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  1. Say an article this morning where an epidemiologist said that, if you're wearing a mask post-vaccination, you're doing it out of solidarity or symbolism (his words, not mine). Not doing you a lot of good medically. I'm not really expecting every business to drop mandates immediately (but I can hope). It'll be interesting to see what our governor does. He's been rather proactive on erring on the side of public health, but he already promised to drop the mask mandate next month.
  2. If anyone knows of a site still selling unused digital codes for Super Mario 3D All-Stars, let me know. Thought I bought the game before it was delisted, but apparently not. Physical copies are still easy to come by, so I bought the physical edition yesterday, but no one has unused codes (codes can still be redeemed even though the game was removed from the eshop). Figured I might at least find a few on eBay at a markup, but no such luck. Got a good laugh when I realized I wasn't sure where the cartridge slot was. I bought my first Switch around August 2017 but never needed to insert a cartridge until now. SM3DAS is my first (and hopefully only) physical Switch game.
  3. Back in Feb, Experiment 101's creative director assured everyone that the game would be playable on Series X and PS5. But nothing concrete has been announced by the studio and his comments were vague enough that he may have just meant the game ran fine via backwards compatibility. Supposedly, performance will be improved on current gen systems even without optimization. I'm not too fussed about a Series X patch so long as it looks good and runs well. Everything I've heard or read about it lately has been extremely positive, so I'm cautiously optimistic.
  4. I feel like there's a fair chance Good & Evil 2 eventually sees the light of day, since there's a decent-sized audience waiting for it. Wild, on the other hand..... Given a choice, I'd much rather have Wild. Edit: The good news is that Ubisoft reiterated yesterday that Far Cry 6 and the Sands of Time remake are still expected to release later in 2021.
  5. Yes. The stip is ridiculous. There should be a zero percent chance that Rosa would agree to give up AEW and her outside gigs, even in kayfabe. So, naturally I expect her to lose. Could be some comedy in in it if she shows up in AEW under a mask and bills herself as Red River Jacqueline.
  6. I can't wait for the cinematic match where someone is thrown to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Of course, they'll be off tv for less than 24 hrs,. then appear on Raw the next night with a small bandage on their forehead to sell the 6,000 foot drop. Realism!
  7. Meltzer says that AEW still has big plans for Jungle Boy, but is holding off pulling the trigger until crowds return. That seems to be the AEW mentality in general: holding pattern in the hopes that they can resume shows with crowds soon. I dunno. Pushing a 45-year-old Jungle Boy doesn't seem that exciting to me.
  8. So many botches. I’m dying every time I watch this. Vince would have a stroke if this was on his show. They botch a spot pretty much every time they touch the briefcase. I do wonder if Sherri was supposed to clock Mongo, or if he was going to no-sell the shot anyway.
  9. Got a question. I was browsing the Nintendo eshop for old-school Nintendo games and I noticed that a lot of classic Nintendo exclusives appear to be available on the Wii U eshop, but not the Switch's. I'm talking about the Rare Donkey Kong Country trilogy, a lot of the older Metroid games (Metroid, Super, the DS games), Sin an Punishment, Super Mario 64 (?!) as well as the NES and SNES Super Mario titles, and most of the older Legend of Zelda games, including Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Have these seriously not been ported to the Switch eShop or am I missing something? Is there a reason for this? It seems like making Majora's Mask and Super Mario 64 available on the Wii would be a no-brainer.
  10. Not gonna lie. I'm kinda disappointed the snowman broke kayfabe and didn't wear his mask.
  11. Sony's said contradictory things about backwards compatibility. Based on their latest cryptic rumblings, it seems like most/all PS4 games should work on the PS5, but a few people I've talked to thing Sony will whitelist games so that only games Sony's staff has had time to test will work on PS5. Last thing I remember them specifically promising was that the 100 most popular PS4 titles will be backwards compatible at launch. They inferred the number would be much higher than that, didn't specifically say that. My physical Sony library is heavy on imports and indie games from Limited Run and such. And I'm going to end up with a good sized digital indie library by year's end. I'm not counting too heavily on small indie games being whitelisted any time soon, if they go that route. The PS TV fiasco kinda soured me on that idea. The PlayStation TV should have been fully compatible with the Vita catalog but never was. Basically, most games which relied heavily on the Vita motion controls were not whitelisted. That's fine on the face of it, but there were a lot of games that had support for the standard controller patched in so it could be done. More annoyingly, there were a lot of games which were designed to accomodate a standard control scheme but still never got whitelisted because.... Sony never bothered to make them compatible. If they do go the whitelist route, I'm skeptical they are going to put in the effort to make 5,000+ PS4 titles compatible. And, with PS TY, you also got into the digital/physical issue. Some digital games were compatible with PSTV, but their physical counterparts are not. PS TV compatibility is a mess to sort out.
  12. Giving some thought to watching Darwin's Game? Opinions?
  13. That makes more sense. Looking at her Wikipedia entry, it looks like she's gotten a decent bit of work the past few years, albeit not in shows that were likely to make her a bigger star or land her a steady paycheck. She's apparently landing some smaller supporting roles in films and was cast in a couple shows on channels I don't follow (Starz, History Channel specifically).
  14. This seems odd to me. Or unexpected, at least. I guess her tv/film career hasn't taken off?
  15. What's the sudden objection to Dream about? From a couple of the comments above. I'm assuming that he was mentioned in the sleaze thread that was pinned a month or so back, but I skipped that thread entirely.
  16. I’m kinda impressed that they managed to make a game that looks even less entertaining than 2k20.
  17. At this point, I feel like buying a new console any time soon is a little silly. Game developers are kinda talking in hushed tones about how release dates are going to be affected at least through the end of 2021 and beyond. I don't have a lot of confidence that the game library for the PS5 or Xbox Series X after 12 or 24 months is going to stack up to the PS4 or Xbox One libraries after the same amount of time on the market. There may still be a game or sale that gets me to buy a next gen console soon after launch, but at this point, I feel like it would tale a lot. That said, it was fairly obvious from the last Microsoft presentation and what the developers have said since that Halo Infinite was nowhere near ready At this point, my most eagerly anticipated game that I hope might come out before the end of 2020 is probably the Last Campfire. Sigh. It'll probably end up being held back to be a PS5 exclusive.
  18. So I guess Vince just saw Romy and Michele's High School Reunion?
  19. Eh, Eccleston returning to Dr. Who isn't even going to make the top 20 signs of the apocalypse in 2020. Does Big Finish pay that well or is Eccleston wanting to buy a boat while his movie projects are in limbo? The little I've read about him over the years made it sound like he wanted nothing to do with Dr. Who.
  20. I guess I''m the only person who hoped the Dominic beatdown was Seth's face turn. Dom hasn't shown me anything yet that makes me want to watch. Imo, he lacks a good look and the "it" factor his dad has. Can't comment on his ringwork. yet. First full show I've watched since Feb or early March. Thought it was kinda poor despite a few good segments. Shane's fight club doesn't do it for me and it seems like the sort of thing Vince will lose interest in quickly. RETRIBUTION is already a channel changer. Not sure what to make of the ninjas. I guess I missed a Natayla heel turn that would explain why she and Lana are dressing like twins?
  21. Lol, like there's going to be a 2021.... It's probably just as well that I'm not too excited by the Triple A release schedule for the rest of the year. There are a number of games I'll pick up, but I'm not too excited for AC: Valhalla, Avengers, Cyberpunk, etc. There's a good chance I don't pick Avengers or Cyberpunk until next year or later. I'm sure there will be a lot of good games, but I don't see a lot on the release schedule that's a week one must-buy. I'm probably most excite for... uh.... Spelunky 2? I laugh when I see 2021 release dates. You might as well promise a pony and a PS6 while you're at it.
  22. Not really news, per se, but DC Universe laid off almost all of it's staff yesterday. Forbes' article said the original shows are expected to continue, but will find a new home, presumably HBO Max. Not at all surprising. Stargirl was already announced as jumping to the CW. Harley Quinn and Doom Patrol were co-streamed on Max. Titans and the new season of Young Justice was already rumored to be heading that way. On another note, is Titans worth watching? I never subscribed to DC Universe, so I've never seen it. Thought I saw it on Netflix the other day and thought I might dive into it.
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