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  1. Attended my first NXT show in Oshkosh, WI last night. Everyone was totally in house show mode, but it was fun. I was shocked with how over Rhea was, especially with the older teenage goth-alternative-fringe girls. It kind of reminded me of how the disgruntled youth took to Raven in the late 90s.
  2. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Nakamura. I think he was legitimately injured on the powerslam on the piano. I tuned in solely for the Mandy and Otis storyline. At this pace, they are definitely stretching it out to WrestleMania. I assumed Dolph was behind everything, but now I’m leaning towards Dolph and Sonya being in cahoots.
  3. Is it blasphemy if I say that Arn’s DDT was better than Jake’s?
  4. He may blame himself for being out of position, however that’s completely different than “Hey Joe, I want you to make the muscle buster look extra devastating on me.”
  5. Going back to the Tyson Kidd injury, has this statement ever been verified? This board is the only place I’ve ever heard it, and it’s been reported as truth ever since. It’s kinda like the Jimmy Valiant glass table story, but I’m not going there.
  6. He reminds me of Ed, the crazy hyena from The Lion King.
  7. My guilty pleasure is watching The Steiner Brothers toss big dudes around like they are lightweights on the Network and NJPW World.
  8. Seeing Regal pictured with Kojima and Nagata would lead some to believe that WWE and NJPW will have a working agreement.
  9. NXT has a house show in Oshkosh, WI in a couple of weeks. It looks like they have only sold a few hundred tickets in an arena that has a 3,500 seat capacity. NXT is running Milwaukee the day before, and only SRO tickets remain for that show. Oshkosh is an odd choice. I’m a little surprised NXT didn’t try running Madison, LaCrosse, or Rochester since their Sunday show is in St. Paul.
  10. They did an angle with Mike Davis prior to the bungee match. Mike did a slingshot bungee launch from the ground. He was catapulted into the sky and when he was lowered to the ground, he showed off the “moon rock” he snatched. Man, I loved Global.
  11. I’m shocked that you don’t list Bandido’s finisher as your least favorite spot, especially since you watch ROH TV. Even Sabu thinks the 21Plex is too contrived.
  12. This image is ROH’s equivalent of The Fingerpoke of Doom. One day, we will look back and point to this moment that killed the company.
  13. It certainly didn’t help that Jim Ross asked Excalibur “We haven’t seen these guys in AEW yet, have we?” I liked the Dark Order vignette, I just wish it would have been produced and aired weeks ago.
  14. It’s a shame that they missed the impact of the outside ladder bump/fall live. Even the replays failed to show how horrendous the bump must have felt.
  15. Exactly. You were set up to believe you were going to get a preview of the opposing teams for the next Wargames when the turn happened. (FWIW, I thought #4 was going to be Keith Lee.) Very well done.
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