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  1. I've only read one Jack Reacher book so somebody more well versed than myself can answer better, but that trailer doesn't feel true to the character either does it? I think I imagined some kind of mix of a white Idris Elba in stature with a no nonsense get-things-done Jason Bourne type, but here's he's a dude with a six pack cracking jokes. Maybe that's how he is in most of the books? I think someone like Holt McCallany (who played a bad guy in one of the films) would've been a good fit.
  2. Ever stumble across a movie and literally have no idea what you're watching? Like a film that you've never heard of in your life? I recorded Taking Tiger Mountain off TCM a few weeks back thinking maybe it was some Brian Eno related oddball project. It's not, though it was odd. An unusual origin story too. In the 70s a young Bill Paxton and a friend went to Morocco to make a film based on Camus' The Stranger. They got arrested after not bribing some local officials and had some of their equipment/film confiscated. So they ended up in Wales (as you do) and made this film instead, filming it without sound and then another director taking over the project and adding in dialogue/sound effects later, and finally released in 1983. Paxton's character has been kidnapped by feminist scientists and brainwashed to be sent to a small town in Wales in order to kill the head of a local prostitution camp, or something like that. What makes the film interesting is firstly the gorgeous black and white photography (restored here beautifully by Vinegar Syndrome) and the great sound design. Because the dialogue is dubbed in, it gives the whole thing an otherworldly feel, but on top of that there are constant radio broadcasts playing throughout the film relaying the events of a war ongoing in the US, refugees escaping to Europe, assassinations of political leaders, and other various bits of turmoil going on around the globe. Well, I guess the other interesting thing about the film is the handful of scenes of a fully erect Paxton fooling around and at one point a quick shot of him receiving an unsimulated blowie. A bit mindblowing that this was on TCM, albeit in their late night Underground slot. Paxton is the only actor here with the local townsfolk playing other characters, including I presume the people (male and female) he's fooling around with.
  3. I used to change my username quite often on this board but my first few years were under the name Exit (I liked the U2 song at the time) and my longest serving name was Cameron Swift. There was an Irish children's writer named Carolyn Swift. I never read her books but I liked how her name rolled off the tongue. Cameron was chosen because I liked Jeff Hardy at the time. In recent years I've become a fan of Jonathan Swift (my avatar has been confused for Voltaire on here once or twice; I like him too and once considered Swiftaire as a cool sounding username. Somewhat coincidentally l grew up beside a road named after Swift as he was known to have spent time in the area 300 years ago.) and additionally my stepdaughter's boyfriend is named Cameron so I dropped the first name from all my online stuff. Edit: Also coincidentally I googled Cameron Swift once and it turned out there's a real life guy with my made up name living in the same city, so I always found it funny that people would think that guy was responsible for my online gibberish should they come across it and know him in real life.
  4. Guys I think I'm tired of Dwayne Johnson. That's weird to say because he was easily my favourite guy during the Attitude era and I was proud as a fan when he started getting small roles in movies and then exploded into a megastar, but man his cinematic persona is kinda boring now (plus he seems to be everywhere - multiple movies, Young Rock, some ninja warrior type show, etc) He needs to play some grizzled bad guys for a while instead of the jovial, wise cracking, could beat your ass but is kind of a softie thing he's got going now. Jungle Cruise is a mess of a film, and it's not especially down to him, though I think a more charismatic male lead would've been better here. Edgar Ramirez is in this film, and I think he would've worked better in this role. But easily the worst thing about this film is the huge overuse of poor CGI. I can't believe they sat on this thing for over a year and still thought the CGI was presentable. I watched [b]Anaconda[/b] last month and one of the things I liked about the film was that you could tell it was filmed on location. One of the things I really miss about older films is that they actually take the crew and cast out and put them in these places, they build actual sets, or use actual boats. There was not one moment of this film where I believed anybody was not in a soundstage in front of a green screen, and it some places it looks atrocious. In addition, the editing of certain sequences was dreadful. The opening scene in the museum and the fight at the harbour are stunningly bad examples of this. Just horrendous combinations of superfast cutting leaving the viewer with no sense of placement within the scene. Also someone needs to tell Jack Whitehall he's not particularly funny. Red Notice is better than the last film. Not as noticeably reliant on CGI and has some decent action, but it's just kind of blah overall. The kind of thing you forget by the next day. I'm a sucker for these type of secret history, long lost hidden treasure movies. I adore the Indiana Jones movies, I unironically enjoy the National Treasure movies, love the Tomb Raider and Uncharted games, even enjoyed a couple Dan Brown books, I love this kind of stuff, but they work when the characters are earnestly interested in the treasure they're seeking. Here, you have Ryan Reynolds yukking it up the whole time, calling treasure hunters "lonely nerds", whistling the Indian Jones theme, and at one point saying "maybe we should be looking for the box marked Macguffin" Hur hur. In fact, Reynolds is an obnoxious presence lately, just playing Deadpool in every movie, and can please go away any day now. Thanks. I actually also watched Journey 2: The Mysterious Island recently. The Rock in an earlier role is better here, and the film is just a fun kids film treating the work of Jules Verne as if it was non-fiction. Absolutely goofy, but enjoyable fluff. The Rock sure loves his jungle movies though huh? The above three, the two Jumanji movies (one subtitled Welcome to the Jungle), The Rundown (at one point also titled Welcome to the Jungle), that giant gorilla movie, Moana, one of the F&F movies takes place in Samoa/Hawaii for a while.
  5. Those tweets above seem kind of harsh. Granted I don't know what kind of relationship they had, whether they were good buds or not and he is just namedropping, but who's to say his phone didn't just autocorrect? Or that he momentarily forgot the correct spelling? Or that he just never had to actually write the guy's name down so why the fuck would he have ever needed to know what the correct spelling is? I mean I work in an office so I need to know how to spell colleagues names and I see their names in emails, etc. but if you're just guys on the road, how would you ever see someone's name spelled out somewhere?
  6. Glad someone else saw the same match I did. I'm surprised so many people thought it was good. It was all very, very sloppy with seemingly nobody on the same page, including the ref who had to jump out of the way a couple of times. At one point Kalisto does the splits and... nothing happens. I presume Aerostar was supposed to jump over the ropes but didn't. Maybe the quality was down to Aerostar's injury and so can be forgiven, but it wasn't good.
  7. Fun show. The only complaint I have is the production crew missing most of PAC's flip into Black's sitting pose. That image of him sneering with the fingers up was hilarious.
  8. Oh just remembered the time I met a guy at work named Jim Molyneux and I was for sure certain that I was familiar with him already until hours later I realized the name in my head belonged to the ECW ref and not him.
  9. I think the only namesake I've seen was a lawyer named Scott Hall. Not very interesting.
  10. I think I'd limit it to "there has to be a wrestling ring setup" otherwise yeah BJPW and DDT and the like would dominate.
  11. @HayabusaIgnoring a poster just means you don't see their posts. You can still see threads created by them, just not their posts in the thread.
  12. What are some of the strangest venues/locations wrestling shows have taken place in? I'll start with this one - https://www.cagematch.net/?id=1&nr=288421
  13. Obviously real, it's bizarre that anyone thinks the Archer stuff was an angle. One thing I'd prefer they not do for things like that though is to roll back into the ring to finish the match. When you go straight to the finish after something like that, it's just so anti-climactic and highlights the fakeness (I'm thinking of that David Arquette incident where he gets his neck sliced open, gets out of the ring, gets back in to eat the pin, and immediately gets back out again). I'd prefer if the ref just called the match there and then acknowledging that it's a real injury and the guy forfeits.
  14. Was it just me or did you get the vibe that Undertaker and New Day were never on set at the same time? I didn't look too closely, but it felt like a lot of the shots were framed tightly to cover for the fact that they were using a double for Taker. Agreed on Taker looking like hell, and with the Paul Bearer stuff I don't know why they didn't go for a more cartoony 90s purple Taker with full wig on.
  15. Will the Buy In show still be available on YT after the weekend (I'm away) or is it only available to watch live on Friday?
  16. Maybe in the US? It's on Star on the Disney+ platform in Canada.
  17. We've been bingeing it lately. It's a fun show. I don't think I've seen too much of Selena Gomez, but she seems like a poor actor here, all unexpressive and monotone. That might just be how she's playing the character, because I assume coming from the Disney TV sitcom world (I think?) she'd have to have been bouncy and peppy before. I found the episode in question a bit too gimmicky tbh. I'm glad someone is trying something different, but I guess I found it a bit too goofy to have silence in scenes where the deaf character wasn't present at all.
  18. Maybe Cage has taken over Allie Kat's gimmick and Buddy is just breaking the news to us?
  19. The son of Tazz with the adopted son of Tazz
  20. Actually, in terms of awful name paired with even worse gimmick, it's hard to overlook Kerwin White.
  21. Oney Lorcan is definitely a crap name. If you've got a gimmick name that's not immediately obvious how to pronounce, you've come up with a bad name. I can't be the only one who referred to him and fellow black trunks, slaphead Burch as Oney and Twoey, right?
  22. Pillman had a line in there like (paraphrasing) "Don't be fooled by my nice clothes and how I clean up well, I'm still feral" I'm totally out of the loop if an obscene mullet and tiger print clothes are an example of "spruced up". Maybe in Cincinnati?
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