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  1. fuck, upset and disappointed. He was a really fun Ralph, but that doesn't make up for those shit tweets. Wonder if they'll recast, because the Ralph/Sue stuff was a highlight of the season
  2. It takes a special kind of creativity to make Hanson and Rowe not feel like badasses, so I'm honestly impressed. Also offended because that was kareoke. I'm going to be wondering what that was for the rest of the weekend, just that baffling. Liv-Ruby was good, and Sarah Logan's coming back right? Can't remember them ever mentioning a released talent that much. Bobby Lashley is fueding with a tire, and possibly other training equipment at the PC as the weeks go on? Drew is working his way through Zelinas group, but started at the top and is going backwards. Andrade could have been the MITB match instead of going to Seth right away, nothing matters right now. I honestly thought for a moment that Ricochet and Cedric were going to lose that tag match b/c my faith in them is dead. Also guessing Shane Throne dyed his hair so they wouldn't recognize him, and thus, avoid being released.
  3. Vince owns the rights to this gimmick, and probably has in at Marvel...just saying
  4. It was rough at first, but he did well with Terra Ryzing
  5. Very cleaver of Leto to be the worst Joker on film ever, so we would have no expectations for Morbius. Well done
  6. Great mini promo by Joe, also yeah, great shout out within it to the Cena — Bumpy Knuckles classic “Bad Bad Man”
  7. with how slow this company is on pop culture, I'm guessing they'll wait 9 months to reveal what's in Rowans cage, only for it to be a Baby Yoda doll. Was fun to see the roster of Main Event invade the show, even if they faired a lot worse than NXT did. Young vs Andrade was good little match
  8. Loved Rhino showing up in his Southpaw gimmick, he left his partner and the territory!
  9. This 1000%, unless the NXT mens team is going to he Kona Reeves, Riddick Moss, and all three Forgotten Sons, how in the world would any of the guys in the War Games match be in shape for another match 24 hours later. Same for the women's match and all the champion vs champion matches. Ugh it makes my head hurt
  10. It took them awhile, but after years of booking, WWE finally feels they have perfectly built to the Wyatt vs Brock blow off, time to pay this feud off
  11. Biggest shock was Ryder and Hawkins keeping the tag belts, that was all the surprise i needed
  12. This is the one thing i want from this movie, fingers crossed
  13. It’d be like the League of Nations with woth 0 good workers
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