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  1. Gionna named herself Marley after her dog. I'm not sure if that makes it better or not.
  2. Apollo is a great dude but I have zero interest in seeing him against Balor and Balor is my favorite guy. I'm glad they're doing it on TV though and not at Takeover in London, that would've been an awful decision.
  3. Putting Lana and Rusev back together and forgetting this shit ever happened, even though I enjoyed a lot of it, is the best possible option.
  4. That is a shame. Her snapping and beating Dana to death with her microphone like something out Goodfellas was the best built storyline NXT had.
  5. That blender or whatever the fuck it was that he thinks cost him the grill is still number one.
  6. I'll keep this short since I'm exhausted. This was a great show, every match I'd give an easy 4 stars+ to. Whoever laid out the main event deserves a raise it was brilliant and hid every single weakness Bayley has. I've never in my life seen a match that was explicitly booked to get a reaction out of one person, an 8 year old little girl, before but it was brilliant. I'm not sure if it was a good thing or an absolutely horrible thing to do, to put her through the emotional wringer like that for a half hour but it worked out. I'm legitimately stunned that this show didn't have one single angle, I can't believe Balor/Joe didn't turn and won the damn thing. I also can't believe that there was nothing at the end but I guess they did enough to Izzy so Kana or whomever can eviscerate her tomorrow night or something. Speaking of which, that Asuka/Dana match was fucking amazing. I was scared to death at how they'd do her but they made Asuka into a megastar tonight she was amazing. This entire show was perfect even if in a weird way it left me wanting more because there weren't any angles. I figured they'd do something after the main event, especially with all that time, or have Joe beat Balor's ass and do Rumble '94 but they did neither and that was strange to me.
  7. My main takeaway from the new Table for 3 is that Cesaro's and Dean's table manners were absolutely horrific.
  8. Aside from the Dudleys tag match, I thought Raw tonight was really fun. I never ever would've expected New Day to lay out Cena/Ziggler/Dudleys and stand tall to end the show. I have no idea where they're going to go between now and Rumble muchless now and Mania and it's exciting. I also really hope they go all the way and get to a RuRu/RaeRae wedding. I need to see them planning it, picking China, setting the menu the whole deal. It should be a reality show on the Network.
  9. I enjoyed Vince in the background beaming like a proud father. I wonder if it's weird for him to be at a show as a fan and not be in control and running it. I thought this special was great and makes you love Bayley, Sasha, Becky, Finn, and Owens and desperately want them to succeed. I don't know how you can come away from this show not wanting them to all conquer the world.
  10. The AWA Remco action figures were by far the best wrestling figures until Jakks got the WWF license. Shit I'd still probably take the AWA line over them to be honest.
  11. Yes. If he's retiring or going away it was a hell of a way to go out. I thought this show was a blast, not great matches except for the main but they were almost all fun. I say this every time but they need to do this more often.
  12. If I didn't know it was all true I'd think it was bullshit, Becky's the best.
  13. Even though it's clearly not in the cards I'd be down for a lengthy angle where Cena can constantly get the better of Seth in US and non-title matches but Seth always manages to pull it out for the world title. No idea if it's ever been done but it'd be interesting and entertaining to at least me.
  14. I'd love to see Kana follow the Owens path and debut as a face with a squash win and then turn heel after the main event by obliterating Bayley.
  15. To make this an even bigger fucking disgrace the Patrick Kane accuser's rape kit was apparently ripped open and dumped on her mother's door step.
  16. I thought it was thoroughly mediocre but I'll give it a few more chances to see if it can hit it's stride.
  17. I was 100% serious. I loved PBH as a kid when I was off school for summer.
  18. I never saw Hook either so I was clueless as to what the fuck a "Rufio" was.
  19. I know why they do the TV numbers that way but they're completely fucking hideous.
  20. Tonight's Raw was ludicrously entertaining. Ru Day and Kane killed it tonight. I can't believe that in 2015 Kane is a highlight on a show that was top to bottom really good but here we are. Opening with the big Wyatt/Roman and Dean brawl was a great choice and a surprise.
  21. I told everyone Sting/Rollins would be better than it had any right to be but I'm blown away by how hard Sting worked tonight. He took bumps he had no business taking. The show was overall good with a great last hour. I hated Jericho showing up but at least he ate the fall so even that worked out in the end.
  22. I know there's more awareness of concussions and long-term brain damage than there was back then, but did anyone really watch ECW matches back in the 90's (or AJPW or WWE with it's chairshots) and think all these unprotected head drops would somehow be good for the guys' health? Heyman or Raven said something to the effect of they had no idea that getting hit in the head with unprotected chair shots would he bad for you. Probably Raven.
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