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  1. Am I a bad person for having doubts about whether or not Judge is clean, especially when it feels like HRs are down all across the league? Or Albert Pujols swinging the bat like it's 2006?
  2. I’m so mad at the Bears running yet ANOTHER 4th and goal from the 1 shotgun draw. Just line up under center and have Justin Fields fall over a few inches. Or line up under center and give the damn ball to Montgomery who was beasting the entire drive.
  3. The Tua stans will be insufferable this week.
  4. Dylan Cease was 1 out away from a no-hitter...
  5. To think that just one year ago, I was the one laughing at them when Arsenal were bottom of the Premier League.
  6. Swansea led Millwall 2-0 in the 93rd minute only to concede two late OWN GOALS to have the game end in a draw. I hate football. And the Championship is nothing short of purgatory.
  7. He needed to say someone's name backwards.
  8. Give Park the mic and have him reprise his infamous shoot from Arena Mexico on TK and the AEW fans.
  9. Toronto is making a run for most runs scored in a game. They currently lead Boston 25-3 in the 6th inning.
  10. I actually really like picanha. I've also made it before for family and they like it when I make it. I usually get mine from an online shop called Wild Fork Foods. There's really good Brazilian food in Orlando at Camila's. Any time I'm in the Orlando area, we make it a point to eat there at least once. I think there js a Camila's in Miami as well. There's also a really neat Brazilian place near Cape Canaveral in Merritt Island called Brasas.
  11. I saw the Orioles a lot last weekend when they played the White Sox. Defensively they looked very solid and it felt like they were catching everything being hit in the outfield by the White Sox.
  12. Gareth Bale reportedly will sign with LA FC in MLS.
  13. The MLS moving to Apple is kind of dumb. My preference if I do watch MLS is to watch in Spanish. How does the Apple deal effect the Spanish language component of TV rights? Chicago sportswriter John Mullen passed away at 74.
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