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  1. Pittsburgh Indy Main stay Michael Blade also passed away. I'd worked 5-6 shows with him in FSW out here. Always had a smile on his face.
  2. I have 2 of the Brubaker Omnibus books Return of the Winter Soldier and Trial of Capt America. I have a bunch of the TPBs as well from that time. Haven't read any of it yet. Also have the giant Complete Deaths of Captain America TBP to read.
  3. He's going to do it!!! Joel is awesome. He worked on the Lucha Fest show I helped Sam Adonis out on. Spoke with Joel for about 45 mins after the show. Couldn't have been nicer. We keep in touch on twitter somewhat. He loved the idea. Not sure if RVD has a cameo. I know Graves does and a few others.
  4. so it's my best friend's birthday tomorrow. He just found out he is going to be a dad as well. I wanted to get him something unique.. For his bday I am looking to have Joel Gertner call him up and do one of his famous intro's. My buddy is a huge ECW mark. Good idea?
  5. I believe he came back in December. You are correct sir.
  6. It was just announced that one of the lead Smackdown writers was let go. I mentioned a page or so ago that their would be a lot of releases coming but didn't expect it to be this soon. Christopher DeJoseph is the guy who was let go. From what I was told their will be a lot of people let go throughout the summer.
  7. I really appreciate all of the reccomendations. I cannot wait to dive in to some good books this weekend! Thank you guys!!
  8. I am a huge Daredevil fan. I' bought the Miller Omnibus and Companion, Both volumes of the Waid, and both of the Brubaker. I also bought the Waid Capt America Omnibus which I loved.
  9. It's not a given you are correct. What he does is he provides internet connection to the venues. He is essentially a Network/Systems Admin but on a larger scale. Also controls the credit/debit card machines at the merch stands/food stands in the arenas. Many of them do not anticipate events at all this year. When he told me this I was crushed. I am a huge sports fan, don't laugh I am a Broncos fan and they are coming here this season and I really wanted to take my dad. We've never gone to a game together and it would be fun. Praying that this can still happen and that we do have fans, but I did want to relay the info I had as well.
  10. not trying to hijack this but I reached out for help in the DC thread and am pleased by the responses so I wanted to do so here. Can someone recommend me some good Marvel comics to read from the past few years? Mainly how has Daredevil, Punisher, Capt America been? I've been buying omnibus books and reading a lot of older 60's-90's comics but would like to dive into recent books. Thank you all in advance for your help and hope everyone is safe and well.
  11. I was going to post this yesterday but, I spoke with my contact who worked for WWE for years in a tech capacity. He told me a few things that I wanted to share with everyone. The first thing was apparently the way Luck was fired from XFL was handled terribly. I was also told that over 300 members were "furloughed" this includes truck drivers, audio guys, camera crew, tech guys, office staff, all the temps/contractors were let go. The general consensus is they will not be hired back. As sad as that is to hear it gets worse. The gentleman told me that there are no plans for crowds to be at shows not just WWE but NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB for the rest of 2020. This gentleman did tech work on WWE's behalf for every arena in the country and had been told that their is almost 0 chance of crowds being at events this year. He also confirmed Disney being interested in buying WWE as early as last year. He said at the time Vince didn't consider selling but the way things are now he may do it. Lastly and more importantly, there will be another waive of "furloughs" releases, this summer. The list of names are already made. It will be interesting to see how much of this is on air talent and how much is office/backstage talent.
  12. What does it say about the guy when everything he has was Joey Janella's first? "Super Bad" says it all. It's a super bad gimmick and he is boring in the ring and average at best on the mic. Penelope is really cool though and can go in the ring. Hoping she gets some more chances on Dynamite.
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