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  1. I have the exact same question. I am going on a long road trip next week and was looking into becoming a patron for Ron Fuller’s Studcast and Between the Sheets. Are these Patreon shows stream-only or can I download them? I don’t know what type of phone reception I’m going to have.
  2. The new Timeline featuring Mickie and Trish is excellent. That storyline was done so well.
  3. It looked like Ivar hurt himself on that dive at the end of the match. I watched it back, and he threw up the X sign after landing. Looked to be a leg injury.
  4. It’s being reported by Mick Karch that Kamala has passed away.
  5. I legit LOL’ed when the Retribution member used the chainsaw on the ropes. Cut one rope. Stop and celebrate. Cut the middle rope. Stop and celebrate. Then cut the bottom rope. It was ridiculous.
  6. Santos cut a heck of a promo. Poor Drake. It looked like he completely missed the table during the Phantom Driver spot.
  7. Also shocking was that Darren Young namedropped Randy Orton (amongst a couple others) as wrestlers who had his back and supported him when he came out of the closet.
  8. I remember Meng and The Barbarian doing the piledriver version once or twice. I think they switched to a similar setup, but Barbarian would catch the guy upside down and then deliver a power bomb.
  9. I don’t think there is any chance Drake wins next week. This whole tourney has been building up to Fantasma’s reveal as the mastermind behind the kidnappings.
  10. Allegedly Animal burned his leg prior to the match too. Hawk parked his cycle too close to Animal’s, and Animal had to dismount on the wrong side. Animal then burned his leg on the exhaust.
  11. Coincidentally, I watched the 8-21-89 episode of Prime Time Wrestling yesterday. Rude took on Tim Horner. Rude gave Horner loads of offense, and did his classic atomic drop sell twice; once for the regular version and the other for the inverted version.
  12. I’m guessing that they are building to something with El Hijo Del Fantasma only speaking Spanish thus far (he speaks English fluently, although heavily accented) and fighting off the plucky masked abductors twice.
  13. If you train grappling or BJJ, be careful on whom you apply the sugar hold on. MMA guys and most former amateur wrestlers are cool with it. The “gentle art” guys will scream that it’s an illegal neck crank.
  14. This is the sugar hold. Bob Roop, Ron Fuller, Jack Brisco, and other shooters would use the hold on marks who wanted a tryout at the snake pit in Tampa during the 70s.
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