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This Weather Sucks

Dolfan in NYC

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I'm something a hurricane nerd.  Growing up in South Florida will do that to you.  When I tell you, I have never ever seen anything like this...

Basically Acapulco got blindsided overnight by a Category 5 hurricane named Otis, with sustained winds of 160MPH  When I say blindsided I mean, literally 24 hours before landfall, it was a tropical storm and not supposed to get much stronger.   Then it hit a small patch of 92F/33C temperature water and it did this:

Acapulco has never been hit by anything higher than a Category 2.  The initial reports are horrific and will probably have total damage will into the billions.

Climate change is fucking real.  Heaven help Houston/New Orleans/Tampa/Miami/New York when they face down the barrel of this gun.

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1 hour ago, odessasteps said:

82 F here today.

Had to turn the AC back on. 

Happy Hallowe'en. 


And here we are in the days of the Last False Summer, before the temps fall off a cliff into the realms of True Autumn

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I’m fairly annoyed that the trees on our yard lost relatively few leaves in October and instead decided to lose everything all at once when wet, cool weather set in.  Amount of leaves this morning in yard looks like more than I cleaned up during the first 29 days of the month.

Truthfully, this looks like a job for whatever lawn service I decide to call during lunch.

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Last year on Halloween, I was raking leaves in a t-shirt. After that, I longboarded around in costume for over an hour. 

This year = I have already spent a good deal of my morning shoveling snow. What the hell?

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The weather warmed up just enough to start letting this weird bronchitis/shortness of breath bullshit to begin subsiding...

And then this cold snap flies in, and I'm back to being out of breath when I fucking talk.  Hooray.

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Man, it's been cruising along in the 70s for weeks, and today has been like getting thrown in an ice bath. They forecasted flurries (though who knows if they'll show). 

I only complain because it's Halloween and that FUCKING SUCKS for the kids. So many Halloweens ruined by having to wear a coat over your costume...

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