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  1. Discord is a pretty big help. I've moved to PC but I was able to get a good GPU through notifications on discord. It's still pretty hard but it at least gives you a chance. The one I use is NerdSpeak. There are separate groups for each GPU and console that are currently hot commodities as well as general tech deals and you can have it send you notifications whenever there's a new message posted (all the messages are just in stock sale links). If I were still on console I'd probably be leaning towards the Series X as well simply because of gamepass even though I'm one of the weirdos that prefers playstation controllers.
  2. I wonder how hard it will be if Connor does somehow clip Floyd and knock him down for Connor to not follow up like you do in an mma fight and continue to go after him as he's down/going down. Not that that scenario will happen, I just think there's a possibility that instinct could take over in that situation. Connor is bigger than Floyd and Floyd isn't known for his power so I'd imagine that it will look like a 12 round boxing clinic with Floyd completely dominating but not putting Connor away. I think Connor's best chance would be to continue to shit talk throughout the fight and hope to get Floyd out of his game and make a mistake. Floyd likely way too smart for that but he could feel some pressure to finish Connor and not allow him to last to a decision because that could be perceived as a win of sorts for Connor to be able to come into a boxing ring and go the distance with the "greatest boxer of all time."
  3. Destiny was a great game, I will for sure get Destiny 2 and the DLC. I complained at times like everyone else but like was previously said, for all the complaining, I ended up putting a ton of hours into the game and got a ton of enjoyment out of it. The low point for me was the House of Wolves update because I felt like it didn't give us true end game content. I love raids and while Prison of Elders can be fun, it's not the same as a raid for me. After that DLC came out was when I took the most time off of the game. Craig, I think you just got fed up like everyone else at one point but left too early and didn't give it enough of a chance as they kept releasing new stuff and ended up missing out on the best version of the game.
  4. I guess I will jump back in with this next update solely because they're bringing back the VoG which was by far my favorite thing out of the franchise so far. My first time playing that raid and playing blind with other players who were also playing it blind for the first time was one of my favorite gaming moments that I've experienced. I think they made a great game even if it is one that I moved on from twice: Core game- Really good, held my interest through the first dlc. As I mentioned earlier, it gave us the Vault of Glass which to me was the premier raid in the game and also had the best raid gear in the game. There were plenty of cheeses in the raid at various times but it was still a lot of fun. The Dark Below- Decent enough. Raid wasn't nearly as good as the vault and the missions were just meh but there was enough there to keep me interested. The main downside was the Crota fight itself in the Crota's End raid. There were just so many bugs involved in that final encounter. But getting to the end and successfully running sword for your team was always a pretty great feeling. House of Wolves- Thought it sucked. Was never a fan of the Prison of Elders and thought it was pretty terrible at least in terms of being end game content. I played for a little while and decided I'd had enough and ended up deleting Destiny and moving on for a bit. The Taken King- It was a nice comeback after TDB and HoW and enough to get me interested in the game again. It provided enough content through the missions, bounties, and exotics to keep me grinding and interested for a while and had in my opinion the second best raid in the game which was only overshadowed by its design which allowed for either extremely smooth raid runs or extremely painful ones. It was reliant on everyone holding up their end in the fight which was a real crapshoot when dealing with randoms. I can't tell you how many times I got to the daughters section and ran through that motherfucker in about three to five minutes with no wipes and I also can't tell you how many times I got to that section only to wipe and wipe and wipe and wipe because one person or another would just fuck up something small. It was a very easy raid for a team that knew what they were doing and an extremely punishing one for a team that had anyone on it that didn't know what they were doing. Touch of Malice was one of the best exotic quests in the game and something that really felt rewarding once you finally completed it the first time. Rise of Iron- Probably the most robust dlc that Destiny delivered. For me personally the only downside to it has been that after two and a half years of this game, there wasn't really much they could have done to keep me going. Played all of the story missions and did the initial exotic quests that were available. It did provide probably the best exotic quest in the game with Outbreak Prime. The raid itself was initially a lot of fun for me and after my first couple of play-throughs I graded it as a solid second best raid in the game. But after playing it a bit more, the boss fights just don't stack up to the ones in the King's Fall raid. I did like how they went away from the formula of the King's Fall raid which was basically everyone gather up in one spot and just dps. There were more vault like mechanics in this one which was cool but I still prefer Kings Fall as a whole over Wrath of the Machine after more play time in WotM. But really after the hard mode version of the raid came out and I completed that a few times I just felt like what the fuck is left for me to do in this game? I didn't really feel like grinding over incremental gains or collecting every weapon in the game. I'd done enough at that point to not be interested in topping out my light level. At this point Destiny has had well over two years and plenty of content so it was definitely worth the purchase for me. The biggest plus that I can see is that there has been that much content and length of playing time with a large and vocal community for Bungie to really have seen what's worked and not worked to this point. It makes me feel like Destiny 2 will be a really well made game. Obviously there is going to be the cash grab design with the microtransactions and also how they release dlc but that's to be expected at this point with this type of game. Really doesn't bother me. I expect that I will jump back in with this next update and play for a couple more months before growing tired of it and move on until Destiny 2 releases.
  5. Digital is the only way I purchase games. I have zero physical copies. But a friend and I do the share thing on PSN and alternate games so every game is basically half price. As far as the download speed thing- basically every game now is available for pre download before release. So if I preorder a game, it will download it ahead of time before the game releases and be available for me to play midnight on release day.
  6. She's got to be done if she doesn't change trainers. Zero head movement or defense and terrible footwork. All that time off and no improvement. That Nunes interview was great. Congrats to her. Did not see that coming from Garbrandt. Great fight. Beat Dominick at his own game. Loved the Dillashaw call out too.
  7. He's not big enough for 185. He just needs someone telling him how and making him do the right things during camp. And I don't see how Ronda doesn't win this fight. I expect her to dominate.
  8. The 320 strikes need to be manually selected from the director, not going into the 320 strike playlist. Just click on the devils lair strike on earth and change difficulty to 320 to do sepiks perfected. It's an extremely short strike that will matchmake you with two other people and the boss will drop two blue items up to 365. Just run that strike for a couple of hours and it should drastically increase your light level. Every time you get a blue item that's higher than what you're using, equip it. Don't bother with infusing unless it's a significant light difference. And don't bother with looking at stats of the armor at this point. Once you get up to around 360, run the raid. Shame you weren't able to do more iron banner. The bounties all gave legendary gear and the drop rate from the post game rewards screen was pretty ridiculous.
  9. Got to rank 5 on all three characters. Got the gun I was looking for the most- the pulse rifle, and ended up getting it three times. Didn't get the scout which was the second most gun I was interested in. Managed to get all characters to 385. Still haven't done the story missions on my Titan and Warlock, just the first two to unlock the iron temple. Will probably try to knock out a raid tomorrow before reset with my Warlock. Side note- stormcaller Warlock absolutely shreds in crucible. Between the melee range and the super, it's unreal. I usually play with my Titan. Most games with my Warlock I was getting around 2.5 k/D or better. Had a few over 4.0.
  10. I did the Outbreak Prime quest yesterday. Wasn't too bad. We just killed the first boss in the raid three times since it would be quicker. I love the gun. Works well for pvp and pve. I'm at 379 now. Haven't hit rank 5 in IB yet. About halfway through rank 4.
  11. I beat the raid last night. Got up with a guy on reddit and he found four other randoms. We had probably four wipes on the boss fight and people started dropping but it was a blessing in disguise because they didn't know what the hell they were doing. Found four other people that were already together and all knew each other. They had all beaten the raid before and knew what to do. Only had a couple wipes before we killed him. If people understand where to go and can clearly communicate it's not too hard of an encounter. Altogether in the one raid completion I got helmet, chest, boots, ghost, rocket launcher, and auto rifle. These are the best raid weapons since the VoG. I'm not an auto rifle guy but the focused firefly is pretty cool. The perks on the rocket launcher are awesome. Was hoping for the scout rifle but will have to try for that one later.
  12. Got my quest for Thorn the other day. What is the deal with Archon's Forge? My light level is 369 and all the armor that I've had drop from it has been 365. I've had every piece drop and also a sniper rifle all at 365 with one exception- the class item. I seem to get class items drop like every third encounter or so and they're always higher than my light level. Is it intended to all cap at 365 and just the class items are broken or is it all supposed to go to 385 and the rest of it is broken? I'm looking forward to IB. Didn't get a chance to mess with Trials at all. Basara what time do you play?
  13. I finally got back into the raid last night. Didn't beat the final boss though. Sucked because it was so late otherwise I'd have played as long as it took. I really like it as a whole. It's right up there with VoG and miles beyond kings fall and crotas end. We came so close a couple times on the boss and someone would just take too long to get to him after a teleport and that's all she wrote. Just to give an idea of how long I played, i had 1042 kills when I finished.
  14. So the monitor mystery puzzle inside the raid was solved and it resulted in getting the quest for an exotic pulse rifle. Looks pretty awesome. Precision kills release these nanites that damage other nearby enemies. Kind of like what wolfpack rounds do. The way it was figured out was pretty insane. I'm amazed at what some people can solve. The quest sounds really long and detailed. Pretty much the opposite of the Sleeper Simulant. This gun looks like the sleeper also. I still haven't gotten back into the raid yet. I played it on the day it was released and only got past the first portion and onto the first boss. We all went in blind so we spent quite a while figuring out mechanics. One guy had to step out for half hour or so so that was a hold up and I stopped when we dropped a couple guys. People just weren't doing a good job staying alive and it was just tedious at that point so I called it a night. Been helping a couple buddies since then get their light levels up. Hopefully going back into the raid tomorrow night. Looking forward to getting that pulse rifle quest. The gun drops at light level 390.
  15. I've been enjoying the dlc so far. I hoarded about 25 exotic engrams and had the rest of the vault full with random legendary weapons and armor as well as factions edged. I ended up at 348 before I even left the tower on the first day. In hindsight I wish i would've waited. I really liked the story and I was also glad it was short. It's not why the majority of people play. Most of us want to get into the new quests and finding new ways to level up. There wasn't much leveling up in the story missions and it was slow going once I got to around 352. But people found the new loot cave. Knowing that blue engrams capped at 340 but blues from heroic strike boss drops actually drop at a rate corresponding to your light level up to 365 led people back to the Omnigul farm. Works like a charm. A tether and some heavy dps just like when farming for the Grasp of Malok in the past allow you the chance to drop her when she first appears before the final room and she drops at least two blue items right there up to 365 light. And this can be done on the 320 level strike. I'd expect it to get patched soon. I was able to get to 365 with a little time investment and had a bunch of spare 365 items to infuse on other characters as well. Actually it got me to 364 because I was held back by the artifact but was able to get a 365 artifact by buying a legendary engram from the cryptarch. But yeah, would have been nice to have all those exotic engrams right now because they can decrypt up to 385. Looking forward to getting into the raid tonight. And yeah, fuck Archon's Forge. They need to fix that shit.
  16. The only exotics decoding over 335 are boots. So kind of pointless to decrypt anything yet since it will only make you 335 and some change. A fair amount of weapon tuning in the patch. They buffed the mid rate of fire archetype pulse rifles like Nirwens Mercy. Also nerfed Touch of Malice to where it removes the Blessing of Light buff from ward of dawn. Nerfed the high impact sniper rifle archetype also. Did some stuff with hands cannons and auto rifles as well. I've decrypted an ass load of blue and purple engrams and haven't seen any exotics from it so I don't know if that's actually a thing.
  17. I understand what you're saying but the fight is the fight. Whether a belt is on the line shouldn't affect your level of entertainment of Diaz/McGregor.
  18. Got my Titan to rank five in IB and decided to not bother with my other two characters. With the loot I got I was able to get all three characters to 335 without having to do any swapping around of gear. It really is simple and quick to increase light level. A gun and piece of armor for three characters on CoE, hard mode raid, Trials, and IB when that's active. That's a lot of loot. I've got loads of 335 gear in the vault. I'm about to start hoarding exotic engrams to decrypt after ROI.
  19. Congrats mis. It's extremely difficult to go flawless these days.
  20. I gave Frankie round 1 and that was it. Gave Aldo the rest of the rounds. And really halfway through the third round I thought it was over. You could just tell Frankie had nothing for Aldo. Frankie is great and I really thought he would win this fight but it looked a lot like I remember the first fight going. Everything even remotely meaningful in the fight came from Aldo.
  21. Because I quit playing well before the April update I missed out on the challenge modes and those subsequent fragments so I have that to do. And I never bothered with the exotic sword quest either. Finishing up the long crucible quest now. Rest of it was done already. Did Trials with my Hunter and Titan. Didn't go to the lighthouse. Got a Water Star hand cannon and Inward Lamp scout rifle. Inward Lamp had good perks but I'll probably shitcan the hand cannon.
  22. I've never understood the whining about matchmaking. The only thing that there is no matchmaking for that there probably should be is the nightfall and back when it booted you to orbit there shouldn't have been matchmaking. Maybe CoE also. It's a terrible idea for raids or trials. I've done every IB I've played solo with no problems. Just got all three characters to rank five this past time without a pre made fire team and had zero issues. There are plenty of easy avenues to find teammates online.
  23. That OG Hung Jury is my main gun in PVE but lately in crucible I've been using a Lethe Noblesse I got from Variks because I rolled it with hidden hand and it just seems a lot quicker to snag headshots with it than the Hung Jury but that's all based on the user I suppose. I tried the Colovance's Duty but I like the play style of the Hung Jury and Lethe a lot better than the slower firing Colovance. That max stability on that Hung Jury is legit. I was working on that bounty for PoE where you had to get precision kills and knocked it out so quick because of the stability of that gun.
  24. Got to rank 5 in iron banner on all three characters. I ended up finding a new play style that I really enjoy and have success with. I run a scout rifle and shotgun. Never gave scouts much of a chance before but I had a lot of fun with it.
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