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    JBL just tweeted this. So can we finally start recognizing him as a great guy who has obviously grown? "So glad Bermuda has sent a message to their homophobic, xenophobic government that enough is enough. Tomorrow I will march in Bermuda’s first Pride parade. Equality for all! Welcome to a dawn out of the dark ages."
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    I bet *that* was one whiny promo.
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    I debated signing all my posts "The RIPPA knows" but then I realized I would have to ban myself after like 3 posts
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    I'd like to tell Corbin my burger was undercooked, the fries were cold when they came out, my drink was made wrong, and my waiter or waitress is completely unattentive.
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    To say "AEW HAS to win this war" is over-reacting (as @Super Ape did) If you want to bemoan the downfall of wrestling the specific way you like to consume it - that is a different story. But that is a far cry from "wrestling is over" Say AEW's "wins" - which IF happens won't be for a decade (decades). (As repeatedly mentioned - the core WWE audience is enough to keep on USA for a long time because it will still be the most successful program they have.) And by then, AEW will have to do similar things that the WWE is doing/has done to keep their place. (And almost any corporation will do). It's not like the NFL doesn't try to squash any league that challenges them. God indie feds will cannibalize each other just to be successful in their tiny ass towns Heck - AEW is already doing it since most of their guys won't be working indie dates once TV starts (or only "approved" feds. Which is exactly what the WWE is doing) And that isn't factoring all the other permutations that could happen (Sinclair could finally care about ROH, Anthem could buy ROH, New Japan actually gets it foothold, another billionarie money mark starts their own fed)
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    How can you be so nonchalant about the impending demise of professional wrestling?
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    Kyler is like Greg Valentine. He just needs 45 minutes to warm up.
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    Yeah, I still can't believe Buddy Murphy didn't make it into the second round, either.
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    How does Seth not promo in emo memes and song lyrics?
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    AJ Styles with a Top 10 Stunner bump
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    The number of people that have twisted themselves into a pretzel to act like the Steelers aren't a sports organization that was birthed in Satan's anus is truly remarkable to watch, year after year.
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    Bandanas with your name printed on them don't work like that, Adam
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    Cheers. One of my proudest accomplishments. Here's my before and after: Weight loss: 3st 12lb/54lb.
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    Today at work I pulled over because I saw a kid wearing a Seth Rollins shirt Me: "Are you really a Seth Rollins fan?" Him: "I sure am!" *puts his hand out for a shake* Me: *shaking hands* "I never thought I'd meet one!"
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    Man fuck Bryan and Vinny. They are completely shitting on this show. One of their main criticisms is everything in some of the matches is "go-go-go". These motherfuckers LOVE that shit when it's in PWG. There is no difference. Actually there is a difference. WWE matches quite regularly have more psychology than PWG.
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    He hit a blockbuster on his own QB. Amazing.
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    Everytime I get started on something like how great Larry Zbyszko is, you guys go and make things weird. Thanks.
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    At least we can all live in harmony under the knowledge that no one would react to seeing PAC in a movie.
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    I pop for myself during the brief shot of me in The Wrestler. What can I say? I'm a mark for myself.
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    It's a good thing Full Sail University has nothing to do with production and media.
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    How do you think he got those forearms?
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    Damn, imagine if she was his manager. Him as The Undertaker and her with a Morticia-like appearance. Don't think I need to say much more on that, especially since...well...you know.
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    This but unironically. X-Pac Heat has lost all its meaning over the last 20 years. X-Pac Heat took a very unique situation where fans rose up as one to say "Fuck X-Pac", where he was the one member of Team WWF who the fans refused to accept as a babyface- accepting even his tag partner Albert as a face, but saying "No. You can't make us like X-Pac", cheering Billy Kidman's charismaless ass solely because he fought X-Pac, taking lulls in the show to talk about how much X-Pac sucked. The last 20 years has turned it into 'I personally dislike the work of this heel performer, so I'm assuming literally every other fan in the world also dislikes their work and are booing them because they hate them personally, so they cannot possibly be an effective heel because I dislike them and I can't possibly be being worked, I'm ME!" It's not Corbin's fault he's an effective heel, he's an effective heel because smarks decided to forget to a heel performer, BOOS ARE THEIR CHEERS! When you cheer a heel performer you like, YOU'RE NOT HELPING! You're only saying that the heel performer sucks as a heel because they can't get you to boo them no matter how evil they act, and in the process making your favorite look inept at their job...and in the process making people like Corbin look like they're amazing at their job because they can get you to hate them...and in the process the show is terrible. If Batman's Rogues Gallery was less Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler, The Penguin...and more "Jeff, the cashier at Walmart who didn't give you all your bags" or 'Cindy, the barista at Starbucks who gave you regular milk instead of soy", Batman would suck- because people who are inept at their jobs aren't exciting bad guys.
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    He's there solely to be reminded he lost the Monday night war. It wasn't a SOA writer sleeping on the job. Here's what actually happened.
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    I was just thinking. With AEW starting on TNT in October with NXT as direct competition on USA as well as SD moving to FOX, this month is kind of the end of a chapter in pro wrestling history. A new era begins in October. I'm looking forward to it.
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    Could he put shit together without Rick around? 33 and 1/3 percent chance.
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    Jules had the belt in the briefcase for Marcellus.
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    Seth turning on the Shield? Wrestling fans, or WWE fans anyway, don't boo or cheer wrestlers, so much as they boo or cheer wrestling. Wrestling booking, even. So a heel turn they think of as bad wrestling (breaking up an act they would have liked to stay together, for example) gets booed. Whilst a heel turn they wanted/ expected, that makes sense and sets up good things for the future, that gets cheered. Spend all those years telling people this is entertainment, you can't complain when they start cheering or booing based on whether they think something is entertaining or not.
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    They need to stop saying "it wasn't supposed to happen that way" every time they get heat for something. This is the same response as the chair.
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    Re: UWFi and all that You had one rival upstart company that was super hot to the point where they were even on PPV in an era where everyone wasn't on PPV and got braggadocious enough to call out top wrestlers in other companies for being fake. Once they started to cool off and had no new stars to speak of, it got crucial really fast. New Japan isn't as hot as they were in the mid 90s, but it makes sense to have a wait and see approach. The thing about the ROH relationship is while the company is lukewarm, their relationship isn't one that would hurt New Japan. NJ could use the exposure on TNT, but the TNT deal is exactly why you have to be cautiously optimistic. All publicity isn't the best publicity. At least with WCW, there had been something there going back to the NWA days. Fast forward ten years later, it's Jushin Liger losing to a tequila bottle. Once you start dealing with companies that have a big enough platform, you have to think about the imprint that might be left working with them. If AEW's booking philosophy months from now clashes with Gedo's booking philosophy and their business is erratic or unpredictable, it makes no sense for New Japan to work with them. However, if everything goes smoothly, the booking is somewhat logical, and business stays at a steady, consistent, and reliable pace where AEW is doing decent ratings and houses at the very least, it makes all the sense in the world for New Japan to start a working relationship with AEW. But to just rush in for exposure sake in North America ASAP, it makes no sense. They're not that hard up for attention to do that. Japan is doing well enough so they won't have to be desperate. Wait and see what they (AEW) might accomplish over the next 12 to 18 months before you make any big decisions like that. I'm not saying you can't have one or two guys magically show up at a Wrestle Kingdom or Dominion event, but a real relationship requires a bit of research, analysis, vetting, and examination. I'm going trust New Japan on this one until they do something egregious otherwise.
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    Do the Harris twins still have that lucha promotion?
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    I also use a fake tree. I'm allergic to pine needles. It's a smallish tree at that. We don't go overboard for Christmas. My immediately family is pretty non-materialistic. I like to think I am as well. Besides that, life is pretty good. The new job is going well. I had forgotten what it was like working with people that don't treat you like shit. I'm really glad I got out of the funeral industry, no regrets at all.
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    Thank you, Bobby The Brain Heenan. Fuck Hulk Hogan.
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    Do not pay attention to the fact that Vanilla Ice had sex with his baseball cap on backwards His sexual energy overrules all the above rules and regulations. Plus he knew when to roll forward and when to roll back
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    The old perv will love it.
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    A bit late to writing thoughts on the show, trying to digest all of the great wrestling from over the weekend and give it some time to settle. It was a fun show with some great peaks that ran too long and had stuff that could have been contracted or removed entirely for the betterment of the overall show and to sell interest in TV. Like DoN, as @Elsalvajeloco said, it still feels like three visions bolted together in Frankenstein fashion, although the freaks and geeks circus aspect was less prominent. They so desperately need a Tessa Blanchard to build around. It’s all very well saying that Women’s Wrestling is important and should be equally featured but you can’t just put bodies into the slots and expect it to seem like a big deal. Let Nyla come under Kia Stevens’ tutelage for 6 months then start the monster push after that. The women’s division is a drop off the cliff in terms of talent and star power after the mens and tag divisions. Also, that battle royale is a flawed gimmick which was then poorly executed. Why have key eliminations during the entrances? Isn’t that common sense? I would be annoyed if I was Jazz walking out with the rest of the crowd like that. If there is one star to treat as a star, more than any other single wrestler, who stands out most clearly as an alternative, and could be the big reason to tell your friends to watch this rather than that, it’s Kenny. Why do this losing story in the first chapter of the AEW book when you are establishing what you are. I’m happy that they are planning long term story arcs (if that’s what this is) but don’t agree with the decision. However, Jericho was gold in the post match tirade and is probably the best equipped for TV non-wrestling segments as champion lording it over everyone else, so that should be fun. Luchasaurus is over as hell with the live crowd and is apparently killing it in T shirt sales. That was one of the most satisfying matches in terms of the flow and crowd reaction, I really enjoyed it. ‘Wrestling has more than one royal family’ really sums up this vision of using respected veterans where they can add value versus ignoring/underplaying their legacy or outright humiliating them in inappropriate throwaway TV skits, subservient to the all powerful McMahons. I don’t think it’s as simplistic as a ‘nostalgia pop’.
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