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  1. Shit that's awesome! Love that Incineroar's Pokemon type is HEEL
  2. Pre-Rooster Terry Taylor also used the sharpshooter as a finish in WWF
  3. Who is Baron Dax? Not to be confuses with Aaron Rex, I hope?
  4. Or just point your broswer at this RSS feed: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:98602096/sounds.rss
  5. http://mlwradio.libsyn.com/ I get the download links under the Libsyn player for the non-premium episodes Unrelated, but noteworthy, Cheeseburger of ROH fame is going to be on Talk is Jericho Friday.
  6. Had to have been early in his run. In the "character sketches" from the 90's that they had on WWE.com some time back, those were one of the prototypes, along with a sweet bolero hat. Speaking of rare/weird gear, anyone remember this version of the Repo Man? I remember an article in WWF Magazine that Repo Man was challenging anyone to unmask him with this photo accompanying said article. I never saw it on TV though.
  7. Year One seems to be on sale once every two months or so and with good cause. Alias is also on sale until the end of the week, check that out.
  8. Spivey also has a match from PTW where he and Blackjack Mulligan team up and Jesse says the same thing. It's maybe one of the worst matches I've ever seen: https://youtu.be/jCLUu44e-Y4
  9. Seconding this. Every episode of the Dana Gould Hour is a delight but the Halloween episodes are always just a bit more special. If you haven't been listening to Gilbert Gottfried's podcast, found here http://feeds.sideshownetwork.tv/GilbertGottfried, it's fantastic! Some recent guests include Max Baer Jr. (who is crazy), Laraine Newman (who is a big classic horror movie fan) and Vincent Price's daughter.
  10. It has already ended but does pick up with Magneto leading the Uncanny X-Men still written by Bunn, returning this December.
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