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  1. Kyuubi


    Hideo’s finisher is straight fucking garbage. Give him back the GTS.
  2. Kyuubi

    Fuck the Existence of B*g C*ss - SDL - 5/29/2018

    The sad thing is that I really was trying to not insult him. Just everyone else, Big Cass can’t pick his booking. I’m sure he didn’t sign up to be Vince’s avatar of his big man insecurity but it’s what he has. I can’t fault him really.
  3. Kyuubi

    Fuck the Existence of B*g C*ss - SDL - 5/29/2018

    I don’t hate Cass. To me, he is a less impressive Baron Corbin. I think he is capable and I give him a chance just like everyone deserves one. My issue is the booking. I didn’t wait two years for Bryan to be matched up with Big Cass. This feud is three fucking months of wasting time that could be spent on making more compelling matches. This bothers me about Smackdown as a whole because there is no fucking reason it has been this monotonous shot show for s year. They always had the better workers and more talent than Raw but they waste it on shit like Jinder and now Cass. Everything feels like an excercise of maybe there will be a match that you are interested in and maybe the agent of the match does not try to overproduce said match. Like fuck, let these stars breathe and go out and tear the house down like we know most can do.
  4. Kyuubi


    Going by Triple H’s formula, Itami definitely seems like a likely candidate. Since no one else has a storyline at the moment. Although I don’t think the Akira feud is over at all, HHH likes to space feuds apart so he can build heat. Regardless, I wonder how they are going to determine a new Number 1 contender. HHH usually has a series of matches or a big multi match to determine who is worthy because he wants the belt to feel prestigious. Since no one on 205 has been on a roll exactly, he is probably booking another multi match. Itami may be in it, Bate as well if his Indy schedule allows it and possibly Gulak.
  5. Kyuubi

    Fuck the Existence of B*g C*ss - SDL - 5/29/2018

    Pretty much ditto. This was literally the match that I was looking forward to this week outside of 205 and NXT and this poor man’s edge literally made me turn off the TV. I am so done with Cass. It is not like I think he terrible but this entire feud is everything I didn’t want for Bryan’s first feud back. I waited for 2 years for this dude to come back and instead of striking iron when it is hot and throw him in the ring with literally anyone else, I get Cass. A mediocre dude who may one day get it together but honestly just feels like he is in the way.
  6. Kyuubi


    ... So yeah MOTY candidate. It would have been number 1 if Gargano wasn’t a thing but whoa that was a good ass match. Buddy has been packaged as the different CW being seen as the biggest one and all. The exchange in the beginning of the match put over each of their attributes. Buddy was clearly the stronger of the two but Cedric was faster and when it came technical shit, They were even. What I liked was the little bit of charisma that was shown by Cedric that he is completely devoid of outside the ring. Cedric has been doing the solo thumb point at himself thing since he came into the WWE and it was just a signature in his entrance. When he used it after partying the hurricarana, it reminded me of a bit of AJ Styles. There were several spots that were great such as Buddy throwing sweeping Cedric off his feet when the overconfident champ foolishly was posing on the announcer’s table. That was sickening. There was also that huge Michinoku Driver that Cedric pulled off while selling his back throughout that’s match. Overall the match arch had great story telling and both men brought it and dragged investment from a crowd adament on hating it or ignoring it. 20( is the A show for me and can’t wait for next week.
  7. Kyuubi


    One day. One day soon, I will get Tyler Bate vs Cedric Alexander. So are any of these guys permanent fixtures for 205 Live? Real shit, the UK title might as well be a secondary title if they still haven't made any effort in putting on a show for it yet.
  8. Kyuubi


    Speaking of the UK guys, if I don't get Cedric Alexander vs Tyler Bate or Pete Dunne, fuck it all, this whole thing is a wash.
  9. Kyuubi


    Solid show. Hideo is going to be the greatest heel of all time if he can stay healthy. They really need to give him the GTS back because that new finisher he is working with is bullshit. Kallisto has been on a roll lately and seems like he has great chemistry with everyone. Gulak however seems poised to dominate everyone as usual and can't wait. This feud with Murphy/Alexander needs to deliver period.
  10. Kyuubi


    It is called building. You can't get excited by what is essentially a reboot of a program that has been bogged down by Enzo(who I point out that he did not make 205 Live exciting after his catchphrase ended) or Vince's booking decisions. It is going to take time. Right now, everyone save for Cedric is rebuilding their character and match psychology. Gulak is now more aggressive and technical while retooling his character into something more intimidating. The Lucha House Party are now starting to gain character, Ali is becoming the exciting Gargano/Zayn underdog that HHH loves to use in every program that he is behind. TJP is being his natural asshole self except now he is competent. Hideo is starting to become his own character and etc. You can say that Cedric could be more exciting, but he can't really do that in less than 10 minute matches. And from what I have seen, he does not seem partial to character building at all. His job is to put on the best matches of whatever show he is on and right now, he is batting .500. Cedric is Seth Rollins before NXT took off. His entire role with the belt is to put on good to decent matches while not having much of a character. Everyone else is supposed to get better and look better while Cedric is simply the flat character who, imo, is the best wrestler on 205 Live if not one of the best in WWE does not change yet. Character wise, he is Finn Balor except a shit ton better in the ring and we are waiting for Samoa Joe to take the title off him(Gulak). So far NXT worked with HHH sticking to a formula that takes time and did not pick up immediately. Not sure if you are a Philadelphia fan, but I say just trust the process. Give it more than two months As for the suggestion to put guys like Woods,Young, Ricochet, Strong and the Undisputed Era, Dunne, Bate, Balor, and etc in the 205 Live roster and make the division open for anyone wants to or can compete, yes. I have been wanting this since it became a division again. I want. My complaint with Enzo and even Goldust is that WWE, for some reason, wants to keep guys away from the title that actually would draw attention to the show. Finn Balor, as I have said before, should absolutely be in this division and the shift should not make him less viable for the Universal or WWE Title. Sami Zayn could lose the weight and compete. What is going to legitimize 205 Live as the show is to put on the best matches with the best workers, and it hurts it that you have guys who would be a perfect fit being alienated away from it.
  11. Kyuubi

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    So this was a glorified house show? Regardless, I don’t really feel bad for Roman. He knows he is being booked terribly and does nothing to change that . Unlike Cena who spent years changing the criticisms he had for years, Roman does not seem to care about how he is getting booked and fully believes it is the fans problem while stating stupid ass shit like he is the best in-Ring performer in the world with a completely straight face. He is tied with for the 2nd leading merch receipent behind Cena and tied with AJ which will undoubtedly change with Daniel Bryan coming back. Dude is getting his coins. Honestly, I guess the money and accolades and prestige supercedes any blows to the pride of performing in front of a crowd who does not give a shit. This is not me hating Roman at all btw. He is a solid worker and I know he earns his cash every night in that ring. I can never accuse Roman of phoning it in ever. But I rather him be the Rock than Lex Luger.
  12. Kyuubi

    Backlash XIV - 5/6/2018

    Cedric Alexander vs Buddy Murphy CW title
  13. Kyuubi


    Well you called it. Good match. Not the most creative finish, but a solid match all around. Better than the WM match.
  14. Kyuubi


    I hate Gauntlet matches, but given the structure of this, I suspect Gulak will be the one to take the title off Alexander down the line. Although his no fly zone gimmick means little in that matchup because Alexander is not really a high flier and can pretty much trade holds with anybody. As or the match with Kalisto, for me, this is where Alexander, if allowed, should absolutely redeem himself and his reign. I expect him to step up and actualize his potential. No more phoning it in. He needs to go in there with the swagger that he is the best fucking wrestler in the world and fucking deliver. Although I am morally against even watching the show on Friday, I do want the best for the 205bLive guys and for that, the championship match needs to be the highlight in every show.
  15. Kyuubi


    All of the 205 Live guys are their billed weights. I know that much. Finn Balor is around 190 and the UK guys are their billed weights. Unlike Vince, HHH has no reason to pack more pounds on his guys just to make them more marketable. If that was the case, Gargano and Ciampa would be 210 pounds and just conveniently above the 205 marker.