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  1. I ran into R-Truth in a Food Lion today. I think I'm the only person that recognized him in the whole place.
  2. Clearly, the WWE needs to expand into Bulgaria.
  3. Dixie Carter would totally try to have dinner on a zeitgeist.
  4. Hm. A little confused about that ending.
  5. The Deadpool announcement was talked about in the main TV thread.
  6. I think Punisher drops this year too, so that would make three.
  7. I wondered why they started calling him "Mitchell"... I get it now, those are totally tweets from a dude named Mitch.
  8. I'm cautiously optimistic about McCaffrey.
  9. Russillo might not be long for ESPN either. I clicked on the show for a second to see who was on, and it was Adnan filling in, and he threw to break with a generic "We'll be right back, here on ESPN Radio".
  10. "You're all bigots for not buying our comics. At least do us a solid and dress up like faux Nazis. Thx!"