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AEW Dynamite - 12/2/2020

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Tonight, we bid a fond farewell to a longtime veteran of the business who gave his all before finally succumbing to insurmountable adversity.  He held back a lot of weight as long as he could before his untimely demise this evening.

I speak, of course, of Chris Jericho’s belt.  

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Okay I haven't watched IMPACT in like 6 months.  Like probably most people.  Are they still taping their shit 3 months ahead?  Or do they have a PPV this weekend and they could actually tape something this week

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I love this potential AEW / Impact working relationship. I'm always skeptical of how invasions get booked so I'll tread lightly on this specific story, but as a talent exchange, Impact could use support from AEW's abundance of tag teams and hosses, while AEW could REALLY use the help of Impact's women. 

So are we on our way to AEW as basically WCW/NWO: World Tour, with AEW, Impact, NWA and NJPW as factions on the player select screen or what. I'm totally down with this so long as someone is Powder Keg or Saladin.

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8 minutes ago, For Great Justice said:

Tony completely marking out over Sting put the biggest shit eating grin on my face. That was so, so good. Maybe my favorite thing all year. 

It was beautiful. I couldn't get back into the show because of how amazing that moment was. Give him a few spots in a six man and after that brother can retire into the JJ Dillon babyface authority figure the company's needed as TK's name is getting dropped way too often.

Battle royal was the best one they've had to date. Good shit with all the different cliques and it advanced a lot of different stories. Fun.

Jericho and Kaz are so fucking ice cold right now. Jericho needs to either turn face with the obvious betrayal or go on a covid tour w/ fozzy. Kaz and CD need to turn or do something different.

These commercial breaks are killing me. Like a minute into multiple matches. The main event had two or three? It completely breaks my immersion and the main event didn't really recover until a few minutes before the goofy shit with Callis that it absolutely did not need. Disappointing match that was still good but definitely not great. IF this ends with Impact's women's division coming over to AEW, it's a huge win. Anything else and I'm not so sure.

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I love how much storylines that battle royale featured. From reminding everyone what a beast Miro can be, to Sabian/Miro vs. Best Friends, Spears getting revenge on Sydal for beeing eliminated the last time and his feud with Scorpio Sky, MJF vs. Guevara, MJF vs. Wardlow, a short throwback to MJF vs. Jungle Boy, Hangman maybe joining the Dark Order and Matt Hardy slowly turning heel on Private Party. Okay, one could argue that Matt Hardy turned mega-heel by eliminating John Silver and Hangman Page.

Debut of Sting was cool. Watching WCW in the late 90s as a little kid made me a wrestling fan, mainly because of Sting and DDP fighting the nWo. I'm not really sure what value Sting can bring to the weekly product. He's obviously there to elevate Darby. My first thought was something like Pentagon-Vampiro from Lucha Underground but I don't think Sting has a match left in him, so, who knows. But even if he's just there to talk a little about Darby and dissapears again, maybe some new (old) people tune in and maybe that's all he needs to do.

Shida sighting! This booking... now she's scared of a cosplayer and doesn't know that she's on live tv. Great to make you're champion look strong. Admittedly, she's booked strong in her matches, no complaint there, but her booking outside of the ring is just baffling.

Also: BJ Whitmer sighting. Yeah. Now please get Jimmy Rave (fuck the U.S. health system) and Jimmy Jacobs (I know he's with Impact, but still) so my nostalgic ROH-heart can glow everytime I see one of them.

And: I love how AEW admits beeing part of a larger wrestling world. JR or Tony always namedrop some wrestling trivia from the past, NJPW is mentioned weekly by now, NWA is cross-promoted and now Impact is part of the biggest cross-promoting angle in the US since forever.

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Was Shida making fun of or was it in some way a reference to that Sid interview botch?

I'm not happy about that main event finish. Is TK going to call it back somehow? And if not, I'm not planning on watching Impact.

Really happy that Garrison and Pillman Jr. got a team name.

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What a tremendous show chock full of good things!   Kaz breaking out the Flux Capacitor, STING~!, Leyla Hirsch suplexing Rebel out of her shoes, and a NEW CHAMP~! that's going to show up on Impact~?  

Maybe I will get the Living Dead Girls stable of Abadon, Su Yung, and Rosemary after all!

Good on Mox to take the fall and go be a husband and a dad for a bit.  I am looking forward to see what happens during the Era of the Cleaner.

I will not lie.  I am glad the mics to Camp Chitose were muted because we all lost our shit in the CIO when Sting came out.  That theme, tho!

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