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  1. Paul's "OMG he is going to kill him" reaction was great. Didn't like Brock kicking out of two knee strikes, but I have come to expect it with Brock matches. Oh and Ronda is awesome. I haven't watched much of the weekly stuff lately, but her PPV matches don't disappoint. Easily match of the night.
  2. Maybe that kid was a good actor, but he looked like he was scared as fuck standing on the apron. I kinda felt bad for him. The main event was awful. I just can't get into Brock matches anymore. He clearly doesn't give a shit and his matches are all the same. Guess I can kinda feel bad for him because they killed his finisher dead, but screw him. They should fire him tonight for busting Roman open and strip him of the title. Let Heyman talk for Rhonda. For the third year in a row I will say that Taker shouldn't be anywhere near a wrestling ring. Yeah he looked better than last year, but it is still painful to watch. Loved Cena selling the boot a full foot before it got to him. it was a good show overall, but way to long.
  3. So they follow up the Ultimate Deletion with Matt announcing he is going to be in the Andre battle royal? That's pretty underwhelming.
  4. Thought the graveyard bit was a little hokey, but overall I liked it. The ending was cool with the Brother Nero appearance. I guess Micheal Cole isn't a fan though.
  5. It just looks like he wants to tell everyone in the building to fuck off, even though he can't, but the dick behavior comes out in the heat of competition.
  6. What makes that character great isn't that he dresses different and talks funny. It is great because his whole family is in on it. I will admit I miss Senor Benjamin on my TV.
  7. Anybody is better than Orton.
  8. badfish69

    RIP Chris Cornell

    Saw Soundgarden the one and only time in 92 opening for Skid Row. Cornell blew me away, and seeing him and Sebastian Bach belt out Big Dumb Sex together was a sight. They were to play here this Monday and thought about checking it out. Always was one of my favorite bands and Jesus Christ Pose easily one of my favorite hard rock songs ever. Oh can't forget Slaves and Bulldozers too. Damn this sucks.
  9. Only in professional wrestling can you tip a refrigerator on someone and they still beat you back to the arena.
  10. I thought it might be a Batista that would be Miz's partner, but then I remembered that people might cheer him again since he is no longer holding down Daniel Bryan. Bray coming out was kinda deflating.
  11. James Elsworth with the belt would be more interesting than Randy Orton.
  12. It's like he knows what everyone wants but doesn't know if he can get away with it.
  13. They were on twitter after the match with the belts in the broken characters. Not saying they will allow that past tonight, but it gives me some hope at least.
  14. Shane has a history though of going toe to toe with some pretty good wrestlers. As along as he is not winning I can't see it making AJ look bad. Shane is just a guy that when he is in a fight he is tough to beat.
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