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He also in the last few days has retweeted the Corgan news and all of Jarrett's Global Force tweets.


So clearly someone would like a job

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Very funny.

Now I know why he goes with the Mohawk.

With his hair slicked like that Sheames looks like someone out of Gangs of New York. Can we get that team with him and Barrett yet?

That's a better look than his mohawk. He should totally rock a Gangs of New York inspired look/gimmick.


Skrull-t Cabana. Well played, Mr. Brooks.

Stole my thunder. I was gonna point that out.

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KOTR Bracket per wwe.com

I'm hoping they go with Ambrose or Neville though to be honest I'm disappointed as I was really hoping Rusev would be in it and win.

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I'd like for it to be Ambrose just to continue the momentum from the win last night, but I could see it being Neville. Neville seems like the kind of guy who, had he debuted in the brand split era, would have had the IC or US put on him right out of the gate. I would not be surprised if those in charge think that a nice KOTR win would help put a little extra pepper on Neville, without having him beat a) a Cena who is currently tied up with Rusev or b) a (hopefully) returning Bryan.

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After re-watching it via WWEN and Youtube (the latter to fill in the gaps), I'm going to make a bold statement: The Eddie/Rey feud that culminated in that ladder match for custody of Dominic is the single-best angle/feud WWE has run post-Attitude era. It was so ridiculous, but also so good. All Eddie needed was a mustache that he could have twiddled during and after each promo. That is one of the better soap-operatic angles I've seen in general, actually. It's like a telenovela-meets-sports entertainment-style throwback to 1980s JCP in some ways. 

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