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  1. I remember finding this board looking for New Jack CAW formulas for SD2! on the PS1. I, too, have been a nobody on the board for, like, 20 years now. It's weird to have been here just before the Sleaze Thread and to still be here now; all the reckonings in the pro wrestling community have had a big net-positive impact. AEW-wise, I love the dream match formula they've really leaned into over the past year or so. I don't think it's a coincidence this aligns with Cody's tv and paternity leaves.
  2. I just want to point out on the age discussion how far we've come medically in the last ten years. We can literally de-age brains with oxygen/hyperbaric therapy. We also have way more knowledge about the benefits of stem cell treatments, not to mention stretching and sports chiropractors. Also, if you want some good knews, check out all the advances we're making with cancer treatments. Especially all the recent news out of Korea!
  3. What was up with the weird edits in the Cutler/Luchasaurus match? There was an awkward voice over on a shit can and the weirdness with that chokeslam. Also, everything about Luchasaurus annoys me. I want Jungle Jack Perry on his own so badly.
  4. People forget how much AJ carried the Cena fued on the mic. He quickly became not only a good promo, but one of the better promo guys in the company consistently given the time to do so.
  5. I saw the Revival and AA have a tag match in Atlanta that blew away the match they had on tv a few weeks later. It was essentially the same match, spot for spot, just with more energy and without the nervousness of being for the camera. Chris Hero didn't get to incessantly practice his matches. Vote Hero.
  6. Joe has one line in promos: "You see, it's simple." He says it multiple times every promo. Vote Riddle.
  7. Chris Hero, as has been stated, had one of the best in-ring years maybe ever. This year almost everyone else falls short of the incredibly high standard he set.
  8. Joe had basically the same match at least three times with two different guys.
  9. I like people citing personality when voting Jericho over an evil wrestling caveman.
  10. It feels like every time I try to start watching Impact regularly, make an effort to keep up on DVR, that the company goes through a massive shake-up and changes everything I was getting used to. It's hilarious that this company has lasted longer than WCW.
  11. Mastiff is shorter than Cobb, I think. I like Dave Mastiff, but think it is hilarious that he is billed as a monster or a big man. He's burley and beefy, which is amazing, but he's not your standard wrestling BIG man.
  12. My main problem with NXT right now is their inability to develop episodic stories with how they tour and film now. It feels like we've gotten so much retread between the big shows. The second Brooklyn and Toronto shows were primarily rematches and, while the matches delivered, there was very little development of any of the stories between the shows which were three months apart. That's a long time to tread narrative water.
  13. I don't know if calling a guy who was on actual NFL rosters a football dropout (especially when Brock--whom I assume you're homering for here--only ever made a practice squad) is a good argument. Plus, it's wrestling. Everything is believable if it's booked right.
  14. Chono is a guy who I've always liked, but never really got into. Are there any essential Chono matches that personify what he's all about I should check out? I guess the idea of most prototypical match of X worker might be a topic of its own merit. Any way, here's blonde Chono. .
  15. TNA is a promotion built for comps. Some great scattered matches, moments, and stars made all the more impressive when you remove them from their disappointing context. They just lack the business sense to really capitalize on this. It's weird when a wrestling PROMOTION has no idea how to promote itself (outside of Britain and India). i don't think TNA will ever die. It's moribund visage will live forever making unfathomable mistakes until everything we know is swallowed by our bloating sun.
  16. Per Bix on Twitter, The State of Tennessee has filed tax liens against TNA. http://www.sescoops.com/exclusive-tna-unpaid-taxes-tennessee-strikes-back/
  17. Y'all, very clearly a parody account. Come on, now.
  18. Unrelated to anything, but how long until Baron Corbin is forced to lose a hair match?
  19. Miz is in a weird spot where he can't really be transitioned up the card unless he feuds with Ambrose, but that means Orton would have to transition into a title program, and maybe Bray goes after Ziggler? Very curious to see where the booking goes from here. If they're going to make this new Hawkins character Eli Drake, they really should have just hired Eli Drake. I like Hawkins, but unless they push it so much further and make this ridiculously over the top, I don't see it getting over. The Slater/Rhino team seems like something out of Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain and I love it.
  20. Kingston seems like a guy that could do anything they'd need him to (comedy, intensity) really anywhere on the card. Is he healthy enough though? I thought he was getting pretty run down. And I just want to clarify that I get things have happened, but the pacing of everything in-between the Takeovers is so much slower now. So many rematches and no-brainers. Like, do we really need a months long build for Itami and Aries? That doesn't feel like a story that needs that long to tell. Same with Joe and Nakamura. I think the best built angle over the last few months was No Way Jose and Aries, but they dropped that. Maybe I'm wrong, but it feels like the focus and structure of the show has changed. I still love NXT, but it feels different. Great wrestling, great wrestlers, but the endearing way they were organized to tell compelling stories is different. I also wish they'd bring Hero back and just let him be fat Chris Hero this time.
  21. I feel like the show could be next week, honestly. There already is so much filler. Ever since Dallas I feel like the storytelling and character development has slowed WAY down, across the board. There are very few actual gimmicks on the show any more and it's bogged down with guys who should be on the main roster already. Things just feel very predictable and safe and they only really advance one story at a time. The last couple months have been a chore to get through for me at times.
  22. Miz has been consistently good since he was wearing capris. This is the first WWE show I've watched live and all the way through in maybe a year or so? I loved it. Everything was entertaining and made sense. In that regard it honestly felt more like an NXT Takeover than a WWE PPV (which might just be the new writing staff). Love the new tag team belts. But how weird is it that Rhyno is a WWE champion in 2016? And good for AJ! He's been one of my favorites since I first saw him tag with Air Paris in WCW. Such an awesome career and a generational talent able to get over any and everywhere.
  23. Will have to watch tomorrow because of work, but did Cass do his yelling after every big spot thing?
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