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    Spoilerized for size and overall coolness.
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    I didn't know ACH had this much emotion and vigor about himself. Here I thought the WWE would never hire a New Jack type of black dude but eventually they found The Spook Who Sat By the Door. That's karma, baby. As for the Jay Lethal tweet, that seems like some personal shit between them. If I'm mad at another black dude (not so much lately as I'm pretty chill nowadays.. at least IMO) especially one who I've had a contentious working relationship with, Uncle Tom is probably one of the first things that will be lobbed out there if I truly know the guy. Then again, someone can play the jealousy angle (although Jay Lethal has been wrestling forever and still in ROH). I just don't get the we need to stick together thing or For the Culture or w/e this bullshit is. Last time I checked, all the black guys in the wrestling biz don't sit around and negotiate their contracts together. Honestly, I always felt the WWE presented black wrestlers as buffoons or dumb bucks anyway. I've never felt some personal attachment to any of the guys they've hired in this era. So when stuff like this comes back to bite them in the ass hard, I really cherish these moments. Fuck em. I'm just happy there is at least one guy with a backbone. Wish there was more, but I'll take what I can get.
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    Bruce Prichard: "Well, he's actually quite short. People in the back called him Shorty. So, I figured we're on to something here. Short. His last name is Gable. So, G stands for Gable. Shorty. G. It makes perfect sense. It was a brilliant idea. He just didn't like it."
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    Virgil also had the line of the year as well: "Chris Jericho's potential is like Olive Garden's breadsticks - unlimited." I. Fucking. Died. I just re-watched that video package again and it's the funniest shit ever.
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    No hyperbole, one of the best two hour wrestling shows I've ever seen. They just get it. The ending was WCW as fuck, in the best possible way
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    This company deserves the corporate death penalty. If you believe Meltzer's reporting on this, and you still support WWE with your money - you're a part of the problem at this point.
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    AEW are really sleeping on a Sami/Hager tag team
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    As much as I'd like to rag on Seth Rollins, he's right. A coyote killed a skunk on my grandparents' property when we were staying there one weekend and you could smell it days later even after the body was found and disposed of. Sort of like a Seth Rollins promo. I don't feel good about that. Too easy.
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    Damn it dude it was an unsanctioned match Wound closures are for sanctioned matches Apparently highly produced video packages are for both, but still
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    After MJF turned I was like, really, not one of you fucks is going to throw garbage into the ring? Really?! And then that Stu Grayson looking dude just completely nailed MJF and it was like the cherry on top of the sundae. Thank you sir for doing what was needed. Sorry that you got kicked out.
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    Kenny Omega is everything Seth Rollins thinks he is. I'm embarrassed that there are wrestling fans in this world that think Seth can tie Kenny's boots.
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    If so, we know it’s not from WWE2K20.
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    On the other hand, Ron Fuller probably has the best wrestler podcast, but I wouldn’t expect most fans to care about the 1975 Knoxville territory or the history of the Welch family.
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    Hikaru Shida as Dr Strange.
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    I have no idea why people in wrestling can't see Bischoff's real value isn't as an executive, it's as on air talent. He is really great as a sleazy smarmy heel and would be a great manager/mothpiece leading a heel stable.
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    Cody has to contend with his legacy as Dusty's son. Even if it isn't exactly the case, Cody is viewed as the booker. And if a booker named Rhodes puts himself over + gives himself the belt at the company's first post-TV PPV, it's a bad look. It's an easy talking point for critics and the competition. Way too much baggage for something unnecessary. And it is very unnecessary - Cody is honest-to-God over enough to not need a belt and he's probably quite aware of it. Taking himself out of the title picture is a show of good faith to the other talent that he won't Dusty himself to the top. allows Cody to still book himself strong in unique, story driven feuds that aren't about a title chase, allows Chris Jericho (who is still bar-none the company's biggest draw) to stay on top and let the Inner Circle continue to solidify themselves, and sets up Cody rescinding the rule if he's turned heel down the line. From where I stand, Jericho wins and it isn't even debatable. We'll see. I also think people are forgetting that Omega/Moxley may well end up being the first all-the-way Kenny Omega main event w/ a fully capable partner since Tanahashi at the Dome, that Kenny's run as the critic's "Best Wrestler In The World" is an essential reason why AEW even exists, and that nobody wants to go on after him when he's given all that spotlight. I don't know if that means Kenny goes over and becomes the guy to unseat Jericho, but I do think the Lights Out Match is going on last.
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    Meltz made a really good point when going over last week's show with Alvarez on WOR. A 2 minute introductory video on Shida paired with a 4 minute squash would've been more beneficial than the 10 minute match she had with Shanna and I don't disagree. I get not wanting to squash Shanna on her debut after she just signed, so use a local talent instead. But some brief videos highlighting who the lesser knowns are would be really beneficial and also would bleed them into talking but save them from having to do it in front of a live audience. I don't necessarily want the squash->promo, rinse-repeat formula old NWA (and current NWA) shows follow. That's too much the other way but while you're trying to establish new wrestlers, support them with high end videos like what they did with Private Party. And I don't think they are digging their heels in. How many people watch BTE? They have 404k subscribers and most of their eipsodes do between 150-250k. The TV audience is significantly bigger and different than those watching everything The Elite produce. They can cater to the hardcores and new/fringe fans at the same time without alienating either. It's not hard. Don't treat the audience like dummies but let us know who these people are and why we should care with promo videos and inserts. edit: I forgot to mention that video somebody posted from Shida's twitter. She has the cutest English accent because she learned English from Harry fucking Potter movies. SHOW US THAT, PLZ.
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    Jets Cornerback Darryl Roberts basically said its the fans fault that the Jets suck and that they should all find a new team After losing to a winless team, that timing sure is interesting
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    I saw it as the opposite -- a way to elevate the NXT folks and a way to put them on the same level as the other two rosters heading into Survivor Series.
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    They murdered and dismembered a man who writes for what is one of the two biggest newspapers in the country and one that is literally in the capital of the country. Not letting about 20 professional wrestlers leave the country for a few hours/days is about a -51651053241563210532613521653103521032105326 on that scale.
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    Dude's way into fucking in the kitchen. Don't kink shame.
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    All I could think, watching this, was the following exchange: Kairi: "TITTY! TITTY!! TITTY!!! TITTY, TITTY, TITTYTITTYTITTYTITTYTITTYTITTYTITTYTITTYTITTY, TITTY!!!" Charlotte: "... titty." I accept my Cibernateco, shamelessly.
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    Kenny isn't cleared. Cody isn't cleared. The Bucks were laid out by P&P. And Hangman was knocked out before the finish of the Pac match. Dustin Rhodes has a broken arm. All of the Elite are on the shelf right now, and the Nightmare Family is basically finished. The top active babyfaces in the company are Scorpio Sky/ SCU, Darby Allin, Jurassic Express and Private Party (Mox is a tweener). That's a commitment to making new stars right there.
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    It's always okay to be upset with incorrect DuckTales.
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    I can't really add anything that hasn't been said already about the show. But I do want to admit that I was wrong about Cody Rhodes. Before AEW was a thing, dude always struck me as a guy who you could count on to hold your secondary championship, maybe main event a low level PPV but nothing above that. But he has honestly been one of the best parts of AEW since it started. Yes, all the EVPs have some schitzophrenic booking amongst themselves, but I'll be damned if Cody doesn't suck me in every time. The match vs Jericho was my favorite of the night, and dude is just killing it as the best babyface the company has. As much as we are all rightfully looking forward to MJF's total rat bastard promo that we know is coming, I'm looking forward to Cody's response even more and I never thought there would EVER be a day I would say that. Respect to you, Mr Rhodes
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    Also, I guess it's only ok to do spots and moves on the bare wood if you're Gargano and Ciampa.
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    I have to chuckle at the frothing-at-the-mouth some do when Dave is caught reporting something that isn't entirely factual. I can't think of any news source that gets it right all the time. AFAIK, there's never been such a thing. If these people get so riled up over Dave's news, I worry about how capable they are of exercising media literacy outside of the wrestling bubble. Now Dave's opinions are hot garbage and I hate how much sway he has as a taste-maker. But his news? It's... fine. Not exactly like we're swimming in high-quality wrestling journalism. I'll take what little we get, read it with an appropriately critical eye and take it with a reasonable portion of salt. A top-of-the-page retraction already makes him more trustworthy than most people who are covering news that actually matters.
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    As someone who's not an MMA fan, I have to force myself to remember the Cain Meltzer is talking about isn't Glenn Jacobs.
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    Massive shoulder block from Big Daddy on Banger Walsh.
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    This dude came around way too late. If he was around from 1991-1995 this guy would have been main eventing around the horn with the Undertaker. Dude can't wrestle to save his life, but I wish more people were all in on their characters like this guy. I don't believe a word that comes out of Seth Rollins mouth as being genuine, but I can totally buy that this nutbag would go around with worms in this mouth
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    Only way this can get worse is if Seth decides to step up and offer his usual company man take. Then we'll have drama bingo.
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    Ah, I see Eivion is just asking questions. Whew, it's good that we have you working so hard to get to the bottom of this.
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    Having Hager go no contest was a great booking decision since it protected him without having him get his first loss. Excellent writing and character development.
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    I haven't felt compelled to switch the channel at all watching AEW. I'm not even a fan of much of the wrestling (I'd have been perfectly fine just watching the ending clipfest of the first match, for example), but there are stories, heat, and freshness. When I watch NXT on Friday or Saturday or whenever I get around to digging it up from the DVR all I do is fast forward. On mute.
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    Did you think he was talking about the car?
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    For God's sake man, it's after Labor Day!!!!!!!!!
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    Listen... The white gear was cool. It made him look like a Euro trash tennis instructor that is having an affair with a crime bosses wife. Still what a fucking conniving dork. Especially after he talked so much shit about Moxley.
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    I guess Zack/Taichi aren't involved in a last-day tournament match, telegraphing the fact that they aren't winning. The utter transparency of Gedo booking via late-tour match placement is NJPW's biggest problem, I mean it. Other than not booking Zack/Taichi to win, of course.
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