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  1. Has anyone else joined the new Xbox one service where it's 100 games for $10 a month. The first 14 days are free and it is mostly 360 games now but there are some good ones on here. Not a bad deal.
  2. I was fortunate to work a series of shows with Shane Douglas. The guy is still a great talker and can make one of the tightest blades of anyone I have ever seen. He is also a hell of a locker room leader. I wasn't a huge fan of his later WCW stuff but I do think his 92-93 WCW run is criminally under-rated.
  3. I think people would be surprised at how bumps are given/taken prior to some completing their training. I took a bump on Big Bully Busick's retirement show while wearing a suit. It was a simple slam that ended up hurting my back pretty bad. It just makes me respect what these guys do on a nightly basis even more.
  4. Ricky was in Wheeling for the show as was Ryback. Ricky is super amazing and polite as you said. He was letting people wear his hall of fame ring and taking pics of them with it on also. Total class act and I hope he comes back to the area. Also Kurt Angle and Booker T are in monroeville for a signing today. Sting was there yesterday.
  5. Can't we just have Joey Styles beat his ass again and take his seat?
  6. it's at midnight not noon eastern. It's after the WWN Mercury Rising Supershow.
  7. Chandler Biggins (AIW promoter) he posts on here also. He is in the ICU in Cleveland. Hoping he will be ok. Currently in critical condition.
  8. So Maria just was hacked. So far just one photo but they are saying more is on the way. credit goes to
  9. I don't even think of it as a popularity point but what about the fact that Maryse hasn't worked a match in how long? It's odd that WWE would have Lana's first match at a wrestlemania and now have Maryse in a big match at Wrestlemania. We may not think it's big but any match at Mania with Cena in it is considered huge.
  10. I'm not sure if anyone else mentioned this but the reason Cena is teaming with Nikki (there are 2 reasons) 1. Cena is supposedly proposing to her after the match 2. Cena is taking time off after Mania and they couldn't put him in a title/main event storyline.
  11. Heard about Trevor Lee trying to get heat by saying "Fuck Dusty Rhodes" I know that he apologized to Cody and all is supposedly well now but if you have to bring up a guys dead dad to get heat maybe you need to rethink your career. I know Trevor has a lot of fans on here but to say something like that without even bringing it up to Cody is a dick move to do.
  12. Photo

    Was this the first time Vince had been in the White House or have other President's invited him?
  13. This is funny because Bob Holly basically says Melina is one of the worst ever in his book. I tend to side with Bob on this one. I did however meet Melina at a comic con type event. Morrison was 2 tables over and she acted like the biggest whore possible. I wonder if Bret meant to say Morrison instead of Melina?
  14. I don't know whether to be happy or pissed. Now the ROH twitter is saying that its only part of the top prospect tournament this Saturday. I thought we were going to get the whole tournament. Hopefully ROH does something to surprise everyone. Maybe the Hardy's show up to push the match with the Bucks?
  15. If this post breaks any rules please feel free to remove it. I was curious if anyone plays online poker or does online sports betting etc? I currently use Bovada for slot machines and sports and it's pretty fun. The thing that I find odd is that certain WWE PPV's will be on there to bet for money. The last one that was on there was Hell in a cell and I ended up making quite a bit. Bovada no longer has Poker which kind of sucks but the slots are fun and they offer decent enough weekly bonuses. Does anyone else on here use Bovada or know of any similar legal sites. I know Bovada isn't legal in NY state.