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  1. Last week, I went to NXT at Toms River North High School in Jersey. It honestly reminded me a bit of the WWF shows they had at the local middle school when I was a kid. Pretty awesome throwback feel.
  2. Two things I don’t understand at all: 1) Why would they announce Bryan was cleared? If you have Zayn and Owens beat the holy shit out of a Bryan that you don’t know is cleared, imagine the fucking heat in that arena. Oh my god. 2) if you really are committed to Reigns as top babyface, wh6 in the hell do you do a beat down of him one night and then a beat down of Daniel Bryan the next? Did they really think anything other than “you deserve it” would be chanted at Reigns and Bryan would get anything but sympathy? It’s completely idiotic, unless they really are going to turn Reigns.
  3. When I saw a Super Wawa in Virginia that had an entire section of coolers dedicated to beer, I’m reasonably sure I cried tears of joy.
  4. Please don't make me defend Benoit, but that motherfucker could wrestle. The year he won the BOTSJ alone is as good or better than anything you'll see today. But, again, fuck that guy. In addition to the murders, it seems like every new Benoit story I hear these days is about him being an asshole, a bully or whatever.
  5. Benoit was an amazing wrestler. I've tried to watch Benoit once in the past ten years. I couldn't do it. Fuck that guy.
  6. I said to somebody today that I really want Cornette to smash Ricky with the tennis racquet tonight. Now I'm going to be upset when it doesn't happen.
  7. I mean, we all knew Owens was going to lose. But it irks me how. Somebody mentioned earlier that Jericho, who has issue with Owens and likely to fight him at Mania, interferes to get the belt from Owens. What fucking sense does that make? I think it makes Jericho fucking stupid. I admit that may be he asshole smark in me saying that. But Goldberg is a nostalgia act. If you're watching the PPV, you likely have the Network. On said network, you can watch some of the old school Goldberg shit, like, say, the shit he had going on with Jericho. And the stories about fucking Goldberg being told not to sell/job for Jericho on a bunch of docs. Why the fuck is Jericho helping Greenberg win the title? It's almost like finally signing Sting and having the nWo come in and help him in a match, but that would never fucking happen, I guess.
  8. I think I was like 15 when the Koloffs were involved in the Eddie Gilbert-Korchenko-Bill Watts angle in UWF. I liked wrestling before but I was a fan from that point forward. Fucking Ivan was real, man. He was choking Watts with the chain while Watts bled a gusher and Ross was having a coronary. Truly great wrestling.
  9. Saxon and Graves looked so uncomfortable as Cole threw to the video package. Seriously, I don't get what they're thinking with the whole video package. Shit, is Beinoit the next person for the Hall of Fame?
  10. I really don't want to be Nick Negative here, because I've really liked what they've done lately and their recent updates to the network and all. But two things bothered me about this Raw. First was the Miss Piggy thing, which has been done to fucking earth, I get it. She can't go Miss Piggy on the non-traditional "Diva" after THAT promo. And you finally have a compelling one on one feud at the top of the card, with two great wrestlers that can talk and carry the shit themselves. So here's an idea, let's add HHH, Stephanie, Cactus Jack and Roman fucking Reigns to the program to muck it up. You've got your two most-over guys. They're fighting for a reason. Why inject all these other assholes into it?
  11. Yuck. Two douchey things, the Pens and Michaels, that deserve each other.
  12. JBL just said "Triple H- who very well may be the greatest of all time!" I get he's a heel announcer, but.... Jesus.
  13. So the match before the big Daniel Bryan speech contained like 4 dudes going through tables. The next Raw match has Ambrose doing a flat back dropkick from the top rope. Yeah, WWE is really worried about concussions.
  14. My 12 year old stepson knows it's a work. My other kids are 5 and 3 and heard us talking about it being "fake". My daughter no sold it with a "silly daddy". They're convinced it's 100% real, which is how it should be.
  15. WWE gave the Ascension the Road Warrior push in NXT and have them get squashed by a midcard nostalgia act. And Jery Lawler told a Kevin Owens fat joke. But nobody is grabbing that brass ring, yo.
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