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    Bret was a face for all of 1997, pal.
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    Cool video featuring Cody, Brit Baker, The Bucks, and Scorpio Sky. Laying out who they are just using visuals. Directed by Nick Mondo. Displaying that AEW should lock him down exclusively.
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    For what it's worth, we're 20 minutes into Raw and the words "Seth Rollins," "Bray Wyatt," and "The Fiend" have not been mentioned or even really alluded to.
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    Gable running out, getting grabbed for a German suplex, and then doing a standing switch and launching Lesnar for a suplex would have gotten a huge reaction.
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    Jeez. Good thing Roddy won!
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    Jericho scorched the earth and brought the fire with that promo and it was AWESOME. Say what you will about him being older and out of shape, but this mother fucker carries himself like a gigantic star and how anyone could say he’s the wrong dude to be the first world champion is insane. The average size of the wrestlers being smaller benefits Hagar since that dude looks like a beast standing next to the rest. But, and I’m sorry for not remembering who said it so I can credit you, he looks like the dude who is stoned out of his gord and desperately trying not to look so.
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    Did he just block a fireball with a chair? That's some good rassling right there. - RAF
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    There are fewer things I enjoy more than when WWE thinks they did something brilliant when they did the exact opposite and then they put it on Twitter looking for reactions. You get what you deserve.
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    Seth looks like the world’s biggest dork lying there and looking over at the Fiend. And the rest of the time too. Huge dork.
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    Bayley had AEW colored gear tonight... Bayley to AEW confirmed!
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    The Austin Idol commercial for his wrestling school may well be the exact moment the universe crossed the Parody Inversion point.
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    Knew it was going to happen. Hell, I can even get behind the idea of Cain vs Brock. But it still just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Couldn't Kofi have at least hit one move? Get Brock wobbly with Trouble in Paradise before he gets caught in the F5? I'm not against Brock being around. I think he should be. I'm just so fucking tired of him as the champion. I love Heyman but I can't hear anymore "THE REIGNING, DEFENDING UNDISPUTED...." interviews anymore. Just something, anything different and I'm on board. The show looks great and the presentation is great. But at the end of the day, it's still the same show. And that's more troubling then anything
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    I dislike when I have a post I am proud of but it's almost the end of the month so here is something to chew on: I have been working on a succinct definition of professional wrestling for years, but this is my work-in-progress list of thee three necessary elements of a pro rasslin match --- A) worked moves B) predetermined finish C) presented to the audience as sports competition Without#1, you have a fixed MMA match. Without #2, it's gymnastics. No #3 it is a play. still pondering, RAF
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    You guys are sleeping on Mr. T. The WWF (and wrestling in general) would be a very different place if he wasn't in the main event of WrestleMania.
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    The cool thing about doing something good for maybe not 100% the right reasons is that something good still gets done.
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    If they really cared a about ratings, they would have him throw Joe Buck into the moon.
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    This is the Hogan/Bischoff Era of TNA summed up nicely:
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    They could tie in Madusa to the Kabuki Warriors by revealing that the green mist is actually old WCW cologne.
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    Rusev deserves better. I got nothing else.
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    Indeed. Wrestling is full of guys who are athletic and can do a lot of cool stuff, but then none of it is cool anymore. Pick and choose and know the roster and what they do and the situation and the story you are telling in the ring. Only one guy gets to do springboard, handspring, slingshot, rolling cutters. Only one guy gets to do the Canadian Destroyer(or zero guys...fuck that thing is played out) etc. A little more interest in psychology and pacing and less in getting a movez pop from the crowd would go a long way. Old man shouting at clouds over here.
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    More Bray Wyatt merch':
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    We're talking about TNA themes that stick with you, and nobody has brought up Abyss?
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    A cool collage I found of one of the toughest men to lace em up
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    I think the long and the short of it is the most of WWE mainstream programming is just bad TV. The only people left watching it are those that love wrestling, and the cool stuff wrestlers do is it. If there was a show on tv with as many terrible story lines and fake characters with horribly scripted lines as Raw that wasn't pro wrestling it would be cancelled in two minutes because nobody would watch it.
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    I'll put money on the Bucks losing to Private Party.
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    There is only one champion on Terry Tuesday
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    To get the Destroyer's autograph, obviously.
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    Bald spots are pro wrestling. When I was a really really little kid, between Savage, Hogan, Earthquake and a million others, I honestly thought that the skullet was kind of awesome, if not an outright uniform
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    So this old Cesar Romero interview has resurfaced.
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    did not expect anyone, let alone Carmella, to invoke old fashioned Territory Era Babyface Logic in modern WWE, but I'll take it.
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