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  1. Someone was uploading them to YT years ago but they kept getting taken down, so I only saw the first few episodes. I remember falling about the place at Mortimer's terrible Taxi Driver impression.
  2. My favourite Liotta role is actually Tommy Vercetti in Vice City.
  3. There's an article in the Guardian today interviewing collectors, one of whom is Peter Blake, cover artist for Sgt. Pepper's. Which wrestler does he have here? Kinda looks like CM Punk.
  4. Nice, I noticed that camera man last week and thought he looked suspicious but then nothing came of it.
  5. Wordle, Globle, Framed and now Quordle (4 Wordles at the same time) for me
  6. Ah gotcha. The imperial system is still used in metric system countries - pints being the obvious one, but also feet for height, yards in football and, in the British Isles, stone for weight, for example.
  7. Canada too. I'm curious what you guys use down south now.
  8. Never watched it back in the day, just catching glimpses of here and there. Always struck me as a cosy Sunday evening type show which isn't necessarily a bad thing (That wouldn't have appealed to me as a teenager, but does now). I read one of the books a couple years ago and Lovejoy struck me as a more rogueish, misogynistic type character than I would've expected.
  9. Swift

    The Deuce

    Actually for me, I was a getting a bit tired of Gyllenhaal by the end. Not the character, but just her performance. Favourite side characters? For me, gangsters Rudy and Tommy, and Harvey, the cinephile who has settled for a life as a pornographer.
  10. Quick rundown of stuff I've read since last time I posted... It's a Funny Old Life by Jimmy Greaves - Somewhat of a memoir by footballer turned TV personality, but specifically focusing on the TV years. I picked this up for a $1 thinking I'd get some interesting backstage stories about 80s/90s TV, but it's mostly just a collection of random thoughts he has about TV of the era. Very much "old man shouting at cloud" stuff (didn't care for Julian Clary and bemoans the fact that kids can watch him on TV) Junk. Dubliners by James Joyce - A re-read, and a much better experience this time around some 20 years later. Chatterton by Peter Ackroyd - I really enjoy Ackroyd's psychogeographical approach, but he doesn't always stick the landing. That's the case here unfortunately. Our modern day (well, 1980s) protagonist buys a painting of 18th Century artist Thomas Chatterton and slowly becomes obsessed with it and the idea that maybe Chatterton didn't actually kill himself. The book jumps back and forth from the 80s to Chatterton's final days to the painting being created in the 19th Century, and I loved that stuff, but the mystery kinda peters out by the end. The Mugger by Ed McBain - Just recently got into McBain and enjoy his police procedurals. I love these slim, quick read books for when you're not sure what to read next and have a bunch of McBain of my shelves for that purpose. Red Lights on the Prairies by James H. Gray - Interesting book about prostitution in the prairie provinces during the early settler era. A bit dry though. The Young Detectives by R.J. McGregor - I read a lot of Enid Blyton as a kid, and I was feeling nostalgic recently for that 'kids investigating a mystery by the seaside during the summer holidays' vibe. This had all of those ingredients, including the ubiquitous smuggler's cove and secret tunnels stuff but it was mostly dull. Written for children obviously, and I probably would've loved it as a kid. Maigret meets a milord by Georges Simenon (published under a bunch of different titles over the years) - Like McBain, Simenon churned out a huge amount of 150 page novels, sometimes 3 or 4 a year. I've always wanted to read them and recently found a bunch of Penguins for cheap. This was my first of his and was unfortunately a letdown. Goodreads reviews are mixed on this one, so maybe it's not indicative of the rest of his work. Currently reading Leo Damrosch's biography of Swift. I live for this stuff.
  11. Swift

    The Deuce

    Bumping a bit of an older thread, but I just made my way through it recently, finishing up yesterday. Excellent show that doesn't seem to get talked about a whole lot. A surprisingly sentimental ending too with a character revisiting NY in 2019 and bumping into all of the ghosts in a cleaned up, gentrified Times Square. Loved it. Anyway, Black Frankie for those who might have missed it... Bobby asks him in the final episode what he's going to do next. Frankie mentions a cousin Nathan in the Lexington Terrace projects in Baltimore who needs some help with things. That seemed like a way too specific reference and sure enough it refers to the real life Nathan Barksdale, the basis for Avon Barksdale in The Wire. Of course, Bobby mentions he's gonna go try get his union job back (a sly nod to Frank Sobotka presumably)
  12. I can't for the life of me recall where I read this recently, and it might be bullshit, but apparently the first half of this split season takes place in the BCS timeline, and the second half takes place in the Gene timeline. Again, very well could be BS.
  13. That and recliner seats. Don't know how we ever lived without them.
  14. Still (hesitantly) on board with this. I did think episode 3 was deathly dull and kinda zoned out, but I actually enjoyed this week's episode. I'm a sucker for archaeological dig stuff in movies so enjoyed that stuff, and I'm intrigued by where the final 10 minutes is taking us. The Steven character is grating on me now though. I initially enjoyed him, maybe reveling in Oscar Isaac doing an actually convincing London accent with appropriate phrases thrown in ("oh my days") but yeah, the character is a bit tiresome now.
  15. Back row has always been my preference, but I did have to sit in the middle row recently and it actually wasn't so bad. One of the advantages was that I was the furthest forward so didn't have to see random idiots taking out their phones during the movie. I've been taking advantage of matinee shows lately since theatres fully opened and so there's usually only 10-15 people at most, and like you I don't really want anyone engaging with me, so it was annoying when I went to watch the Wes Anderson movie a few months ago. I was the only person in the theatre, sitting back row in the centre, when another guy comes in and sits in the row in front of me, about two seats to the right. It felt so awkward. Like seriously dude, we're both gonna sit alone in a theatre but far too close to each other for a comedic movie, letting out little chuckles for the next two hours? Thankfully after about 10 minutes of this, some other people started filing in and it then wasn't so bad. Almost as bad as the mythic urinal guys.
  16. I don't really care for either guy, but that joyfulness is awesome.
  17. Is there an equivalent NJPW legend still going for Sting to face off against?
  18. This Letterboxd account surely belongs to someone here - https://letterboxd.com/vincemale/film/porky-the-wrestler/
  19. That one's probably her choice. Alba is the Scots Gaelic word for Scotland.
  20. Apropos of nothing at all, but I didn't realise until today that they're named The Baddies Section because it's TBS.
  21. Just because I watched The Hit last night, followed by watching him being interviewed on Parkinson, Terrence Stamp would be a great fit.
  22. Everything Everywhere All At Once is getting rave reviews on Letterboxd, almost overwhelmingly 5 star reviews, but unfortunately it just didn't appeal to me all that much. Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan both give excellent performances, it's very fun visually (some great costumes and set design) and I liked the overall story of wondering what other paths you may have taken in life and where they would have led you, but it's all let down in my opinion by relentlessly juvenile humour - all annoyed me. I suspect most people here will love it though, and it is a wild and crazy ride, but it just wasn't for me. I'll watch it again when it's available for streaming because I didn't hate it. I want to experience the love people are feeling for it.
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