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  1. This image is ROH’s equivalent of The Fingerpoke of Doom. One day, we will look back and point to this moment that killed the company.
  2. It certainly didn’t help that Jim Ross asked Excalibur “We haven’t seen these guys in AEW yet, have we?” I liked the Dark Order vignette, I just wish it would have been produced and aired weeks ago.
  3. It’s a shame that they missed the impact of the outside ladder bump/fall live. Even the replays failed to show how horrendous the bump must have felt.
  4. Exactly. You were set up to believe you were going to get a preview of the opposing teams for the next Wargames when the turn happened. (FWIW, I thought #4 was going to be Keith Lee.) Very well done.
  5. I’m curious how DDP feels about his finisher being used as frequently as a body slam. Way too many cutters tonight. I wish either AEW or NXT was on a different night. Just like the Monday Night Wars, I found myself flipping back and forth. Make sure to catch the main event and post-match angle on NXT. Great stuff.
  6. Standard piledrivers are not permitted in the WWE, but a Canadian destroyer off the top is A-OK??
  7. Finally listened to this podcast. MJF is so good at being a douchebag. The title of the episode is “MJF cuts a 60 minute promo” which is aptly named.
  8. Rewatching some of season 3 on Tubi reminded me how great the Dario Cueto character was. I know Luis Fernandez-Gil is an actor, but I’d love to see him return to pro wrestling with AEW or WWE.
  9. Since this is from WWE’s official YouTube account, I assume they are actually going to do something with Riddle and Goldberg. I don’t think there is any chance Goldberg puts Riddle over.
  10. Imagine how different pro wrestling would be today if the Plan B video had gotten released. All five of these guys would have been blackballed from the business. Ronnie Garvin would never have been NWA Champ. Bob Orton wouldn’t have appeared in the main event of WrestleMania I. We would never have heard of the names Dean Malenko and Randy Orton
  11. Do you think anyone wants a Singapore cane to the face while I’m wearing these bad boys?
  12. I train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. There have been sparring matches where I unconsciously smile and laugh after I get completely demolished by a higher ranking competitor. It happens.
  13. I take back what I said about the chairshot. I think he was bleeding hardway. There’s an image floating around that shows the top of the chair wrapping around Cody’s head. I just can’t seem to post it from mobile. https://www.imgur.com/cxz6jLF
  14. Curious how you determined this. I knew it wasn’t hardway because the blood was coming from the wrong side of his head.
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