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    Hi! I guess I should speak from learned experience here, having spent years discussing with people the validity of my own gender. (How would they know anyway? It's my gender.) Doing any sort of story that calls a trans woman's gender into question serves exactly one purpose: to humiliate the trans woman. Period. Will it suddenly make the transphobic people going off on social media and message boards about Nyla winning the title stop? No. Will even mentioning that Nyla is trans, without calling her gender into question, make them stop? They'll just scream louder about her being trans getting shoved down their throats. You can't win with them. You can't reason with them. They'll keep screaming about elementary school level biology and telling that one joke they know about attack helicopters. And I say that because, as mentioned, I know from experience. I used to argue with internet trolls about my own validity. I used to try to explain that a significant majority of trans women actually have lower testosterone and higher estrogen on average than cis women. I mean, if we're on hormone replacement therapy and haven't had bottom surgery, we're on a medication that actively prevents testosterone from taking effect in our bodies. If we've had bottom surgery, we've removed the parts of our body that produce about 95-98% of the testosterone that we used to produce, which still puts us in line with or below the production levels of cis women. It's very difficult for us to build and maintain muscle mass while on that medication. I lost a lot of grip strength as well. So the argument that we maintain a natural advantage doesn't make sense as we're either actively blocking all testosterone effects or we've had a surgery that puts us down to the same levels at best. And the response I would almost always get back is "well, your chromosomes are still XY so you still have an advantage" (the only other thing they retain from their biology classes, it seems). Which 1) didn't make sense, as chromosomes don't matter in this equation, especially if you're actively replacing your hormones via medication, and 2) my chromosomes actually aren't XY, I have Klinefelter syndrome (or XXY chromosomes), which really means that Y is just there for funsies according to my endocrinologist. What does any of this have to do with pro wrestling? Not a dang thing. It's scripted. Use the MST3K mantra if you have to. But there are way too many things that could go wrong by calling Nyla's gender into question on the air like that, for very little (if any) benefit.
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    One of the all-time worst fantasy booking ideas in the history of DVDVR.
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    Modern day WWE directors cut of WM3
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    Remember when Seth Rollins literally did fuck some racism?
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    OK, here's a quick story about my first day in judo class. The class was set up so the first hour was instructional and the second hour was all rolling. The first hour I learned how to break fall and we ran through the o goshi, and a kesa gatame. It was basically enough instruction that allowed me not to die during sparring. So the second hour starts and everyone is being super light with me, and kind of walking me through things as we go...except for this 130 lb. dude named Rohan. At the time, I'm 19 about 190 lbs. and in very good shape, and this 130 lb. dude is literally throwing me around the gym. He is unleashing his entire arsenal of throws and I'm getting fucked up, because until I got matched up with him I'd done maybe 15 break falls. So, there is a judo throw where you put your foot on your opponent's hip, and roll back which allows you to throw your opponent head over heels. Rohan, who is a yellow belt, which is much better than a day one noob, but is only one promotion above white belt, tries this throw on me. When he kicks his leg up, I grab it before his foot gets to my hip. I pull his head down with his gi, reach around his head, lock my hands and hit that punk bitch with a perfectplex. That dude was an asshole, and taking advantage of the fact that I didn't know enough to defend myself. Sending him on that ride is one of the most satisfying feelings of my entire life. I will take your word for your schoolyard vertical suplex, but I'm skeptical...but I know for a fact you can hit a fisherman suplex.
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    I know nothing about Inglewood besides Yeah, Inglewood... Inglewood always up to no good
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    Also no basketball fans need reminding about his court case two hours after he dies. You're not a hero for this. See you in a week.
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    But to be fair if you know anything about the Ohio River that scenario is entirely plausible.
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    Can only assume that someone in marketing went "yes, yes, yes..." and then someone else in marketing went "no, no, no..." and then someone else in marketing went "yes, yes, yes.." and then someone else in marketing finally went "no, no, no.." And that's the story of how the greatest theme song in professional wrestling history was written.
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    Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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    Problem is he can't help himself. He wants that public company money while treating it like it's the same private company he's run by his own whims since the beginning. Dude fired two C level execs with no warning or plan like they were Ultimate Warrior and Davey Boy.
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    He was appearing on some local shows and one of the promotions brought him in for a seminar over a week. Done a bit of everything from amateur grappling to in ring stuff. I was probably the biggest guy (height and weight) in the class so he would constantly pull me out to demonstrate drills. I’ve always been a decent amateur wrestler but I was amazed just how quick Dan Severn was. He is huge but astonishingly quick, even at his age. The closest I could imagine to what wrestling a bear would be like. At one point he demonstrated a heel hook on me and without question it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt for such a tiny movement. A lot of self defense stuff was shown and he had a lot of stories from his time wrestling all over the world, he really hated how much oil some of the European / Turkish wrestlers used before amateur matches. I found his stories of working with Michigan Law Enforcement really fascinating as well. Possibly the nicest man in the biz that I’ve met (not that I met many), humble, time for everyone and really, and I can’t understate this, really funny. He’s like the best wrestling uncle ever.
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    Minoru Suzuki vs Orange Cassidy announced for JJSB 4 Welp, that Okada-Omega match from a few years back had a nice run as the greatest pro wrestling match in history...
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    DDP's a bad example. His ribs never did heal.
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    Kevin Dunn is the fucking dirt worst ....... fuck
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    Thank you, Pistol Pez, for stopping this dance party.
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    William Regal's son Bailey is the newest Young Lion.
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    893k. Up from 817k last week. .31 demo. Even if he didn't draw as well, Wardlow definitely looked better in his prime-time debut than Bloomberg.
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    His weed haul would have to cut weight to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov.
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    Macho, Eddy and Terry Funk are the three dudes you could drop into any promotion at any time in any role and they’d get it over huge. Face, heel, brawling, grappling, flying, bumping, selling, talking...doesn’t matter. Shit imagine Macho on Lucha Underground.
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    The correct answer to who you'd have from another era here and now is always going to be Eddie Guerrero. Fuck, even just a timeline where he doesn't pass so young, let alone Eddie in his prime.
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    Getting back to "they don't know why Austin and Rock worked" I think it's at least partially true. They don't get that Rock could get away with horrible, stupid lines because Dwayne Johnson might literally be the most charismatic man on Earth. So they give guys who simply aren't The Rock similar lines and it bombs (and now sanitized versions of those lines) They get that Austin was the rebel fighting his boss, but they don't get that AUSTIN ALWAYS WON. Okay, not actually always, but way more often than not. When the heels got heat on him, it worked because it didn't happen every week. He outsmarted Vince nearly every week. And they had Vince be the one getting embarrassed every week, not the actual wrestlers. To use an example from one of the two episodes of RAW I've watched in the last three months: Seth claims AOP isn't backing him up. KO is positive he's lying. Rey offers to help Owens, KO says no. Rey gives him a lead pipe to use as a weapon. Fast forward an hour or so, KO is looking for Seth. It's a setup, of course. In 1998, Steve Austin would've whipped Akam and Razer's asses, stunned Vince and drank beer while Rollins ran for his life. KO got beat up three on one, looked like a moron for turning down help and not accounting for the muscle he knew Seth had. Nobody got over.
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    They're just following the example set by locker room leader Seth Rollins.
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    Someone get me a gif of Matt Jackson peeling off a superkick that almost went knee-deep through Sammy Guavara's dumb face.
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    Okada Vs. Tanahashi referenced on a prime time TV sitcom. I’m crying my puro loving heart out.
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    "Arithmedick" was right there, man.
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    I'd actually put Mick Foley in the elite of the elite. He's unorthodox, but Foley has a long ass career full of good to great matches, outstanding promos, and the ability to get almost anything over. That's extremely rare.
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    The Toronto Sun might be a reactionary rag, but they do still mine gold.
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    “In a shocking turn of events, every member of the Millionaires Club has turned and joined the New Blood!”
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    Oh man, that finding one thing and associating it with the person could be hilarious HEY VIRGIL. HOW'S THAT BIG OL DICK, PAL?
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    Here's something I'm going to go to hell for: I'm watching a tape of old World Class, and Koko Ware and Norvell Austin are making their debut against Mike Reed and Buck Zumhofe, and all I can think about is how excited Zumhofe must have been when they told him he'd be wrestling the Pretty Young Things that night.
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    If you were to hold a gun to my head back then and ask me which one of those gentlemen would be working in WWF as an alligator hunter, I would be dead.
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    You don't need to know the questions to know the answer is cocaine.
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    Vince was offered $50 million for long dead brand and he turned it down, to instead restart that dead brand and probably lose 5 times that eventually instead? Classic Vince.
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    The biggest problem in wrestling is that everyone became convinced they can be Hogan and Flair and forget that you need the Dibiase's, Orndorff's and Andersons to hold everything else together.
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