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  1. El Salvador had no chance in hell vs Mexico. The joke is more bottles were thrown on the field than shots on goal vs Memo Ochoa.
  2. If Houston want completely godawful it would have been them.
  3. Grandal looks like he brings his arm into his body like a soccer defender trying to avoid a handball. And since the play is to home instead of 1B, it’s apparently the 1B’s responsibility.
  4. Thank you Chris Taylor: suck it STL!
  5. They used to call that Manny being Manny. I will take this time to shout out UrinatingTree’s Conglaturations Yankees video. I don’t usually spoil things but it’s not the first time Kyle Schwarber has taken Gerrit Cole deep in the playoffs.
  6. Toronto Winnipeg Calgary Montreal Hamilton Tiebreakers: 1. 63 2. 297
  7. This week the CFL gives us Wednesday games along with Thanksgiving Classics. Wednesday: Ottawa @ Toronto Friday: Edmonton @ Winnipeg Saturday: Calgary @ Saskachewan Monday: Ottawa @ Montreal Toronto @ Hamilton Tiebreakers: 1. Total Toronto points on Wednesday AND Monday 2. Saskachewan passing yards
  8. Cubbymark wins via tie breaker. Here's to a better prognosticating week.
  9. Sterling made Hawk Harrelson sound like Vin Scully by comparison, and Hawk was awful.
  10. Yet Matt Nagy is still in denial if he really thinks Andy Dalton is still the #1 starter. Bears Twitter is losing their mind over this and half of them (rightfully so) want Matt Nagy’s head on a pike.
  11. Yankees/Red Sox Tuesday. But what a wild ride to get to the status quo.
  12. JomBoy breaks down the Mariners saving their season in the 8th inning. I was listening to the game at work: man the force at home is even closer than it sounded on the radio. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day of baseball.
  13. YouTube version of the FTR new theme. It’s an interesting mix of The Chase, the Midnights’ NWA/WCW unlicensed rip-off. And oddly works for a soundtrack for an 80s drug cartel movie or TV show. I could totally picture a coked out Tony Montana dancing to this in some disco trying to hit on Elvira Hancock. I’ll give the devil his due. AEW finally did something right.
  14. The Fire tried doing a soccer specific stadium out in the burbs and that was a massive failure. Attendance was always shitty and there were even fewer ways to get to Toyota Park/SeatGeek Stadium than there are Soldier Field. And for all the glamour signings that LA Galaxy, NY FC, etc have made, the Fire's international signings haven't set the world on fire, pardon the pun. Their former ownership was pretty crappy too. Hence why they're back at Solider Field, and Bridgeview is still stuck with the bill of a mediocre stadium that's now used primarily for flea markets and Chicago Red Stars. @Mister TVYeah, there's no way in the hell the cheap ass McCaskeys are going to pay for anything half as nice as SoFi and JerryWorld built. The Bears will be lucky if a retractable roof stadium is half as decent as Ford Field is. It'll probably be more like the Metrodome or the McBubble practice facility they used to have.
  15. And the Bears can put Arlington Heights to the barrel and ream the shit out of them for public $$$. None of these new stadium deals have really provided the economic benefit they claimed they would bring and the taxpayer ultimately gets screwed subsidizing stadiums for billionaires. For me it would be disappointing seeing them move to the burbs because at that point they stop being the Chicago Bears. There’s plenty of public transit options to get to Soldier Field (Red, Orange, Green Line, Metra Electric, countless buses) vs Arlington Heights with just one metra train.
  16. Sheriff’s trolling game is on the mark.
  17. Ottawa BC Hamilton Saskachewan Tiebreakers: 488 58
  18. I shot Real Madrid, but I didn’t shoot the deputy! - Sheriff Tiraspol
  19. Week 9 is here and holy crap, there's a Tuesday game. Is this the MAC? Tuesday: Edmonton at Ottawa Friday: Winnipeg at BC Saturday: Montreal at Hamilton Saskatchewan at Calgary Tiebreakers: Winnipeg total yards on offense Total points in Saskachewan/Calgary
  20. For those of you that missed it, Example 36,548 of ways Detroit loses football games. And I thought the Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary was bad.
  21. Thank God I slept through that Bears game. Holy shit, we’re awful. Fire Nagy for the love of God.
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