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  1. It looked like only the Smackdown pool was in the draft order. Unless FOX REALLY loves them some Titus....
  2. Alternatively, can we give @HarryArchieGus the custom title 'WWE Castoff'?
  3. I still think she might lose it the night of the draft or something, I'd be surprised if she ended up staying on RAW.
  4. In real time last night, I always thought it was Seth via ref stoppage. Because, well, like X-Pac said, how do you get DQ'ed in HIAC?
  5. I felt like I knew Becky was winning as soon as Sasha came out. She looked super disinterested in doing her mannerisms. But then the match was so good, I second-guessed even bringing it up. I guess I've triple-guessed now. Anyway, that match was really good, probably my favorite of either of theirs in a really long time.
  6. A six month title reign is pretty strong, though? EDIT: I will say, if they were going to go with the flash F-5, I wish Kofi would've been mid-wind up for Trouble in Paradise instead of just kinda jumping at him. Like, both of them just going for broke.
  7. I mean, they literally said who he was and why he was significant like 20 times.
  8. The best part of all that was when Orton's music cut Ric off mid sentence, and he just immediately transitions into an angry, "YEAH, WOOO!"
  9. I really liked Charlotte/Trish a lot. And it occured to me as I was watching that the springboard rana and the swinging flatliner looked the kind of spots Sasha would try to do, botch, and I would cringe because I was afraid her and/or her opponent got hurt really bad. Trish hit them really smooth. (It just popped into my head. I'm not beefing. Don't quote me, I'm not gonna argue with you about it.) I wish Trish had come along in this era.
  10. But did Kurt's head get bigger, or did the rest of his body just atrophy?
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