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  1. Mercury Morris...pop the champagne!!!
  2. Seth and Becky are their two biggest stars. Kofi and Dolph are just guys. The match order made perfect sense, The problem with the main event was soon as Lacey came out you knew Becky was gonna too. They needed to do something like an injury angle or even just have heels lock her in the bathroom or something to explain the delay. It continually amazes me that a show with 75 producers/writers, they constantly mess up basic storytelling details. But good shows with bad main events happen. The two tag matches and Ricochet-Joe were excellent. The cage and Roman matches were pretty good, too. Now back in the day, would I have paid $49 for this ppv? No. But as a random bridge show between major shows to watch on a Sunday night, it was quite enjoyable.
  3. For a show that got an inordinate amount of hate from the IWC, I thought it was a perfectly enjoyable show. The main event was more angle than match but what are you gonna do with Corbin? I did really like that in the history of wrestling, men have always rescued women so inverting the trope and having Becky be the badass who has to save Seth was pretty cool.
  4. Stan Lee got his moment in the Memorium segment. Listed him as “comic book writer, executive producer” though. I would’ve gone with “cameo artist.”
  5. Can’t believe they got Pesci out of retirement.
  6. Georgia had so many chances to be aggressive...so they wait until tie game at midfield to be aggressive. Smh
  7. Mercury Morris....pop the champagne!
  8. Finally saw it last night. At the risk of reopening the prior argument, I have to confess to welling up a bit during Thanos's scene on the Soul Gem planet. Damn, when the fucking Mad Titan brings you near to tears that's a helluva deal. Marvel really has this whole "create an interesting villain" thing figured out. I imagine I'll be full out bawling when they finally get to Doom's backstory.
  9. Looks like we're getting our first ever 16 over 1. Virginia is in deep deep shit.
  10. These refs are making an NFL-like fiasco out of the last 40 seconds of this Marshall-Wichita St game with review after review.
  11. Sometimes teams do know things others don't. Beauty eye beholder and all that. One thing for sure, Cousins better get it done now. He's been handed keys to a Ferrari and all he has to do is not crash it.
  12. The Russian team and fans attempting to sing the Russian National Anthem over the Olympic one would make Nikolai Volkoff proud.
  13. Besides hockey, curling is my Winter Olympics must follow sport. I've watched as many matches as I could for three Olympics now and I gotta admit when I saw Shuster back again my initial reaction was, "This bum again? Can't we find anyone better?" I've never been happier to eat my words. It's one thing to pull off a miracle run but sticking it to all us naysayers has to make it all the more sweet.
  14. Holy shit!! What a clutch game by Shuster. The Impossible Dream has come true! This has gotta be a 1980 hockey level miracle run by USA curling.
  15. Saw Black Panther last night and it was incredible. Coogler managing to make a movie that seamlessly combines several different genres was some high level filmmaking. There was a social commentary component that would've been at home in a Spike Lee film, a set piece that finally gave us our black James Bond, and all the kicky punchy stuff you expect in a superhero movie. I liked WW but the people wanting it to get the first "serious" noms baffled me - this movie, though, I would definitely consider an award worthy achievement. Killmonger was an incredible character. Between Vulture as a blue collar schmuck sticking it to elites/bureaucrats and now Killmonger, Marvel has really fixed their problem with one dimensional forgettable villains. I'm so pleased they've moved away from the CGI End Boss shit that DC is obsessed with and have figured out how to give us a memorable antagonist.
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