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  1. Oof this crashed hard for me. I don't know how you can set up a plot, have your audience follow along for 9 1/2 episodes and then tell us "the plot sucks so we're not gonna go through with it". Shit, you guys are the ones who wrote the frickin thing. At any point during pre-production you guys could've come up with a story that you actually did want to present instead of having your fictional character make fun of the things you wrote! Very lazy.
  2. Finally the Star Wars show about workplace politics I've always wanted!
  3. What are some examples of inopportune bleeding in wrestling? Last week Britt Baker had her nose busted open and then had to do a post match bit and it got me thinking if there were more egregious examples of unfortunate unplanned bleeding. Like Goldberg in WWE somehow cutting himself during an entrance and continuously bleeding through a promo. Has there ever been instances of someone being busted open hardway in a trivial, lighthearted type match where blood changed the dynamic? I'm thinking something like some smiley faced 80s babyface accidentally busting his jobber opponent open or being busted open himself. Or someone accidentally bleeding like the proverbial stuck pig in a match but then having to complete a pre-booked post match promo/skit. I'm kinda laughing at the idea of Scotty 2 Hotty having to do the worm with a crimson mask.
  4. Never seen the guy before tonight but yeah... Scrawn Strowman.
  5. This is the best version available on YT, unfortunately kinda poor quality and the movie clips (Batman Forever) edited out. Two Michael Jackson videos heavy on stop motion.
  6. Make Danhausen the on screen authority figure.
  7. Where is Columbo available? Never watched it but have been meaning to lately.
  8. Yep, I miss episodic television like that. The first season of the Mandalorian was such a breath of fresh air because of this. Just an old school western vibe of a guy going from town to town getting into adventures.
  9. *tells off BP for thinking Ireland is in the UK*
  10. Booking a trip to Ireland and I'll be staying in Ballydehob, a village in County Cork. I was wandering around on Streetview and it turns out it's the birthplace of Danno O'Mahony, NWA World champion in the 30s and the person who the Irish Whip is named after. Then I remembered I'd seen a statue of a wrestler in Sneem, County Kerry decades ago. That was Steve Casey, a Boston AWA world champion in the 30s and 40s, looking like one of those toy soldiers with molded base. Turns out there's a whole bunch of pro wrestling statues around the world - https://ringthedamnbell.wordpress.com/2022/01/11/immortalized-professional-wrestling-monuments-around-the-world/ (the Baba is great) Anyone know of others?
  11. It's weird how they're hyping this match as a hometown match for McIntyre or "in his backyard". Ayr is a 7 hour drive from Cardiff. Like New York to Cleveland.
  12. I hate to say this and I absolutely hope I'm proven wrong next week but so far these final episodes seem highly superfluous. The Howard/Lalo/Kim walking out stuff would've been the perfect ending. Don't really need to see Breaking Bad fan service or need to know Huell and the like end up. Again, hope I'm eating crow next week.
  13. Reading his obituary it seems like he appeared in practically every well loved British production ever - The Wombles, Jackanory, The Railway Children, Doctor Who, Carry On films, and then cameos in Coronation Street, Worzel Gummidge, Fawlty Towers, The Avengers, Last of the Summer Wine. Plus a lengthy career on TV, film and stage in addition to that. Also learned where Right Said Fred got their name from (a novelty song recorded by him in the 60s) and that, trivia question, Right Said Fred's UK #1 hit isn't the obvious one (Deeply Dippy; I'm Too Sexy only made it to #2)
  14. Am I in the minority then in thinking the Adele and Sam Smith songs are the only two good ones since Goldeneye?
  15. Damn my memory is shot. I barely remember this Jeff guy and only recall him now that you guys mention him. Not sure the original actor would've helped either. So I spent most of this episode figuring Gene was setting these guys up but had no idea what was going on otherwise.
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