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  1. The FOX RSNs were in really bad shape from what I remember before Sinclair got interested in possibly picking them up, if they haven’t already.
  2. Doesn’t Disney own enough of the FOX properties like The Simpsons that it wouldn’t be all that feasible for FOX to try it? Furthermore, it feels like they’re more interesting in still keeping Fox News active and relevant with ONN in the fold. edit: Matt D beat it to it in a more concise manner.
  3. Question: is the current WWE Network app streaming source company the same one that works with Peacock? That might make it more attractive for Vince to make this deal, and letting NBC/Comcast deal with the streaming overhead is icing on the cake/$$$ for the investors.
  4. And the equally trigger happy fan base.
  5. Real Madrid OUT of Copa del Rey losing to segunda division B Alcoyano. Zidane back on the hot seat.
  6. Former Tetris World Champion Jonas Neubauer passed away due to a sudden medical emergency. He was only 39. https://www.pcmag.com/news/tetris-champion-jonas-neubauer-dies-at-39?amp=true
  7. The Irish guy suspects it might be visa related. In either event, no big deal.
  8. All the online Tua fans are having a go at Chan Gailey for supposedly holding their favorite back vs Fitzpatrick.
  9. so there’s a chance the Jaguars will screw up the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes...
  10. It sounds like the Brodie Lee tribute show was very well received across the board by AEW fans, people who worked with Mr. Huber over the years, and Brodie’s family. So to that aim, it comes across as a big success. We can argue about stupid shit later.
  11. I first saw Brodie from his Chikara and DGUSA exploits. A dude of his size with his ability just stands out so much. He could have been a much bigger star in WWE than he was. I can’t say I was a fan of the Dark Order or his run in AEW. But it’s truly tragic to hear of his passing. 41 is way too young. And as much as I hate Bray Wyatt the character, the thing about his tribute that got me the most was wishing him and Brodie could do Wyatt Family spots in high school gyms in their 70s. What a sad day for pro wrestling.
  12. Lots of neck beards look like pumpkins with hips. It’s not smart to isolate yourself from people that fall within, “the demo.” In all fairness it’s a double edged sword for AEW. Jericho next to Sting is probably the most well known name they have among casuals that would possibly stick around after the NBA was over. edit: for every Ric Flair, there’s also a Ken Shamrock.
  13. Arteta math might lead to away days at Millwall and Wycombe Wanderers for Arsenal next season. OMG if that happens, AFTV will be must see. Oh, and Mexican club America sacked their manager Miguel Herrera today after a disappointing Liga MX quarterfinals loss to Chivas and LAFC eliminating them from the ConcaChampions.
  14. I'm half expecting this cynical commitee to at worst drop Notre Dame to 4th. If a Florida loss to an unranked sub 500 team only causes them to drop one spot, no way is this committee going to let them drop like a rock after being blown out by a Top 5 team. College football can go fuck itself.
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