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I don't generally mark out for moves, but when I do, it is springboard shooting star presses to the floor.  The wrestlers having to take their eyes off the ground/the opponent while trying to do an accurate backwards flip generally makes them miss their mark, as Mistico shows since he over-shoots his opponent and the mats and lands chest/face first on the floor.  Eh, he was fine.  Absolutely no idea how, but he was fine.




Oh, yeah, the old Shooting Star Press to the outside. That always works out fine.


UGH. Will never forget the sound of Mark Briscoe's head smacking the concrete floor of the Michigan State Fairgrounds after he wiped out and didn't rotate enough after he tried a "no-hands" springboard shooting star at ROH All Star Extravaganza III. It was scary watching him get stretchered out after that. I'll be okay if I never hear a sound like that again at a live wrestling event I attend.


But on the positive side, good to see my favorite Michael McGillicuddy/Curtis Axel match ever get a shoutout. The Sheamus match from this past Monday doesn't hold a candle to their Saturday Morning Slam encounter. That may actually be high in my favorite comedy matches ever list.

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I really enjoy the fact that caring about other human beings is being used as a negative. 


Oh don't be so dramatic. We're all fans of one of the scummiest businesses, filled with the sleaziest people, and yet an indy dude taking a dumb risk is what makes everyone start the hand-wringing. That's humorous.

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I think what bugs me about stuff like that is that hardcore crossed a certain line at some point.  Some things are just good visuals and/or the noise of it makes an impact. 


Get hit with a chair?  Looks violent and sounds awful. 

Go through a table?  Explosive sound and looks wild.

Light tubes?  Again, loud noise and shit flies everywhere and looks dangerous.

Barbwire?  Looks scary and intimidating even before you touch it. 

Thumbtacks? The impact may not be the strong part but seeing a guy with dozens of tacks in his back or head looks scary and violent.


But it got to a point where "death" matches had stupid shit like "a vat of rubbing alcohol/salt/lemon juice"   Well yeah, obviously that shit would hurt if you have an open wound but damn, a kidney stone hurts too.  That doesn't mean it's impressive to watch somebody feel the pain of one.  Likewise, I know in my head that having a needle stuck through my cheek would suck, but there's nothing about it that looks violent.  Hell, how many of us know people with multiple piercings?


I REALLY don't think I'm doing a good job of describing the point I'm trying to make, but damn it, it makes sense in my head.

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