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4 hours ago, Goodear said:

Happy May!



Knowing the back story to this (where Bubba refused to do the spot because he was afraid he'd hurt Mae, and her cursing at him to man the fuck up) makes me love this more.  Although it does cut out about half a second too early when she visibly squeezes his hand after the spot to let him know "I'm okay./Good job."

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8 hours ago, Dewar said:

I did not realize that Marty was one of those with a spot monkey addekkkktion that Matt Hardy was trying to cure.

I've got a failed dive to the concrete from last May somewhere...let me GIF that shit, ASAP.

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@Marty Sugar, steal this. I think it is either the apex or nadir of the entire industry's history. So damn stupid to begin with and so clumsily setup to boot. Add more adjectives and make this  a new hatred GIF.


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Not a GIF: it's a little too long. I did the Rumble thing where you toss the guy you hate and then jump over the top rope...eliminating yourself but going after said guy you hate. Only when I got up there, I realized it was the dumbest fucking idea I've had in a while, and I thought who books this shit? Then I remembered that I had booked this shit...


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I keep looking at Ryan's gif wondering if the spot was supposed to be the head scissors into the middle turnbuckle spot and the one dude just decided to take it on his head.

Mainly I am thinking this for how delayed the other dude is in hooking the leg.


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