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  1. I was there for that debut, my first-ever wrestling show. Even at age 13 it was underwhelming. If you would have told me at that show that 2 years later they'd be in a red-hot feud with the Horsemen over the WWF tag titles, I would have told you that you were very stupid. But it would have been me who was the stupid. Absolutely one of the anchors of that tag division until the end and probably my favorite WWF tag team ever other than the Hart Foundation. Is Demolition in the Hall of Fame? They should be. EDIT: also, best theme song...ever.
  2. Trying to come up with the right words but I can't. It was like The Big Chill of wrestling shows. Seemed like 90% of anyone who ever worked a show in the Bayonne days made it there. Was running around hugging people until after midnight. Very emotional night. I still can't believe that we're all still alive and kicking, and out of all people, Frank is gone.
  3. No bad matches. Caucasian Kamala. LOLCENALOSES. BLOOD!!!!!!! fun night. looking forward to bong smokeman vs. undertaker at mania
  4. That is why I love professional wrestling. That right there.
  5. There are very few people who have had as big of an impact on my life as Frank. He gave me a chance when nobody else would, and made it possible for me to live my dream. Even more importantly, he introduced me to so many people who have since become part of my extended family. He was hilarious and bombastic, a loyal friend, and a good man. Long after I'd worn out my welcome in Jersey All Pro Wrestling, he'd bring me back in for a show here and there, just for old times' sake. I can't believe I'll never see him again.
  6. 13 years old! Dragged my father, who absolutely hated wrestling, to this show. Needless to say, my father never went to another wrestling show. I don't even think he spoke to me for a week after we got home.
  7. Yup. I still have the t-shirt somewhere...
  8. Wasn't that vs. Shane Douglas in '89 or '90?
  9. Five year olds don't care about canon. That's an adult hang-up. Truth. My 4 year old is concurrently watching four different Transformers series with all kinds of different continuity issues and he just rolls with it
  10. I agree with everyone and anyone who says they went in with low expectations and got very pleasantly surprised
  11. It's actually in the episode of Main Event I referenced above. I think it's labeled as Main Event 620 and is part of the Black History Month subsection. Thanks!
  12. Kind of surprised the whole Ron Simmons feature is only two minutes and change. Is the match where he beats Vader anywhere on the Network? I searched, but could not find.
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