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  1. When Nick Foles retires as a player, he can become a backup head coach. He takes over the reins for some team that's losing by 17 late in the third quarter and leads them to a win. Afterwards he coaches the next two games and goes back to the bench. He then gets traded to another team 3 weeks later for a 7th rounder and some disinfecting spray and leads another comeback before wetting himself the next two games. So maybe Nick Foles can be the Lions backup head coach in three years.
  2. The White Sox were in an uproar when Tim Anderson got HBP by the Royals because of a bat flip. The tables turned yesterday with Wilson Contreras of the Cubs who had the world’s highest bat flip last night. In his next at bat, he gets HBP by the White Sox’s Jimmy Cordero. The White Sox pitcher, their manager and pitching coach all got tossed. Jomboy hasn’t posted his analysis yet, so this will have to do.
  3. KC Seattle Baltimore Buffalo Carolina Chicago Indianapolis Minnesota Miami Philadelphia Cincinnati New Orleans San Francisco LA Rams Monday, September 14 Pittsburgh Tennessee Tiebreaker #1: More passing yards, Brees Tiebreaker #2: NY Giants interceptions thrown + fumbles lost 4 Tiebreaker #3: Dak Prescott passing yards 346
  4. There's plenty of AEW diehards there for me to grab the pulse as a whole.
  5. Going off of Twitter reactions it felt like Miro's debut was a rip off of every ex WWE guy/gal TNA/Impact has hired and pushed. Glass ceiling, brass ring, rinse and repeat.
  6. I can't wait for the robo umps to show up so I never have to see Joe West or Angel Hernandez again.
  7. I couldn’t remember if it was the Studcast or Cornette’s podcast where those stories were told. What a tough dude to say fuck my pinky, I’m still going to pump iron.
  8. Bob was ready to go once his wife passed.
  9. ESPN reporting Cliff Robinson dead at 53.
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