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  1. Anywhere else, that spot would be shit on.
  2. God, could I care anything less about Mo? What a boring fucking "fighter". At least Rampage sort of tried to work the grudge a bit.
  3. FINALLY saw the 6 man. Was that about as good as professional wrestling gets or what?! Near, if not, perfect match.
  4. Oh what people wi What did he get for this? A hotdog and a smile? I can't believe people are still doing these matches in 2014.
  5. People are really shitting on the angle. But think about it. It wasn't bad timing, it was PERFECT timing. That crowd was fucking bonkers like it rarely ever, ever is. The shot right before the knee with the slow hand raises was insane. Austin levels of over.
  6. Regal's promo has to be right there up at the top this year. Do any really come close? SO GOOOOOOOD. Then we get Cena/Rollins tonight. We're so spoiled right now.
  7. After watching that clip, Bryan really is the "new" Austin in the sense that people chant for him even when he isn't involved. Incredible.
  8. Oh yeah... totally legit. I'll be rolling my eyes over there.
  9. What a mess of a match. No one really wanted to cooperate, it was actually filmed at double speed. Blah.
  10. Man, I am all over the Burch wagon right now. Dude looks super great in the ring. His own look is maybe a bit off for WWE TV, but the dude can really, really go.
  11. Wait, what? Didn't Flair and Arn have a particularly good PPV (I think) match? Arn went for DDT, Flair held ropes and got the figure four but Arn small packaged him? Or am I remembering 10 matches and combining them?
  12. I am actually laughing that people are taking personal offense to Low Ki being whatever to some promoters somewhere. Like he personally offended each and every indy fan or something.
  13. So I am not the only one going "Who...?"
  14. Do you even read, bro? just kidding, mostly. East of West smokes either of those and until then, those were the two I talked about most as well.
  15. Does anyone really have a move like that Bradshaw clothesline these days in the WWE. Something quick that kills guys (and is actually probably relatively safe) and gets a good reaction?
  16. All I've gotten from this past few pages is that wrestling fans will argue inanely with other wrestling fans about ANYTHING. No matter what: TIME TO ARGUE. It's really fucking tiresome. I remember the days when we would sit and admire pro wrestling.
  17. People are talking about the Joe match like it WASN'T a garbage match. He landed on his fucking head multiple times, he bladed gushers. It WAS a deathmatch without gimmicks in the ring. And as for Drake Younger, he still makes his name being basically suicidal, even in PWG. Ridiculous bumps, drops and dives. To me taking the risks he does is no different then being hit by lighttubes. Let's not distract ourselves from the FACT that these guys do NOT get booked for their wrestling ability.
  18. 4 rounds for Jones is the biggest pile... not a chance. 48-47 for Gustaffson was the only result that made sense to me at all. Regardless, what a war! Best title fight ever was the right call.
  19. Death match "star". 30 people make you a star these days? Someone get me my agent!
  20. WCWSN was really strong when he was booking. He would take a handful of the decent guys he could book (Benoit, luchadors, Alex Wright, Disco, etc) and mix them with the Power Plant/development guys, which led to some pretty decent matches given some time. This was why the "Natural Born Thrillers" came on the scene so strong when they were all repckaged and pushed. Plus, Hart knew he was never gonna get any title matches on WCWSN, so he got control of the TV title, and he booked Duggan as an old-school tv champ that defended the title on tv each week, and they built feuds with guys like Fidel Sierra and Emory Hale over it. It was a consistently entertaining show when Nitro/Thunder were at their worst. I always get the impression that guys would come up and ask for a match they wanted to be in, knowing it would be good. Like Finlay saying he wanted to work Dandy and put on a show.
  21. I am thinking the Swagger match is as good as the Cesaro match. Zayn is like the best at taking heat babyface in a long time. Sells like crazy and sells "indy" style too, which connects better then the "WWE" style if you ask me. The reaching out with a pleading look to fans, etc. Love it.
  22. I think people are insane if they think that reaction matched the big Austin pops of his heyday.
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