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  1. Waving at an umpire? That's a paddling, or an ejection for Justin Turner.
  2. Congratulations to CuraƧao for a historic victory over Honduras in the Gold Cup this evening. Their first goal ever in the tournament and their first victory. Univision commentators were lamenting this was a horrific low period for Honduras football.
  3. Jomboy Media on YouTube has an excellent breakdown of the intentional balk.
  4. Counterpoint: If Marvin would have had an opinion, he wouldn't have been shot in the face...
  5. MadBum got pissed Max Muncy admired his home run into McCovey Cove. This is how Muncy responded. https://www.foxsports.com/mlb/video/1534737987730
  6. https://twitter.com/Bodegawrestling/status/1137556896464941056 Taya gets into it with a fan. Taya knocks said fan's beer out of his hand. Fan apparently spits at Taya as she walks away. Taya owes fan a beer.
  7. Too bad this show isn't in Australia ... Or in The Boondocks Universe...
  8. Wisconsin Timber Rattlers will rebrand for one night as the Udder Tuggers. I really want the hat. https://twitter.com/BaseballBros/status/1136010921514610688
  9. I didn't follow the WWF from around 1995 until the debut of Shotgun Saturday Night because they ending up pulling all syndicated programming. I didn't realize that was what it was until many years later. So when I saw Shoutgun Saturday Night on WCIU in Chicago, I marked out like crazy. I became a fan of Chikara as a result of of some "friends" who were happy to "share" at XWT. The first show I remember seeing was Cibernetico and Robin and I was blown away by Cheech and Cloudy vs The Olsen Twins. Like a lot of people, I was turned off Chikara when they did the storyline shutdown of their promotion at the height of their popularity. TNA fucked up one too many times: Aces and Eights was my last straw.
  10. John Moxley: Knife Pervert II, Hijo del Knife Pervert, or Knife Pervert Jr? I feel like it's ripping off Switchblade Jay White with all the knife imagery and logo carving.
  11. Rod Bramblett, voice of Auburn football, passed away along with his wife in a car accident. https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2838070-auburn-radios-rod-bramblett-wife-paula-die-from-injuries-caused-in-car-crash.amp.html
  12. I'm All In on Arn destroying The Bucks with DDTs and spinebusters.
  13. I expect Arsenal to bitch and moan about Manchester City if they lose the Europa League final vs Chelsea. I'm sure they want to weasel back into the Champions League by any means necessary because they finished 5th in the Premier League and will argue for England to keep 4 CL spots.
  14. Daniel James has been rumored to be moving the Manchester United but no deal has been reached as of yet. Swansea City just tweeted his father suddenly passed away. Thoughts and prayers to Daniel and his friends and family.
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