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  1. if they were concerned about the budget they wouldn't be touting Pat Mcafee and Adnan Virk as if they are the answers to all of WWE's problems. it was the answer they gave. I'm sure the talent that was released can also see through the "budget" bullshit excuse.
  2. hoping this rumor on twitter about Ciampa being released is only a rumor.
  3. NXT cuts will happen today. If Dream still has a job I'l be done with NXT. If the SOB some how makes it to raw or smackdown i'l be done with them. It's mind boggling that they haven't fixed the problem. If they haven't yet they never will.
  4. I've been in the same boat and will never work for a bigger corporation again. What people need to be more upset about is that they are citing budget reasons. If you follow WWE at all on Linkedin they are always hiring marketing managers, recruiters, etc. But that's not even the bigger issue. They are online flashing Adnan Virk and Pat Mcafee as new hires when you just let go 9 people many of whom the fans love. Just a real shitty thing to do. "hey guys we just hired these two but sorry about letting your favorites go" Would love to see a huge NOAH esque mass exodus of talent leaving
  5. can I change my last post to "Pat Mcafee isn't cheap either"
  6. Adnan Virk isn't cheap guys Also seeing a lot of "Billie Kay's in ring is bad" So is/was Brit's but her character work is great as is Brit's. Bilie and Royce vs Brit and Rebel would be great promo's up until the actual match which may or may not deliver (but hey at least we get memorable promo's) At what point will WWE realize creative is the problem? At least we aren't seeing the same matches week after week trading wins and losses. Now we are seeing it on ppv's. A step up I guess. Note to any NXT workers reading this: Do not answer your phone today. They
  7. wonder how or if this hurts ratings at all. I mean in all seriousness the Raw after Mania really shit the bed this year. I guess they would rather pay Adnan Virk a shit load of money than actually have talented in ring performers. You know the guy wasn't cheap. Fuck WWE. I watched Every Monday since Primetime when I was 7. Most Smackdowns unless I had plans and would still DVR, but how can you honestly get behind this company right now?
  8. Iconics VS Brit and Rebel is right there. Joe Vs Mox or Joe vs Wardlow Chelsea will be in Impact with her bestie Deonna and Cardona Tucker will do some indys and ROH Kalisto will go to ROH and join or feud with RUSH Blake to Impact or ROH
  9. LOL add to the fact his real name is Matt Hanna and it's even better. #nojusticeforjustice
  10. I believe that was also when he was signing the "Taco Bucks song" in his DMX voice "Starbucks what" "Taco Bell What" " put em both together you get Taco Bucks"
  11. I don't know if you have it but if you subscribe to highspots or maybe even on youtube you can see his matches from PWO, or even PWX pittsburgh. You will notice a totally different style. I found him boring in the past but he had a decent fan base. He hung out with Callihan and his guys quite a bit if I remember right.
  12. Punk and Heyman would be the dream team of commentators for me. I always loved Punk's work from IWA-MS to ROH, and then to WWE.
  13. It's weird because I'd seen his work from PA and Ohio 10 or so yrs ago and he wasn't working the style he is doing now. In fact it was rumoured at one point he'd be getting a WWE contract. He was one of the guys working Gargano's dad's promotion PWO. Had some ok matches with Matt Cross but he was always vanilla to me. Best way I could describe him was a tall guy working a Shawn Michaels style. Not sure what made him change his style and do a 360 but yeah I agree with you on all points.
  14. Lots of thoughts on Alister Black being involved with the Alexa/Fiend deal. Might see him return tonight.
  15. Billie Kay would be perfect as Bayley's Reba. I also thought for a minute they were going to let Sami hit the Brainbustahhhhh but nope. The crowd would have went banana had he hit it.
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