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  1. This pic is fantastic. Also love the little detail(may be accidental, who the hell knows?) of all the belts showing Bayley's sideplate.
  2. If we're keeping it 100, I have no desire to watch either one.
  3. Can only speak for myself, but the batshit insane wedding angle was a lot more entertaining than that awkward ass brawl with Tessa and Sami. EDIT: Referencing that Impact tweet from Natural's post, obviously.
  4. Buffalo New Orleans Cleveland Green Bay Kansas City Minnesota New England Atlanta Baltimore Dallas Houston Indianapolis Philadelphia Denver Los Angeles Rams Seattle TB #1: 5 TB #2: 259 TB #3: 71
  5. Houston Buffalo San Francisco New York Jets Atlanta Baltimore Indianapolis Miami New Orleans New York Giants Denver Los Angeles Chargers Dallas Seattle Kansas City Green Bay TB #1: Aaron Rodgers TB #2: 126 TB #3: 53
  6. Just checked and Charlotte's code is for the entire week. Found the pre-sale code though NXT's Twitter. Thanks for the heads up, guys!
  7. Baltimore Seattle New England Tampa Bay Green Bay Kansas City Miami Houston Philadelphia Cleveland Oakland Minnesota Los Angeles Rams San Francisco Buffalo New Orleans TB #1: 52 TB #2: 231 TB #3: 2
  8. When do the Tampa tickets go on sale? Going to WM for the first time ever with some friends and wanted to see if we could squeeze it in too.
  9. Dallas Carolina Baltimore Cleveland Green Bay Houston Minnesota New Orleans Indianapolis Los Angeles Chargers Arizona New England Tennessee Seattle Philadelphia TB #1: 51 TB #2: 314 TB #3: 9
  10. Maaaaaan, this shot gave me goosebumps. Love that Finn was so focused on Cole that he didn't notice Keith coming up behind him like a horror movie villain.
  11. Detroit Buffalo New Orleans New York Jets Carolina Indianapolis Baltimore Jacksonville Philadelphia Green Bay Cleveland Los Angeles Rams Kansas City Los Angeles Chargers New England Seattle TB #1: 186 TB #2: 9 TB #3: 49
  12. My homeboy that I watched the show with killed me during the main when he said that DD looked like the super-sized baby of Seth Green and Crimson. Maybe they're saving it for today, but I really could've done with Keith Lee doing more awesome Keith Lee things.
  13. Hot damn, that Women's WarGames match was fantastic. Dakota's turn was great and I almost didn't believe they'd go through with it until she hesitated for just a second after getting out of the cage before beating the shit out of Tegan. Loved how Shayna's overconfidence after Dakota's turn pretty much led to her own downfall when she introduced the cuffs and instead ended getting cuffed together with Rhea(her face when it happened was fucking awesome). Easily MOTN to me. Triple threat was kinda just there. Got distracted for a major chunk of Balor/Riddle, so I may re-watch it on Monday. The main felt like a room-temperature cup of water. If KO was turning back the clock like with the gear and the tron, I'd have wished he'd bring back the violence of the old KO cause this match needed that kind of shot in the arm. Really didn't like the finish. I know Ciampa took care of Cole the best he could, but damn, that was terrifying to watch happen. Also, showing Britt on-camera was pretty messed up, accidental or not.
  14. Indianapolis Oakland Atlanta Buffalo Chicago Pittsburgh Cleveland New Orleans Detroit Seattle Jacksonville New England Green Bay Baltimore TB #1: 249 TB #2: 56 TB #3: 2
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