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  1. Great news! The WWF Challenge episodes coming are from 1986. They will start with episode 1 which is when Harley Race was crowned king. Really looking forward to seeing this in great quality!!
  2. I was doing some thinking. Otis won MITB and part of me thinks it was done for shock due to no crowd being involved. I wonder if they do a shock Rumble winner as well. Sure Otis was screwed out of the case but you could have a shock Rumble winner and build them for a couple months til you get to Mania. A Cesaro win could be fun. Or have Balor return to win the Rumble, maybe even Cole. Something unexpected would be nice. I say this because I don't see Owens beating Reigns. Unless they were to give KO a short reign for him to drop it at the Elimination Chamber, but if that's the pl
  3. Would have preferred Tim getting the Robin name and book back but I will read the series regardless. Very high on the Nightwing series. Looking forward to it. If I were working for DC I would make a book of the 3 Robins. Jason, Dick, and Damian having fun banter and teaming up to protect Gotham while Bruce is away internationally could be a fun little series.
  4. This will be fun but how will the ratings be competing with NFL Playoffs? Austin Lights Out Lingo is a friend of mine. One day he randomly connected with me on LinkedIn and we kept in touch. Hoping he can win on a big stage. Also is this the Matt Brown from that tv show family "Alaskan Bush People" Pretty sure it is but I could be wrong.
  5. could this be the split between Naito/Sanada? I don't see Ibushi losing the belt so soon after winning it but maybe Sanada losing causes him to snap. Naito gets his rematch and it pisses of Sanada causing a spring time/summer Naito/Sanada feud.
  6. It seems as if Marty is royally screwed. If only there was a rumble he could get into.
  7. The Ref's have been awful, the punishment is they have to find their flags by completing the Double Dare physical challenge. The ammt of flags they find in 60 seconds is the number of flags they can throw during the game. As an avid sports better My picks are as follows Bills ML I can see this being a close game. Too risky to bet the over/under but in no way do I see Buffalo losing. Shane Conlan's parents (dad, his mom just passed) live 2 houses from my parents. I went to school with his nephew. I may actually go to this game with him. In that sense I just can't root agains
  8. It's a fun game. Both Last Of Us games are games I've played through completely which is a rarity for me. I believe the majority of the outcry in the game has to do with Joel to be honest. As you will see and have seen this is an extremely long story to play through but is worth it. You will get to play as Ellie and Abby as the game tends to do more back and forth flashbacks nearing the end.
  9. some great news!! Jan 2021 classic content will be WWF Wrestling Challenge!! 13 episodes in total.
  10. if you are playing the AI you will do great. If you play the 12 yr olds online they will shoot 3 pointer after 3 pointer and make them. On the rare chance they miss and you are in the lead they will quit. It's shitty but that happens 9 times out of 10.
  11. I picked up the Grell Omnibus and it was a bit pricey ($105 ish) on Amazon but god it's worth it. So many extras plus the Longbow Hunters story and the first 50 Arrow comics that come after all in glossy paper artwork. For what it's worth I also picked up Batman Road to No Man's Land Omnibus. What I don't like about DC is that they don't include the covers for the books inside the Omnibus. I believe the book contains the whole No Man's Land storyline but am not sure. Either way Once I finish the Grell book I will dive into the Batman.
  12. What is everyone's opinion's on Mike Grell's Green Arrow? I think his work is criminally underrated
  13. It's on Roku also. I know you have to go to the in ring, I forgot where to go from here though. I'l give it a shot in the am if you still can't find it on the Roku
  14. pardon my ignorance as I forgot the names but youtube has some great videos with Brodie on the road. Some were with Dalton Castle. Brodie swore quite a bit but he was hysterical in the videos. Apologies if this info had already been posted. His work with Claudio in Chikara was always fun to go back and watch. The cage was the first cage match in Chikara history. This one hits hard. He had so much potential and was loved by so many. Praying that 2021 is a better year for all the world.
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