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  1. Corbin can't though, because as we all know: no hair, no flair.
  2. My family for some reason was super-anti-wrestling when I was a kid, so I got into the fandom in the late 90s when they couldn't do anything about it. First show was a WCW house show: My first WWF show was a little better, a Raw taping two days after Survivor Series 98: This cannot be 100% accurate because I clearly remember a Kurt Angle dark match, because I was like hey that dude is using the Patriot's theme wtf? edit: That was the Raw when the Undertaker kidnapped and was going to embalm Austin, none of which they showed to the live crowd, so it was pretty confusing a
  3. He's a 55 year old man working in a corporate environment but still dressing like he needs to work a gimmick. You can look at this photo and play the "which one does not belong" game. It's pathetic in an "old guy at the club" kind of way. Much like Ric Flair, whose life is a mess because he could never grow up and let go of the character, his stupid persona is all he has. It's sad. I don't see Heyman wearing a Don Johnson suit and toting a huge cordless phone in that pic. Why isn't Terry Taylor wearing his Red Rooster getup? Does HHH show up to board meetings spitting water and carrying
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