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  1. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #14

    Tennessee Buffalo Cleveland Atlanta Houston Kansas City New England New Orleans New York Giants Los Angeles Chargers Denver Arizona Philadelphia Pittsburgh Los Angeles Rams Seattle TB #1: 137 TB #2: 37 TB #3: 9
  2. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #13

    New Orleans Atlanta Denver Los Angeles Rams Green Bay Houston Indianapolis Miami Chicago Carolina Tennessee Kansas City New England Seattle Pittsburgh Philadelphia TB #1: Tom Brady TB #2: 43 TB #3: 10
  3. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #12

    Chicago Dallas New Orleans New England Baltimore Jacksonville Carolina Cleveland Philadelphia San Francisco Los Angeles Chargers Indianapolis Pittsburgh Green Bay Houston TB #1: 261 TB #2: 17 TB #3: 3
  4. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #11

    Seattle Atlanta Baltimore Carolina Tennessee New York Giants Houston Pittsburgh Arizona Los Angeles Chargers New Orleans Chicago Los Angeles Rams TB #1: 124 TB #2: 58 TB #3: 221
  5. APO

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    So, Rosenberg put out the covers for the next two issues of Uncanny after Disassembled wraps up in #10 with #11 alluding to Cyclops coming back and #12 showing him and Logan with the caption saying "The Last X-Men." Not gonna lie, that's intriguing as hell to me. I'm still skeptical about the whole thing, but at least it's tickling my curiosity now.
  6. APO

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    So, the Uncanny relaunch wasn't worth the 8 bucks I spent on it. I'll probably give it a couple more issues, but the only interesting thing going for it so far is where Maddrox fits into all of it.
  7. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #10

    Pittsburgh New York Jets Chicago New Orleans Atlanta Jacksonville Kansas City Washington New England Los Angeles Chargers Green Bay Los Angeles Rams Philadelphia San Francisco TB #1: 231 TB #2: 4 TB #3: 47
  8. APO

    2018-19 NCAAF: WEEK 11

    Joel Klatt was on Twitter dunking on UCF the other day and the saltiness from both sides had me in tears.
  9. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #9

    Oakland Miami Pittsburgh Chicago Carolina Kansas City Minnesota Washington Houston Seattle Los Angeles Rams New England Dallas TB #1: 2 TB #2: 63 TB #3: 126
  10. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #8

    Houston Philadelphia Chicago Carolina Cincinnati Seattle Kansas City Washington Pittsburgh Indianapolis San Francisco Los Angeles Rams New Orleans New England TB #1: 59 TB #2: 146 TB #3: 322
  11. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #7

    Denver Minnesota Los Angeles Chargers Chicago Indianapolis Jacksonville Miami Philadelphia Cleveland New Orleans Washington Los Angeles Rams Kansas City Atlanta TB #1: 256 TB #2: 65 TB #3: 132
  12. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #6

    Philadelphia New York Jets Atlanta Cincinnati Cleveland Houston Chicago Minnesota Seattle Carolina Los Angeles Rams Jacksonville Baltimore Kansas City Green Bay TB #1: Bortles TB #2: 64 TB #3: 259
  13. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #5

    New England Denver Tennessee Carolina Cincinnati Baltimore Green Bay Jacksonville Atlanta Los Angeles Chargers Philadelphia San Francisco Los Angeles Rams Houston New Orleans TB #1: 51 TB #2: 234 TB #3: 4
  14. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #4

    Los Angeles Rams Jacksonville Atlanta Chicago Dallas Green Bay Indianapolis Miami Philadelphia Seattle Cleveland Los Angeles Chargers New Orleans Baltimore Kansas City TB #1: 3 TB #2: 57 TB #3: 126
  15. APO

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    I actually liked all three Justice League books this week. Dark stayed a really good read, Odyssey was a lot better than I expected for a book that got delayed for so long, and the main book has me really curious about the potential repercussions Luthor and crew are gonna face when this all ends because of the scale of all the shit they're doing. Action #1003 felt like straight-up filler outside of Red Cloud showing up for like three panels.