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    Yeah, Jags Twitter has basically been celebrating for a couple of hours now, hahahaha.
  2. Kansas City Dallas Baltimore Cleveland Washington Minnesota Tennessee Indianapolis Green Bay Buffalo New Orleans Tampa Bay Los Angeles Rams New England Arizona Los Angeles Chargers TB #1: 56 TB #2: 268 TB #3: 14
  3. Wardlow wins pretty much every time he has a TV match and they protect the hell out of him unlike Hobbs.
  4. Scorpio's back in a tag team jobbing to guys older than he is and being Lambert's lackey. No consistent push there at all. He gets good TV time, though he comes off as 3rd on the pecking order behind Lambert and Page. Hobbs? Dude had 8 matches on TV and lost all but two of 'em. He went almost 3 whole months without a TV match between losing to Adam Page near the end of June to beating Brian Cage in September. Even when Ricky's neck was jacked, they never really tried to do anything with him. Martin does get a lot of TV showcase matches, but that's not really a push. Have to see where the Team Taz stuff is going, honestly.
  5. Tampa Bay Miami Buffalo New England Indianapolis Los Angeles Rams Philadelphia Chicago Kansas City Los Angeles Chargers San Francisco Dallas Seattle New Orleans Green Bay Cleveland TB #1: Patrick Mahomes TB #2: 53 TB #3: 74
  6. Hobbs: What exactly has he done other than stand around and be Ricky's muscle for the last couple of months? Lose to the only two name guys he's faced? Rush: Basically disappeared after Dante joined Team Taz. Martin: Flavor of the month. Got a couple of showcase matches, joined Team Taz, dumped Team Taz and then lost to MJF. Will probably lose to Starks because Ricky's been behind the announcer's table for too long and he desperately needs some wins.
  7. Jade is literally the only black act in AEW that has a consistent push and/or gets TV time regularly. The Acclaimed are the only other act you could somewhat make a case for, but they usually lose any time they have a match on TV.
  8. So we supposed to be sympathetic to Tony even though he's doing the exact same thing to a black woman?
  9. San Francisco Green Bay Indianapolis New York Jets Atlanta Philadelphia Tampa Bay Los Angeles Chargers Buffalo Los Angeles Rams Cincinnati Seattle Las Vegas Kansas City Dallas Miami TB #1: 10 TB #2: 251 TB #3: 3
  10. Kansas City Cleveland New England Miami Buffalo Houston Tennessee Arizona Dallas Philadelphia Cincinnati San Francisco Los Angeles Rams Green Bay Tampa Bay Minnesota TB #1: 2 TB #2: 43 TB #3: 9
  11. Pittsburgh New Orleans Cleveland Dallas Kansas City Seattle Tennessee Carolina Denver Los Angeles Chargers Cincinnati Tampa Bay Green Bay Arizona TB #1: 47 TB #2: 229 TB #3: 6
  12. Dallas Philadelphia Arizona Indianapolis Cincinnati Tampa Bay Miami Minnesota Los Angeles Rams Washington Baltimore San Francisco Kansas City Buffalo TB #1: 186 TB #2: 8 TB #3: 34
  13. Chicago Dallas Buffalo Houston Atlanta Philadelphia Cincinnati Tampa Bay Carolina Los Angeles Chargers Minnesota Los Angeles Rams Baltimore Seattle TB #1: 6 TB #2: 246 TB #3: 48
  14. New England Miami San Francisco Carolina Minnesota Cleveland Buffalo Philadelphia Baltimore Tennessee Cincinnati Kansas City Seattle Pittsburgh Tampa Bay TB #1: 58 TB #2: 3 TB #3: 51
  15. Baltimore Buffalo Tampa Bay Pittsburgh Tennessee Dallas Cleveland Indianapolis Los Angeles Chargers Arizona Denver Green Bay Kansas City Los Angeles Rams TB #1: 273 TB #2: 129 TB #3: 92
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