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  1. Jake Something should have teamed with Vincent Nothing. Hey whatever happened to Vincent Nothing?
  2. I don't understand what has changed over the years to where no one actually looks at or interacts with each other and everyone just stares ahead at the cue cards.
  3. It's 100% fake and the poster should be banned.
  4. I'm not an Internet Grammar Nazi but wow is this amazing.
  5. There's nothing a DVDVR poster loves more than concern trolling about thread content, huh? HEY EVERYONE IT'S MONDAY BETTER LOCK THIS RAW THREAD! OH NO SOMEONE POSTED SOME PICTURES BETTER HOPE PETE DOESN'T SCOLD US!
  6. SirBukkake on the WON boards posted this and I feel it should be shared everywhere
  7. Dixie on the Ross Report was as uninteresting as you could imagine.
  8. Dank

    Raw 1-5-15

    They were outright fired minutes later.
  9. Look you can argue all you want about whether or not a NXT champion should job to a flatulent main roster performer, but the point is they could have done it next week, not this week when literally the sole reason Charlotte was on RAW was to get you to watch her on Thursday.
  10. I get the whole NXT has to job to the main roster argument, but not when the entire fucking point was "look at this incredible performer who you can see defend her title on Thursday's NXT special and oops she's pinned in 2 minutes oh well".
  11. I don't get anything that's going on in that Diesel gif.
  12. "DEAN AMBROSE SUFFERED A SEVERE TRACHEA INJURY!!!" "Oh no, wait, there he is, he's fine" Fun trivia: In the past 10 years what's the longest anyone's been out for an injury angle where they didn't have a legit injury and weren't filming a movie? (I don't have the answer)
  13. Alvarez describing this show as actively trying to get you to stop watching WWE is the most accurate thing ever.
  14. I guarantee this is the first time a wrestling board post ever started off like this.
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