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  1. ahh Clumsy. It's such a good album. The album after that "Happiness is not a fish that you can catch" is actually really, really good too. "Spiritual Machines" was great also. After that Bob Rock got ahold of them and turned them pop which is why everyone always refers to OLP as "the band that played that big song somewhere out there" Superman's Dead is so so much better.
  2. I was a huge Our Lady Peace fan before they did Benoit's theme. After the tragedy of Benoit, OLP stopped playing the song live. It was/is called "Whatever"
  3. the classic drop for this month will be ECW Supershows. Looking forward to see which ones we get.
  4. So apparently there was a big fight backstage in WWE this week. Surprisingly it hasn't been reported as of yet but I imagine within a few days it will be out everywhere. Source is a reliable worker in WWE. If I find out names I'l post them and what I hear.
  5. Bringing up Al Wilson also just shows what Heyman could actually do with a guy who wasn't an entertainer, wasn't trained, and he made it work. Some of the segments were funny plus it's actually the kind of humor we know Vince loves. Why aren't we talking about how great Heyman booked OVW?
  6. As a kid the Knightfall/KnightQuest/Knightsend and Death and Return of Superman stories were huge to me. My parents divorced around that time and my mom would take me 45 mins to a Media play store in Erie PA to buy comics. I'l never forget when I bought the original 3 Knightfall/Knightsend trades. Just this past week on Ebay I went and bought the Hardcover Omnibusses for Knightfall/Knightquest/Knightsend and Death and Return of Superman. I look forward to seeing these on the glossy paper. The one thing I have noticed in previous DC Hardcover Omnibusses is that they don't usually show the covers of the comics. Sometimes they do in the back of the book with the sketches and varient covers but it would be nice to have the covers in order as well as a table of contents. I'm a DC guy for the most part but Marvel has DC beat when it comes to Omnibusses.
  7. I will never forget the date. May 13, 2004 I was at an indy show in Pittsburgh. After the show I was chatting with CM Punk, SJK (Corey Graves), Matt Cross, and a couple of fans. During the conversation Punk was adamant "I will never work for Ian Rotten again, he treated me like shit and I am done with him" Well a month or so later and he and Colt are back working IWA-MS. So never say never when it comes to Punk. If HHH or Vince can give him the one thing he wants (the mania main event) he will be back. It's almost like when JJ Dillon was stupidly trying to court Sting in 97. Everyone knew the one thing he wanted was the match with Hogan. The one thing Punk would want is the Mania main event. Offer it to him and he will be back.
  8. pretty stoked going to see Chikara live this afternoon followed by IWC in the same venue tonight. The only downside (besides missing AEW live) is that literally 10 mins down the street from Chikara/IWC will be an all ladies show featuring Hollidead, Raylynn, Lady Frost, Sam Laterna, and some other great talent running the same time as IWC. Regardless it should be a fun night!
  9. I'd put Okada at 21 and have him win to face Jericho. Jericho wins the NJPW title in June and can have a shot to win both belts
  10. can you guys help me out with this. I just spent $150 on: Grayson Omnibus Crisis on Infinite earth Hardcover Infinite Crisis Omnibus Identity Crisis 10th anniversary Did I get ripped off or is this an ok purchase? I've never read any of the books. I am a huge Nightwing fan but outside of that I am not sure I made a wise decision.
  11. it will in my house, straight to the toilet for a bathroom break.
  12. I apologize in advance for this but I need to vent and hopefully you guys can tell me if I am right to vent. I had an xbox one for over 2 yrs I bought it when I received a promotion and wanted to spoil myself. I went all out, bought a 2 TB hard drive filled it with games over time etc. When Yakuza, and fire pro were coming out I decided I would buy a PS4. I unhooked my Xbox and had planned to hook it up in my daughter's toy room. Needless to say I haven't played it in over 5 months. Last Friday I receive an email that I was charged $64 for the Xbox Live gold for the upcoming year. I tried calling them multiple times but the automated system kept hanging up. I went to their site and had to do a help desk chat where they walked me through cancelling and told me I would see a refund within 72 hrs. Wednesday comes and no refund, I finally find a working number and speak with someone who says "give it til Friday if it's not there call back" I call yesterday and am told "our systems are down please call in 2 hrs" I call again only to be told my refund was denied because I've used one already on the life of my account. So I argued that they are charging me for April 27, 2019-April 27, 2020 (days that haven't even happened yet) after I cancelled the service. The gentleman said that he would put notes in and my bank would dispute it. I asked for a manager, the manager told me the same thing and that nobody can talk to the refund team not even her. She flat out said they should have refunded me but there is nothing anyone can do except my bank. So now I have to dispute with my bank, wait another 30 days because of their inept service. Playstation on the other hand emails me a month before PsNow or PSPlus payments are due to come out. This way if you want to cancel in advance you can. I never had an issue with Xbox or Microsoft prior to this but I can assure you I will never deal with or use another Xbox product after seeing how horrible their customer service system is. The sad part is the agent and manager were nice and tried but they couldn't do anything and the people that can don't have a phone number to call or way to communicate. For a billion dollar company in 2019 this is just unreal.
  13. crazy to see but Vince followed CM Punk and AJ Lee on twitter this week also. He's only following 50 or so people . Maybe he is trolling but maybe he is reaching out to get them before AEW does? Would be huge for both to show up on the first Smackdown shown on Fox.
  14. I can't fathom WWE having a live event the evening of Easter Sunday. Maybe 15 yrs ago but not now. If they did I would assume it be at MSG. I think it will just be a sit down interview
  15. Resident Evil 2 is on sale at the PS Store and on Amazon. I just picked it up the disc on Amazon with 1 day shipping. Looking forward to giving it a whirl
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