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  1. New York Jets Miami Baltimore Cleveland Minnesota Dallas Atlanta New Orleans Green Bay Indianapolis Tennessee Los Angeles Chargers Las Vegas Arizona Seattle Philadelphia TB #1: 10 TB #2: 324 TB #3: 37
  2. I love that a lot of the national media seems rather salty that we won the Lawrence sweepstakes. Funny enough, admitted Jets fan Rich Eisen congratulated us and Trevor liked it. Jets Twitter raging out on Draft night is gonna be priceless.
  3. New Orleans Tampa Bay Arizona Miami Cleveland Baltimore Houston Chicago Kansas City Pittsburgh Los Angeles Chargers Washington Seattle Philadelphia Green Bay Buffalo TB #1: Rivers TB #2: 61 TB #3: 254
  4. Carmella being like a foot away from pulling a Sasha before getting caught was kinda scary. Match was absolutely fantastic, though. I think I'd have liked Roman/KO more if KO wasn't made out to be such a loser in the build-up. I know they were going with the whole "Owens refuses to die" bit, but he comes off as a bit of an idiot that it took til the match itself for him to think of trying to cripple Jey to get him out of the way(and this is the dude who was powerbombing guys on the fucking apron and putting them out for weeks). I do have to say that I love how Roman's offense/beatdowns come of
  5. Los Angeles Chargers Buffalo Green Bay Indianapolis Tennessee Tampa Bay Baltimore Miami Minnesota Seattle San Francisco Los Angeles Rams Arizona Kansas City Cleveland Pittsburgh TB #1: 256 TB #2: 16 TB #3: 64
  6. Los Angeles Rams Houston Tennessee Carolina Dallas Kansas City New York Giants Tampa Bay Seattle Indianapolis Green Bay Los Angeles Chargers New Orleans San Francisco Buffalo Cleveland TB #1: 9 TB #2: 34 TB #3: 213
  7. Man, Ruff really should've won if the big Ghostface reveal was Austin fuckin' Theory of all people. Really fun show tonight outside of the strap match being kinda draggy due to me not giving much of a shit about Lumis.
  8. Las Vegas New Orleans Chicago Indianapolis Tennessee Miami Minnesota Los Angeles Rams Seattle Green Bay Los Angeles Chargers Kansas City Pittsburgh Buffalo Dallas TB #1: 51 TB #2: 17 TB #3: 3
  9. Houston Dallas Pittsburgh Miami Las Vegas Buffalo New York Giants Tennessee Cleveland Minnesota Arizona New Orleans Los Angeles Rams Kansas City Green Bay Seattle TB #1: 316 TB #2: 58 TB #3: 27
  10. Seattle Baltimore Carolina Cleveland New England Pittsburgh New Orleans Cincinnati Los Angeles Chargers Miami Green Bay Minnesota Kansas City Tampa Bay TB #1: 328 TB #2: 45 TB #3: 81
  11. Tennessee Tampa Bay Cleveland Detroit Green Bay New York Giants Miami Arizona Denver Pittsburgh Seattle New Orleans Baltimore Chicago TB #1: 158 TB #2: 127 TB #3: 65
  12. Green Bay Atlanta Seattle Baltimore Houston Kansas City Minnesota Tennessee Washington Los Angeles Chargers Arizona Pittsburgh Tampa Bay New England TB #1: 48 TB #2: 46 TB #3: 23
  13. Carolina Kansas City Pittsburgh Indianapolis Green Bay Buffalo Tennessee Cleveland Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Chargers New Orleans Seattle Philadelphia Tampa Bay TB #1: 294 TB #2: 42 TB #3: 47
  14. The thing is, even with Pat there, I see him, Dunne, and 1-2 as the faces because it's kinda long been time for UE to start catching a few receipts for all the shit they've pulled.
  15. Maybe I'm just being weird, but it's so hard for me to have any real sympathy for anybody in Undisputed Era when they're falling prey to the same type of shit they've been doing to the rest of the roster.
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