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  1. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #6

    Philadelphia New York Jets Atlanta Cincinnati Cleveland Houston Chicago Minnesota Seattle Carolina Los Angeles Rams Jacksonville Baltimore Kansas City Green Bay TB #1: Bortles TB #2: 64 TB #3: 259
  2. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #5

    New England Denver Tennessee Carolina Cincinnati Baltimore Green Bay Jacksonville Atlanta Los Angeles Chargers Philadelphia San Francisco Los Angeles Rams Houston New Orleans TB #1: 51 TB #2: 234 TB #3: 4
  3. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #4

    Los Angeles Rams Jacksonville Atlanta Chicago Dallas Green Bay Indianapolis Miami Philadelphia Seattle Cleveland Los Angeles Chargers New Orleans Baltimore Kansas City TB #1: 3 TB #2: 57 TB #3: 126
  4. APO

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    I actually liked all three Justice League books this week. Dark stayed a really good read, Odyssey was a lot better than I expected for a book that got delayed for so long, and the main book has me really curious about the potential repercussions Luthor and crew are gonna face when this all ends because of the scale of all the shit they're doing. Action #1003 felt like straight-up filler outside of Red Cloud showing up for like three panels.
  5. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #3

    Cleveland New Orleans Denver Cincinnati Houston Jacksonville Kansas City Miami Minnesota Philadelphia Green Bay Los Angeles Rams Chicago Dallas New England Tampa Bay TB #1: Roethlisberger TB #2: 53 TB #3: 124
  6. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #2

    Baltimore Miami Carolina Los Angeles Chargers Minnesota New Orleans Kansas City Philadelphia Houston Washington Los Angeles Rams San Francisco Denver Jacksonville New York Giants Chicago TB #1: 157 TB #2: 2 TB #3: 0
  7. APO

    2018 NFL: WEEK ONE

    Khalil Mack is a goddamn monster.
  8. APO

    2018 NFL: WEEK ONE

    Love how I'm already done in Survival thanks to the Saints being dipshitty enough to let Fitzmagic walk all over them. Oh well, we still fucking won even though Bad Blake showed up, Leo hurt his hammy, and both coordinators apparently had an agreement in place with the Giants to not be aggressive at all in the 4th quarter.
  9. APO

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    https://www.newsarama.com/41710-uncanny-x-men-relaunch-to-reveal-something-big-affecting-all-marvel-mutants.html I gotta be honest, rolling with possibly ANOTHER extinction-level event for the X-Men after what's happened the last 12 years makes me not want to even bother the Uncanny relaunch this time. I know I'm being cynical and all, but Marvel hasn't exactly inspired any confidence that they know what they're doing when it comes to the X-line.
  10. APO

    2018 NFL: WEEK ONE

    That was a terrible game of football I just watched. Also, it was awful nice of Matt Ryan to do his best to prove Jalen Ramsey right. I don't think you could throw worse 50-50 balls to Julio in the red zone while actually trying to suck. Also also, Foles getting the game ball for that shitshow of a performance is pretty goddamn funny.
  11. APO

    Highway to Ham Week #1

    Philadelphia Baltimore Cincinnati Tennessee Minnesota New England New Orleans Jacksonville Los Angeles Chargers Arizona Dallas Denver Green Bay Detroit Los Angeles Rams TB #1: 1 TB #2: 47 TB #3: 16
  12. APO


    That first botched dive wasn't Brie's fault because Logan was supposed to cut her off, but that second one was almost a Sasha Banks special. Alexa's promo was aces even if I'm tired of seeing her get a lion's share of TV time for the women. The opening and closing segments were wonderfully chaotic(Gulak being part of the beatdown caught me by surprise, hahaha) and I wonder if we're gonna see the Shield picking off the help before facing down Braun and Co.
  13. APO

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    So... Magneto is back to being a mustache-twirling villain at the end of this week's X-Men Blue. New Asteroid M, Brotherhood and everything. Can't really say I like that much at all, but Bunn's on-record as thinking Erik's a true villain, so this was probably always going to be the endgame for Blue aside from sending the O5 back. Extermination was pretty decent, though Teen Cyke being an overly emotional moron and getting the team in trouble was highly annoying. Ahab's new trick with the Hounds is interesting and I wonder who else will get turned. Have a feeling on how Mimic's gonna be used after getting kidnapped and judging by the last scene with teen Angel, he's not gonna have a real good time.
  14. APO

    We Will Never Stop Talking About Kaep

    Didn't Elway stump for Gorsuch(sp)? He's probably already angling for one before the Bronco fans wise up to the fact that he doesn't know what the fuck he's he's doing.
  15. APO


    He'll probably go back to annoying me pretty fast, but he and Seth were having some really fun tag matches before he got injured.