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  1. SDL is What's In the Box?!? - 7/18/2017

    Okay so I just remembered why we did not have a Punjabi Prison Match before...I can't see through that shit. There are too many cages and really it just looks excessive as shit.
  2. 2017 Matches of the Year

    I pretty much resigned myself from watching a lot of WWE so I am counting on this thread to point out the good shit so I do not have to endure the shittiness of Raw and PPVs.
  3. Raw is THAT PROMO - 7/10/2017

    Can't beat 'em, attempt vehicular homicide on them and make the excuse well they aren't here so that means I am the top dog. In fact, did anyone buy that argument Roman made? Like the worst thing Brock Lesner ever did in the "attitude era" was throw Zach Gowan down stairs. It is like his hindsight is fucked up and thinks everyone in the attitude era was Kane and the Undertaker. The people who did commit murder or attempt it were complete psychopaths or Stone Cold and none of them did so because they were outsmarted and outmaneuvered. Fuck it, Roman is a heel because he took that shit too far to be seen as retribution. Yeah, Braun loves beating the ever loving shit out of him, but vehicular homicide? Naw, that is some Randy Orton type shit.
  4. Mayweather McGregor Megafight Megathread

    I understand that McGregor does not deserve the fight. I get the gist of that argument. I don't understand the reluctancy of boxing purists in general. Like if the positions were reversed and Mayweather challenged Conor in the octagon, you would not see MMA fans shitting on it like boxing purists are. They would welcome Mayweather knowing damn well he would get his ass beat or probably because they know damn well. What I am saying is, this fight is not a big deal for boxing purists for them to be up in arms about like they are. Like I am not going to throw money at this event when I know damn well what is going to happen. A lot of people are, but I expect boxing purists to have this mentality as well. I don't know if I am communicating it well, but I just don't get it from a boxing promoters point of view to not want to sell a fight(no matter how one sided it is).
  5. Great Balls of Fire 2017

    Okay, Sasha is the second best women's wrestler in the company. Will be third when Io heals up. But this promo was shooty to me. I never thought of Alexa as Eva Marie so it may be a story they are telling. Great promo from Sasha. I did not like this PPV overall. WWE is so hellbent on Roman vs Brock for WM then fine. I am looking forward to Wrestle Kingdom for the first time ever.
  6. I am not sure if this the proper thread, but I fucking hate Glory rules. It reeks of this old timey kickboxing that called Muay Thai lazy and boring yet Glory had the nerve to invite probably the greatest fighter in the world to their sport, knowing damn well that Saenchai is known to clinch and throw elbows. I watched that fight he had in Glory and I was annoyed at the ref constantly breaking up Saenchai's clinch and discounting his "sweeps." Like come n, did they even bother looking the guy up before they signed him? He is known for his sweeps and clinch. They did the same for Simon Marcus who loves knees from the clench, but he is not allowed to use them. Like why? It is kickboxing, but it reeks of that old timey K-1 and looks like a Tae Kwon Do exhibition.
  7. Mayweather McGregor Megafight Megathread

    You know I do not like Conor and think he is a flash in a pan, but these boxing promoters confuse me because it is not like MMA did not invite boxing champions to face their own before. I mean I respect the science of boxing after watching a bunch of kids training for the Olympics in my kickboxing gym. That shit is a different sport and I could not imagine going hand to hand with an amateur boxer let alone a professional. But they have to like the notoriety at least? The last thing boxing is known for was the Pac and Mayweather fight and that was a dud from a casual point of view. This could very well sell newcomers to boxing and some may perceive it as their preferred sport. I just do not understand how purists like Max Kellermen aren't jumping for joy for Conor McGregor.
  8. Mayweather McGregor Megafight Megathread

    Is it me but it seems that boxing promoters are doing their damnest to depromote this fight? You have Bernard Hopkins calling it a spectacle instead of a fight and basically summing up what anybody who has been in the ring vs an expert knows: Conor has no chance. Then, anyone with any know-how in boxing just dismisses the fight as ridiculous and overhyped. Like yeah, they will advertise the fight, but they don't seem particularly enthused by it. MMA promoters on the other hand are at least taking shots at Mayweather and while I hate Dana White, he at least is trying to sell you on the idea that it could be a compelling match up.
  9. WWE Mae Young Classic - Summer 2017

    So, I'll be honest. I do not know anything about the American women's indie scene other than Hania the Huntress and the red head from ROH. I feel like Joshi is the best representation of women's wrestler so I am more familiar with that. So anyone aside from Kairi Sane that I should look out for?
  10. #205LIVE

    ...I am fucking sick of Noam Dar. Send Dar to NXT with Ho Ho Lun, and keep Cedric as far away from Alicia Fox as humanly possible because this entire debacle turned me off from 205Live. I get it. He is the technical limb focused dude, but he is do fucking generic. Gulak and TJP were those technical dudes and are quite frankly better at it than him. He has generic offense so much so that I honestly can't believe that he had a following in the indies. He is a terrible matchup for anybody especially Cedric who is top tier in terms of potential. I do not get why Vince keeps pushing this feud and why Cedric is ensnared in this bullshit. Maybe he found it funny how Dar says Alicia's last name, I don't fucking know, but for fuck's sake, end this feud.
  11. Smackdown Live from "The Shelter" 7/4/17

    Randy, Jinder is from Canada.
  12. NXT 6/28

    That was probably both Asuka's and Hideo's best matches in NXT. Asuka looked like a badass and quite frankly, I am glad she had one title reign defining match. Honestly, they should skip the pleasentries with Ember Moon and make their inevitable match a Hardcore one(Ember was a pretty awesome Deathmatch wrestler in her indie days). WWE needs to buy out Io Shirai's contract because she is the only person who can and should defeat Asuka.
  13. SDL - 6/27/2017 - Two Tickets To Paradise

    I am starting to hate WWE styled multi matches because of how inactive they are when they are supposed to be chaotic. I mean I get the women played a relatively safe ladder match and I commend them for refraining from doing the truly stupid shit while wrestling a smart match. However, this whole "Lay outside the ring for 3 minutes and do nothing" bullshit annoys me because it is literally every match that has more than 2 people in them. This is why I loved the DIY and Revival matches because all four participants were utilized. You never got the feeling that action was too focused because it was well coordinated. I don't want to single out this money in the bank because it is almost every money in the bank, but WWE severely doubts the audience's attention span that these matches essentially play out like a series of 1 v 1 matches instead of the clusterfuck they are supposed to be, You can be more creative WWE. Yes, you can have action in the ring, but you can have action outside of it as well instead of talent lying prone for several periods. I know they do that to add suspense whenever they enter the ring to interrupt, but there comes a point where it is too obvious. Aside from that, good show.
  14. Raw Is A Vulgar Display of Power - 6/26/2017

    Well there goes the idea of going to a show with a sign, "Sit on me, Nia."
  15. SDL - 6/20/2017 - Money in Abeyance

    Carmella had a point in that it is No DQ, but she falls into a slippery slope because if NO DQ means no standards then Money in the Bank could be a glorified Hardcore Rules stipulation match in which anyone could walk down that ring or from the crowd and take that briefcase. Just because no one has done it yet doesn't mean anything until someone does it, but what if someone took the case for themselves? Even the Constitution says that just because it is not an amendment does not mean it is not a law. There has to be standards or my ass would climb over the stand, push Alexa Bliss off, and hand that title to Nia Jax in a minute just because Ellsworth did the same. So yeah. This set a precedent that Money in the Bank means that only the contestants in the match can win it. I love how Daniel says to not put his emotions into it and then immediately precedes to get emotional about it. Carmella's promo was great, but you all are sleeping on Becky's heartbroken babyface promo because it was in character. For the longest, Becky has had this knight in sour armor thing going on since Alexa won the title off of her complaining about cheating. She does not feel uplifted in Smackdown and for once I felt legitimately bad for her in a way I used to feel for Bayley and how I feel for Sami. Becky did great and I had sympathy for her because I understood where she was coming from. Chad Gable is Kurt Angle. He moves like him. He has that same awkward charisma. I am glad that they finally decided to showcase Gable. Kurt should just ta;lk to this kid and let him have the Angle Slam because he is little Angle. Shinsuke andZiggler was fun. Did not top Roman and Joe, but hey it was fun. Okay show, I guess.