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  1. If Punk does end up gone, they should do a 4-way between all the other former champs on Dynamite and have the winner face MJF at Grand Slam for the title, don't drag it out any longer than that. MJF should beat whoever it is, though. I think Kenny would be the best drawing option. Mox would work too, but he doesn't need to lose another title match so soon.
  2. Punk says WWE fired him on his wedding day.
  3. The middle timekeeper in the statues reminds me a lot of Kang.
  4. I hesitated, I should probably add a disclaimer.
  5. Apparently the ACL and the shoulder require surgery.
  6. Lance Storm and Foley were both speculating about her shoulder on Twitter.
  7. Wait. So, you're saying WWE had Braun dump Alexa to pander to the "domestic violence" fanbase?
  8. It might be the hair, but Cena looks like a clone body Vince created to implant his conciousness into in that video.
  9. How I understand it is this: He legally changed his name to Cody Rhodes a long time ago, so he could go by it whenever he wants. The reason he "chooses not to" is because he couldn't put Rhodes on merch because of the WWE trademark.
  10. Gallows and Anderson had to see this coming, what with AJ being dead and all.
  11. I wonder if this is permanent, or if he's just HDF for the tournament and then redebuts maskless later. There was speculation he was behind the kidnappings on NXT.
  12. Picked a bad time to make that joke, Andrade just won his last match with it:
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