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4 hours ago, CreativeControl said:

Nope, sorry, this is the only Vince dancing VISUAL IMAGE THAT IS MOVING I care about


See. Koko totally belongs in the Hall of Fame. If nothing else, just for this. 

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39 minutes ago, PetrolCB said:

@Happ Hazzard, you could’ve gotten a weeks worth of likes out of that one post. Quite the unselfish chap, you are.  

Who’s in the clip with Tiger Mask?

I was wondering that myself, at first I thought Gagne but then dismissed it as his movements and transitions looked too British

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45 minutes ago, CreativeControl said:

I can't tell if Perfect is preventing a botch or if its a planned spot

Jericho's ability to hit the Lionsault at that time was very questionable. I still cringe a little every time he goes for it even though he hasn't messed it up in like 15 years. This is also around the time he toasted his shoulder doing a rana on Gedo so he was having issues with rotation for sure.

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