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  1. the majority of Moriarty's early indy stuff (first matches) are on Highspots network. He worked for Pittsburgh's PWX/Fight Society/NWA East (they changed the name a ton). He trained there and is easily the most talented to come out of that training system in decades.
  2. I know I need to get GOT but I also want Resident Evil 3, I haven't finished Last of Us Part II yet and I have been wanting to play A/O Tennis 2 and it is now available on PS Now. So much to play so little time. I am getting wisdom teeth removed today though so that should add some time for me.
  3. How long until we get "Shane O' Mac's top contender series"?
  4. there were a few things that came out where he was deemed scummy. At one point a story came out that a party was held at his appt or thrown by him and a girl was raped. Again I am not confirming the story it was something that came out that many people in Ohio/PA spoke of at the time. He also was notorious for going to hotel bars with Chris (Chandler Biggins) and bugging wrestlers for pics, etc. Would go to Ohio Indy shows and heckle a lot of the guys as well. You can see him and Chris on a lot of the PWO/Prime shows on HSWN actually. The Sami Callihan thing I can vouch for. They talked shit on him and called him Scami Carnihan, but once he hit NXT they put out the best of DVD right away. Was pretty classless. They also would talk shit about JT Lightning which is crazy since they named an annual tournament after him. They may have had beef over Turner Hall but again I can't 100% confirm, just going off of the many stories I have heard. But..... We are here for wrestling and AIW has some great shows with some great talent. TPI tournaments later renamed the JT Lightning tournament is always a must see.
  5. to add to it, Erick also has had tweets in the past where he's spoken extremely negative of Davey. But then again, who hasn''t?
  6. I was reading the new 52 Batman arc and am up to Bloom right now. Where was Damian during these stories? He was there for Death of the Family but not in Zero Year or Endgame. The Bloom story is pretty odd so far but I did enjoy Zero Year and End Game.
  7. Rey was tossed off of Titan Tower, and lost his eye already this year, sure why not throw him into the ocean as well.
  8. Andrade, Vega, and Theory had been all over Raw but weren't featured on the ppv, No Black, no Murphy, no R-Truth, no Otis, no AJ, I'm not a fan of the shorter PPV's. Make your tv shorter but extend the PPV. Riddle-AJ could have easily been on the show.
  9. I could see WWE making Nikki Cross into Sister Abigail. She was using Alexa to get in her head. A summer/Fall of Braun and Alexa vs Bray and Cross wouldn't be horrible. Also a few Bliss/Cross matches along the way.
  10. what a weird show. The matches were pretty solid but the finishes mostly sucked. Loved the opening tag match but it was all downhill from there. No Crews, if he has Covid it should have been announced, it would help get sympathy for his character if nothing else. But wasted segment to say the least, we then get the crap finish with ref Bayley? The eye for an eye I thought would have CGI and effects to maybe get Rey off of TV. Instead we got a horrible cam angle and Rollins puking. The Swamp match was meh. The Drew- Dolph match in context was good but did any think Dolph had a chance in hell of winning? When you are drawing record low tv numbers the last thing you want is a show chock full of shit finishes and cancelled matches. At least we have 10 amazing ECW Supercards to look forward to later today when they get around to uploading them.
  11. Bobby Fulton took a turn for the worse and was admitted to the hospital in poor condition. Prayers he can make it through.
  12. ECW and WCW without the original music is hard to get through. I get it would be expensive to buy rights but they are a billion dollar company. Would make the viewing 100X better. I am really interested to see if they do all the 96-97 supershows as this is prime ECW to me
  13. odd they haven't announced the Classic content for July yet. Hoping we could some good WCW, SMW, or ECW. Unless it's PTW or House shows which I would be perfectly ok with.
  14. the girl in your avatar pic? I wouldn't be shocked if all else fails they keep in the family.
  15. it's a tricky slope. Our biggest indy is running an outdoor drive in show saturday. I'd love to support my friends but it's hard when cases are on the rise and these guys and girls are out posting pics at parties, amusement parks, weddings, beaches, and will then be at the show. The only guy on the roster i haven't seen a pic of partying actually had to do a Covid test as he has been sick.
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