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  1. Smackdown Live Spoilers - Jinder vs Styles -11/7/17

    Okay, since you brought up the Miz, I guess I can make a point. The Miz is hateable because his entire character, moveset, and even his facial expressions revolves around him being a heel. Miz is a damn good heel because he commits to it and makes it convincing. He commits. Miz is not the most athletic, the most skilled, most entertaining, the toughest, most physically imposing or the strongest. In general, he is mediocre as hell. Nothing about him or his offense or ring work makes him stand out. He is the cookie cutter wrestler or more specifically, he is the cookie cutter WWE wrestler. His finisher? He sneaks up behind guys and waits to their groggy and defenseless or unsuspecting. His moveset? Bits of pieces of noticable offense taken from more skilled and better wrestlers that he does not perform well enough. His general wrestling psychology? He is an opportunist who creatively capitalizes off his opponent's mistakes or creates openings via outside interference, referee manipulation, or just plain cheating. The Miz's entire persona from top to bottom is literally an amalgamation of wrestlers of the past that he, as a character, could never live up to and hopes that either mimicking them or ripping them off he can. That is his character. Is Miz one of the best heel wrestlers of all time? Maybe. I don't know, but I think he is a strong contender. But Jinder is different because he is a product of a long dead archetype that is quite frankly beneath everyone's intelligence: the foreign villain. I can look over the fact that he is from fucking Michigan and the WWE tried to prop him as India's greatest export, Jinder, the character, looks great. He looks physically imposing and if it weren't for that shitty attitude and being a bore and being unskilled in the ring, he would be liked. People don't hate Jinder for what he is trying to convey like the Miz. People hate Jinder because he is just either mediocre or subpar to watch. That is not the type of heat that you want to draw because the satisfaction of Jinder losing and getting beaten comes from "yay, we finally have something to watch again" kind of heat. When Miz loses, you actually wanted to see him lose and get his comeuppance. Not because he was not entertaining. It was because he was actually an asshole.
  2. Smackdown Live Spoilers - Jinder vs Styles -11/7/17

    You've never seen the Singhs I take it. They are a poor man's version of the Young Bucks and that is something. And quite honestly, I do not know why this India Tour is so damn valuable that they put their best title around Jinder unless they don't value that belt at all which they don't. I mean giving Jinder the Intercontinental Title would have sufficed, but fuck this company. I am so done trying to figure out it's booking because it is never logical on any level. I just literally come around for the one or two matches that mean something to me and the 3 or 4 superstars that I care about.
  3. #205LIVE

    Fluke wins. Not clean ones. I have no problem with Enzo winning dirty and being underhanded. I expect that. I do have a problem when Enzo is beating guys more coordinated, skilled, and quite frankly stronger than him because they can't take being thrown into a barricade by a guy they can bench press or too fucking stupid to not figure how to handle a guy whose entire offense is just pushing them off the ropes. It's bullshit. Losing to Enzo clean is like losing to Michael Cole and the fact that this guy is the champion of 205 is straight burial for everyone in this division.
  4. #205LIVE

    The issue with this is that no one buys Enzo as legitimate or even capable. The guy is one rung above Ellsworth and if you are telling me that Ellsworth could compete with the likes of Bate, Alexander, and company, then we have a problem because Vince seems to think that size is the only reason Enzo can't compete with the heavyweights.
  5. #205LIVE

    ...I think Vince gets a stiffy of making hometown heroes lose because this shit is ridiculous.
  6. Smackdown Live Spoilers - Jinder vs Styles -11/7/17

    Naw. Dude pops steroids in his mouth like Jellybeans.
  7. NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    It's more that I have faith in Ibushi than him. But as someone already pointed out, they aren't going to get time. and Cody lacks the ability apparently And honestly, I don't know what Jericho is going to do. He's been inconsistent in WWE as far as I can recall. He hasn't really been the guy to watch if you catch my meaning, but it could be interesting to say the least.
  8. Mother fuck.... It's like this company just wants to fuck with me. Oh well... I guess the UK guys are cool/
  9. Honestly, I still want to see Cedric Alexander vs AJ Styles, but the former has to get his clout up. But since UK is going to 205 tomorrow, I might stay up for a Pete Dunne/Tyler Bate vs Cedric teaser. Or something. WWE has too much damn talent to not book matches like they should. I do not care because getting my ideal matches out of this company is like pulling teeth. It was miracle that we got Finn vs AJ for fuck's sake.
  10. NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    Kind of wanted Ibushi vs Omega for the US Title, but hey next year. So anyone else felt like that Ospreay vs Scurll match was a rehash of one of their many matches together? I am "eh" on the Fatal Four Way. It seems weak. I caught up on the history of Okada and Naito and I am kind of looking forward to the match. I don't know who Switchblade is. I'll look him up. This is my first Wrestle Kingdom and the card looks promising. I think Ibushi and Rhodes is going to steal the show.
  11. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    Alright thanks. You all have been super helpful. So I am going to watch a few matches this week. I did see Omega vs Okada and thought it was a decent match. I really do not like 30+ minute matches. It doesn't feel epic at all. Ot feels drawn out. Regardless, thanks again.
  12. Or they cheat or be cowardly heels. or maintain that aura. I mean for fuck's sake why can't Asuka be exactly what she is? She is better. We know she is better. Until WWE hires Meiko Satomura, Awesome Kong, Io Shirai, and the entirety of Stardom, she is going to be heads and tails better. What is with this fucking parity ego of making sure no one is unique? Asuka has earned that aura of being a badass. Sorry, if I do not buy that Bliss could beat her clean or should as long as she keeps acting green as grass. Does Braun Stroman lose to Bo Dallas? Fuck no. Look, Asuka/Kana earned that aura the moment she stepped in a WWE women's division that has been devoid of Joshi styled wrestlers for 15+ years. The women's division just got out of the whole butterfly belt diva bullshit and Asuka is Michael Jordan in a league where the second best team is the Nationals. I can eyeball test it just in how she performs versus everyone else on the roster that she is clearly better. Yes, she will lose, but that lost has to be to someone on her level and as much as I love Bliss, it ain't her. It isn't Nia. And it damn sure is not Bayley...anymore. Asuka did not start out as this unstoppable beast either. She just kept gaining momentum and kept winning. Matches became more and more one sided with the exception of a few wrestlers. If she went to Smackdown it would be less of a problem because I can see Naomi, Charlotte, Natayla, or Becky Lynch beating her clean. But the Raw roster? Sasha. And that is about it.
  13. The only people I see beating Asuka are Sasha, Naomi, and Charlotte. That is it. Outside of those three, anyone else short of Kairi Sane are actually beneath her in skill. The problem with this match is not that Asuka should have squashed Emma because Emma should be treated. The problem is that Emma should not have been Asuka's intro match. It should have been Dana or Alicia or a Paige that is on her way out. And then should have squashed one of them. Finn Balor and AJ was as good as expected. I can't stress that Finn needs to use the Demon persona as something more than just aggressive Finn. I like aggressive Finn more do I like Vanilla Finn, but his offense does not reflect the aura the persona is trying to convey. I fucking hate Enzo and pray for the day that Cedric puts him in the most devastating Lumbar Check that would make Candice LeRae get back aches. The WWE dropped the fucking ball with the Cruiserweights and instead of fixing some obvious issues like not putting the fucking show right after Smackdown, they insist of being obstinate with that time slot. Stopped watching after Jason Jordan and Elias because...well I got shit to do.
  14. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    Okay. Los Ingobernables sounds like my dream faction so I guess I am rooting for them. I am guessing Shibata is part of Suzuki-gun? And why is Will Ospreay part of Chaos? I mean he is pretty much the antithesis of any sort of establishment. Sure, he doesn't cheat...in NJPW, but he is an arrogant asshole. So far, your description has been immensely helpful and has a lot of interesting stuff like I can see a ton of stories working with the mechanics of this structure NJPW has. Bullet Club's internal strife works in it's own way because I do recall hints of tension between Cody and Omega and that guy with the face paint.