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  1. Priest seemed off to me all night. There were a handful of little botches in their match tonight I noticed.
  2. See this story makes sense, it's just a pity that we the fans are filling in the blanks for them. Still though, even with shoddy storytelling I'm actually very excited in something in WWE for the first time in many years. Did feel sorry for Rollins though. At the end, he was going off on Rock. It was probably more just to keep himself relevant in that moment, but is there any chance those two face off at WM?
  3. Speaking of injuries, it looked like the ref got injured when Solo pulled him out of the ring. He was limping and wincing for the rest of the match.
  4. I watched Bullet to the Head earlier this year and the most memorable thing about it was when I went to log it on Letterboxd, it turned out I had already watched it a few years earlier. Literally didn't remember a thing about it, and barely remember a thing about it now. Some stuff I've watched this week - Escape to Victory - Loved this as a kid. Nazi Max Von Sydow challenges well fed and paunchy POW Michael Caine to assemble a football team for a Nazis vs. POWs game. Pele, Ossie Ardiles, Bobby Moore and a bunch of others show up. It was and still is weird seeing actual footballers in a movie, particularly John Wark who has a remarkably ripped body in a shower scene. Stallone feels very miscast and seems to have been shoehorned in to have an American star. It's all very silly but holds up as a perfect weekend afternoon movie. Pele's slow motion overhead kick and Ardiles' flick are things of beauty. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny - The original trilogy is my favourite film trilogy by far. I hate the 2008 one and was wishing they hadn't made this one, but I think I actually really like it? This was a second viewing. It doesn't have the inventiveness of Spielberg and looks too computer generated for my tastes but still kinda feels like it belongs in the same world as the earlier films. The ending is a major misstep for me. Without going into spoilers, it had a perfect ending set up that I would have adored, but they chicken out into an abrupt send them home happy kind of ending. Or probably leaving the door open for yet another movie. Napoleon - Looks gorgeous and there's a lot of effort put into the production design. That's kind of all I want sometime in my period films. The rest of the film just plays a bit like a greatest hits album. Phoenix irritated the hell out of me at first, just moping around like a stroppy teenager as he seems to play a lot recently, but his performance grew on me as I realised that Scott was kinda taking the piss out of the Corsican. Elisa, vida mia - Geraldine Chaplin plays a woman going back to visit her ill estranged father (Fernando Rey) after a decade while dealing with the breakdown of her relationship. Very elliptically told - some scenes are in the present, some appear to be from the book her novelist father is writing, some are flashbacks to her childhood where Chaplin also plays her mother and some are episodes in her recent life which appear fantastical. At one point, there's an out of context love scene between Chaplin and Rey and you're left wondering if that was a flashback, a fantasy, incest? So a messy film, and one that worked best for me when it was just straight scenes of father and daughter chatting and reconnecting.
  5. The last movie I saw pre-Covid was the Jumanji film on New Years Eve with a bunch of us. And then the next was Tenet. The next after that was Shang Chi a year later but since then I think I've been to the cinema every month since, sometimes twice a month. I signed up for Cineplex's club membership last year so get a ticket every month. I love the theatre experience, though mostly I tend to go on weekday matinees when I have a day off work. The local second run theatre has started playing popular classics so that's fun. Watched Mary Poppins there last month.
  6. Oh jeez, this was sad news to find out about after popping back in here for the first time in months. I still fondly remember Teddy Long's peanut head from the Smackdown Comix. HOLLA HOLLA Like others have said in here, it was nice to get a thanks or an encouraging comment from him on a post, and I remember when there was briefly a Euro promotions folder here, I started a thread posting updates from the Irish scene and he posted a reply saying "This right here is why I'm glad I created this folder". I never kept up with it, but that was very nice. He seemed like a great guy and I can't remember him ever getting into wars of words with other posters. He just focused on the fun aspects of wrestling. Condolences to those who knew him well.
  7. Oof this crashed hard for me. I don't know how you can set up a plot, have your audience follow along for 9 1/2 episodes and then tell us "the plot sucks so we're not gonna go through with it". Shit, you guys are the ones who wrote the frickin thing. At any point during pre-production you guys could've come up with a story that you actually did want to present instead of having your fictional character make fun of the things you wrote! Very lazy.
  8. Finally the Star Wars show about workplace politics I've always wanted!
  9. What are some examples of inopportune bleeding in wrestling? Last week Britt Baker had her nose busted open and then had to do a post match bit and it got me thinking if there were more egregious examples of unfortunate unplanned bleeding. Like Goldberg in WWE somehow cutting himself during an entrance and continuously bleeding through a promo. Has there ever been instances of someone being busted open hardway in a trivial, lighthearted type match where blood changed the dynamic? I'm thinking something like some smiley faced 80s babyface accidentally busting his jobber opponent open or being busted open himself. Or someone accidentally bleeding like the proverbial stuck pig in a match but then having to complete a pre-booked post match promo/skit. I'm kinda laughing at the idea of Scotty 2 Hotty having to do the worm with a crimson mask.
  10. Never seen the guy before tonight but yeah... Scrawn Strowman.
  11. This is the best version available on YT, unfortunately kinda poor quality and the movie clips (Batman Forever) edited out. Two Michael Jackson videos heavy on stop motion.
  12. Make Danhausen the on screen authority figure.
  13. Where is Columbo available? Never watched it but have been meaning to lately.
  14. Yep, I miss episodic television like that. The first season of the Mandalorian was such a breath of fresh air because of this. Just an old school western vibe of a guy going from town to town getting into adventures.
  15. *tells off BP for thinking Ireland is in the UK*
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