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  1. serious question Does anyone think NXT 2.0 is better than what we had before? Building a show on new talent is always well and good if your champion isn't Dolph Ziggler. Loved 2014-2018 NXT. Not a fan of the arena looking like my 2nd great Art smock either.
  2. would be great if he took the rent money and moved to the North Pole and started his own promotion.
  3. also, since you are so high and mighty. June 4th I am helping out with a show in Rostraver. Beers and Briuses. Over 20+ local breweries will be there as well as matches from local and national talent. Tony Deppen will be there. Come introduce yourself ?
  4. no bigger douche on this site than you. I fucking told you I could give you proof from workers but you have to get your jab in. Sincerely fuck you your lame excuse of an apology. You come on here and you talk like your opinion is the end all be all of opinions. Nobody gives a shit man. Admit you were wrong and move along. Keep tossing your jabs at me. Don't kick the beehive.
  5. Not at all the same. Brit refused to work with a female worker because she didn't like her. She spread rumors to the promoter about the girl as well as lies. Pretty sure I still have the DM from said wrestler. I'd gladly send it to you in private but I am also fairly certain you know who the girl is. Brit was also supposed to work Lufisto in the cage. She made up another lie about it and instead Katie Arquette got the spot and took a hell of an ass beating but it got her over! The Brit Lebar stuff I heard from multiple sources. Not just from IWC, PWX, RWA, KSWA, AIW. People who don't run in the same circles even brought it up. One of them was actually a former IWC trainer! So if I am wrong on that it would seem most of the Indy scene here is wrong as well. Has she improved as a worker? Yes she has. Is she better on the mic? Absolutely she is. Is she a better person? 100% she is. And I admit it. But it took her a couple of years. Cody made his remarks recently. So I guess the better way to say it is "who is the real Cody?: The one who desisped WWE, or did he just say that because he knew fans would eat it up? I didn't change my stance on the Kendrick stuff I just didn't have the full story and that was 100% my fault. I owned that and I dm'd some people on here to apoligize to them personally even. Did I have to do that? Nope, but I sincerely did not have that full story. If I did I would have shit on him just like everyone else. And it would have been in the right to do so.
  6. typical internet warrior here. Can't do shit in person and brings up the past. I was right about Brit to this day I'l defend that. I know who you are and know you know people who can easily validate this. Not going to name their names on here but I have gladly shared DM's with users here who have asked for proof and I had twitter messages from females who have worked for IWC and AIW with Brit and backed my story up. The Kendrick stuff I did not have the full story and I apologized. Not sure what more you want but I apologized and I meant it. Sounds like you have to resort to shit from the past that has nothing to do with Cody to get people on your side. It's like Technical said earlier, damned if you have a strong opinion about something because people here will rip you to shreds for it. People always go back to the Brit stuff because that is all they have. If they knew Brit well during THAT TIME PERIOD they would know I was right. It always makes me laugh how people don't have anything else so they go back to 2019 Brit Baker comments to make themselves feel better. Also funny how you saw me Saturday and didn't say shit. Very telling ?
  7. They did in a sense. I see a lot of people not just yourself (more on twitter to be honest) mentioning Drew. Drew had the height of his run during Covid with no crowds. Sure after a while the Thunderdome happened but how much of that was piped to fit the WWE narrative? It would have been smart to keep Drew near the top of the card once crowds came back at the very least to gauge the reaction. Instead they have him going up against Happy Corbin and Mad Cap Moss in a channel changing feud.
  8. Do you know what you are saying? I watch WWE, I watch AEW, I watch NJPW. I don't have a favorite in the game. But when you go on TV and make it a fucking point to trash another company (nobody made him do it) you make a blog anti WWE (nobody made him do it) and then you go work for that company because you don't get your way, It's pretty pathetic. The ammt of people defending this is outright wild to see. I am guessing the majority of you defending him didn't give a shit about him the past 2-3 months before he left either.
  9. I am not a huge Steamboat fan. But to compare the two is stupid. I despise Hulk Hogan. He didn't go to back to WWE until WCW folded. Trying to think of someone recently who has openly trashed the competition only to go to work for them without being fired or forced to. Also Ricky Steamboat was not an EVP of the company that he left because he didn't get what he wanted. Steamboat may have went to print media but who really saw it out of the millions of fans at the time. How many really subscribed to Meltzer pre internet? Not that we have many anymore but I'm really curious to see how the casual fan reacts to this. "Cody Rhodes!! Doesn't he hate the WWE"
  10. "wrestling has more than one sell out family Adrenaline in my soul, suck a fat one Cody Rhodes No one said you'd have to work for free crowd is here about to blow take your ball and then go home whoa my father said when I was younger go get the cheddar man no creativity no creativity It cost my freedom! Couldn't change the game and despite the pain I lost my kingdom I sold my dreams I bought my name You'll follow me until the end I'l start a new kingdom Lights go down, I'm ready now time to scam another town gonna give another lie to believe in me Hear the crowd on their toes I'm the sellout Cody Rhodes out the curtain take my ball go home
  11. Ricky never went on WCW TV and bashed WWF or vice versa though. Huge difference. Never compare Ricky Fucking Steamboat to Cody Rhodes.
  12. he should come in and give a heart felt promo. Then out of nowhere lights go out and Polka dots show up on the Tron. Flashbacks to Dashing Cody Rhodes come back on the Tron, Stardust flashbacks show up after that. It consumes Cody. It drives his anger and he becomes a vicious heel hell bent on proving everyone wrong. This is what I want to see. Cody driven mad by the previous gimmics and doing everything he can to win the big one on his own as the American Nightmare.
  13. while you are correct in saying this, this is also why you don't burn bridges. Especially on live TV!! Cody had a choice. In fact it was his own idea to do it. Yes people can be forgiven but people acting as if he is a fucking saint is cringe, WWE gave him the goofy gimmic, he did well in getting it over. Hell Dustin was given a worse gimmic but how many people prefer Golddust to Dustin Rhodes? Watch Scott Halls Youshoot video. He flat out says he would have been a GI Joe character if that's what Vince wanted. Good workers can make any gimmic work. He complained and tried to trash the company that gave him his first big break and now he is crawling back to them. But what happens when Cody is unhappy again? Where does he go? Back to AEW? And more importantly what will you all say when he does?
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