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    That's an impressive amount of stereotypes in one GIF, even by WCW standards.
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    LOL. Ron, you won a division title at 7-8-1. That's like being proud of being NFC East champ this year.
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    Okay, I certainly don't think you need three damned YouTube videos to illustrate your point. And to answer your pearl-clutching... There is accountability for bad reffing. Referees are constantly scrutinized in the league, with employees dedicated exclusively to finding where referees fucked up. This is an egregious mistake (that the Rockets *did not challenge*), and the ref crew in question will probably be: severely fined, demoted off playoff duties, assigned to less competitive games, suspended, and possibly fired. Your team lost, and that sucks. But speaking as a ref, kindly stick it when you say there's no accountability for referees. It's one of the hardest jobs out there and the only time you will EVER be noticed is when you are human, and fuck up.
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    It is truly bizarro world when guys with a 102 ERA+ last year, that have never thrown 200 innings, will be 30 the first month of the first year, of the contract, that give up a lot of hits...get $24m a year.
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    Maybe if Harden shot better than 11/38 and 4/20 from 3 (and Westbrook 7/30 & 1/6) last night, no one would be bitching about one missed call.
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    You have a good excuse - he's only wrestled on TV once, to job to Raul Mendoza on NXT. He'd also been languishing at the PC and on the Florida loop for three years prior, so I'm not sure going back to being a wrestler is going to work out for him. Presumably still in trouble for their refusal to stop getting drunk and running into the police.
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    I disagree about putting Spears over Sonny Kiss. I think Spears' best chance to be any kind of draw has passed him by already, and he should really be the number two guy in Tully's stable, behind... someone else. Whereas Sonny could potentially be a big deal down the line, because he can do spectacular things on offence, and get a lot of sympathy while selling. A modernised Ricky Morton type, basically. I can see Brandon Cutler joining the Dark Order down the line. Guy actually has some skills in the ring, but between losing all the time and having a geeky gimmick (and being too tall to have that Underdog you can root for factor), he needs to change up somehow.
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    Whodathunk Johnny B. Badd would join the nWo?
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    Ron Rivera was the JTG of head coaches.
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    It's the most wonderful time of the year.
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    Nope, it's just been shortened to simply Death.
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    I've decided that Luchasaurus should be champion now. Articulate + knowledgeable about history + woke + dinosaur = ratings and buys. This show wasn't very good. Jericho and Cody cut awesome promos, but the wrestling was kinda a mess and the Brandi/Kong thing is so much like the Dark Order thing that an EWR-style message indicating that the angles were too much alike should have popped up on the screen. Also, what the hell was up with the audio in this show? The first fifteen minutes were a mess, Janela's promo was super-quiet for the first half, and the commercials were all way louder than the show whenever it went to break. At least Moxley's open challenge gimmick seems to be getting dudes some shine. And the opener was so hot that I enjoyed it even though it's not my style of match.
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    For real, I see Oregon, Auburn, Oklahoma, Kentucky. Hell, the 2nd last ones on the right look like they could be Patriots alternates.
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    The karaoke scene where Kevin sings Homeward Bound made me cry.
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    I was hoping I could find a physical copy for cheap, but everywhere I've seen it's $35-45. I guess this'll have to do.
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    I use wrestling politics a lot in my every day life. I work in a Solicitor’s office where there is a definite similarities to wrestling in terms of card positions and egos. I left my current company 6 years ago for a rival firm and got a decent wage rise and “push”, done a great job for a year, then a new manager came in who didn’t take to me and marginalised me and my whole team. I met up with the boys from my old job for a beer one night and they talked me into calling my old boss for a chat. I done that on the Monday and less than a year and half after leaving I was back in my old office in a better role and on much more money. Steve Austin always said “these young guys have to build a relationship with Vince”; it’s true. I’ve always had a great relationship with my current boss and it pays off, even if he is a maniacal control freak, like Vince.
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    Making their greatest villain a part of the hero's own origin story is a monumentally dumb way of creating personal stakes in almost every instance. For that alone, I wish the new one didn't look so connected to Spectre. Going in with lowered expectations.
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    Chill with the spray tan, dude.
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    JBL got away with looking like a bag of shit in the ring for years. Only shaped up once Ron Simmons was fired and he had to singles. Anyone else think it's funny that loads of AEW wrestlers are in visually better shape than they were a year ago, but Full Gear Challenge Adam Page seems to have the same physique he always did? Should have hired Iestyn Rees.
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    Have him either go full Spike Dudley or get him to hit the gym, take a shower and get a clue.
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    @sabremike I'm assuming you are wondering why your just pants flew off.
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    I'd say the 5 year $137m extension we signed DeGrom to looks awfully good right now.
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    Looking at the reveal: multiple finishers can be equipped scout/pulse rifles and bows are the artifact focused weapons new mods for Season of Dawn armor are useful everywhere instead of just a specific activity/enemy like nightmare hunts pre-made fireteams are needed for the hard mode of Sundial
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    That commercial isn’t new, either.
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    Is that AEW's commercial, or TNT's? Because I can see how the TV network might not be in on Tony and Cody's whole We're Not Competing concept. Also, every mention of NXT is a quotation from a review, so it's not like they're slagging off Papa H's baby boys & girls directly. They're just acknowledging that other people have compared the two and declared AEW winners. Not that different from a tv spot for a movie boasting of it's five star reviews.
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    I must second the love for Nyla on commentary. Very punny. "Stupid dinosaur!" Had me rolling .
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    Seeing Kevin Conroy, the voice I hear whenever I think of Bruce Wayne/Batman playing Bruce Wayne/Batman on screen is a moment Conroy deserves as do the fans. Also good to get Brandom Routh back as Superman as he was dealt a bad hand with Superman Returns (2006).
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    Main eventers get paid main event money for the evening. Efesto has been with the company nearly 20 years. What? Did you think Hechicero was gonna get that spot?
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    So James Capers has admitted that the dunk was a valid FG and is reviewable, but the Rockets “didn’t challenge” inside 30 seconds so they couldn’t review it. Which is bullshit. Watch clip above. So there is precedent to do a do over of the rest of the game from that moment (7:50 in the 4th). I think they did that in 2008. or they could just award the win to Houston since the Rockets literally out scored the Spurs in regulation.
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    My Mgwire argument will always be the same: he's not good enough to go in, but you can't tell the story of baseball without him being in. He's the single most important player of the last 25ish years, and he and Sosa rescued baseball after the strike, pretty much by themselves. So, while I totally understand not voting for him, I certainly would.
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    My mind is blown that Cathy Kelly has been in NXT 3+ years. Unless that's what she wanted, that's such an opportunity blown on both sides.
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    My big takeaway from this last AEW Dark is that Nyla Rose has more personality than I realized. That personality is big, snarky and queer, turns out. Effective and entertaining, albeit unpolished, and I'd like to see more of it. I don't know how it works with my understanding of a monster heel character but this is 2019 going on 20, so figure it out, AEW.
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    I've never seen an episode of Smallville in my life and that still felt like a big deal.
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    Contains some spoilers.
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    What really annoyed me was Lawler shitting all over Tozawa. At least Samoa Joe was putting over that Tozawa has some pretty damn good strikes he can get you with. You could almost hear Vince screaming HE'S NOT EVEN 6 FOOT TALL. HOW THE HELL IS SOMEONE THAT SHORT GONNA KICK MY ASS?
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    Can you just lock the thread now?
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    Yeah, Magnum had that big run in Mid-South which Dusty was familiar with while Bret was headlining in Western Canada for a promotion his family owned. Bret would have been a lower card up and coming babyface with more wins but still kind of stagnate just like he was in WWF pre-Hart Foundation, maybe he works his way up the card to where he's at TV or US title level by 1987. Also Bret would never gotten that women want him/men want to be him vibe with the southern fans like Mags did. Neidhart as a single in JCP is totally in the Paul Jones Army and most likely moving on after he's asked to loose the goatee to the Boogie Man. I think the Bulldogs starting off as faces but making a heel turn would have worked in JCP, they would have needed a team who could bump for them and get sympathy which the Rock n Roll Express were perfect at. The Bulldogs vs. Road Warriors seems like it would have just ended up with Dynamite and Hawk no selling each other and becoming a border line fist fight. If the Midnight's went to the WWF they end up in the same slot The Hart Foundation were in and would have needed whoever was dropping the tag belts to want to drop it to them and not Sheik and Volkoff. Midnights vs. Strike Force a few years later would have been sweet. I don't see the Rock n Roll really clicking in the WWF.
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    Dancing With Wolves over Goodfellas in Best Picture is the biggest crime in Oscars history.
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    Apparently there will be more changes too. www.wwenetworknews.com main writer cancelled his service even. He knows what is going to be released usually a month or so in advance and says he doesn't like where things are headed. Really not happy about this. Was hoping to at least get WCW tv from 89-91 completed but doesn't look to be happening any time soon
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