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    I have zero faith in WWE storytelling. I'm just watching matches by guys I like, and they are producing some great matches. As far as long term stories or planning....i gave up. There isn;t even anything I'm dying to see, but at least I know AJ styles will have awesome matches on the network. Anyway, I'm all for Goldberg vs Lesnar. Seriously....who cares who goes over, or how it helps build anyone....those days are over. I'm down for a freakshow, big hoss match where there is some mystery about how Goldberg will perform.
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    Yu get a home run. Yu get a home run. Yu get a home run. Yu get a home run.
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    While we're posting Heenan, this was apparently his final appearance in WCW:
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    I'm sure someone in the Subterranean Lucha would be all over this given half a chance.
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    Five Star Wrestling! The Martial Arts Expert from Singapore! (Someone clearly did not know how to spell Sensei) Billy Joe Travis teaming with a midget! An American Gladiator is now a wrestler! More bad spelling! And Angel of Death playing a bugle!
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    I'm not getting that "jump the shark" feeling yet seeing this. I'm still highly entertained by it all. I'll admit the wrestling part of the Great War dragged, but I'd be down with them doing matches solely outside the ring (as it should be) As far as not having much material, I'm not so sure about that. In-ring, sure you can make a case. But we all know the wacky videos they film are where the good stuff is. And if they're looking at a feature film then there's gold to be found there. So I'm not worrying much about this.
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    I saw Melraz was on playing GTA by himself this morning. While I was waiting for my coffee to brew, I invited him to a party and shot the shit with him until I took a sip...A SIP of coffee...then I had to go shoot the shit with the toilet (poop joke #1, don't worry, there will be a dick joke somewhere in this mess). Nate being the good guy that he is, tells me about all the stuff that just dropped for GTA 5 the other day. I had no idea. This is the second time I've been to the board since my third heart attack at the beginning of September. I've been trying to lay off the video games so much, but I've played a bit of Destiny since the new expansion came out (the new raid is super easy, Iron Banner is happening this week too, spoiler alert, Efrideet is running all things IB now). I've been exercising (went for a hike today, it's southern WV during autumn...absolutely beautiful outside), trying to eat healthier (for instance banana for breakfast, tuna (in water) for lunch, organic pasta sauce over vegetables for dinner), and I quit smoking cigarettes 5 weeks ago today (which was the day I had the heart attack). Pud tugging is over (told you there'd be a dick joke), I can get on with the GTA story. So Nate is tellling me about this update, and I find my disc. I'm helping him get supplies for his counterfeit operation and he lets me know you can have a weed business. I still have over $12 million in the bank after buying the yacht, not to mention all the Adders on my 2nd character on here so I say fuckit, whynot right? I go balls deep & buy a clubhouse with upgrades about two blocks down from Trevor. I only had 5 bikes for my clubhouse, and that simply wouldn't do. I had to buy 5 more bikes, and upgrade those sumbitches...go big or go home right? Around this time I notice for some reason there is a large geriatric group congregating outside my clubhouse...I don't know why. I've blown them up multiple times, Damien has killed them all with a hatchet, fuckers keep coming back. I buy into the weed business, upgrade that, then I'm off to get supplies. Just like that I'm sucked back in. Talked to Robert for a bit. I probably should have listened to Nate and sold my product a little early while he was still on. We kept getting shit canned lobbies where it would wipe everbody out so you could get some work done (the MC missions pay decent, but theres a lot of "drive here, do X, drive way the fuck off" involved with them and the supply runs). I wanted to see how much I COULD earn if I waited until my stock was full before I tried to sell. It should have been over $250k, but...it spawned three choppers for Damien and me to make deliveries. When I started the "sell" portion, there were only 3 people in the lobby counting Damien and myself, that changed VERY quickly. By the time I got to the choppers Damien had already gotten killed once by another player, and the lobby was about half full. I hadn't really fucked with anyone besides NPC's all day. I gave everyone a wide birth to do their thing while I ran supplies, did club missions and fucked off on motor cycles. I deliver 1/3 of the product, coming back around to pick up chopper #3 (damien was finally working on #2 at this point), and this happens: for perspective on the 2nd rpg kill, since it's from Damien's activity feed and this is my first attempt at this sort of thing with youtube I couldn't splice this video into the longer video above....plus it's 5am and I've been up for 22.5 hours at this point. I still made right at $200k on that, and the plants still grow even while I'm not there, or logged into the game. I just need to keep supplies up. Ended the night in a lobby with a mic-less RUkered, he was able to see the grow operation. I clipped a bunch of stuff today, I could have probably made a longer video, and may still. TL;DR I sent $4.5 mil in game today, made $300k back...and just beat the breaks off BlitheredCow or whatever his name was. P.S. The mugger got him fwiw, but he didn't have any money ;'(
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    Sorry, but all wrestlers everywhere should tell everyone they're all out of bubblegum.
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    If Brock loses to a part-timer who had once had an aura about him but who will ultimately contribute nothing, he'll get to see how the other half lives.
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    Why should he be happy posing with those Voltron ripoffs? (Yeah I said it, come at me!) Those decapitated TMNT heads are CREEPY!
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    Vic Venom would get in before Dave. Plus, Ross is in as an announcer already. I could see them putting in solie one of the next times WM is in Florida. Is Okerlund in yet?
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    Right but it's Prichard's podcast. Anything that's 1) contrary to anything you've ever heard before and 2) very complimentary to WWE is an absolute fabrication. He swears Mania 7 was moved due ton security concerns, WWE had Meltzer on the payroll to report nice things about them, and that all WWE attendance figures are 100% accurate. When called on anything, his only defense is "were YOU in the room?" It's fun to hear Conrad outright call him on his bullshit, though.
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    Anybody else remember the WWF trying to get Dick Slater over as a babyface with the name "Rebel" Dick Slater?
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    How is Dolph a victim of 50/50 booking? He's not a guy good enough to anchor a show or promotion. He's good enough to have some really special moments -- the Survivor Series match, his title win and his fun pairing with AJ and Big E come to mind. He's not good enough to be a guy in a string of main events. He's also a good guy to put other people over. He's essentially the definitive "solid hand" of his generation. There's nothing wrong with that role at all. He probably doesn't like it, but what quasi-athlete wants to be told that? He's exactly the type of person should be in 50/50 booking. He gets some big wins. He gets some big losses. But he's consistent in his effort. I get why some people don't like him but I think he's a fun worker and he's really brought some emotion lately.
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    I'm disgusted that, in 2016, Shane Helms still has a fucking chin-strap beard
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    I am not sure if I'd rather the Bills face Kaep or Gabbert. Seems win-win. Watch Hyde rush for 200 yards and San Fran win 14-10 or something.
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    It took me way too long to realize that Paul E was calling Brock the "nightmare" of Suplex City in the 2k17 commercial, not "night mayor." I spent way too much time wondering who was the mayor during the day.
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    Why would the wrestlers give a damn if she sold the tape library anyway? If I was working there I would be stoked at the possibility of more that 100 people seeing my matches.
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    Pay Goldberg to work 5 dates. 1 NXT taping getting a few wins 2 RAWs to set up Lesnar/Goldberg Survivor Series against Brock 1 Post Takeover NXT taping so we can get Joe beating Goldberg I really wish WWE would occasionally send their part timers down to NXT for TV takings. I feel like Lesnar/Roode, Lesnar/Aries, Lesnar/Joe, or let Lesnar squash a new guy like Patrick Clark. WWE does it make everything that happens in NXT canon so let your part timer do a job in NXT and never mention it on WWE TV
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    I'd much rather see Gillberg. I'd be fine never seeing Goldberg ever again.
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    It doesn't, but if you do know how to get out of the bubble, I'd appreicate it. Better to be safe than sorry.
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    These all black alternate unis for teams that don't have black as a main color should be against the Geneva Conventions. . . .
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    Lesnar isn't going to lose to Goldberg. They'll want to keep him strong so it means something when he jobs to Shane. Is there a better use for him? He's..... big. I haven't seen anything at all to convince me he can cut promos or work a decent match. He's got looking like a gigantic toddler down pat, but that isn't really something Vince can make a lot of money off of. Edit: Typed Orton's name in the first sentence by mistake. Oops.
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    I remember the first match of the "HD Era" was Kennedy vs Michaels and both guys, I guess worried about looking pale in HD, cranked the spray tan up to 11. They looked like Trump & Hogan had babies and after the match the ring looked like a Cheeto factory exploded.
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    Yeah, but now we get all sorts of creepy fandom to compensate, like "Bionicle/Harry Potter dubious consent slash fics" and shit. God, toys really were much better back in the 1980s.
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    I don't know if you've heard about what the president of the Philippines has said about how to punish drug users, but I don't think you should do anything that involves drug testing in Manila.
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    Greatest reaction to anything this year. Great show overall. I like they are rebuilding the Women's division and I love the influx of stars that they have on NXT. I am not sure what they are planning with Cedric and Rich Swann, but the more I see of them the better. Dan Matha sevral constellations of roid pimples all over his body.
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    Re: UFC 206 You can probably expect an announcement from GSP sometime next week on his status. Sounds like we have quite a contract conundrum as it relates to sponsorship.
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    I thought Peyton Royce looked way better here than the last time they tried to introduce the Venus Flytrap character on NXT. And that's while working with an opponent who was really stiff and awkward the whole time.
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    From what I remember reading, they were going to have him be their dealer but Grimes got injured/fired/whatever before they could get the angle going. Droz and Albert were doing their forced piercing/tattoo gimmick at the time. Also,Russo wanted to reveal that it was Droz who was supplying Hawk with drugs during the "Hawk is an addict" storyline that culminated with Droz "pushing" Hawk off the Titantron. IIRC, Hawk would've gone to (storyline) rehab and then reveal that Droz was a pusher in more ways than one. See, he pushed Hawk off the Titantron and was also pushing drugs on him. Get it? God bless Vince Russo.
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    Over/under on Dan Matha's first wellness violation? I'll set the bar at 7 weeks. Images dont want to paste but his back was something else.
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    I had the Cobra Terrordrome and that was the greatest Christmas present ever, that thing was so fucking boss.
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    That hoodie makes you look like a minion for a japanese sentai series.
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    Is it wrong that I wanted a whole show of: Cena jumps AJ, takes title, hoists it over his head Ambrose jumps Cena, takes title, hoists it over his head AJ jumps Ambrose, takes title, hoists it over his head Cena jumps AJ, takes title, hoists it over his head Ambrose jumps Cena, takes title, hoists it over his head AJ jumps Ambrose, takes title, hoists it over his head Cena jumps AJ, takes title, hoists it over his head Ambrose jumps Cena, takes title, hoists it over his head AJ jumps Ambrose, takes title, hoists it over his head? That was such a fun ending segment. The Miz-Ziggler thing was entertaining. I haven't the slightest recollection of these kind of things, but when's the last time a feud has been so botched in execution like Wyatt-Orton has? I kept expecting Bray to see the Ultimate Warrior in the mirror. Just horrible. The build to a match is supposed to make you care about wanting to watch it, not the other way around, right?
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    OCTOBER 1 001. Cujo: I had somehow never seen this, and it was about to roll off Netflix Streaming, so I went the Stephen King adaptation as my first entry for October 2016. It's pretty standard, with the dog and Danny Pintauro being the best actors in the film. Gotta say, Dee Wallace Stone is on my shit list for being one of the worst movie parents I've ever seen. She cheats on her husband with his longtime friend who turns out to be an obsessive asshole. She treats her kid like a bag of potatoes, as is she can't really be bothered to actually care about him. She screams at poor Tad when they're trapped in the car and he asks for his dad. Heifer, the kid realizes that depending on your sorry ass is a one-way ticket to pain and disappointment. Do better, trick! At the end, I wanted Cujo to finish her off with a bite to the jugular. Anyway, the movie was OK but obviously dated. 002. Dark Night of the Scarecrow: this is a rewatch for me of the 1981 TV movie featuring Charles Durning as sleazy postal worker Otis P. Hazelrigg who leads a group of vigilantes to wrongly murder a special needs man. The killers then find themselves being chased down by a mysterious scarecrow and answering for their misdeeds one by one. A fantastic little film with good acting from Durning, Larry Drake, and Jocelyn Brando (Marlon's sister). No gory kills here, but they're not needed as the movie hits the perfect notes as a dark and sinister piece of work. Highly recommended. 003. Who Killed Teddy Bear: more of a psychological thriller, Juliet Prowse plays Norah, an aspiring actress working as a DJ in a two-bit disco owned by Elaine Stritch. Sal Mineo plays Larry, a waiter and coworker of Norah's. Norah is receiving crank calls that become more disturbing and eventually require police investigation. The movie tells us midway who the stalker is, which ratchets up the sense of dread as the viewers know poor Norah doesn't have a clue and is going to suffer at his hands. This film deals with some pretty kinky stuff for its time, and shows the isolation all the characters experience as they're consumed by NYC's filth. Also look for Borscht Belt comedian Jan Murray as the serious vice squad detective who takes too personal of an interest in the case. Watch this movie, if only to imagine seeing it through Martin Scorsese's eyes and using it as a template for Robert DeNiro's turn as the delusional Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver. Scorsese did better, but director Joseph Cates (Phoebe's dad) and Who Killed Teddy Bear did it first. The full movie can be seen on YouTube. OCTOBER 3 004. The Sacrament: as S.K.o.S. pointed out, this is a recent movie that's loosely based on the Jonestown Massacre but provides no twists or new insights to the story. The first half of the movie was good, as they outline a photographer bringing along two colleagues so they can document the mysterious Eden Parish, where the photographer's drug-addicted sister now lives with a commune led by the enigmatic Father. While there's nothing wrong with the second half of the film, I kept waiting for something unique to happen. It didn't. It's a decent interpretation of Jim Jones leading people to the abyss, but there are documentaries on the subject that are much creepier in tone. So if you're interested in the topic, I would suggest looking at those. Curt is correct that actor who plays Father really captures the essence of an evangelistic preacher who's just too kind and good to be true. Any of who live in the Southern US has likely seen some of these guys in action up close. It's some freaky shit, and best avoided whenever possible. On Netflix through October 20.
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    Got my quest for Thorn the other day. What is the deal with Archon's Forge? My light level is 369 and all the armor that I've had drop from it has been 365. I've had every piece drop and also a sniper rifle all at 365 with one exception- the class item. I seem to get class items drop like every third encounter or so and they're always higher than my light level. Is it intended to all cap at 365 and just the class items are broken or is it all supposed to go to 385 and the rest of it is broken? I'm looking forward to IB. Didn't get a chance to mess with Trials at all. Basara what time do you play?
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    On behalf of the Mayor.........he has a message for you all
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    I still say Jake sic'ing a freaking cobra on Savage is still the most extreme/ hardcore act ever done.
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    Berserker impaling his sword in the ring while trying to kill off The Undertaker is up there with Roberts sic'ing Lucifer on Savage.
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    90s on TBS, maybe 1994.. WCW did a show called "All Nighter" or something like that which showed some of WCW's best matches over the last few years but in between the matches it was Heenan and I think Tony, maybe Gene and it was like a sleepover, they were all in pajamas and the interactions between them were hilarious, It was probably on from maybe 11 at night or so to 5 in the morning. Something like that. I was a kid so naturally I passed out, not used to staying up that late but I did have the whole thing recorded. No idea what happened to the tape though.
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