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  1. I don't like Randy Orton, but, "Adam Copeland is a junkie for Edge" is a great line.
  2. A broken clock is right twice a day. That being said, Ryan Satin can go to hell.
  3. Yankees/Red Sox pales in comparison to any halfway "decent" derby or rivalry where they can literally live or die on the result. This thing is absolutely bonkers.
  4. That Rams logo looks like the bastard child of the LA Galaxy, LA Xtreme, and Chargers.
  5. Banter FC strikes again. Olympiakos eliminated Arsenal from the Europa League with a last second goal in extra time.
  6. And guaranteed salaries like the rest of pro sports. The owners really screw them over with these non-guaranteed deals.
  7. Even with the falling ratings, it looks like as the game progresses, the quarter hour rating is going up.
  8. Since they had Luke Hawx from Wildkat Sports on, I really wanted to see one of their heel managers Hardbody Harper ether somebody on Powerrr.
  9. Or the people who still hate watch WWE RAW the complete 3 hour version.
  10. If anything, I would expect Altuve or Correia to get some Chase Utley high slides as retaliation from teams that felt aggrieved. Intentional HPB is pretty stupid, and Manfred might drop the hammer on teams if it gets egregious.
  11. St Louis/Houston was the game of the week for sure. Houston caught a break with an offside that wasn't called and on the play they returned a Jordan T'aamu INT inside the STL 5. PJ Walker looks pretty legit though.
  12. I always assumed it was boxing. But I do recall some modern stuff booked with Mexico vs Puerto Rico along with the lucha feds Alberto El Patron has worked for.
  13. Kingston/Lince Dorado had some intensity too. One of my favorite promos ever is Eddie calling out Lince in the rain for kicking out of the back fist, yet the fans still booed Lince. The only thing I really didn't like on this episode was the Mae Valentine blog. Her presentation is a mix of crack whore/Missy Hyatt school of botched plastic surgery.
  14. Finn Balor dance party time... to Luis Miguel's Cuando Calienta El Sol!?
  15. It ain't the Sandman at Hammerstein Ballroom for One Night Stand I, but it's not bad.
  16. Matanzas won the 59th Serie Nacional of Cuban baseball yesterday. They defeated Camaguey 11-2 in Game 6 of the finals. This is Maranzas' first Serie Nacional victory in 29 years.
  17. Javier Hernandez can no longer avoid the lure of MLS: he joins LA Galaxy.
  18. I suppose it is the TNT corporate synergy that has Frank Thomas shilling dick pills instead of Conrad Thompson.
  19. And Bunkhouse Buck will show up and kick each and every one of their asses with his cowboy boots and brass knuckles.
  20. So long as Scott Bowden or MJF doesn't call anyone partially R word, Dave should be OK.
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