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  1. a lot of bad posts? Grow some balls internet warrior and name some. Coming from someone who enjoys Mongo that's truly saying something.
  2. this is to make up for her not appearing on the 9/11 MSG show I'd imagine. WWE seemed to get a lot of social media heat for it and rightfully so.
  3. one thing I can say for certain is Rap would still be crap.
  4. I could be wrong but it seems like the Network added a bunch more Old School shows. Maybe it's because I haven't looked in awhile but seems like a lot more from the mid/late 80's is on there.
  5. I remember her son being on Hell's Kitchen. Seemed like a damn good chef.
  6. I'd mentioned before. I met a gentleman who was high up with IT for WWE at the time. The IT guys had to be out there a week before and some were supposed to stay a bit after also. He mentioned that the stuff about them not paying Vince on time and Vince shutting off the feed was 100% true. They did hold the plane on the runway until things were "resolved" He mentioned that the IT guys who normally stayed in town later also got to fly back to the US early this trip. He was one of the many cut 2 yrs or so when WWE did their massive office cuts.
  7. I remember this time period vividly which is insane as I was just about to turn 9 yrs old. The January Clash was a huge show and built this ppv perfectly. They promoted this show huge on the Saturday TV and in the WCW Magazine. I thought this would be the show where Steamboat finally beats Rude, Sting beats Lex, and the Steiners win the tag belts back. Sadly only one of the three happened. I could be off but I am 99% sure JR made mention to Lex gassing early and being in terrible shape. Also once Lex loses he immediately gets right up and walks off. Way to treat your best friend.
  8. I really couldn't agree with you more. Part of me is even thinking back and wondering "was Brit's in ring bad in IWC because of the caliber of opponents she had" but then I thought back and she was in there with Ray Lynn who is really good and deserves to be signed, Katie Arquette who yes she was also very green at the time too, and Marti Belle who is also should be in AEW. Something that isn't well known (and one of the reason's I soured on Brit) is that she was originally going to face Lufisto in a cage match. This could have been a chance to face a star and try a whole different style of wrestling. She refused to do it and Katie Arquette took the match (and one of an ass kicking) Katie earned my respect huge that night while I lost a lot for Britt. If any of you are familiar with Ziggy Haim she also was supposed to be facing Britt, Britt refused to work with her and made up a bullshit story and the match never happened. Ziggy left the promotion soon after. I will say this though. Britt's attitude has changed for the better. She did the match with Thunder that was easily the best women's match this year. That hardcore style match is something she never would have done 3-4 yrs ago and it makes me wonder just how great that match with Lufisto would have been. I think Britt will have a great 2022 and hope that Deeb or Rosa get the TBS belt as well. Rosa and Deeb can have a great match and can also carry anyone.
  9. The problem is you can't book Brit or Jade into a time limit draw. They both are green and need someone to carry them. Brit's promo ability and mic work has improved by leaps and bounds. I was her biggest critic and I'l admit she is a top heel. The problem is her ring work still doesn't reasonate to me as a champion. In my mind a champion should be able to carry anyone to a good/great match. A champion should not need to be carried. Having said that, I do think a DQ/Double countout could be the way to go. AEW rarely does non finishes so I'd be ok with this as I would think most fans. So who does beat Brit? Shita? Thunder? Ruby? Not a ton of viable options right now. As long as it's not Brandi I'l be ok with their decision.
  10. i haven't read much X-Men, how are the Claremont- Jim Lee stories? Vol 1 and 2 omnibusses are on sale and I'm thinking of picking them up. Is this a good starting point? Thanks in advance!!
  11. quick heads up, Amazon is having a huge 3 for the price of 2 sale. Tons of great DC and Marvel trades and omnibuses are in the sale. It seems like they add/remove some daily though. I first noticed this yesterday and some of the titles were removed today while some have been added. The Superman by Morrison is included in this deal so if you want to get this as well as some great other books now is definitely the time!
  12. He fucking made this all about himself. Prick Flair. "To be the man you gotta beat off the man"
  13. Who will Hogan's partner be BROTHER?! Brother Bruti? Did they patch things up?
  14. He had worked some smaller indy shows in Erie PA as well as Buffalo NY. I have to check but I am almost positive some of his stuff is on Highspots and or IWTV.
  15. Give Deeb the TBS belt. Decent name value, good work rate, can go with anyone and elevate anyone as well.
  16. I picked up the Morrison Superman omnibus. I know you are a huge fan of his Batman work. I didn't have much in the way of Superman so I picked up the Morrison, Exile and other stories, and the Tomasi omni's. Not bad so far.
  17. Absolutely loved the match. I was always a big fan of Tatanka as a face. Turning him heel was dumb and he fizzled due to the turn.. Kwang was awesome too. Wasn't a bad gimmick but Razor Ramon needed Mr. Boombastic Shaggy (Savio) and WWE needed someone to fill in for every mystery partner match ever (Savio) so I get it. Lots of fun hidden gem matches on Superstars and on the Colliseum Home Video shows. Always love going back and watching random matches. Makes me wish for them to upload more MSG/Boston Garden House shows.
  18. been to some. They are fun. They usually have an afterparty at a local bar as well. If you go you will like it. Very similar to the IWC shows in Pittsburgh. AIW used to be a super Indy but now they have been relying more on homegrown talent and 1-2 big names each show. Seems to be a good formula for them.
  19. don't forget Andrade as rich asshole heel as well.
  20. now he and Real Estate Steve can really have some deep conversations.
  21. I never heard stories of Greg the Hammer swinging his hammer. Never heard of Tim the Tool Man Tayler helicoptering his tool. The Brawny towel man never helicoptered his axe. The sad thing is Flair seems to have done this more than once. Hell I bet he did this more often than not. Wonder what Charlotte thinks of all this? Hell was Charlotte on a plane when Ric did this? Imagine how embarrassing that would be. Sitting on the plane with your friends and your dad comes strutting out with a robe (cape according to DSOTW) and nothing on under it. Giving a strip show to the plane. Fuck I'd quit my job and become a hermit.
  22. He is a liar. IWC brought Ric in for a show to do pics and autographs back around the time when he did his 3 disc shoot interview. I was in line to meet him with some friends and I was excited because I'd just spoken with Dustin Rhodes and Dustin had asked me to say hi for him. Well there was a girl in line behind us who was maybe 15 at best. Wasn't at the show with friends but was with her parents. Flair kept openly hitting on her to the point where it was extremely weird. He even went along the lines of saying "I want a copy of our photo" He literally didn't say hi or thank you or shit to me or my friends because he was so focused on this 15 yr old girl behind us. People would ask us how Ric was and we would tell the story and they would say "Wow you got to see Naitch be Naitch" No, we got to see an old man act like a fucking pedo. I lost a ton of respect for Ric that night and haven't really cared about him since. I don't doubt anything I hear about him.
  23. Crazy to think the majority of the greats were pricks. Hogan-racist Shawn- what didn't Shawn do Bret- Had girls in every town while married (I'm sure most did) Flair- Hellicoptering girls around the world Taker- Bullying people into shitting and pissing on another guys clothes and flag Benoit- Murderer Snuka- Murderer We need to look to the rafters for Real Estate Steve to save our great sport.
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