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    They give him Jojo as his mouthpiece and they can go running around as... MOJOJOJO~!
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    I'm afraid I've got some bad news...
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    I was hoping the appalling reincarnation would be Richard Morton of the York Foundation.
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    In Princess Anne, Maryland, state health officials have discovered what caused the mysterious death of 200,000 fish at a Somerset county fish farm. The culprit, you guessed it -- Frank Stallone."
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    Man, if Rusev turns out to be the Jerry Seinfeld "Death Blow" of Rogue One Bootleggers.
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    Ricky Morton's "MATT HARDY YOU CRAZY BASTARD! GET ME DOWN!..... pleaseletmedown" was so fucking tremendous.
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    Right now there are hundreds of indy wrestling guys pissed off that Senor Benjamin has a Ribera Steakhouse jacket and they don't Dude this is fucking something to see.
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    So long and thanks for all the ladders.
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    Every time I see "FloSlam," I think it says "flotsam."
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    That was the generation before the generation before them. The generation before them is guys like Alex Shane and Doug Williams who worked their asses off to earn nothing... but did lay the foundations of the roads they're riding.
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    Only issue is he'll need a 3-camera setup and additional cameramen for Manchester by the Sea.
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    Great house afire... or the GREATEST house afire?
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    That's why you call a 20x20 WWE Ring a Royale Ring.
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    Since Eddie Edwards is a wolf, it makes perfect sense he'd want to take the fight into the woods.
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    Which makes me think of what could've been had Hogan joined. And now I'M sad.
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    Having seen her live doing stand-up a couple of years before SNL, I can guarantee you, Leslie Jones is very, very funny. She is also overshadowed by Kate McKinnon who is going to be a huge star for a long time.
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    I do have to ask what was better. The final 40 minutes of this show or the commercial for V I Poo. "Devil's Donuts"
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    Corey Graves is doing alright. It hit me watching NXT this week that he's easily WWE's best announcer right now, which is amazing since he's only been doing it for 2 years. He was doing Young Boy Tom's job for him this week, trying to lead a very lost Percy Watson through the broadcast. He still manages to stay consistent on Raw, just being himself to the point where it's pretty obvious if someone else is feeding him a bad line.
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    Nyquil is no joke, brah. Mix thst with some cherry coke and a cough drop and it's the shizzle.
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    My favorite 'line' was from Vanguard 1 when they wouldn't let it compete in the match against Sienna, at the bottom of his display it said "This is BS AF".
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    Curt has access to some wonderful "medicine", doesn't he?
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    Same here. Which makes me think of Flotsam & Jetsum... which makes me think of Jason Newsted
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    Yeah I was gonna make that point too. Fleisch and Storm, Doug Williams, Alex Shane (whether you like him or not) all laid the foundations in various ways for this big resurgence the UK scene has been having over the past five or so years. 30-ish years to get back on tv, all thanks to the old farts like Big Daddy and Mick McManus and Greg Dyke's disdain for the sport
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    I was allowed one Hasbro every time my dad took me for a haircut. First figure was Hulk Hogan (obvs) and I get the ring for my birthday. I remember buying Andre The Giant on holiday in Bath - didn't realise how rare he was and traded him at school for Demolition (with masks). Doh
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    "the whole story kinda comes apart at the end there"
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    Someone described this show as "CWF Mid Atlantic TV on crack". I mean 85% of the people watching this doesn't have a clue who these people are but when White Mike Jordan ran away in fear I popped or when Dirty Daddy says "he done dead" or something like that. Hell even Betsy Sue was CL Party
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    I admire WWE for keeping the worst fans in wrestling contained to Europe. Now if they could do something about women and NJPW Juniors fans we would be set.
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    It's the best looking belt they've debuted in years! I really wish they'd adopt the interchangable sideplate logo as the official company logo, very classic look.
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    Apparently you don't get how American Exceptionalism works?
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    Teddy Long looks pretty good though "Say Holla, pal!" "I'm not..." "Come on playa!" "God damn it Vince"
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    Some packaging pics of the new retro (hasbro) style figs coming. (source: @craigtello)
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    Tony Schiavone's head would explode trying to figure out which one is the real Sting.
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