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  1. The streets of Seville are drowning in Scottish tears tonight.
  2. It's Steve Cooper. Unfortunately he's already bottled two playoffs with Swansea. I get the feeling he's going to lose vs Huddersfield. For his sake, he'd better have Forest better prepared for Wembley. Last year, under Cooper, Swansea were MIA vs Brentford in the playoff final.
  3. This feels like March Madness, except DEAN is putting wrestlers into UEFA Champions League like groups. Case in point, I have no idea who Starlight Kid is, but this wrestler feels like they went through the playoff qualification process to get squashed by Manchester City in the group stage.
  4. Of all the crappy QBs the Bears could have signed as backups, they decided on Nathan Peterman for a 1 year deal.
  5. Celtic win the Scottish Premiership with a draw vs Dundee United.
  6. Fuck RM, MLS FINALLY won the ConcaChampions. Congrats to Seattle Sounders.
  7. We were this close to Arsenal/Millwall in the Championship. Now there's a chance it'll happen in the Premier League. As for Nottingham Forest, Steve Cooper has bottled the playoffs twice with Swansea. If he bottles it again with Forest, he might end up with a reputation as a choker. And fucking Real Madrid is doing it again, this time vs Man City. Absolutely sickening and for such an ungrateful fanbase.
  8. Mets use 5 pitchers for a combined no hitter vs the Phillies, only the 2nd in franchise history.
  9. That would work too, but it's clear as day MLB isn't going to. Angel being designated 3B ump might be for the best.
  10. Jomboys breakdown of Angel's less than stellar night. He had a great point: since the DH is in the NL now, maybe all umps shouldn't have to call the plate. Put Angel at 3B and don't put him behind the plate since he's so bad there.
  11. Angel was consistently ass all night.
  12. We're roughly one year removed from Fulham returning to the Championship. #YoYoClub
  13. So apparently a USFL player was cut because he wanted pizza instead of chicken salad.
  14. And Paxton quickly throws a horrible INT. The USFL already burned out Birmingham? Gotta run some spot show games in Southern Miss, LA Tech...
  15. I kind of like the XFL coach lineup better than the USFL coach lineup. Wade Phillips feels like a sneaky good hire by The Rock.
  16. Good ebening, for real. Maybe Unai wasn't the problem, it was Arsenal.
  17. Arsenal choking again. Graham Potter really seems to have their number.
  18. TK might have turned this into his Thom Brenneman/Nick Castellanos moment.
  19. Tony Khan is his own worst enemy. Stuff like this is why people call him Jacksonville Dixie or Herb Abrahms Jr.
  20. Kevin Owens is a very smart man. He bumped his ASS OFF for Steve. As someone who has been apathetic to Cody after he initially left WWE, his return felt like a BIG FUCKING DEAL.
  21. Bonus points if Pulisic is the beneficiary this time around…
  22. Not the worst draw in the world for Canada.
  23. Wales/Scotland/Ukraine to England/USA group. edit: English group of death sort of.
  24. I hope Lewandowski eats Memo Ochoa alive.
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