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  1. She meant the exact opposite of what you're implying though... When she said no one cares, she meant people aren't going to get butthurt if you bash WWE. And to suggest they're aren't AEW/NJPW/et al fans who get salty when somebody has something negative to say... c'mon. Every fandom has those.
  2. I get your general point, but that's just being pretentious for pretentiousness' sake. Asuka's over. The mist is over. It ain't like Tensai out here...
  3. In the conference call, HHH said something like, "once she was on camera, it becomes the elephant in the room, so you kinda have to mention it".
  4. Yeah, I haven't heard about that one, either. (nor do I really want to, if it's true)
  5. As many times as they've flipped belts back and forth between the two shows, what's ever given the impression that they were exclusive? It's red? Warrior had a yellow strap one time... They can change it.
  6. I'll be the cynical one: They went with Nattie/Lacey because it's the match the least amount of people will be disappointed about when it gets cancelled at the last second.
  7. I liked that they broke the Kabuki Warriors away from Paige, but I hated the way she sold the mist. I get she can't bump for it or anything, but she could've at least screamed and/or pretended to be afraid. The way she sold it was like a rich girl who was annoyed the waiter spilled something on her at a restaurant.
  8. I wonder if this was a subtweet about the Jay Lethal thing... Myles tagged Cedric in the original Lethal tweet, so I thought it might be... but then Cedric retweeted Myles' Tupac tweet right afterwards, so idk... And for the record, I'm from North Carolina, and I'm not currently high and/or drunk. (Never have been, actually) Checkmate, @Web Conn!
  9. It looked like only the Smackdown pool was in the draft order. Unless FOX REALLY loves them some Titus....
  10. Alternatively, can we give @HarryArchieGus the custom title 'WWE Castoff'?
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