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  1. There are guys in AEW that I know were underused in WWE like Shawn Spears and Cody and PAC. But yeah, Jake Hager ain’t one of them. Honestly, as NXT starts becoming overflooded and talent starts leaving in due to under utilization, I think some guys like Lio Rush would be great. Wwe has all the talent in the world in terms of wrestling. Kenny can kayfabe shit talk half that roster on NXT, but half that roster can and has wrestled on his level before. AEW should be looking at guys that they know are going to be underutilized in WWE that not only need a different direction, but aren’t in it because they are cast offs. Getting guys like Hager and Ryback is shit. I’d rather wait until Will Ospreay’s contract is up or some shit because at least he is refreshing.
  2. Oh. Cuckamania would be an awesome pornstar name.
  3. I haven’t been watching Raw or WWE in general but I’ve been hearing about a storyline trend of wrestlers’ wives cheating on them with black wrestlers and I have to wonder is Linda fucking Herman Cain or something and Vince is commiserating his misery to us through these weird ass storylines? Is Linda getting the 999 deal in the White House and Vince is using his own humiliation as a way to punish dudes who want out? I’m asking because the phrase beta cuck was uttered by the resident jackass Graves on TV to describe the situation. It’s just a weird thing to have consistently shown on your billion dollar show. Next you will have Big E with Becky Lynch or some shit. I’m sure that would be a way to revive his old catchphrase, “give me five” or some variation.
  4. The backstage carney shit is what separates MLW from other promotions and I guess that emphasis on carney shit effects the matches somewhat, but I am not really following this promotion for G1 quality. It would be nice but there are tons of indies that allow for that.
  5. I’ve heard of Tim Thatcher but this is the first time watching him. Dude somehow pulls off Wiry big guy if that makes sense. I can’t call him technical as he is more of a Regal type dude in terms of physicality. It was a fun showing. Not really into Lawler. I don’t get the hype because Riddle does former MMA guy turned wrestler better than he does. I’m just not impressed with anything he does yet. The black luchador guy? He is awesome. Some of the most creative shit I’ve seen since Shane Strickland. I wish MLW put more emphasis on, I hate saying it, workrate. I enjoy the Factions wars and conflicts as it adds an added dimension to conflicts. The matches just lack the spectacle of that makes sense. Maybe that’s on the performers or I don’t know what I’m talking about but when NJPW puts on a match, it not only feels big but the match itself is filled with story as well as technique and athleticism. MLW feels like they have top tier talent and I know they do but the matches feel underwhelming a lot of the time. Maybe I am buggin’. Regardless, I like this shit.
  6. I love how the fans don’t realize what they just saw was extraordinary in terms of athleticism. Like I get the shooting star press is like the basic spot monkey finisher, but AQA is only the second woman in history to do a standing shooting star press in the wrestling business. Hyun is awesome too. Booker always had an eye for talent and I’m glad he is doing things outside the ‘E. Thanks fam for hooking me up. Anyways what’s up with TNA picking up a bunch of Lucha Underground formers?
  7. Yep. She is green as grass and I don’t think the Shooting Star Press is her finisher yet. But I am looking forward to her since the SSP she did was Sydal quality. She is stupid athletic since I know women gymnasts who trained for years who still can’t do a non-cheat Gainer. I was watching a highlight wrestling vid(I like to use it as a reference to which matches to watch, sue me) and I saw a woman do a shooting star press and not the cheat gainer kind and was like...wait what? Anyways, yeah I dig some digging and found her. I apologize for detailing the thread about TNA’s stupid Phoenix like tendencies.
  8. Who is the black lady in pig tails who did a shooting star press to the outside on a 3 other women? It was a match on Impact I think? Edit: My bad. Wrong promotion. I thought it was TNA because the apron had Impact + on the side.
  9. The matches in MLW aren’t much as spectacles like NJPW but the story angles are great. Low Ki’s title reign was brutal and I’ve never seen a champion as sadistic and as brutal as he was. Dude was ripping off ears and maiming motherfuckers. Since I ditched WWE, I’ve been wanting to fill the void with something and AEW just wasn’t it. But yeah, this has been a treat overall. I was surprised to see Low Ki in a big role for any promotion given his reputation.
  10. As long as it’s not Naito vs Ibushi. I don’t know how you all feel about these two pairing up, but to me they are like a notch below old school CZW matches. I’m not a fan of the amount of near deaths that the two seem to put each other through every time they match up.
  11. So I gave up on WWE and been following New Japan for awhile. Still not completely immersed. Why the fuck are the Young Lions so fucking boring? I get that they are trainees but you’d think they would at least diversify. Give them some basis in other styles. Like it works sometimes like with Jay White. But other times when I tried watching Shouta, I honestly couldn’t get invested in something so basic. Like I see the foundation of what they are taught in guys Okada and Ishii but my issue is that it maybe afford some wrinkles aside from making a body slam more fanciful? Guy wants to be a highflier, let him at least try to learn and focus on high flying or do a head scissors takedown. Guy wants to do submission grappling, let him at least exhibit something other than a Boston crab. I get it. Maybe I’m not invested in the development of guys and it’s just not for me. But I really was looking forward to watching Shouta only to be bored to tears.
  12. Depends on the promotion. There are some kick boxing promotions that force fighters(including Muay Thai fighters like Buakaw and Saenchai) to wear kick pads much to the annoyance of the fighters and Muay Thai enthusiasts. And I can't believe y'all went five pages and not mention Aleister Black at all.
  13. Kyuubi


    Good follow up to Supershow. Lince and Lio was not what I thought I’d get out of the two but was solid nonetheless. If WWE can lie about Kanellis being 205(I doubt it but then again Murphy looks bigger), there is no reason why they can’t get Balor to join this roster. Buddy is going to be a McGregor type of Champion which is cool with his attitude because I was afraid they were going to turn him. And finally after a solid run as champ, some character building with Cedric. He has always been a great come up short wrestler because his reactions when he doesn’t get a pinfall are golden. They are going with the story of Cedric losing his mojo. I can tell Triple H is behinf this booking because he loves having two best friends as wrestlers and highlighting their friendship for a slow burn. He loves the payoff when the inevitable betrayal happens. Me thinks that he is projecting somewhat. Overall decent show. Good crowd. NXT was better.
  14. Becky Lynch beating the shit out of Charlotte and then demanding the photographer to take her photo and him obliging her as if he did not see his previous model get accosted is the type of shit that keeps me into watching wrestling. Becky could break mother Teresa’s arm and she still would get cheered.
  15. Okay, somewhat off-topic, but if there was a point of view that encapsulates what I loathe about Omega and to a higher degree, Will Ospreay, this is it. Do I think Omega is a phenomenal wrestler? Yes. I love his moveset and can enjoy his matches, but there are times when I fucking tune out because the thing about Omega is that his moveset has tons of things that would be qualified as finishers for any other wrestler. There are a bunch of bombast but not a whole lot of structure. He sells well, but the selling means little when you have been constantly hit by a truck and still keep getting up. In comparison to Kota who is just as bombastic, but sprinkles it with set up moves and variety or Tanahashi who is all about the build-up, Kenny is like watching the Raid within a wrestling match. I fucking hate Will Ospreay though and have nothing good to say about him.
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