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  1. Depends on the promotion. There are some kick boxing promotions that force fighters(including Muay Thai fighters like Buakaw and Saenchai) to wear kick pads much to the annoyance of the fighters and Muay Thai enthusiasts. And I can't believe y'all went five pages and not mention Aleister Black at all.
  2. Kyuubi


    Good follow up to Supershow. Lince and Lio was not what I thought I’d get out of the two but was solid nonetheless. If WWE can lie about Kanellis being 205(I doubt it but then again Murphy looks bigger), there is no reason why they can’t get Balor to join this roster. Buddy is going to be a McGregor type of Champion which is cool with his attitude because I was afraid they were going to turn him. And finally after a solid run as champ, some character building with Cedric. He has always been a great come up short wrestler because his reactions when he doesn’t get a pinfall are golden. They are going with the story of Cedric losing his mojo. I can tell Triple H is behinf this booking because he loves having two best friends as wrestlers and highlighting their friendship for a slow burn. He loves the payoff when the inevitable betrayal happens. Me thinks that he is projecting somewhat. Overall decent show. Good crowd. NXT was better.
  3. Becky Lynch beating the shit out of Charlotte and then demanding the photographer to take her photo and him obliging her as if he did not see his previous model get accosted is the type of shit that keeps me into watching wrestling. Becky could break mother Teresa’s arm and she still would get cheered.
  4. Okay, somewhat off-topic, but if there was a point of view that encapsulates what I loathe about Omega and to a higher degree, Will Ospreay, this is it. Do I think Omega is a phenomenal wrestler? Yes. I love his moveset and can enjoy his matches, but there are times when I fucking tune out because the thing about Omega is that his moveset has tons of things that would be qualified as finishers for any other wrestler. There are a bunch of bombast but not a whole lot of structure. He sells well, but the selling means little when you have been constantly hit by a truck and still keep getting up. In comparison to Kota who is just as bombastic, but sprinkles it with set up moves and variety or Tanahashi who is all about the build-up, Kenny is like watching the Raid within a wrestling match. I fucking hate Will Ospreay though and have nothing good to say about him.
  5. Kyuubi


    Because if anyone was hurt by the lack of heat from the crowd, it has been Cedric Alexander and his opponents. What got the crowd invested was not good matches and solid stories, but fucking spot fests and barn burners and only like a few guys on the active roster is capable of that: Ali, Murphy, Kalisto, Metallik, Dorado, and Alexander. The rest are technical guys or meticulous guys(which is why I am adamant that Gargano, Ciampa, Undisputed Era, and Ricochet should come to 205 Live for the sake of diversity at the very least. Gulak in front of a live crowd post-Smackdown does not get heat with anybody because his style is not about bursts. Gulak in front a pre-Smackdown crowd will. It helped TJP vs Lince as the entirety of TJP's WWE run could not even get a peep, but last night they gave a shit. So yeah, this made the show better. Would have been match of the week if it weren't for Dunne/Ricochet and AJ Styles/Almas.
  6. Kyuubi


    Thank fuck. I was honestly starting to get pissed at the crowd.
  7. It depends on the opponent with Cedric. Cedric is not delivering bad matches and he is obviously trying. The past few times it was Cedric that pops the crowd for one instant and then whoever is his opponent(Hideo, TJP, Gallagher, Kendrick Gulak) immediately puts on restholds and takes the crowd right out. With Buddy who plays heel, but isn't a technical heel nor is he a meticulous heel, Murphy just turns it up and goes move for move against a Face who does the same. He does not slow the match down at all and only seems to up the intensity which makes his matches more crowd engaging. Almost every Buddy Murphy match, he has involved the announcer table or got innovative with the ringside. The top three guys on 205 are Cedric, Mustafa, and Murphy. Those guys generate pops with the Lucha House Party being used for spectacle. Those technical guys sans Gulak need to do something different because that shit kills crowds that are already too tired after a high-octane Smackdown. No one wants to follow AJ Styles and Samoa Joe or Daniel Bryan and Almas, but it hard enough to as it is with a babyface like Cedric who has the moveset and ability of an aggressive heel. Not entirely absolving Cedric because he needs to change his demeanor as a squeaky clean babyface when his finisher is hoisting guys way above his head and crashing them five and a half feet on their backs. Cedric dropped a nasty sheer drop brainbuster on TJP the other night and he is supposed to be playing underdog babyface? He needs to be more like Buddy and less like Gargano. He needs to be more like Neville after joining 205 Live and less like NXT Adrian Neville. He is the most physically imposing athlete on 205 Live and one of the most gifted wrestlers in the entire WWE roster. He needs to act like it. And I think that is the story of Cedric's entire wrestling career.
  8. Calling it now. Match of the night.
  9. Kyuubi


    He spikes every spot that involves his head or upper body. Got to appreciate his commitment to make his opponent look good.
  10. Kyuubi

    NJPW 2018 MOTY.

    My top 10 after going over G1 1. Tanahashi/Ibushi G1 Final 2. Tanahashi/Okada A-block final 3. Naito vs Okada WK12 4. Goto/Suzuki WK12 5. Ibushi vs Omega G1 B-block final 6. Ishii/Omega G1 7. Ishii/Ibushi G1 8. Ishii/Naito G1 9. Ibushi/ZSJ G1 10. Sanada/Ibushi G1 Outlier: Okada/Omega Dominion because everyone says its great and I’ll just take your word for it
  11. Okay. I have been on Sasha for years about her diving because as a traceur, I can tell who has control of their body in the air and who needs to stop playing with their lives and Sasha was ringing alarms because she lacks the explosive jumping ability(as in I think her vert is like 25 inches) and seriously needs to take time of her day and hit the box jumps like Kofi. Sasha always scared me when she does the tope with her head nearly hitting the apron coming down. Not to mention her rag doll selling. However, injury did not stop them from pushing Nicki Bella. In fact, they deliberately pulled her from championship matches to beat AJ Lee’s record. Recognizing injury as a reason to not put a strap on someone for more than 2 fucking weeks is selective. And it doesn’t change the fact that Sasha was perfectly healthy during her first year called up and WWE deliberately ignored fans to push an agenda. And do not want to hear about attitude as an excuse when Randy fucking Orton is signed. Orton is the worst public relations nightmare since JBL. Dude is notorious. If Orton could get away with intimidating writers with his dick out, Sasha can have attitude. I’m not trying to attack you but I am sick of this selective reasoning as why they don’t push others from the WWE. It’s petty business. And it becomes personal when you keep pushing people of the same mold and it starts looking peculiar. I’m not saying Sasha should be holding the belt for years because she clearly isn’t built for that. I’m saying that she shouldn’t be stuck in this bullshit with Bayley and Riot Squad as an alternative because both of them including Ruby deserve better than that. While Charlotte who in my opinion was the least dynamic of the Four Horsewomen was given this golden goose just because of whom she is. There shouldn’t be stars like Roman Reigns or Charlotte when you have the most talent filled roster of all time. There shouldn’t be another John Cena when you have super talented wrestlers all over. This isn’t Hogan era anymore. You have talent all out the ass. People who are capable of holding the ship together in turns and it won’t effect popularity in fact it will make the product more intriguing.
  12. Okay I have been semi following Smackdown so I will chime in on the Becky thing. Ever since the call-up, I have always had an issue with Charlotte. I had an issue when she put down Sasha who complained about Charlotte receiving the push when Sasha was super over following the eponymous takeover match with Bayley. I had a problem with Charlotte with how she was characterized compared to Becky, Bayley Naomi, and Sasha. I had a problem with Charlotte with how she got over on Asuka. Even though I did agree with @Niners Fan in CT about Vince favoring blondes, I like to emphasize that I meant that in the WWE you can have the preferred look over the ability. With Charlotte, it is not that she isn’t talented because she is. It’s people with her talent if not more talented than her don’t get as far in push. Sasha is by far the better performer and better media person. Yet she has been in this quagmire the moment she was called up. Asuka is far better in the ring and has far better physical charisma. Becky is the complete package. Naomi is the most athletic women’s wrestler in the world. These women are just as good as Charlotte if not better. Yet here we are with yet another superwoman push. WWE’s biggest problem now is the lack of parity not acknowledging it and that is especially prevalent in their handling of the women’s divisions. Becky exemplifies this because she shouldn’t be in the shuffle behind Charlotte or Ronda or Alexa. She shouldn’t be middling. She is one of the best women wrestlers in the world and there shouldn’t be this disparity between her and Charlotte and because of that there is this huge push back against Charlotte.
  13. Kyuubi

    NJPW 2018 MOTY.

    I’m going to keep it real with you all. I have not watched any of the Omega/Okada matches nor will I intentionally. I cannot stand main events that are over 30 minutes. 30-40 minutes is my threshold and 40 minutes tops is pushing it and I absolutely believe that a match, especially a singles match should be detracted against for going on for too long. Not saying that none of those matches weren’t great because I haven’t seen them. If I had been watching them live, then at least I have an excuse because I don’t know how long the match will go going into it but since I can’t possibly watch it live, the one thing that I am going to pay attention to is the length. It ruins my enjoyment. So I’m going to take everyone’s word for it that the matches are aces.
  14. That is a shame. For all of Tama Tonga's charisma, I thought he would stand out this G1 with the whole Bullet Club break up happening and shit. But you really can't start a faction with no stand out wrestlers. Like every faction, including the factionless dudes have aces and this was supposed to be Tama's time to show up. Anyways, @sevendaughters, thanks for the reference point. I already watched all of Ibushi's matches that were worth watching. Might start watching Ishii sans the Ibushi match. Edit: Oh. So he is sucking on purpose. Cool.
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