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  1. I think some of the random tags tomm look pretty fun too. Sure it also raises the chance of injury but damn the LIJ tag looks fun.
  2. I apologize if this has been asked/answered but is the G1 going to have English commentary for all dates? Does anyone know if it did for 2016? Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Mine worked pretty good. It's kind of annoying difficult to just watch a full show though. You have to skip past the post and pre interviews etc. It's still easily worth the $$$ especially with G1 season ahead.
  4. I also got a firestick today looking to get the njpw world. I will let you know what I find out.
  5. I'm not sure but I just went with a "jailbroken" Amazon Firestick with kodi. So hopefully I can watch all the njpw my heart desires.
  6. praying it is added to roku before G1 I mean it's 2017. Rev Pro, Progress, CZW, AAW, Floslam, and Highspots can do it. Why not NJPW?
  7. I mainly recall Alphonso during his WCW referee run. I bought an official FIP shirt from Fonzie once and it had an odd smell to it. I've washed the shirt many times and it still has the smell. Any time I hear the name Bill Alphonso I jump to the smelly shirt.
  8. Chris was the kind of guy who would give a fan a free shirt or free DVD just to see them smile. There is a reason why all of these wrestlers are paying such great tribute to him. It's not just that he always paid them it's that he treated everyone with respect. He really took Cleveland wrestling to a whole new level and brought national spotlight to an area that never was known for wrestling. Promoters like him are a very rare breed.
  9. I've known Chris since he was just a fan coming to shows and heckling the guys. Watch some old Capw (cleveland all pro wrestling) and you can hear and see him all over the shows. The guy loved wrestling and it was his life. A lot of people talked down on him and Thorne for being fans who have money and ended up running a promotion. They would often go to the bars and wait to get pics and mark out with the wrestlers. I don't see anything wrong with it but they had a big stigma around them for a while. It is impossible though to not mention how great of a job Chris has done with AIW. From day one to what they have become now is impressive. I will miss Chris.
  10. I came on to mention the first war games and also Steamboat-Savage.
  11. Has anyone else joined the new Xbox one service where it's 100 games for $10 a month. The first 14 days are free and it is mostly 360 games now but there are some good ones on here. Not a bad deal.
  12. I was fortunate to work a series of shows with Shane Douglas. The guy is still a great talker and can make one of the tightest blades of anyone I have ever seen. He is also a hell of a locker room leader. I wasn't a huge fan of his later WCW stuff but I do think his 92-93 WCW run is criminally under-rated.
  13. I think people would be surprised at how bumps are given/taken prior to some completing their training. I took a bump on Big Bully Busick's retirement show while wearing a suit. It was a simple slam that ended up hurting my back pretty bad. It just makes me respect what these guys do on a nightly basis even more.
  14. Ricky was in Wheeling for the show as was Ryback. Ricky is super amazing and polite as you said. He was letting people wear his hall of fame ring and taking pics of them with it on also. Total class act and I hope he comes back to the area. Also Kurt Angle and Booker T are in monroeville for a signing today. Sting was there yesterday.
  15. Can't we just have Joey Styles beat his ass again and take his seat?