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  1. Thank God I had my head down for a split second at PNC Park tonight. Nick Burdi, Pittsburgh Pirates reliever, likely blew out his UCL tonight. This would be his second UCL injury. He left the field in tears.
  2. I went to my first game at Yankee Stadium on Sunday. It's ironic that I had to go New York to see the White Sox win a game because every time I go to The Cell/Guaranteed Rate, they usually get smashed. It's easier to win games when the opponent is a M.A.S.H unit.
  3. Add David Bote to the list of players getting extensions before free agency.
  4. Vince will buy whatever AAF assets he may want for pennies on the dollar like did for WCW. Will the AAF library be part of the WWE Network Premium tier? As for the AAF, to quote UrinatingTree: the football gods show no mercy. Amen.
  5. Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson has signed with a semipro team Boca Raton FC. https://www.cbssports.com/soccer/news/former-bengals-wr-chad-johnson-signs-with-united-premier-soccer-leagues-boca-raton-fc/
  6. The Bears did some sort of accounting voodoo with Khalil Mack's deal to convert it into a signing bonus to free up cap space. In turn, Cordarelle Patterson just signed a two year deal with the Bears.
  7. I don't know when Shelton used "Desperate Times" but for stock music it's pretty good.
  8. Blake Bottles vs Kenny Omega. License to print money.
  9. Danny Amendola signs with the Lions. I think the last Dolfan gif can go here.
  10. There is an "Individual One" connection after all. He was partying with the owner of said parlor on Super Bowl Sunday per the Miami Herald. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/article227186429.html
  11. I wasn't going to bring it up as the Argos aren't my CFL team, but they did beat bloody Calgary in the snow.
  12. For as much as the Trestman era with the Bears was bad, he did lead the Montreal Alouettes to Grey Cup glory. Hopefully this XFL thing works out for him.
  13. Interestingly enough, one of the wrestling podcasts in my rotation has been covering this subject during their latest "season" of episodes. Our Vantage Point: Retro Wrestling Podcasts has been doing a Royal Rumble style segment covering the best 20 Wrestling commentators as voted on nominations on their Facebook page, and ranking them, two at a time, over the course of this "season" of ten episodes. Last week's show had them introduce Gorilla Monsoon and Jim Ross into the rankings. https://ovppodcast.wordpress.com/
  14. From the looks of it, this feels like it will be an NIT/CBI type of tournament where the mid-table Power 5 bubble teams would be represented by 205 Live/NXT UK along with mid-major teams (Indies, everyone not in NJPW/WWE main roster) that were overlooked by a 19-15 Syracuse type team. I second the Kylie Rae nomination. I saw her in AAW and she was by far the best wrestler in a tag match with Kimber Lee, Jessika Havoc, and Scarlett Bordeaux. She has a great connection with the audience as a baby face.
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