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  1. Someone already mentioned it but I could see Paul's surprise being RVD and RVD being in the ladder match as well. Who else could it be? Not Taker, not Cena, not Punk, not Kane, nobody else really fits the AEW mold.
  2. Thinking this will be an incredible show. I do think all 3 champs retain though. Really looking forward to this one.
  3. Anyone else play pinball games? I've been addicted to them lately. The Marvel Packs, the Fox cartoon ones, The Universal studios. They are addicting as hell.
  4. Kind of wish they would have finished out 89 and into 90 but any WCW is fine by me.
  5. They actually lowered the number. They were doing weekly ppv's from 2002-2004
  6. AEW isn't going to run a PPV against UFC on the same night though. Especially one with 3 title fights. I prefer Saturday to Sunday also
  7. anxiously awaiting the March classic content. Should be announced any day now.
  8. This gives me hope. Not as a die hard Rangers fan but for my dad who will be getting open heart surgery in March. Also, did Montreal jump the gun? Ottawa isn't looking too bad. Especially how they handled Calgary last night.
  9. Dickinson is working with Chasyn on the Wrestler For Hire custom video site.
  10. I played this when Chikara came to Pittsburgh in 2019. Was a fun game. Kind of like WWE All Stars but with more modes and features. I defeated Travis Huckabee and Ophidian. Good times pre Covid.
  11. I am watching old 1991 WCW Tv from youtube and damn when I was 8 I remember searching every tv channel (we had satelite) trying to find those Omni shows. 8 yr old me thought all shows were live and that I could watch them on TV. To this day I am still hoping we get to see classic Omni shows.
  12. He had heat on him at one time as being hard to deal with. Years ago he was booked regularly in AIW. Something happened (trying to remember what it was) and he came across as an asshole. From what I've seen and heard he has changed for the most part. He doublebooked himself with ICW and another promotion a yr or so ago (maybe GCW?) and it got him more heat. His in ring is great and as mentioned his 2020 Collective would have had him as break out star of 2020.
  13. IWTV is putting together their Wrestlemania week lineup. Hopefully we get some good shows this year and Covid be damned!!!
  14. sad to hear about Butch. My dad had a heart attack on Wednesday and this has me petrified. Prayers to Butch's family. Was always a fan of Doom.
  15. anyone else catch the Future State commercial during AEW last night?
  16. The Austin Aries spot where he will do the dropkick is stupid. Just like the Kidman spot it was overdone. When a worker would work a masked guy and have every chance to go after the mask yet not do it. Heel champ with a manager should theoretically never lose. The manager could automatically get DQ'd if his guy was in peril. Fans with gimmicks. ROH streamer guy is the most recent I can think of. Dude it's not about you it's about the guys in the ring which brings me to Evil commentators. Not heel but evil. There is a huge difference between Bobby Heenan and Michael Cole
  17. Yeah Niko has it correct. It was only 3 ppl on twitter which is surprisingly low. The one girl pasted my tweet and said "why does this fucking asshole follow me" I responded to her with "people like you are why the IWC is considered toxic, when did people lose their right to an opinion" She blocked me for it. The other two called me "bitch" and other things and then blocked me. They didn't want to hear any other opinion than their own which is pretty sad. I didn't even have the chance to roast any of them. Also Marty, Justin Cider may be the best worker name I
  18. February classic content is more episodes of WWF Superstars. Not too bad. Was hoping for WCW or ECW but I'l take what I can at this point.
  19. did you see my initial tweet? Was totally harmless. I had 4 people call me a "bitch" or a "fucking ass" not one of them could debate without using profanity, before I could respond they blocked me. All over an opinion. Many feel the same way. Workers have told me the kid does great video packages but is all about getting himself over. So yeah maybe I did turn into a jerk about it but he had his ppl come at me, he was unprofessional and made a comment on a live show about it and did not once tweet or reach out to me. If he can't take the heat he is in the wrong business. I doubled down as soo
  20. Kayfabe wise Neither Tamina or Natalya deserve number 30. This has to be a set up for Tamina to get the spot only for Ronda Roussy to attack her and enter at 30 right? I mean it's almost too fucking obvious at this point.
  21. I watched it. It dragged for quite awhile. A couple fun spots with Boomer and his "dad" as well as Molly and her "uncle" It just sounds dumb saying "a very good professional wrestler" Sam Leterna was decent on commentary during it though.
  22. He had been working close with Drew who had it. Hoping Keith is ok and that Mia does not have symptoms. Not that there is a good time to get Covid but this is a horrible time.
  23. just saw it too. I was told from a source in WWE before seeing anything formally published. Was hoping it wasn't true
  24. is tomorrow 90 second intervals or 2 minutes? I know they've been keeping ppv's short but for a big one like Rumble I don't mind it going over 4 hrs.
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