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  1. I see some of you idiots are taking the "not only are you going to eat this shit we're force feeding you, but you're going to like it" approach. Brovo!
  2. It's time for me to take a break from this shit.
  3. Made this late last night out of boredom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv5NdxtfYlE
  4. I'll trade you my WWE Network BDP app for your Dailymotion BDP app.
  5. What's with all the bad haircuts in TNA since June? They need to start reading Yelp reviews before just going into any rinky dink barber shop in NYC.
  6. Nobody went balls to the wall with house shows like ECW did.
  7. Once again, I took my mid Raw nap after that cringeworthy "Roman Reigns And The Beanstalk" promo. Then I woke up to find a TNA commercial. I wasn't sure if I was really awake or still dreaming, but the 2nd commercial confirmed it. Other than that I found the rest of the show to be decent. I'm so glad they continue to make Rollins look strong. Also, that Savage HOF video package was glorious!
  8. Knowing WWE they would go the complete opposite direction with what TNA is doing with the EC3 character by having him wrestle often and rarely talk. When they did allow him to speak it would be word for word from a script. The guy deserves a pay raise that's for sure, but is killing his character really worth it?
  9. SHOCKER! The ratings being reported by the sheets and whathaveyou are not correct. Destination America will be releasing the actual numbers in a press release soon. Here's what Dixie had to say in an interview about both of these: On Impact Wrestling moving to Friday nights: “I think I’ll tell you in a few months if I like being on Friday nights. They presented us with a lot of research and felt very strongly about Friday nights being a potential for them. +3’s is how people look at ratings nowadays, it’s not overnight ratings. With your +3 numbers, you have a much bigger chance for your +3 number over a weekend versus only, like if we were staying on Wednesday, that would be Thursday, Friday and you would have part of Saturday. It’s just an overall strategy. They feel really strongly about it. Wrestling has been successful on Friday nights and is no longer there and so we’ll see how we’ll do.” On TNA doing live television: “I think that where we want to go from a production and a feel standpoint from the show does not work going live. It does not allow us to do the kind of things that we’re going to want to do because there’s just a lot of post-production time involved in it. So, we’ll have to see. We can always go live and it can be a show like it will be this Wednesday and it’s going to great action and lots of surprises and just be an amazing show that you’re not going to want to miss but I think where we’re going to try to take the show is definitely going to take post-production time and we’re not going to be able to pull off all the bells and whistles we want if we try to go live.”
  10. Yeah, you're right. After doing some research the premier drew 263k viewers with the encore drawing 105k viewers and the network combined it.
  11. Well those are definitely better numbers than I was expecting. Let's see what kind of viewership they're able to maintain. For the longest time they were pulling between 900k to 1.2m on Spike, so it's certainly a step down from those numbers. The only sliver lining in this is that it's Destination America's most watched show, so if they keep that up there shouldn't be any concern over them going under any time soon as long as Panda keeps funding them. Also, keep in mind that they completely lost their Canadian viewership. I heard they're working on getting them a TV deal, but damn in the last year Canadian wrestling fans have really gotten the shaft. Then for the us in the States we either don't get this channel or have to upgrade their cable/satellite tier to get it. I had to do the latter, but I always wanted to do so anyway because Dish's Top 250 has Boomerang. I just could never justify paying an extra $10 a month just for Boomerang. Turns out I also get Encore and their on demand selection is pretty decent for my taste. So I don't regret upgrading. And no, I'm not making up excuses. These numbers are laughable compared to WWE, but even their numbers are laughable compared to what they use to draw. *Edit: Your numbers are off by 100k. So turns out that's around what I was expecting them to draw on this network.
  12. Now that the guy who shall not be named is banned, yes you are. On the record I do indeed have a Twitter account.
  13. Part 2: ...and finally the winner and undisputed champion:
  14. I woke up this morning and found these all over my Twitter feed. Part 1:
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