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    Good to see they're finding something for Paige to do.
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    Double post. Here's Mach and Grimmas.
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    Why should say, someone like me, give Lars or anyone like him a chance? If he had the chance, he'd probably do unspeakable things to me and get away them within our legal system. If he's willing to say these things just a few years ago, I hope it can be understood why I'm not comfortable with him or anyone who gives him a pass, even if that's their intention.
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    There's a few things I wan to comment with regards to your post, so I'll divide it by parts. I'm actually coming to this topic from the opposite side of sorts, it's at least double digits the amount I've read or heard Tony Atlas give his account of what happened across different media throughout the years. So I'm familiar with the evolution of his account, what's been consistent and what's not stayed as consistent, while keeping in mind that consistent does not necessarily equal correct and that inconsistent does not necessarily equal incorrect. But Atlas has gone from someone not wanting to talk about it, to saying it was an argument that got out of hand, to implying it was a premeditated hit and each time it becomes more and more about how he's the only man standing up to the scum hive . Dutch is also someone that has had various opportunities to give his account across different media throughout the years and is also a case of some things being consistent and others not as much (again with the caveat that consistent doesn't necessarily equal correct and vice versa). On this point, Dutch has tended to be pretty consistent. He usually mentions feeling tension or getting that weird vibe when entering the locker room and because of that feeling not going away, he decides to go out and do something he usually did which was check on the crowd and see the size of the house. As Dutch usually tells it, the uneasy feeling led to him deciding to leave and do his usual ritual of checking the crowd at that moment. The question that arises is what was Brody doing at the time Dutch decided to check the crowd, was he still sitting with ducth or was he elsewhere engaged. What I find interesting is that it's very possible that Brody had already done the same thing that Dutch says he went to do, which is checking the size of the crowd. It's been said many times that Brody would do this and then go to the promoter to demand his money based on what he saw (the explanation usually given that he din;'t want to be shorted). Bobby Jaggers stated in one of his accounts (in one of the books written about Brody, I think i was the Maytsik one) that he actually saw Brody in the other dugout when Jaggers had gone out to look at the crowd, which suggests that Brody was probably doing the same thing. In the episode they mention that they contacted or tried contacting Carlos Colon and Invader about participating and were declined. That was always going to be the case, Invader does not talk about the subject at all and Carlos also avoids the subject. I can understand why, for them it's an ugly episode in their lives and no matter what they say about it, people have already made up their minds about it and will just say everything they say is a lie (regardless of whether it is true or not). On Twitter I saw that the makers of the documentary were asked about not talking with Savio. They said it was because that when they filmed the interviews in 2017, the BTTT shoot that Savio did with Cornette had not yet been released so they didn't think of talking with Savio (not sure if they were even aware that he was there). Savio is pretty much the only local who talks about the topic and has only really done so in the lengthier version he gives in more recent years. The interview with Cornette is not the first time he's talked about those details, there's at least two podcast interviews in English and one in Spanish that he has done in the past four years where he talks at length on this subject. In those accounts, Savio has been consistent in mentioning the Menudo concert taking place that same night in Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez. In fact, it's from his version of the events that this detail comes up. The reason that this becomes an issue with regards to the ambulance is that both Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez and Estadio Juan Ramon Loubriel (where the WWC show was being held) are right next to each other in the same sports complex. And I don't mean a block or two apart, I mean literally right next to each other. Take a look: https://mapasamerica.dices.net/puertorico/mapa.php?nombre=Estadio-Juan-Ramon-Loubriel&id=6062 You'll also see that anyone going to either event that night would have had to use the same access roads to enter the complex and parking lot area. So traffic would have been absolutely backed up and a nightmare to navigate particularly with the rabid fans looking to attend those events. When Savio brings up the Menudo concert hampering the ambulance arrival, what I understand it to means is that the ambulance likely came from the main avenue entry which is on the Ruben Rodriguez side of the complex. So it would have had to try to get through a deadlocked road due to the people trying to get in and park, and without any room for cars in front to get out of the way and let it through. One other detail that also hampers the ambulance getting there in a timely manner (which is also brought up by Savio and I can confirm is entirely correct) is that there was no 911 in Puerto Rico in 1988, so you either had to call an operator to connect you or try to find a number to call for help. It wouldn't be until 1993 or so that a law would be passed enacting 911 as an emergency number. I've never bought into many of the so called explanations they try to peddle as the reasons for stabbing him (and man do they run the gamut), I actually think it's something more simple than all of these elaborate conspiracies. Matt Farmer is someone who has talked with Barbara Goodish about the subject and he has said many times that she has said that there was no money owed from either party to the other. I would think she, more than anyone, would know what the reality of the money situation was. Yet people keep trying to peddle conspiracies based on money being owed. It has never made sense to me, based on everything said and written about Brody, that he would lend a promoter money. And it has never made sense to me, based on the issues and personalities involved, that Colon and Jovica would even consider selling Brody a piece of the company. The only way that you could even begin to push that angle is via Victor Quiñones trying to sell Brody the shares, and even then it would likely be Victor selling any shares he personally owned and not Monsoon's. Remember that Monsoon was the reason Brody was blackballed from the WWWF (likely in part due to Brody taking liberties with some of Monsoon's guys, one of which was Jose Gonzalez) and it would have been 'highly unlikely' that he'd help Brody buy into the promotion. And I completely agree with your comment about it not making sense that Brody would allow himself to be in that position if he was someone who usually knew what was up, especially when he was the cause for the tension in most of the cases. It doesn't really make sense that he would just follow someone hiding something in a towel. Well, unless If you've heard all the different accounts out there in English and Spanish (it helps to not listen just to Atlas and Dutch). There's one account in Spanish that may shed light with regards to this, and it also makes me doubt some of the commonly pushed details of what happened. I have my theory of what happened based on what makes sense from all of the accounts, but people will believe what they want to believe. This is exactly why I don't buy into it being a premeditated hit. If you're going to the trouble of planning to kill someone, sending one of your top draws to do it in an enclosed room where there is only one way in and one way out while there are at least 12-to 15 potential witnesses right there sounds like the dumbest way to go about it. Especially if apparently they have all of this clout and mob ties. There's a lot of things or scenarios put forth that when you stop and think them through, it really sounds ridiculous to believe them. They know where Brody is staying, they're the ones picking him up and taking him back, he's on the island for two weeks and Monday and Tuesday are off days. You're going to tell me that having one of your top acts stab your target in the locker room shower with the only entrance and exit is to a room full of a dozen or so witnesses is the best plan you could come up with, when you have all of these alleged connections and ties and there better opportunities to have it done? I've listened to or read a lot of accounts from various wrestlers about this and it's a mistake to just take anyone's account in a vacuum and at face value. There's a lot that doesn't add up either because they contradict each other or because they are speculating and making stuff up. I could run through all the different versions given by Atlas, Dutch and others and point the deals where I believe there stories don't pass a smell test. Calling back to one of the earlier points, I actually have my doubts about Invader and Brody riding together the previous days. Why? Watch this and let's see if you notice the same thing I do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7p4-C2PF9dU And just so you can see where I come by my cynical view with regards to the evolution of Atlas' account (or anyone else's), you can listen to the latest version of Tony's account. And again, there are things I believe Atlas on and others where I do not. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpFvtKsKtG0 And there are already things he mentions in this version that I would believe and others that I question or just don't believe him on. Par for the course with these accounts.
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    It'll take a dark turn when the winner opens the briefcase only to find Jamal Khashoggi's remains.
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    If they're serious about stats then they should bring in Scott Steiner. JR: "Let's go to Mookie and Tony with our analytics breakdown of the week. Back in my day an analytics breakdown was what you took when you were all backed up, bah gawd." *SIRENS blare* "If you're talking numbers and stats, then you don't go to the horse's ass, you go to the genetic freak that's hung like a horse and that's a fact! I'm a college educated man and I heard that AWE was a progressive company and there ain't nobody more progressive than the Big Bad Booty Daddy! I please all my freaks equally. Now let's breakdown the numbers. I'm looking out at this mass of fatass and I'm seeing a male to female ratio of 5000 to 1 and those 2 ain't nowhere near hot enough to even being in the bottom 1% of my freaks. Now we look at diversty and you people are 98% white trash. And you break it down a little more to the demos and 87% care way too much about a cartoon hedgehog and not enough about a little beaver. You add all that up and that's not how you spell progress...cause Big Poppa Pump is your hookup. HOLLER IF YOU HEAR ME!"
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    Since we're sharing things that make us happy, here's Dean Malenko's near internal decapitation of Scotty 2 Hotty
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    I will never understand the people who think that they owe their job their dignity. I had a boss that was an abusive dick, and he was always picking on this one guy to the point that that dude would break down crying. I remember one day he really lit into the guy and as they were walking out of his office and I looked at a coworker and said loud enough for my boss to hear me, "If the choices are to come out of that office crying or coming out of that office in handcuffs for beating his ass, I'm choosing the handcuffs." I never had an issue with him. If Lio Rush thinks the bullshit is beneath him, it is fucking beneath him. Point blank. Period. He gets to make that choice for himself. So, if you let your job treat you like shit, and make you do things that insult your dignity, make that choice, but don't push that shit on other people.
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    "If I let 200 guys touch my dick, maybe a hot chick will touch my dick" sounds like the premise to the shittiest 80s teen comedy ever.
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    I would say the tenets of heel announcing are as follows: It's the referee's job to enforce the rules, not the Wrestler's job to follow them. Cheating in pursuit of victory is justifiable if you get away with it. The babyface wrestles within the rules not because they have an overarching belief in fair play and honesty, but because they're an insecure egomaniac trying to curry favour with the fans. If the babyface eventually breaks the rules, it just proves they are a hypocrite who doesn't actually believe in fair play and honesty like they claim. However, the heel commentator is not a hypocrite for condemning one wrestler for cheating (whilst praising the other), because he says he isn't. Babyface commentators are just corporate puppets who unquestioningly accept things they're told, and need to be educated out of that mindset. If the heel wins through any means, it's a clean win. If the bayface wins, he obviously cheated somehow (even if he didn't). Just follow those, and you're within the Ventura/ Heenan playbook. People who think that being the heel announcer is as simple as just being a dick and nothing else don't get it.
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    Jim Ross real sports analyzing dick plexes on TNT. Can't wait.
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    I have harped on this before but I would kill for a televised wrestling program in 2019 that started exactly like Saturday Nights Main event, with four or five rapid-fire 30-second promos that are short and to the point and let me know exactly what Seth is going to burn down tonight. And 100 percent agreed on the multiple two-to-three segment matches per show. I am not saying we need to go back to the Russo era where three minutes is the average bell time, but there are certain wrestlers where when you see them come out you know it's going 20 to 25 minutes including entrances. And that would make the monthly PPV/Network specials mean more because why should anyone really get THAT hyped to see Finn Balor vs Bobby Lashley in a 20-minute PPV match when each of them have been in matches of that length every week for the last month?
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    It's gonna be all Liefeld. Bloodstrike, Youngblood, Avengelyne...
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    Let’s this one out of the way early
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    It's an American culture thing, I think. My grandparents, and to an extent my parents, saw a job as a place where you just take the bullshit for a paycheck because that's what you're supposed to do, and gosh, you're lucky to have that job anyway, right? This mindset is harmful, but it especially doesn't work in a gig economy where many jobs are only contract or are easily disposable. In some cases, that makes workers MORE scared to speak out (see all the scandals with game developers talking about the highly-abusive work cultures in their industry that are popping up every month now). For other workers, it's freeing. You don't have to put up with the shit at work because you can always just go get another gig or two to replace it. But we do need a culture shift in this country. I'm not even talking about unionization, though of course workers should unionize whenever possible to protect themselves. People in general need to let go this idea that you're supposed to take a certain amount of shit because it's just what you do to keep your job and to advance. This attitude is what causes sexual harassment and assault at work, abusive relationships between supervisors and workers, racial harassment at work, etc. I go to work to do a job well and to get paid for it, not to put up with anyone's fuckery.
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    In other news, look what just got posted to Twitter.
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    Warrior was a wrestler in the 1980s, he knew how to navigate fine lines.
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    So does five years of bad booking
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    He's got a face made for radio and a voice made for smoke signals.
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    Bix gave me shit for liking Motorhead on here one time. Fuck that guy.
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    1) Starrcast tries to have a screening of the Bret/Magee match, WWE uses the idea 2) Charlie Ebersol tries to buy the XFL IP to start a new league, WWE uses the idea 3) Starrcast tries to screen Shawn/Hall ladder match with commentary from both, WWE uses the idea Quick, someone start a promotion with logical booking, a fresh format/presentation, great characters utilized to the best of their ability, and coherent angles, with no authority figures!
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    I've brought this up before but listening to David Crockett breathlessly calling Ronnie Garvin squashes is....interesting. If you listen to the commentary without context, you'd think something other than a pro wrestling match was going on. "Look at him Tony...just look at him. Yes, tie him up. Hurt him! He's dominating him! Look at him Tony!"
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    If the final part of Bryan's career is him vengefully achieving a "hippie grand slam" of holding a sustainable, organic version of every belt in the company I am basically OK with that
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    You kicked my leg out from under my leg
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    This makes me happy.
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    WWE isn't the most noxious promotion in terms of a plantation owner mentality, they are simply the biggest and most visible. The time is quickly approaching where this sad old dog ain't gonna hunt no more. People are either "independent contractors" or they are "employees" and if the latter, and you as a company are demanding that they travel as part of their duties... Well open up the wallet, daddy y'all need to pick up the tab for that shit. Sure, you can ask talent to pay up front and reimburse them monthly, quarterly, whatever's in the contract, but you must pay for travel-related expenses. This idea that WWE workers are independent contractors is laughable and if it ever makes its way to court VKM will be a very unhappy man when all is said and done. But like I said, WWE isn't the only one guilty of this sort of behavior, most indy promoters share this mentality. In other entertainment worlds, this shit isn't even a discussion; you want me to come in to a town (or towns) and do readings and sign books? Okay, I'm good with that; I'll need transport from the airport and from the hotel to the destination as I don't drive, actually a hotel/motel within a mile of the event would be cool as I don't mind a walk; I like to eat three meals a day and I'll expect them to be covered; as long as the hotel/motel is an acceptable facility (Best Western or better), we're good to go. This is so typical that to consider anything else is kind of hard to wrap my head around except for having been a wrestling fan for fifty years and having known what a fucked-up business it is for about forty years.
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    11 years ago today
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    Exactly. If I needed a neuro surgeon, I might want to give Ben Carson a call. But you wouldn’t use his intelligence in that arena to tap him to run housing and urban development.
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    I don't give a shit if it was CGI, I don't care for this automatic shitting on CGI. That end battle was fantastic. 11 Years, 21 Movies, and we finally got AVENGERS...... assemble!
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    So I haven't spoken with anyone from my immediate family in five years now, as of today, shortly after I told them that I was definitely transgender and I was going to start seeking hormone replacement therapy. Their reaction was about as I expected. I knew I was a girl for as long as I could remember. I was bounced around from therapist to therapist by my parents who thought it was something that could be "fixed" and I could magically start thinking I was a boy again, including attempts at conversion therapy (which included electroconvulsive therapy that did not work and I wasn't properly sedated for, so I have a lot of recurring nightmares about it). They would also abuse me physically and emotionally whenever I would insist that I was a girl, so I just stopped talking about it and went along with what they were saying so they would just stop hitting me. This triggered a couple of mental breakdowns and suicide attempts, because I was massively uncomfortable living the way they wanted me to. I hated who I was becoming and I knew I had to stop it, but by that point I had been gaslighted into thinking being transgender was something to be ashamed of, so I had no way out of who I was. Fortunately I found a place where I was comfortable being myself, far away from their reach, and eventually got to the point where I could start HRT. And when I told my family what I was doing, their response was to threaten me all over again, including sending threatening letters to my job (and one of them actually showed up to try and fight me in the parking lot). Eventually I cut them off. Changed my phone numbers and got protection orders against them. They gave up and decided to start telling their friends I had died in a car crash. They would rather have a dead son than a trans daughter. Oh well. My co-workers don't understand why I never talk about my family. The ones who I did talk to about them would always suggest that I should try to mend fences, because "you only get one family". To that, I say that I am much happier with my group of similarly cast-off friends with the little patchwork family we built instead. You may only get one blood family but you can build your own however you choose.
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    Independent contractors, everybody!
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    So did Harper ask for his release because they wanted him to be the mailman or because he found out Rhyno got the part instead?
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    Still my favorite wrestling game. I have an acquaintance who has one. I remembering winning the Royal Rumble with Demolition Smash. It would have been better if the game came out a few years earlier when Ax was still around.
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    Fuck anyone that gives someone shit for liking the almighty Motorhead.
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    Don't want your ass bit over stupid racist shit you posted in your past on the internet? Don't post stupid racist shit on the internet. The point is, this is all public record. Every keystroke. Everyone needs to be prepared to be held accountable for every contribution or thought they post.
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    I'm laughing, but I don't feel good about it.
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    No, the laziest thing imaginable is just naming 8 random men and women for MITB and not even bothering to have qualifying matches or do anything to make any of the people in it seem remotely special.
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    It's actually a young John Cena in the photo. You can tell by how snug he locks things in.
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