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The first card you ever attended


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WWF House Show 6/24/88

Richmond Coliseum, Virginia, USA

Singles Match

Brady Boone defeats Steve Lombardi

Singles Match

Barry Horowitz defeats Jerry Allen

Non Title Match

The Powers Of Pain (The Barbarian & The Warlord) defeat Demolition (Ax & Smash)

WWF Intercontinental Title Match

The Honky Tonk Man © defeats Brutus Beefcake

Singles Match

The Junkyard Dog defeats Ron Bass by DQ

Tag Team Match

The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith & The Dynamite Kid) defeat Haku & Sivi Afi

WWF World Heavyweight Title Match

Randy Savage © defeats Ted DiBiase

The Powers of Pain showing up blew my mind.

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WCCW @ Mesquite, TX – Rodeo Arena – July 5, 1987
Brian Adias defeated Kevin Von Erich via DQ
Eric Embry & Frankie Lancaster defeated Fantastics via DQ
Al Madril & Manual Villalobos defeated Rock & Roll RPMs
Steve Simpson defeated Cowboy Tony
Matt Borne defeated Ted Arcidi
The Spoiler defeated Texas Red
Dirty White Boys defeated Skip Young & Steve Simpson
Al Perez defeated Tony Atlas via DQ
Bruiser Brody DDQ against Abdullah the Butcher


WWF @ Dallas, TX – Convention Center – October 3, 1987 (First WWF card)
Sam Houston pinned Barry Horowitz
Boris Zhukov pinned David Sammartino
The Dingo Warrior pinned Shadow #1
Rick Rude defeated Koko B. Ware
George Steele defeated Danny Davis
WWF Women's Champion Sensational Sherri pinned Velvet McIntyre
The Killer Bees defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Hart Foundation via DQ
Paul Orndorff defeated King Kong Bundy in a Country Whipping match
WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned King Harley Race

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The first ever show I went to see live was the 2001 Maryland championship Wrestling Shane Shamrock Cup.  I was a fan decades before but whether it be ability or desire I didn't want to go to a live show.  I was a huge fan of the SAT (especially Red) and wanted to see them live after watching a CZW tape:


1.  Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup, Qualifying  Joey Matthews defeated Nick Berk
2.  Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup, Qualifying   Mike Quackenbush defeated Marcus Jordan
3 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup, Qualifying  Scoot Andrews defeated Chad Bowman
4 Candie and Alexis Laree vs. Colleen and Tara - winner unknown
5 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup, Qualifying - 3-Way Match  Red defeated Joel Maximo and José Maximo
6 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup, Qualifying   Mikey Whipwreck defeated Judas Young
7 Triangle Keys on a Pole Street Fight Match - MCW Tag Team Titles Match
Holy Rollers (Earl the Pearl and Rich Myers) defeated Ghetto Mafia (2 Dope and Sydeswype) ©; Ronnie Zukko and Romeo Valentino - TITLE CHANGE!!!
8 MCW Rage Television Title Match Julio Dinero defeated Billy Redwood © - TITLE CHANGE!!!
9 The Bruiser, Adam Flash and Grandmaster Sexay vs. Kelly Bell, Jimmy Cicero and Corporal Punishment - winner unknown
10 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup, Final   Joey Matthews defeated Mike Quackenbush and Mikey Whipwreck and Qenaan Creed and Red and Scoot Andrews



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I remember going to Starrcade 91 at the Norfolk Scope.  That was the first named show I remember going to.  I had been to a couple before then but don't remember if they were televised or not but they involved Flair.  Thanks to good old uncle DEAN. 

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Monday Night Raw 7/2/01 from the Tacoma Dome with the infamous Booker T vs Buff Bagwell main event was my first show



The Undertaker (w/ Sara) defeated Albert © by DQ in a WWF Intercontinental Championship Match (2:46)
Molly Holly (w/ Spike Dudley) defeated Crash (w/ Jacqueline) (2:04)
Tajiri (w/ William Regal) defeated Scotty 2 Hotty (2:50)
The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley) defeated Chris Jericho in a Two On One Handicap Match (4:55)
X-Pac (w/ Justin Credible) © defeated Christian (w/ Edge) to retain the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship (3:34)
Rhyno defeated Test (2:15)
Lita & Matt Hardy (w/ Jeff Hardy) defeated The Big Show & Trish Stratus (3:20)
Booker T © defeated Buff Bagwell by DQ to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Championship (4:55)
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WWF House Show @ DC Everest Sr. High School Gym  04.11.1989
 Schofield, Wisconsin, USA

??? vs. Sam Houston
Al Perez vs. Barry Horowitz
Akeem vs. Jim Neidhart
The Honky Tonk Man vs. The Red Rooster
WWF World Tag Team Title Match
Demolition (Ax & Smash) © vs. Arn Anderson & Haku
Dusty Rhodes vs. The Big Boss Man
Jim Duggan vs. Randy Savage (w/ Queen Sherri)


It was one of those old charity shows the WWF ran in the 80s.  I want to say the ??? was the Brooklyn Brawler.  Looking back, I'm not sure I could ask for a better lineup on a wrestling show.  Also, the crowd nearly tipped Slick's rental car over after the show, while he was driving away.  I'm sad that Cagematch doesn't have the other charity show I went to in the 80s, headlined by a :30 Honky/warrior match that included a guitar shot.


The only wrestling card my sister has ever been to (she had a crush on Tito Santana)!:

AWA  @ D.C. Everest High School Gym  04.01.1981
Location:  Schofield, Wisconsin, USA

Brad Rheingans vs. Steve Regal
Bobby Heenan vs. Buck Zumhofe
Billy Robinson & Tito Santana vs. The East-West Connection (Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura)
Jerry Blackwell vs. The Crusher


ETA: I guess I got my dates mixed up, because apparently the OTHER charity show was my first card.


WWF @ Wausau West High School Gym 10/21/1988


Akeem defeated Koko B. Ware
Big Boss Man defeated Sam Houston
Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart defeated Jacques Rougeau and Raymond Rougeau
WWF Intercontinental Title Match
Ultimate Warrior © defeated Honky Tonk Man

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WWF @ East Rutherford, NJ - Meadowlands - January 5, 1987 (15,826; announced at 17,980)

WWF Superstars taping:

Prime Time Wrestling - 1/14/87: Billy Jack Haynes defeated King Harley Race (w/ Bobby Heenan) via disqualification at 9:40 when Heenan interfered as Haynes had the full nelson applied; after the bout, Haynes applied the hold to Heenan until Race made the save

Prime Time Wrestling - 1/14/87: Sivi Afi pinned Frenchy Martin at 6:50 with a sunset flip over the top rope

International Wrestling Challenge: WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan & Ricky Steamboat (sub. for Andre the Giant) defeated WWF IC Champion Randy Savage (w/ Miss Elizabeth) & the Honkytonk Man (w/ Jimmy Hart) via disqualification at around the 11-minute mark after Savage threw the referee out of the ring after bringing the timekeeper's bell into the ring; Steamboat then grabbed the bell away, forcing Savage & Elizabeth backstage; moments later, Hogan brought Hart into the ring, with Hogan & Steamboat then sending Honky & Hart to the floor

1/17/87 - featured a Piper's Pit with WWF President Jack Tunney, WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan, and Andre the Giant in which Hogan was presented with a trophy for being world champion for 3 years:

Ricky Steamboat pinned Barry O with the flying bodypress at 2:37 (Steamboat’s return bout)

Kamala (w/ Kimchee) pinned Don Driggers with a splash off the top at the 33-second mark; Driggers was taken out on a stretcher after the match

Demolition (w/ Johnny V) defeated Salvatore Bellomo & Mario Mancini when Ax pinned Mancini after the Decapitation at 2:22 (Demolition's debut; Randy Culley aka Moondog Rex played the role of Smash until being replaced by Barry Darsow)

Hercules (w/ Bobby Heenan) defeated Jim Parks via submission with the full nelson at 1:27; after the bout, Heenan challenged Billy Jack Haynes to break out of the hold but, after coming to the ring, Haynes was attacked by Hercules and had the hold applied on him after pushing Heenan

B. Brian Blair & Jim Brunzell defeated Terry Gibbs & Iron Mike Sharpe when Blair pinned Gibbs after the dropkick from Brunzell at 5:32; referee Danny Davis showed favoritism to Sharpe & Gibbs and refused to count at one point when he thought the Bees illegally switched with their masks on, when they didn’t 

1/24/87 - included a Piper's Pit with WWF President Jack Tunney, WWF World Champion Hogan and Andre in which Andre was presented with a trophy for being the only undefeated man in WWF history; after Hogan came to the set during the segment, Andre walked off:

Paul Orndorff (w/ Bobby Heenan) pinned Paul Roma with the piledriver at 2:29

Koko B. Ware pinned Steve Lombardi with a missle dropkick at 3:32; prior to the bout, Lombardi threw an injured Roma out of the ring after his bout with Orndorff

Rick Martel & Tom Zenk fought Don Muraco & Bob Orton Jr. (w/ Mr. Fuji) to a double disqualification at 3:57 when all four men began brawling in the ring

WWF IC Champion Randy Savage (w/ Miss Elizabeth) pinned Randy Sharpe with the flying elbowsmash at the 45-second mark; Savage wrestled the bout with his sunglasses on while Sharpe was not able to remove his shirt before the match began

Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Scott McGhee & Tony Garea when Bret pinned McGhee after the Hart Attack at 2:43

Danny Spivey, Mike Rotundo, & Blackjack Mulligan defeated Ron Bass, Jimmy Jack Funk, & the Gladiator when Mulligan pinned the Gladiator with a flying back elbow at 3:33

1/31/87 - included a Piper's Pit segment in which Jesse Ventura said he would have Andre the Giant on the set the following week if Roddy Piper could produce Hulk Hogan:

Tito Santana & Pedro Morales defeated the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff (w/ Slick) via disqualification when Slick interfered and hit Santana with his cane at 3:12; after the match, Santana chased Slick into the ring and bodyslammed him; Butch Reed then came to ringside and carried Slick backstage

King Harley Race (w/ Bobby Heenan) pinned Greg Vance with the cradle suplex at 1:23

Jacques & Raymond Rougeau defeated Al Navarro & Tiger Chung Lee when Raymond pinned Navarro after a double team move from the top at 3:01; during the bout, Dino Bravo came to ringside and walked around the ring before leaving to join the French commentary team

Adrian Adonis (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Jack Kruger via submission with the sleeper at 1:17

Greg Valentine (w/ Johnny V) defeated Haku via disqualification at 3:03 when Tama tripped up Valentine from the outside, even though Brutus Beefcake had done the same thing earlier to Haku which went unnoticed by referee Danny Davis; Beefcake & Tama joined their partners at ringside midway through the bout

Jake Roberts pinned Jerry Allen with the DDT; the bout began during the commercial break


13 years old! Dragged my father, who absolutely hated wrestling, to this show. Needless to say, my father never went to another wrestling show. I don't even think he spoke to me for a week after we got home.

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I remember going to Starrcade 91 at the Norfolk Scope.  That was the first named show I remember going to.  I had been to a couple before then but don't remember if they were televised or not but they involved Flair.  Thanks to good old uncle DEAN. 

Awwwwwww, you were little and adorable.  We saw Cactus Jack!

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WWF @ Auburn Hills, MI - Palace - December 29, 1991 (5,500) (matinee)

The Mountie pinned Kerry Von Erich after Von Erich fell backward off the top rope

My first thought was to wonder whether this was the planned finish, or whether Kerry was on something.

I'm a bad person.

You may be a bad person, but I thought the same thing.

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WWF @ Philadelphia, PA - Spectrum - August 4, 1984 (12,908)
Televised on the PRISM Network - featured Gorilla Monsoon & Dick Graham on commentary:
Bob Backlund pinned Salvatore Bellomo at 10:56 (Backlund's last WWF match for 8 years)
Gama Singh pinned Dave Barbie with a missile dropkick at 5:46
Mr. Fuji pinned Tiger Chung Lee at 14:33 after hitting two Vader Bombs
Andre the Giant defeated Big John Studd via count-out at 9:47 when Studd walked out of the match
WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned Greg Valentine with a clothesline and the legdrop at 11:18
Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, & Buddy Roberts (w / David Wolff & Cyndi Lauper) defeated Ron Shaw, Rene Goulet, & Charlie Fulton at 5:12 when Gordy pinned Fulton with a powerbomb; the Fabulous Freebirds used Lynard Skynard's "Freebird" as their entrance music for the bout (the Freebirds' debut)
The Haiti Kid pinned Dana Carpenter at 3:51 after Carpenter ran into the corner and Haiti moved out of the way
Iron Mike Sharpe pinned Jose Luis Rivera at 5:11 with a forearm blow to the midsection
Jesse Ventura defeated Rocky Johnson via count-out at 4:46 when Johnson rolled to the floor, holding his right shoulder in pain, after sustaining a piledriver
Kamala (w/ Freddie Blassie & Friday) pinned Fred Marzino (sub. for Terry Daniels) at 3:10 with a splash to the back
Ken Patera pinned Steve Lombardi with a legdrop at 5:43
WWF IC Champion Tito Santana pinned the Iron Sheik at 7:51 with a small package; Freddie Blassie was the special referee for the bout but referee Joey Marella made the pinfall when Blassie was busy kicking trash out of the ring and ignoring Santana's cover.


Looking back, it was a very unique house show experience; I got:


- Bob Backlund's last WWF match from his original run

- The Freebirds debut from their blink-and-you'll-miss-it WWF stint, complete with random Cyndi Lauper appearance

- The Tiger Chung Lee babyface match

- A Jesse Ventura match consisting entirely of a 4-minute impromptu posedown challenge, ending with Ventura hitting a sneak-attack top-rope axehandle on a posing Rocky Johnson, piledriving him and throwing him out of the ring.

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Lord those Superstars taping marathons look brutal...God bless you guys. My first show was an MSG house show, 4/24/99 I think. This was during full blown Russo era, so it had weird matches like Mankind and Ken Shamrock vs Undertaker and Mideon. Nothing was you know...good. But I still had fun of course.

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A few cards after my first one (I was 11), we all went to a TV taping.  Incidentally, it was the one where Piper comes back and destroys the Flower Shop.  Which was funny, as they "broke his leg" early in the night, conducted one Flower Shop interview in the middle of the show, then he came back at the end to get his revenge.  But anyway, yeah, TV tapings were fucking brutal.  1-2 minute jobber squash, 5-10 minutes of nothing, another squash, rinse repeat.


It's the 9/16/86 show about halfway down the page here.  I'll save your sanity, and your eyes, by not pasting it. 

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First "big promotion" show I attended was the 1987 Superstars taping at the Meadowlands that ricksilver posted.  Show went over four hours and was exhausting, but fun.  I remember everyone around me getting excited over the seeds of the Andre turn being planted, but the show ending before the turn was complete. 


The program featured a sheet of the card, but the only matches listed were Haynes vs. Race and Hogan/Steamboat vs. Savage/HTM.  The rest of the sheet featured the names of wrestlers "expected to appear".  At least two did not -- JYD and George Steele.



First card I ever attended was an indy show at Wallkill Valley Regional HS in New Jersey in December 1986.  Main event was Ivan Putski vs. The Hangman, with the semi-main of "Dr. D" David Schultz vs. Johnny Rodz.   The undercard featured a masked wrestler named "The Cheetah Kid", who would later become Rocco Rock.

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WWF @ Belfast, Northern Ireland - Kings Hall - April 26, 1991

Debut in Ireland

Jimmy Snuka defeated the Brooklyn Brawler

Jim Neidhart defeated Haku

The Barbarian defeated Greg Valentine

Jake Roberts defeated the Berzerker

Kerry Von Erich defeated the Warlord

Davey Boy Smith defeated Earthquake

Roddy Piper defeated Ted Dibiase via disqualification when Sensational Sherri hit Piper with her loaded purse after he pulled her dress off

Andre the Giant, Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty defeated Mr. Fuji & the Orient Express when Andre scored the pin


Not the most stellar of cards

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WWF @ Pittsburgh, PA - Civic Arena - January 10, 1986 (18,000)

Scott McGhee fought Barry O to a draw

Dan Spivey defeated Terry Gibbs

Davey Boy Smith & the Dynamite Kid defeated Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart

Hillbilly Jim defeated Big John Studd via disqualification

Andre the Giant defeated King Kong Bundy via count-out

Bob Orton Jr. defeated Cousin Luke

Paul Orndorff fought Roddy Piper to a double disqualification

Don Muraco defeated Ricky Steamboat

Funny thing is I remember bits of this show but have absolutely no recollection of seeing Andre, which you think would stand out to an 8 year old mind. Maybe I was at concessions although for years I remembered Bundy being on my first live show. I wasn't a huge fan at this point but I remember my friend talking me into going because the Bulldogs and Steamboat were my two faves.

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WWF @ Pittsburgh, PA - Civic Arena - January 10, 1986 (18,000)

Andre the Giant defeated King Kong Bundy via count-out

THE COLOSSAL JOSTLE goes on the road! Did you get the 10-minute rest hold there too?

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I was never a wrestling fan as a kid so my first show was when I was 17, and even then I went for "ironic" fun with some pals from school.

We sat front row in a crowd of about 50 at a local community centre, and awaited the only man on the poster we'd heard of - Skull Murphy (the British one). Anyway, he no-showed.

We did get four matches, the first of which I have zero memory. The second was a qualifier to face The Mighty Chang in the main event, between "Belfast" Billy Reid and someone I don't remember. Reid won.

Then they had the interval and the guy who won the raffle came down and cut a promo about how he'd followed this show around the local towns Nd was going to expose it as a fraud. Then he grabbed his prize and returned to his seat.

The first match of the second half was Giant Haystacks versus Steve Regal. Yeah, really. Haystacks pretty much beat the piss out of Regal and dropped him out of the ring into our laps at one point. An old lady behind us shouted, "piss off, Haystacks! and he came to our side of the ring, blocking out the light, and said, "fuck off!"

The main event was The Mighty Chang versus Billy Reid. Chang wasn't Chinese, he was just so fat that his fat cheeks made it look like he had slanted eyes. He wore a dressing gown and flip flops and had a "handler" because he was so evil.

A man from the crowd was selected to be guest timekeeper - because the usual timekeeper was pulling double-duty as the handler - and he kept ringing the bell to DQ Chang, only for the referee to tell him to "fucking stop it!"

Chang DID get DQ'd in the end and left Reid hanging by his neck in the ropes. Then Chang, his handler, and the referee left, and some fans had to free Reid from the ropes. Christ knows what he'd done to deserve that.

And that was the show. No goodbyes, just a man left hanging and everyone else leaving. Small-time British wrestling in 1989.

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I only hope that Andre wore matching gear to Shawn & Marty like when Steen teamed with the Young Bucks.


I'd settle for one of the Rockers jumping off of Andre's shoulders during the Rockerplex.

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My family for some reason was super-anti-wrestling when I was a kid, so I got into the fandom in the late 90s when they couldn't do anything about it.


First show was a WCW house show:



WCW @ Athens, OH - May 31, 1997

Glacier defeated Mortis

Dean Malenko defeated WCW Cruiserweight Champion Syxx via disqualification when Buff Bagwell interfered

The Ultimo Dragon defeated WCW TV Champion Lord Steven Regal

Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Public Enemy

Diamond Dallas Page defeated Buff Bagwell

Ric Flair & Jeff Jarrett defeated Harlem Heat



My first WWF show was a little better, a Raw taping two days after Survivor Series 98:



WWF @ Columbus, OH - Schottenstein Center - November 17, 1998

Sean Casey defeated Johnny Paradise


Steven Regal pinned Dick Togo (w/ Yamaguchi-San) with a cradle suplex

Matt & Jeff Hardy defeated Reno Riggins & Steven Dunn when Matt pinned Dunn with a sunset flip off the top

The Blue Blazer defeated Taka Michinoku (w/ Yamaguchi-San) via submission with the Sharpshooter

Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown defeated Skull & 8-Ball (w/ Paul Ellering) after Ellering accidentally hit one of the DOA members with the steel briefcase and Henry powerslammed him for the pin

Sunday Night Heat - 11/22/98:

Matt & Jeff Hardy fought Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor to a no contest when the Acolytes interfered and beat up both teams

Al Snow fought Gangrel to a no contest when the JOB Squad and the Brood began brawling in the ring

The Big Bossman pinned Marc Mero with the sidewalk slam after Jackie accidentally tripped Mero; Mero fired her after the match

Jeff Jarrett pinned Kurrgan with a guitar shot after the Insane Clown Posse distracted Kurrgan

WWF IC Champion Ken Shamrock defeated Val Venis via disqualification when Mankind interfered; the Big Bossman and Shamrock double teamed Mankind after the match

Raw is War - 11/23/98:

The Headbangers defeated the Oddities at 1:30 when Mosh pinned Golga with a roll up after the ICP turned on the Oddities

Steve Blackman pinned the Blue Blazer with a kick to the chest at 2:50; Owen Hart prevented Blackman from taking the mask off the Blazer following the match

Edge & Gangrel defeated Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown at 7:06 when Gangrel pinned Henry with a roll up after Chyna came ringside; after the match, Chyna agreed to go on a date with Mark

Goldust fought Marc Mero to a no contest at 3:58 after Terri Runnels and Jackie attacked both men

WWF Hardcore Champion Mankind defeated the Big Bossman and WWF IC Champion Ken Shamrock in a three way match at 8:25 after Al Snow interfered and hit Shamrock with Head

Duane Gill pinned WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Christian to win the title at 2:25 after the JOB Squad interfered and Scorpio hit a splash onto Christian

Tiger Ali Singh fought the Godfather to a no contest when Steven Regal interfered and attacked the Godfather before the match began; Val Venis made the save moments thereafter

Scorpio & Bob Holly defeated WWF Tag Team Champions the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn in a non-title match at 5:21 when Scorpio pinned Gunn after Mankind interfered and hit Gunn with a snowblower

WWF World Champion the Rock pinned WWF European Champion X-Pac at 8:32 after Shawn Michaels interfered, took a chair from the champion, and hit X-Pac over the head with it; Steve Austin fended off the Corporation following the match, hitting Stunners on them as well as Shane McMahon, X-Pac, and the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn


This cannot be 100% accurate because I clearly remember a Kurt Angle dark match, because I was like hey that dude is using the Patriot's theme wtf?



edit:  That was the Raw when the Undertaker kidnapped and was going to embalm Austin, none of which they showed to the live crowd, so it was pretty confusing at the time as to why Austin didn't show up until the tail end of the show.

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my first show was a Nitro:



WCW @ Kansas City, MO - Kemper Arena - May 11, 1998
Monday Nitro:
Disco Inferno defeated Barry Horowitz
Kidman defeated Juventud Guerrera
Scott Norton defeated Yuji Nagata
Hugh Morrus defeated Jim Powers
The Ultimo Dragon defeated Johnny Swinger
WCW US Champion Bill Goldberg defeated Len Denton
Perry Saturn defeated Jerry Flynn
Fit Finlay defeated Robbie Rage
Diamond Dallas Page defeated Lenny Lane
Glacier defeated Sick Boy
Chris Benoit defeated Booker T
Randy Savage defeated WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan via disqualification

that leaves out dark matches (Bobby Eaton beat some dude and Public Enemy over Reese/Horace)

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I'm pretty sure this was my first card shortly after my 10th birthday.

WWF @ Blackwood, NJ - March 15, 1982

Rick McGraw defeated Johnny Rodz

Ivan Putski defeated the Executioner

Jesse Ventura & Adrian Adonis fought Rick Martel & Tony Garea to a draw

Baron Mikel Scicluna defeated Jose Estrada

SD Jones & Steve Travis defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito via disqualification

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Damn, Mick32, did you piss in God's coffee that morning? Five matches, jobbers in every one of 'em (except the tag match), and jobbers going over in the main event. No Andre, no Backlund, no Morales, no Snuka, no Valentine, no Orton, no women, practically nothing at all. It can't even be excused by "well, the A-show with the stars was playing another town", because this was apparently the only WWF show running that day. This might be the single worst example I've ever seen of delivering the boniest-possible skeleton crew from a company which had a pretty stacked roster to chose from.


My first WWF show was a little better, a Raw taping two days after Survivor Series 98:

Oh Jesus Christ almighty, from the beginning of Heat until the end of Raw, NOT ONE MATCH HAD A CLEAN FINISH. In every fucking one of them, the results read "_______ defeated ________ after _______ interfered". LITERALLY EVERY TIME. Oh goddammit Russo, there are reasons why we hate you!
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hey, the first half of 1982 was apparently a big time for Steve Travis. Travis/Andre worked Fuji/Saito best 2 of 3 in April 1982 at the Boston Garden.


the next go-around at Blackwood:




WWF @ Blackwood, NJ - Middle School Gym - April 7, 1982
Jose Estrada defeated Steve King
Mr. X & the Executioner defeated Lee Wong & Laurent Soucie
Greg Valentine defeated Manuel Soto
Davey O'Hannon fought Johnny Rodz to a draw
Rick McGraw (sub. for Tony Atlas) & SD Jones defeated Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura via disqualification
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In 1982 , that was a typical small town high school gym card. Rick McGraw, The Baron, Rodz, and SD weren't considered total jobbers at all. Steve Travis had been "WWF rookie of the year." a few years earlier. Christ, Jingus. Mick is describing something he probably saw at an armory or gym at the age of TEN and you're shitting on it. What the fuck is wrong with you?  :lol:

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