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  1. am I wrong in thinking this is the first rumble in a while where the male winner isn't overly predictable?
  2. so does whoever eliminate Brock get a title shot at Mania?? If so does that foreshadow the winner coming from Smackdown?
  3. maybe Kane, mayyybe Taker or Goldberg although I'd say no to both (by the time taker made it to the ring it would be the next 2 entrants time to enter) Even if they gave us Punk OR Edge it would be big enough to cover the whole rumble as far as surprises go. Edge denied it 3 times but really what do people expect him to do? Ruin the surprise. Punk would be huge and could give us AJ lee. Only problem is for that to work you would need to have the mens rumble first because if AJ is a surprise it would almost guarentee Punk since AJ wouldn't return without him. But do we really need guys like Otis, R-Truth in the rumble?
  4. Ivan Stewart's Off Road is fun to this day!! I just played this on a mod the other night. Easy to play a few hours and get lost in the game.
  5. this is partly why I think it will be the Bucks that turn heel on Page and Omega.
  6. I'd buy you a million beers if I could. I told my daughter the same and now she is in martial arts 3 nights a week so that she can defend herself. She has ADHD really bad and I didn't want her to have to deal with bullies AND I certainly don't want her to be a bully. Due to her ADHD she is hyper and the school has suspended her for garbage multiple times. Finally I called the superindendent and threatened a lawsuit. He looked into an incident and found my daughter wasn't even in the room when the projector broke (a teacher accused her of breaking a projector). I made him have the teacher apologize to my daughter in front of the whole class. I also go to every school board meeting and event so that the school sees I care.
  7. My grandpa gave me the 1989 WWF magazine with Piper on the cover. I was woking home from school and a kid i knew took it and ripped it. He was a state wrestler and I knew this but I went up and bunched in twice in the nose. He never screwed with me again. That magazine meant a ton to me because it was one of the biggest reminders I had of my Grandpa who had passed on by that time.
  8. that is painful to hear, sad. I attend all of the PTG meetings etc, and if this ever happened to my kid I would own the school. If my kid was hit and got suspended for it you could bet your ass at minimum the local media would be involved. I feel like some parents aren't involved enough and don't want to fight with the school over a suspension. This empowers the bullies to do exactly as you say and keep doing their shit. Hard to get someone to defend a kid being bullied if they know they will get suspended for doing so. Instead you get a bunch of kids filming an assault on their phones.
  9. Lots of people on social media suggesting Brit may have been drunk last night. I didn't think that but nothing in wrestling would surprise me at this point.
  10. Good on Bray. What sucks in today's world is that the kids who stand up to bullies get suspended too. My daughter takes martial arts and one of the Asian kids at the dojo was picked on repeatedly. When he fought back he was the one who was suspended. The sensai (Danillo Villefort) went to the school and said that his students don't attack but they aren't going to sit around and get hit either. The school ended up apologizing the the boy and his family. Crazy world we live in.
  11. her promo last night may be the worst I have heard in 30 yrs as a fan. They had to cut to commercial to cover up how bad it is. She desperately needs time off tv. Every other part of the show was bad. The only good thing about her promo was how great Tony was in playing it up. Tony is gold!
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing the swerve be that the Bucks can't win the big one and they get so fed up that they turn. They beat on Kenny and everyone assumes Page will join in but he saves Kenny. I think the Bucks can play the annoying heel role quite well and face it nobody is going to boo beer drinking Adam Page or Kenny Omega no matter how hard they try to turn them.
  13. I have a modded xbox with all the arcade, nes, sega, atari, commodore, coleco, n64, neo geo, etc games. Wish it had PS games but my daughter loves sonic and super mario 3. I am lucky to get a game of wrestlefest or no mercy in.
  14. Mr. Belevedere theme song for the win!!!!
  15. oh shit, I didn't even hear about this. The girl who cuts my hair went to college with him and said he always was into wrestling but was "a little different" never would have guessed him for a sex pest though.
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