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  1. steve

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    I hope Kofi gets the match at Mania, he delivered big time on SD! and in the Chamber when he got the opportunity. It also reinvigorates my hopes for guys like Rusev and Braun. A good week can do a lot for a guy.
  2. steve

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    I read the Lacey thing was a misdirection while they repaired the pod Nia busted through.
  3. steve

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    That seems pretty impossible to enforce, anyway. Like, maybe "officially" they could do it. But it'd be in name only.
  4. steve

    Raw Is JUSTICE FOR THE REVIVAL - 2/11/2019

    But they aren't, so he won't. So...
  5. steve

    Daisy, We Hardly Knew Ye - SDL - 1/29/2019

    Are you Batman?
  6. I'm not sure his strength's there either, he basically dropped Elias on his head right off the bat last night.
  7. Somebody needs to tell dad to sleep that one off.
  8. steve


    I haven't watched in awhile, but that was the most interested I've been in Balor or Brock in a loooooong time. When I saw Finn's parents sitting behind Cole, I really thought he was going to win. I honestly wouldn't mind them going Demon at Mania and Bryan/Seth. The first half of the Women's Rumble was rough, but it came around.
  9. steve


    I downloaded a standalone client just to play Triple Triad one time, before they put it in that phone app. I won't argue about Blitzball, though.
  10. Um. Whoosh? EDIT: Ok, I hate having to explain it, but I'd rather just make myself clear. I just meant that TNA has sucked to such a magnitude that it would be almost inconcievable for the WWE to lower themselves to that standard no matter what they did. It was all very tongue in cheek. (I guess I should've used an emoji?) My point had nothing to do with Okada at all.
  11. I feel like Vince could release AJ, Bryan, Rusev, Ceasro, Andrade, Sasha, & Bayley, waive their no competes, and fly them to Cody's doorstep in a private jet, and they'd still have a ways to go before they look like TNA, Dave.
  12. steve

    WWE Evolution - 10/28/2018

    Idk that I've ever commented much on Sasha positively or negatively, but I literally got up out of my chair and did a lap around my house when I read that, lol. The irony.
  13. steve


    PC version quietly went up yesterday.
  14. steve


    Last time I went to a Shoney's, I got a breakfast buffet, and they had diced up cajun fries (posing as home fries) and dirty rice from the Bojangles next door on the buffet. I won't lie, I got a few of the fries. Compared to that, Steiner's place looks like a fine-dining establishment.