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  1. They'd look like the Killer Bees. Hell, book it. Not enough bee related tag-teams any more.
  2. Now I feel like a jerk. And rightfully so, I did know that but it was not in my mind at all when I made these comments. Appreciate the info.
  3. God help them when Vince finally watches The Marine.
  4. If history has taught us anything, I absolutely cannot wait for 2026 when Vince sees these movies.
  5. Play it with a friend on Share Play on PS4, we laughed so much at what the hell was or was not happening. I apologise for bumping such an old thread but i didn't know where else to ask, does anybody have any information on the upcoming Switch consoles that are being released? I want to buy a Switch but if the new model comes out anytime soon I'd rather wait. I can't wait to play Pokemon really.
  6. I actually really want this top, but I can't find it anywhere online (Many similar themed shirts with similar messages) so if anybody actually ever sees for sale (bonus points if it's in the UK) please do let me know! PS Next thing we need is Pete Dunne Fashion Watch 2019.
  7. Wasn't Warriors wish that the Warrior Award would honour the WWE employees behind the scenes who never get the recognition, but then when he passed away the next year it became someone who battles hard times or works hard for people who have hard times? inb4 Big Boss Man
  8. I wouldn't be, the fact is it's gonna get taken over by his idiotic daughter and his doofus son-in-law and the rest of his stupid family. ..... Sorry, I couldn't not do that.
  9. I was going to make a joke about Road Wild but I found this picture while looking and, man, I dunno, these attires are wonderful:
  10. The thing that stands out to me was how funny I found 'Mayor Jacobs' to sound. I don't know why but I half expected him to be known as Mayor Kane. (Or the Mayor Kane, in the spirit of The Demon Kane' Now I really can't wait for the 2020 Royal Rumble when Kane reenacts the 1998 Royal Rumble and enters as all three faces of Foley Kane - Kane! The Demon Kane! THE MAYOR KANE!!! Oh my god, Mrs Jacobs baby boy is pulling a triple header!
  11. I liked it that much that I seemed to have said it twice. I'll use this post then to ask this question: Where does Daniel Bryan go from here?
  12. One of my all time favourite finishes to a match is actually against Bret by the Bulldog for his reversal of the Sunset flip at Summerslam 92.
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