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  1. Posting that mainly because I didn't realize Foley's runs with the title were so short....
  2. 99% of his questionable tweets are clearly Lana, though? And yes, Lana's just as bad as Sasha.
  3. Every response to that tweet is something to the effect of, "Give Rusev back his phone, Lana."
  4. Brie was posting happy pics of them backstage right after the match... so if he is hurt, it must not be too bad. I think Dave's just speculating based on the fact that DB went home after Mania. They probably just gave him an extra day off. He also said Drew wasn't hurt, they just had him walk out to distance him from the loss.
  5. I don't think this had anything to do with them dropping the belts to the IIconics, she posted that picture of the three of them from NXT right after. If I'm speculating (subscribe to my newsletter), I think she was probably supposed to be the one to wrestle Alexa Monday, and balked hard.
  6. Can I just point out, criticising Sasha for behaving in a way that, at least on it's face, seems unprofessional, doesn't automatically mean anyone hates her. Some people may. I certainly don't. But don't act like the only possible motivation is hatred. That's bad faith.
  7. I know Craig doesn't like it, but if anybody deserves to be called a stan around here....
  8. A few random scattered thoughts: - AJ/Orton was really good for me, especially loved the RKO counters. - The SD tag was very solid as well, and Rusev and Nak's coordinated gear looked clean. - Pleasently surprised IIconics go the win. - Happy for Kofi. - I laughed when this popped up in my timeline right as Cena was coming out -- - I felt really bad for Dave when he tripped getting in the ring. - The Demon finally felt different than Finn Balor. Stuff like the scissors kick and the powerbomb, just sprinkled in here and there, that was a cool little thing late in the show (and the night) to re-energize me for the main. - That bump Ronda took to the floor looked nasty.
  9. Edit: n/m wrong guy.
  10. That was really mean of them to show me that trailer and then make me wait six months.
  11. I'm watching the live stream of the NOAH show, and they just announced something for August called the N1. I think they might be rebranding the Global League? EDIT: Yep.
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