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    Every time I see "FloSlam," I think it says "flotsam."
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    That was the generation before the generation before them. The generation before them is guys like Alex Shane and Doug Williams who worked their asses off to earn nothing... but did lay the foundations of the roads they're riding.
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    That's why you call a 20x20 WWE Ring a Royale Ring.
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    Corey Graves is the best commentator they've had since the heyday of Jesse and The Brain.
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    Corey Graves is doing alright. It hit me watching NXT this week that he's easily WWE's best announcer right now, which is amazing since he's only been doing it for 2 years. He was doing Young Boy Tom's job for him this week, trying to lead a very lost Percy Watson through the broadcast. He still manages to stay consistent on Raw, just being himself to the point where it's pretty obvious if someone else is feeding him a bad line.
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    Nyquil is no joke, brah. Mix thst with some cherry coke and a cough drop and it's the shizzle.
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    Ricky Morton's "MATT HARDY YOU CRAZY BASTARD! GET ME DOWN!..... pleaseletmedown" was so fucking tremendous.
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    Tony Schiavone's head would explode trying to figure out which one is the real Sting.
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    As far as the 2 bumbling employees....one time I worked at a local newspaper. They were running a contest in 2000 for the century's reatest singer. It was a predominately Italian neighborhood/paper, and Frank Sinatra wasd leading the balloting. All of the sudden there was this huge surge for Elvis. It turns out there was a circulation manager who hated Frank Sinatra, so and he told a paperboy who lost a bunch of money that to save his job he needed to cut the ballots out of the papers he delivered, make up names, vote for Elvis, and drop them in the ballot box at the newspapers HQ everyday. The kid did it, and Elvis won. Then they randomly drew a name out of the box of Elvis ballots to win a prize of some sort, and that person did not exist. So they drew another....and that person did not exist. This went on for like 200 ballots where names did not match up to phone numbers and the whole thing unraveled. The paperboy eventually admitted to the scandal and the circ manager was fired. I was trying to relate this to the show, but it went off the rail, but it's a great fucking story.
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    Actors or films that didn't get nominated and films that were overrated. Always felt that WALL E should have gotten a picture nod. Leonardo DiCaprio should have gotten nominated for his role in Django Crash might be the most overrated Best Picture winner I've seen
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    Well they are both from Australia...
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    Senor Benjamin made sure to tell us that no drones were harmed during the event. Drones > jobbers. I'm now expecting a youtube exclusive where Animal gets advice from Swoggle as to how to work the heavy equipment to bring Ricky Morton down.
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    Why wasn't he signed by ROH after he was in their Top Prospect tourney? Good job Delirious!
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    Next on America's Got Talent, Sugar Shane and the Dancing Mideons.
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    Two things tho: 1. Smurfs aren't real. 2. If you're talking about Smurfs, you probably don't have to tell people they're blue unless whoever you're talking to has been living under a rock for the last 45 years.
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    That's what TNA should be in 2017. CWF Mid Atlantic with better production values, The Hardys, and a couple more names.
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    I thought it was great especially given the fact that they had to fill two hours. As previously mentioned, Edwards and Lashley were actually having a heck of a match before they went outside.
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    Are we sure that is not Lindsey Lohan?
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    Ahh gotcha. The ironic thing is this made Abyss look like more of a monster than anything they've done in 10 years.
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    Granted, Jenny from the Block was an awful, cringe-worthy music video. But I would not say appearing in it is worse than being, say, an actual convicted rapist.
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    I hate Ziggler as much as @The Natural hates Shia Labeouf
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    I just want to take this time right now at 5:30 am PST to make note that Terry Gordy in 1988 is the best Hoss ever. Oh, and Hansen was insane. Young, spritely Kawada made such a great AJ Ricky Morton in this classic. Freaking Tenryu. One of the greatest tag matches ever.
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    I was going with "Electric Pond Scum", but that also works. ;-)
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    On first watch id say it easily gets into my top 3 Star Wars movies. Haven't felt that range of emotions while watching a film in a long time.
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    Personally, I could do with one of these every 3 months or so. Was wondering early on why they didn't have more fans in the arena, but it turned out there was a reason as they had to have a chaotic evacuation involving them. Enjoyed the random teams showing up. Wish they had got Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias for the 3-count return. Thought Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett looked amazing in the brawl, especially the former's flying knee attack. Ricky Morton was a definite highlight. Only weird thing was DCC showing up without 2 of its main three members, even though Storm looked pretty badass in the get-up tonight.
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    They should've stayed in space ruling the Kree and being one of the backbones of cosmic Marvel along with Nova and the Guardians(well... pre-Bendis, at least), IMO. Bringing them back to Earth and fast-tracking making them so important in two of the last three big Marvel events when it's blatantly obvious that their push is editorially-mandated was a huge mistake. The post-SW Terrigen mists extinction status quo making them look like villains is another and I'm honestly kinda shocked Marvel didn't see this coming.
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    The Devil's favorite Demon Donuts?
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    And outside of Lanny Poffo I can't quickly recall any of those guys who walked away from it all ok. I'm sure y'all will just start rattling them off. Just getting so sick and tired of WWE being above the law. So sick of their two faced lies. So sick of their conning people and employees without much repercussion. Even when they lose, they still always win, no matter how immoral or self serving the action.
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    Nigel looks like his Hep C morphed into the Big C. Jeez
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    Being a black actress in Hollywood. That's what happened. http://www.eurweb.com/2011/11/thandie-newton-keeps-it-real-about-racism-in-the-entertainment-industry/# Also this: Oh, and this: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/entertainment/news/thandie-newton-im-out-for-hollywood-over-sexual-abuse-coverups-35022578.html She has been pretty damn outspoken about racism and sexual abuse in the entertainment industry over the years. Unless it's window dressing at an awards show and the like, Hollywood ain't here for that.
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    Some packaging pics of the new retro (hasbro) style figs coming. (source: @craigtello)
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    The one with the guitar is sometimes called The Edge, he sometimes has Bono with him. The one without the guitar is just Edge, he sometimes has Christian with him. But both could benefit from arriving places via Gangrelevator. Now, where's that picture of Sting playing guitar with Sting?
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    Well done, St. Louis FOX affiliate.
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    Well, of course he needs better friends. The other turtles didn't even jump in and help, or Casey Jones, or even that punk bitch Danny. Master Splinter would be sooooooooooo pissed
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    Man that was a long time ago. Those nerds interviewing him are middle-aged men being screamed at by Chelsea Handler because they're short on Trump jokes for a podcast right now.
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    I got to meet Yvonne Craig at a movie theater once in Oakland. She was signing green alien lady pictures and laughing about Shatner's bad breath.
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    I finally got a big bucket list item off of my list (granted this will only lead to loftier goals) and ran my first half marathon down at Panama City Beach on Saturday. I finished in 2:20:29.3. I was pacing just under a 10 minute mile until I hit about mile 8 and had to slack off a little.
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    For you lore nerds out there, I used to subscribe to Roshank Redemption's ES Lore channel, but unsubscribed when he went dark. He's started up again thanks to the remaster of ES: Skyrim. Here is one of his more recent vids.. In case it is not implied, there are major spoilers in his vids.
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    No, send it to Canton. It doesn't belong anywhere near Cooperstown.
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    Forgot about Ben Affleck getting snubbed for Best Director last year. Though, I'm sure they figured they make up for it later in the night with the Best Picture win
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    Julia Roberts beating out Ellen Burstyn for Requiem for a Dream.
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    I remember there being hope for a best supporting actress nod for Ellen Degeneres for Finding Nemo.
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