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  1. The best baseball/wrestling combination will always be former Brewer Todd Coffey sprinting to the mound from the bullpen with the Ultimate Warrior’s theme playing in the background. https://youtu.be/nHi_hOWH8pY
  2. Vince is just getting around to watching Austin Powers. “We can’t have our fiery babyface with the same first name as this fez wearing villian!”
  3. If you want a fun listen, Cabana recently uploaded his podcast from the Jericho Cruise. The Briscoes are absolutely hilarious.
  4. I’m pretty sure All World Wrestling was promoted by a guy named Don McNeil or something similar. If y’all want to read some of my cringe-worthy reviews from some pretty substandard Indy wrestling shows and tv from Wisconsin, the good Reverend included the link above.
  5. I was going through my basement and I discovered a bunch of books that are just collecting dust. Many of them I’m willing to give away if the buyer is willing to cover shipping costs. There are a few I would like to barter a trade for some books I haven’t read yet. The ones I will give away: Gordon Solie: Something Left Behind, Roddy Piper: in the Pit with Piper, Drawing Heat the Hard Way by Larry Matysik, Missy Hyatt The First Lady of Wrestling, Mick Foley - Have a Nice Day, Foley is Good (paperback), Mick Foley: Countdown to Lockdown, Superstar Billy Graham Tangled Ropes, Hulk Hogan My life outside the ring, Brock Lesnar the making of a hardcore legend, The Rock Says, Chyna if they only knew, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair: To Be the Man, Dusty: Reflections of an American dream, and Jerry Lawler: It’s good to be the king sometimes. I’m willing to trade the following books for books I haven’t read yet. I’m most interested in books about territories/historical pieces. (The Nitro book, Mad Dogs, Midgets, and Screwjobs, Wrestling at the Chase, any of Cornette’s books, Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Heroes, etc) Steve Williams: How Dr. Death Became Dr. Life Pure Dynamite Bob Holly: The Hardcore Truth Pain and Passion: The History of Stampede Wrestling Wrestlemania: The Official Insider’s Story (with DVD.) To keep costs down, the offer is open to US and Canadians. Let’s keep this to private message as to not clog up the board. Thanks.
  6. It was... except for the cut to the crowd in the middle of the freaking small package.
  7. I can definitely see Charlotte making it a 3-way at Wrestlemania since Becky wasn’t an official participant; therefore she is the rightful Royal Rumble winner.
  8. ROH doesn’t even have local television in Houston. It was an odd choice altogether.
  9. I’m posting this excerpt from a Shane Taylor interview to hopefully put the Ray Rowe/possible white supremicst to rest. DailyDDT: You trained with Ring of Honor Alumni Raymond Rowe. Who we all know from one half of the tag team War Machine, now War Raiders in NXT. What was it like to have him as a trainer, and work alongside Rowe and Hanson? Taylor: It was incredible! Ray is one of the best men I’ve ever known in my life. Just about any story involving my career, it’s going to have the name Ray Rowe mentioned in it. He’s always been a great mentor, teacher, rival, friend, big brother and the lessons I’ve learned from him and continue to learn in and out of the ring, continue to help me grow as a performer, and as a man, his role in my career is invaluable.
  10. Didn’t Dash Wilder tweet something about wrestling the Young Bucks in 2019? The Revival managed by Jim Cornette would easily be the #1 heel act in AEW.
  11. Don’t forget about him confronting Mike Graham and Brian Pillman with a squeegee.
  12. The BME should be a corner grapple. It looks strange starting from the 2nd rope facing the downed opponent.
  13. There is no law in Butcher Creek. I was walking through town and one of their goats rammed me and knocked me down. In return, I kicked it. I suddenly have 10 angry hillbillies shooting at me. I took care of that group and went back into town. I started an argument, and I had another posse of hillbillies shooting at me. After about 30 minutes, I had killed about 60 residents. No bounties during the entire bloodbath. The best part, I didn’t earn a single penny while looting. No belt buckles, rings, pocket watches, nothing. They only thing I was able to loot were herbs like currant and violet snowdrop.
  14. Agreed. I haven’t touched it since RDR2 came out. I should have just waited.
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