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  1. Good God, that almost sounds like Gene Smith when he was talking about how Blaine Gabbert caught his eye, hahahaha.
  2. Eh, it's not all that different from how she's usually been booked since losing the SD Title to Nattie.
  3. This is like the third time that Becky's gotten a cheapshot in on Ronda and she wasn't even hurt the first two times.
  4. Well, Brisson wrote the annual, Rosenberg's up next week with #11. People harassing writers on Twitter is fucking terrible though and I hate that it's forcing him to basically abandon social media.
  5. So... I've read the Uncanny X-Men annual. I have thoughts. There's some definite good in this book, but honestly the X-Office(and by extension Marvel itself) still sticking their head in the sand regarding how they've handled both Cyke and the X-Men since Schism really doesn't inspire much hope for the future. I'm still gonna give Rosenberg a few issues to see how he handles things, but after an extremely disappointing Disassembled, this did little excite me outside of actually bringing Cyke back.
  6. New England Miami Green Bay Jacksonville New Orleans New York Giants Atlanta Cleveland Kansas City Chicago Pittsburgh Philadelphia Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Rams Seattle Indianapolis TB #1: 27 TB #2: 14 TB #3: 2
  7. Tennessee Los Angeles Chargers New York Jets Atlanta Cleveland Dallas Minnesota Indianapolis Miami New England Houston Los Angeles Rams Chicago New Orleans Seattle Denver TB #1: 237 TB #2: 3 TB #3: 2
  8. Kansas City Houston Cleveland Atlanta Baltimore Buffalo Chicago Cincinnati Indianapolis Jacksonville Minnesota Tennessee Seattle New England Los Angeles Rams New Orleans TB #1: 246 TB #2: 41 TB #3: 84
  9. Tennessee Buffalo Cleveland Atlanta Houston Kansas City New England New Orleans New York Giants Los Angeles Chargers Denver Arizona Philadelphia Pittsburgh Los Angeles Rams Seattle TB #1: 137 TB #2: 37 TB #3: 9
  10. New Orleans Atlanta Denver Los Angeles Rams Green Bay Houston Indianapolis Miami Chicago Carolina Tennessee Kansas City New England Seattle Pittsburgh Philadelphia TB #1: Tom Brady TB #2: 43 TB #3: 10
  11. Chicago Dallas New Orleans New England Baltimore Jacksonville Carolina Cleveland Philadelphia San Francisco Los Angeles Chargers Indianapolis Pittsburgh Green Bay Houston TB #1: 261 TB #2: 17 TB #3: 3
  12. Seattle Atlanta Baltimore Carolina Tennessee New York Giants Houston Pittsburgh Arizona Los Angeles Chargers New Orleans Chicago Los Angeles Rams TB #1: 124 TB #2: 58 TB #3: 221
  13. So, Rosenberg put out the covers for the next two issues of Uncanny after Disassembled wraps up in #10 with #11 alluding to Cyclops coming back and #12 showing him and Logan with the caption saying "The Last X-Men." Not gonna lie, that's intriguing as hell to me. I'm still skeptical about the whole thing, but at least it's tickling my curiosity now.
  14. So, the Uncanny relaunch wasn't worth the 8 bucks I spent on it. I'll probably give it a couple more issues, but the only interesting thing going for it so far is where Maddrox fits into all of it.
  15. Pittsburgh New York Jets Chicago New Orleans Atlanta Jacksonville Kansas City Washington New England Los Angeles Chargers Green Bay Los Angeles Rams Philadelphia San Francisco TB #1: 231 TB #2: 4 TB #3: 47
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