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  1. I don't mind Stark in this movie, simply because that gives Feige leverage to not let Sony Sony it up. (I'm not sure why those are in spoilers, he was in the trailer. I'll put this in spoilers if y'all think it should be, though.)
  2. Tangentially, "Big Baller Brand" makes me lol every time someone says it out loud.
  3. I made some kind of noise when Luke Maye hit that jumper that would've probably been embarrassing if other people were around.
  4. Well, I'm not too far along yet, so that's probably true. Also, I didn't realize Hogarth was a dude in the comics.
  5. It's weird. I liked it enough to start reading the Immortal Iron Fist. Reading the comic afterwards makes me like the show less. But, if I'd read the comic first, I feel like I may have enjoyed the show more because stuff like Davos and Bride of Nine Spiders would've popped me.
  6. Six episodes in, I enjoy it. If it supposedly gets better, I may end up being the high man around here.
  7. I feel like for now it was just a KFC ad, but if the shirts sell well enough, they might do more.
  8. Uhh, yep. Also, this was a far better KFC ad than they've done previously.
  9. He's the son of the original 616 Nick Fury, they did a whole origin thing for him and Coulson. They were in the army (I think, some branch of military) together, and ended up at SHIELD. Nick Fury and Phil Coulson aren't their birth names.
  10. Figuring it out was a big part of the fun back then, at least for me.
  11. I can't imagine how people watched Goldberg smash Lesnar and even entertained the thought KO would get more than that.
  12. You may be able to run it on Steam, the requirements are pretty low.