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21 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

1. There was a funny story about the Bruisers getting into a backstage fight over money in the Wrestling at the Chase book. Dick (who was notoriously cheap) later came up and handed Brody a check and everything was copacetic. I wonder if this card is what that was over?

I think that fight actually took place in Peoria of all places. (EDIT: Confirmed in Matysik's book.)

Also, this.


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1 hour ago, Curt McGirt said:

Well, the fight was in Peoria, the main event in question is unknown. And hey everybody you can read Wrestling at the Chase free online! Go do that if you haven't read it, really good book. 

Sure, if you don't mind pages and entire sections missing from the reading experience. :P

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Five Star Wrestling!

The Martial Arts Expert from Singapore! (Someone clearly did not know how to spell Sensei)



Billy Joe Travis teaming with a midget!



An American Gladiator is now a wrestler!



More bad spelling!




And Angel of Death playing a bugle!



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10 hours ago, NickMD said:

Holy crap, I knew Dynamite was in rough shape but I didn't know it was that rough.  At 57 years old he's way too young to be in a nursing home, yet with all the damage he took not sure I'm surprised about that.

Wait... The Dynamite Kid is younger than Diamond Dallas Page? How is that even possible?

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15 hours ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

After Dynamite passes, not saying it will be soon or not, but do the British Bulldogs go into the WWE HoF? If they do, does Bret induct them?

One way to mitigate the awkwardness of inducting two of the poster boys for the ills of the wrestling biz is to induct them in separate years.  Do a Hart Foundation induction for Davey, and induct Dynamite on his own, since he was a very influential singles wrestler, also.  

Then again, Dynamite's influence isn't exclusively a good thing, and a Hart Foundation induction has its own issues, so that may be a terrible idea, too.


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