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  1. "You're all bigots for not buying our comics. At least do us a solid and dress up like faux Nazis. Thx!"
  2. I thought Jinder's promo was good, he doesn't really need a mouthpiece.
  3. The thing Pete posted makes the most sense to me. If it voids his conviction, it makes it hard for Odin Lloyd's family to pursue a civil suit and go after his (family's) money. If he's never getting out, maybe he rationalized that it was the best thing he could do for them.
  4. Mustard is the go to, especially on the road. Ketchup and BBQ sauce have too much sugar. I used to hate mustard, but I actually developed a taste for it when I first got really intense about my nutrition because it was pretty much my only other option besides hot sauce.
  5. Love glazed carrots, the ginger idea sounds right up my alley.
  6. Timing seems pretty good to line up with this:
  7. I assume they're keeping them off TV until Kofi heals up. Big E was doing an interview about officiating weddings, and he said, "I recently found out I was going to have a lot of time off", or something like that.
  8. It'd be pretty interesting if he won, actually. I doubt he will, but still.
  9. "This is where the power lies!"
  10. I get Rowan being in there, he's actually tangentially related via Bray and Harper. Jinder's in there because vascularity pal.
  11. I couldn't disagree more about that, Ming-Na Wen especially. May is great.
  12. Was that