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  1. cubbymark

    Minor League/Japanese Wackiness

    Clearwater Threshers got no-hit in a game last week, but due to quirky new MILB extra inning rules, won said game vs Tampa Tarpons. https://www.mlb.com/cut4/minor-league-team-gets-no-hit-and-still-wins-game/c-289197828
  2. cubbymark

    2018 CFL THREAD

    This is going to be a death march for the Alouettes the rest of the year Awful, pitiful, atrocious. Fucking shite.
  3. cubbymark

    SOCCER - SUMMER 2018

    Copa90 did an awesome documentary on the Real Ovideo/Sporting Gijon derby a few months back.
  4. cubbymark

    2018 CFL THREAD

    Man, the Alouettes suck.
  5. cubbymark

    SOCCER - SUMMER 2018

    Thierry Henry to manage Aston Villa.
  6. cubbymark

    SOCCER - SUMMER 2018

    The Chicago Fire's Latino supporter group was banned recently for violent conduct and season ticket holders in their seating area had their tickets revoked.
  7. cubbymark


    Reinsdorf needs to sell. GarPax is just a part of the Reinsdorf equation. The Bulls haven't been a destination since MJ left in 1998.
  8. cubbymark


    Over/under on LeBron going Latrelle Sprewell on Levar Ball?
  9. cubbymark

    Football Shirt RESTART OMNIBUS thread.

    The new Swansea City kits are dogshit. The sponsor logo totally ruins it.
  10. cubbymark

    Кубок Mира 2018 (World Cup '18)

    And this Panama team qualified in part because of a phantom goal in the last game. I guess I am glad the US isn't getting curb-stomped by England today.
  11. cubbymark


    I feel UCF Golden Knights knockoff.
  12. cubbymark

    Кубок Mира 2018 (World Cup '18)

    As surprisingly well as Mexico have played, they still might not even make it out of the group if Sweden wins and Germany handles South Korea.
  13. cubbymark


    I've gone into some of the big New Japan shows and expressed me not getting Kazuchika Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi. I won't rehash those arguments here. I'll just enjoy LA Park/Rush kill each other like they did last night.
  14. cubbymark

    General Lucha Libre Comments

    LA Park catches a Rush tope con hilo with his FUCKING HEAD! And in the first fall he almost blows out his hamstrings going into the front row. Absolutely insane, and the non-finish totally worked. I agree with Robert on it being my Mexico MOTY as of right now. LA Park is also running away with Best Box Office Draw for me, as some of the pictures on Twitter of the Arena Mexico box office for last night's match are impressive. This is the Mexican version of Gargano/Ciampa with the sheet hatred these two project in their matches against each other, minus the WWE cinematic feel.