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  1. Apparently they don't like his double ponytail either
  2. yeah Wrestling Code is the Angle game. Too many Arcade style games coming out. Put out a realistic game. Shit N64 had it right. Why can't the modern companies? Retromania was almost like FPR 2.0. Calling it a sequel to Wrestlefest was a lame publicity stunt. It is nowhere near the quality of Wrestlefest and Wrestlefest is 30 yrs older.
  3. LMAO!! Are you referring to Carla's Ex husband Nick?!! I just watched the episode on Hulu this morning where he showed up to the daughter (Leah Remini) wedding. He was fucking hilarious when he would talk it was like a scream every time. I think he played hockey on the show too.
  4. Not sure if it's common knowledge but Kurt Angle also has a wrestling video game in the works. He was shooting motion capture footage with Facade this past week.
  5. It's a dick move they did plain and simple. Her IG had her so happy about being with family and getting to look up to the seats her and her dad sat in. The new gear, etc. Imagine getting to have this moment and then it's yanked away. Fuck I'd want to leave and I bet she does the first chance she gets. Tommy will tell her how good things are in AEW as well Andrade and off she will be. Say what you want against AEW but they don't fuck over their employees.
  6. At the end of the day the call should have been made. Put her on to kick off the show after showing your 9/11 clip. Fuck, have her win a 5 mins squash if you have to but get her on the damn show. VInce is petty and cares as much about his employees as he does his fans. If you aren't making him millions he could give two shits about you. I became could friends with a gentleman who ran their IT network for years. The stories I've heard about Vince and Kevin Dunn are beyond cringeworthy. Particularly the stuff that went down in Saudi Arabia when they left the crew there.
  7. Capitalizing on 9/11 having the show in NYC is sketchy sure. Having the show in NYC and not having Zelina on the show is absolutely fucking disgusting and why? Do we need the bloodline taking up 45 mins of a 2 hr show? Zelina's IG posts all throughout the week were positive. She had gear made, she was with family whom she rarely sees and all were looking forward to her having a match where she would look out and see where her and her dad sat decades earlier. But WWE had to WWE and fuck it up. Now I am sure someone will pipe in with "well it's a business" Yeah it is a fucking business but Vince will be the first to show Thea reading the names on Sept 11 since it benefits him. Fuck this company I hope AEW wipes them off the planet
  8. Frank's Daredevil run is epic. It brought life into the character and paved the way for Bendis and Brubaker. Have you read Bendis and Brubaker DD yet? How about Mark Waid's? Curious your opinion on them if so.
  9. just saw Rob Black is bringing back XPW. Bill Collier, G-Raver, Atticus Cogar, Shlek, and Eric Ryan all signed so far.
  10. Pittsburgh even has 1-2 black strip clubs. I graduated online college from a Savannah based school and when I drove in for graduation must have passed 3-4 strip clubs in Atlanta alone. Anyhow, I saw ICW isn't booking Nolan Edwards anymore. Anyone know what he did or was accused of doing?
  11. when you see why Ric Flair is trending on twitter LMAO.
  12. Another huge note from the show. Tickets said "doors open 6pm and show starts at 7" They actually had matches well before 7. Julia Hart wrestled Diamante, and there was a tag match that happened before 7 pm. So if you go to a show go early. Most shows start late but not AEW.
  13. I was at the show live. Some notes that my friends and I came up with every single segment had 1 person who was insanely over with the crowd. Whenever a match would end and the competitors would go back towards the tunnel, they never had time to pose. A backstage interview would pop up on the screen. Sting was going to do his pose and Bryce rushed him into the tunnel. Sting did not look happy. The show was excellent considering no Cody, no Black, no Miro, no Andrade, no Page. The Dark Elevation matches before the show were fun. Ray Lyn and Thunder Rosa was fun. Shida looked great in her match. The crowd was tired for the matches after the show. Brian Cage was in a squash match. The main event was Evans/Angelico vs Lucha Bros. Eddie Kingston came out to do a long promo and Brit came out to send the crowd home happy. Sammy Guerva/Serpentico had a spot where the went right into the barricade and it was pushed into Mark Madden's knee. Looked like he may have been legit hurt as he left right after the match. Unlike WWE, they only had the 1 merch stand and only sold a few shirts. $35 for a shirt that you could get at hot topic for less is not a sound move Tony!!! There is an Evil Uno meet and greet going on today and a bunch of the wrestlers will be at comic con here Saturday.
  14. I would love to see a split block G1 with Block A Gaijin and Block B Japan talent Have Block A take place during AEW with Block A and Block B winners meeting for the case. Block A: Moxley Omega Kingston Hangman Punk Danielson Darby Miro Archer Christian Block B Okada Tanahashi Shingo Great-O Khan Sanada Evil Naito Ishii Suzuki Tenzan
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