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  1. the 1990 one with Koko B Ware on Dusty's team is etched in my brain "we're the survivor's oh yeah" When they pretty much were owned.
  2. Fiend would have to defend his belt since I can't see him teaming with anyone. Who would even be a contender on Smackdown? Not Kofi, Daniel just lost to Adam Cole, Cole-Fiend should be a squash. Who really is there for Fiend to defend against?
  3. wouldn't be shocked to see Mike Kanellis in ROH leading Vinny against TK and Taven likely starting at Final Battle. Joe Hendry has a $$$ gimmick and would be over huge in NXT or AEW. The singing commentary from Sunday's show was gold.
  4. yes, I was considering going to the Pittsburgh show tomorrow. Now I'm not so sure. Ethan Page, Josh Alexander, Rhyno, and Brian Cage are also in town. May see that instead.
  5. "If I can be serious for a minute" Going back and watching 91 WCW I found that Larry didn't really slam the door, it was Arn all along! Larry just held Barry's arm in place. So in all actuality Arn should have been the Cruncher.
  6. I was at the show live and it was one of the best shows I've been to. The crowd was great and the matches were fun. Brit Baker had way too much time though. I've seen her since her first match and those who know me know I am not a fan of hers. She politics backstage, trash talks one promotion to another, and never really paid her dues. She's been doing this for nearly 5 yrs and still can't cut a decent promo. Wardlow is another worker I've seen since day one. He is one of the most level headed wrestlers you will meet and does an amazing swanton. He will turn heads in AEW I'm just surprised he didn't debut in Pittsburgh as it is his home base and he was backstage. I think the women's division needs a serious overhaul. Other than that I really look forward to each Wednesday and seeing where things will go next.
  7. It would blow the "surprise" But AJ Lee as a mystery in the women's battle royal and winning it would be huge. But if you have her in the battle royal you would obviously know Punk himself will be involved with the show too. I can see Punk confronting Page or Jericho once they win the belt. Getting in the ring acting like he is going to put the belt on them but hitting them with it instead.
  8. You can wear white after Labor Day and this show was on Labor Day I believe. But damn he looks like MacGyver 2.0. Go back and watch the old WCW Family Feud episodes from the early 90's and Luger always gave really thoughtful smart answers. The guy is pretty smart.
  9. I mentioned in the DC thread, but I have been collecting Omnibus's this summer. So far I have racked up about 20 or so. It's amazing to me how Marvel blows DC out of the water with their quality. I recently purchased the Daredevil by Waid books, the Daredevil by Frank Miller books, and the Brubaker books (the Bendi's are still pretty pricey). I am curious which Daredevil you guys prefer. It seems like Miller took the reigns and changed the character for the better. Waid seemed to make him more cheerful. Almost like Marvel's version of Nightwing. I know I am getting into Daredevil very late, but to me he is such an underrated character in comic history.
  10. I was actually involved in Bully's final match a few years ago in his hometown of Weirton (he bled buckets) Nick was one of the nicest guys you could meet. He did end up working as a police officer and I believe was doing detective work up until he passed. He also worked as a bouncer at a Dave and Buster's style bar (at the time named Latitude). Bully's GWF work was pretty fun albeit brief. He always seemed to be working. If not as a bouncer or detective it would be promoting mma fights or working out with his son Branko. He was a class act who could have been a super heel.
  11. I love the Crockett gems but I would love to see some full WCW Omni shows. I wish these were broadcasted like how WWF did MSG shows. So many great shows out there. I like how each Thursday is like Christmas where you never know what gem will show up.
  12. Easy guys, easy. Nothing is worse than Honor Club. Worst Streaming, never updated, and they are run by a TV mogul!
  13. I didn't mind the show. I think WWE booking has been in panic mode though. The last few months it's been Lacey Evans, Baron Corbin, Braun, Lashley, Drew, Roman. Neither of them were on the show. The Orton-Kofi match ending is the only real thing I could have gone without. I truly hope they aren't going the route of Seth-Shane. Shane as Universal champ while AEW is getting started out would be a disaster for WWE and I am sure Cody would use it to his advantage any chance he could. Also kinda surprised no 24/7 title change or Uso's. Weird vibe for an event as big as SummerSlam but it could have been much worse. Interested to see what we get tonight and tomorrow.
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