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  1. I enjoyed the first half of the film (the historical scenes and the getting the team back together stuff) but got lost in the plot around the time the turn happened. It was decent, nothing special, but it did leave me wishing for a movie where gods sit around observing humanity at various points in history. Directed by Herzog or Malick.
  2. Not only an odd picture, but it totally looks like John Cena as Peacemaker.
  3. I remember being so disappointed though when I first saw a street fight and it wasn't actually fought in some filthy downtown back alley a la Streets of Rage.
  4. 91-95 were my childhood wrestling days and WWF was the one I watched most and loved, but I did see some WCW, some USWA and the PWI type mags. I wouldn't have been able to identify the differences at the time, but looking back now I think I thought that the other promotions were a bit more grittier and sleazier. Guys like the Freebirds or Dirty Dutch Mantell just looked like gross dudes whereas most of the WWF guys were oiled up bodybuilder types. Plus you'd see more violence in the Apter mags than you would see in WWF. It gave the sense that the other promotions were a lot wilder.
  5. I'm reading Kipling's collected schoolboy stories Stalky & Co. written in the 1890s and based somewhat on his own boarding school experiences. It's fun and absolutely mild, mischievous stuff but you wouldn't think it based on the contemporary reactions.
  6. I was a pop music fan and liked the Spice Girls in 1997 so if I'd watched it then I'd probably really have enjoyed it. I went into this viewing thinking I'd enjoy it too, at least for the various Brit cameos if nothing else, but unfortunately there was very little redeemable about the whole affair.
  7. I'm not gonna watch the trailer, but just based on that thumbnail it appears to be LOUIS THEROUX IN SPACE! in which case I'm all in.
  8. TOP FIRST TIME WATCHES IN 2021 (feature films only, based on Letterboxd rating) ***** - Orlando (Potter, 1992) ****1/2 - The French Dispatch (Anderson, 2021), Raw (Ducournau, 2016), The Mitchells vs. The Machines (Rianda, 2021), Spider-Man: No Way Home (Watts, 2021) BOTTOM FIRST TIME WATCHES IN 2021 (feature films only, based on Letterboxd rating) 1/2* - Cremaster 1 (Barney, 1996), Scary Movie 5 (Lee, 2013) * - Scary Movie 4 (Zucker, 2006), Spice World (Spiers, 1997), Hard Kill (Eskandari, 2020), Vita & Virginia (Button, 2018), Honor & Glory (Ho, 1993), Emanuelle, Queen of the Desert (Fontana, 1982), Racquet (Winters, 1979), Laser Mission (Davis, 1989)
  9. Fuck, that was sickening I spotted it right away so it put a dampener on the ending for me.
  10. Obviously we all know Jungle Boy's father is Luke Perry, but I recently discovered that his maternal grandfather (Alan Sharp) was a Scottish novelist and screenwriter (Ulzana's Raid, Night Moves, The Osterman Weekend, Rob Roy) Are there any other wrestlers with interesting non-wrestling ancestors?
  11. The Osman book was only ok in the end. I didn't care for the reveal and some of the following actions didn't make a ton of sense. I read a P.D. James short story collection over Christmas (The Misteltoe Murder and Other Stories) and loved it. I'd only read one other work by James (The Part Time Job which ranks as one of the finest short stories I've read) but so far I absolutely adore her writing, it just seems so effortless and yet is intricately plotted. Finished up the year with All My Sons by Arthur Miller for a quick read. I'm anal I guess in that I like to end a book before the year is done rather than dragging it into next year and muddying my Good Reads stats. Speaking of Good Reads stats, 49 books read and 11,000+ pages which are both records for me. I figured the page count might be the case as I'd made somewhat of an effort to not be put off by longer books when choosing what to read next, but surprised by the amount I got through. It was a good year for reading after a somewhat slower, mentally interrupted 2020. Best book - The Club by Leo Damrosch, a biography of the aforementioned club of writers, artists and thinkers who would meet regularly in London to eat, drink and discuss topics of the day. Mostly focuses on Johnson and Boswell, but also has short biographies of Edmund Burke, David Garrick, Adam Smith, Edward Gibbon and Joshua Reynolds (all some of the foremost individuals of the day in their respective fields) along with others in their orbit. I could eat this stuff up. Worst book - Dracul by Dacre Stoker and J.D. Barker. A sort of prequel to Dracula - what if Bram Stoker experienced some supernatural events for real and wrote it into his famous novel? I had wanted to love this - an interesting premise, and set in familiar neighbourhoods of my hometown - but I hated it, and actually just gave up on it halfway. Poorly researched nonsense with obvious errors in geography, local history and local speech with modern Americanisms thrown in for good measure.
  12. Watching an episode of Impractical Jokers last night (well, binged 6 episodes because Netflix was removing them) and thought I spotted John Silver in there. Sure enough...
  13. As someone mentioned earlier, isn't the 90 Day non-compete completely up to the wrestler's discretion? They can choose to not work and keep getting paid for 90 days, or they can waive it and go work somewhere else right away? Andrade and FTR showed up in AEW right after finishing with WWE. Raven did the same years ago and showed up in TNA the same week.
  14. Finished up The Iliad (Fagles translation) at the weekend. I had started probably 2 years ago and got as far as Book 6. Bookmark sat there all that time, so last month I decided to just commit to a book a day and made it through. Far more violent than I would've imagined, though at points the battle scenes get dull and repetitive. Although I've read some early Greek plays, I initially thought I'd be pushing through this just to say I'd read it, but I actually really enjoyed it and plan to move on to The Odyssey at some point in the new year. After that I've decided to round out the year with some lighter stuff. Just over halfway through The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman, where four oldies in a retirement village meet each week to discuss cold cases but suddenly have an actual live case to investigate after a local builder is murdered. Apparently Spielberg bought up the rights to the movie and it's set to be directed by the guy who wrote the Exotic Marigold Hotel movies. It's that kind of gentle British comedy.
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