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  1. Meanwhile, Unai Emery's hot seat at the Emirates gets even hotter with Arsenal losing to Frankfurt in the Europa League.
  2. One of the damndest goals you'll ever see happened in Liga MX last night. Chivas goalkeeper Toño Rodriguez scored his first ever goal, off a goal kick from his own penalty box! This was in some ways Chivas' tribute game to former owner Jorge Vergara who passed away last week.
  3. AFTV has been the gift that keeps on giving with their run of form of late. Drawing at home...to SOUTHAMPTON?! Jesus, they can't get Big Sam Allardyce fast enough.
  4. The Bears have NO weapons on offense. David Montgomery was highly touted but Nagy insists on running shotgun draws if he does run the football. Allen Robinson is a decent receiver but the other guys are bums. The tight end position has been a bigger black hole for this organization than the QB position. You can't expect this defense to bail you out the way the mid 2000s Bears defenses with Urlacher, Tillman, Mike Brown did. On the other hand the Bear offensive line isn't quite the M.A.S.H. unit that Indianapolis is. And the CFL has been entertaining the past few seasons. It's a good thing I work nights and sleep through most of these bad performances.
  5. Excalibur: Inaugural AEW Brawl For All Champion.
  6. It looked Joe Theisman-esque, which is the epitome of gruesome sports injuries.
  7. ️ Banter FC back again.
  8. Jomboy's salt is real. Still better muted than listening to Joe Buck. Fuck Joe Buck.
  9. Come on Nats/Rays! I almost forgot...
  10. Banter FC Bragging Rights Derby.
  11. Would a Pharoah one include pyro?
  12. It will also test fantasy players that start defenses playing against the Dolphins. But for now, Bear Down.
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