor Series '93 that ended with Rick landing on his neck. I was 13 at the time and legit thought I'd just watched someone die in the ring for about 10 seconds.
  6. That we didn't get a Park, Park, & Park reference kinda makes me sad.
  7. Whether they should've gone over or not is irrelevant to what I was talking about.
  8. Didn't Edge and Jericho just say that the finish to the match was stupid(Cena got DDT'd on concrete and then kicked out of Justin Gabriel's 450, IIRC)? I don't recall either of them saying he should've put them over at SummerSlam.
  9. To be fair, it's not like anyone in the back likes the UE either, so it shouldn't be that hard to find a couple of dudes with grudges.
  10. This pic is fantastic. Also love the little detail(may be accidental, who the hell knows?) of all the belts showing Bayley's sideplate.
  11. If we're keeping it 100, I have no desire to watch either one.
  12. Can only speak for myself, but the batshit insane wedding angle was a lot more entertaining than that awkward ass brawl with Tessa and Sami. EDIT: Referencing that Impact tweet from Natural's post, obviously.
  13. Buffalo New Orleans Cleveland Green Bay Kansas City Minnesota New England Atlanta Baltimore Dallas Houston Indianapolis Philadelphia Denver Los Angeles Rams Seattle TB #1: 5 TB #2: 259 TB #3: 71
  14. Houston Buffalo San Francisco New York Jets Atlanta Baltimore Indianapolis Miami New Orleans New York Giants Denver Los Angeles Chargers Dallas Seattle Kansas City Green Bay TB #1: Aaron Rodgers TB #2: 126 TB #3: 53
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