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  1. steve


    My family is still willfully obtuse about "blood" in the meat... "I know, BUT...."
  2. steve

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    I mean, Beerus deleted whole worlds because he didn't like the food... and didn't Toriyama basically insinuate that Frieza destroyed planet Vegeta b/c Beerus told him to? I don't think he cares what Frieza does.
  3. steve

    WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    She was making appearances at house shows in a sling, too. I mean, that could've been a work, I guess.
  4. steve

    Raw Is The Elimination Chamber Blues - 2/12/2018

    It took me a minute to realize what you were talking about... but I have a profanity filter on my browser. I didn't realize it would translate when I quoted stuff, but I guess it makes sense. Anyway, I wouldn't bother doing it by hand.
  5. steve

    Raw Is The Elimination Chamber Blues - 2/12/2018

    There's literally nothing Braun could or couldn't do to change the minds of people who think wrestling is stupid. I think he has enough equity with fans to show levity now and then without people equating him to Kurrgan.
  6. steve

    Raw Is The Elimination Chamber Blues - 2/12/2018

    He's already over. Real people can have personalities and still turn on the monster. "No one's" just internet speak for "I don't like it."
  7. There was literally nothing good about that. Hardy's accent was bad, too.
  8. steve

    WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    Yeah, I went to watch ep. 3 like ~15 hours after it aired live, and it was already up to something like 600k views. Now it's up to like 999.7k. So people are def. watching, just not live.
  9. steve

    Elimination Chamber VIII - 2/25/2018

    Maybe a Bella, too.
  10. I thought Stephanie's commentary was fine. I appreciated that she laughed at natural spots, like when Carmella ducked out in terror on the Asuka kick. As oppossed to stuff like Cole's "YEAH~!~!~!~!~!" when Lita's music hit.
  11. They should pay Trish alllllllllll the money for a little mini-run w/Sasha.
  12. steve

    WWE RAW 25, 22nd January 2018

    I thought that's what the end of Taker's promo was about. "For all those who've fallen... you can Rest in Peace" or something close to that.
  13. steve


    Simmons called in to Russillo's show on his last day as well.