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  1. Kyuubi


    All of the 205 Live guys are their billed weights. I know that much. Finn Balor is around 190 and the UK guys are their billed weights. Unlike Vince, HHH has no reason to pack more pounds on his guys just to make them more marketable. If that was the case, Gargano and Ciampa would be 210 pounds and just conveniently above the 205 marker.
  2. Kyuubi


    There is no fucking way Daniel Bryan is 210 pounds.
  3. Kyuubi


    I'm with you. But then again, I wasn't sold on the ladder match and I thought Almas and Black was a close third best.
  4. Kyuubi


    ...So is this any new guys in it? Also l think all HHH made titles should have tournaments for them annually .
  5. Kyuubi

    2018 Matches of the Year.

    Wrestlemania did not change a fucking thing for me and while I had high hopes for asuka and charlottte, Cedric and Mustafa, it was not in the cards. This really should not have followed Takeover at all. Not that it would helped because a shit show will always be a shit show. I nearly swore off WWE Vince preferred television until Smackdown convinced me that some shit is worth watching.
  6. Kyuubi


    There match before the tournament was way better. Whoever produced this match should get fired like what the fuck?
  7. Kyuubi


    ...So any basic Luchadora type moveset?
  8. Kyuubi

    2018 Matches of the Year.

    I feel this so much in regards to everything that has happened so far this year. 205 guarantees that there will be at least 4 star match every week and it is really a pick of the litter of good matches. Honestly, I really do not need to watch Smackdown or Raw as long as I have 205 and NXT. I just do not like Royal Rumbles in general and this year is no different. I prefer Aztec Warfare because it feels chaotic and shit. @Brian Fowler, if I did a top 30, it would be littered with Rodrick Strng matches. You have Strong/Dunne, Strong/Kallisto, Strong/Itami, Strong/Bate, Stong and Dunne/ Lorcan and that other dude that I can't remember. Dude is a monster.
  9. Kyuubi

    2018 Matches of the Year.

    So this after NXT takeover so... 1. Gargano vs Ciampa Takeover New Orleans 2. Gargano vs Almas 3. Cedric vs Strong 4. Murphy vs Kalisto 5. Asuka vs Sasha Banks 6. Ali vs Cedric Alexander 7. Strong vs Dunne That is all for today.
  10. Kyuubi


    He did hit O Reilly but it was like small and minor. and I know he did a back breaker on him.
  11. Kyuubi


    Mother fuck that was a good ass match. Meltzer better be shitting stars all over Gargano and Ciampa because holy shit. First and foremost, Gargano is top 5 in the company. No disputing that. This match had a Magnum-Tully feel from the get go since the The two were not being cute at all. Not one flip between any of them. It was literally a brawl. Bloodless carnage. The heat that Ciampa got, you’d thought that he sniped Jesus after the resurrection or some shit. That is the testiment to Gargano’s acting and ability to relate to the crowd. I have never seen a crowd chant you deserve it when a dude gets powerbombed on concrete. Holy fuck this match. Then there were the little call back spots to DIY with Ciampa doing the patented knee and Gargano returning the favor later on. And then Ciampa using his tape to try to choke Gargano. But then Gargano stopped him and ended up getting the two tied together for this epic punch out. This was my favorite sequence because...I know it sounds like I am marking out but fuck you...it reminded me of Yu Yu Hakusho when the characters decided to tie up each others hands and punch the shit out of each other. And I always wanted that which is why I loved Eddie vs JBL in the Texas longhorn match or whatever the fuck. Anyways, this match was perfect. It was so perfect that the commentator literally screamed kick out after Ciampa did that top rope powerbomb Lungblower. And this is what Vince will never understand. This rivalry had few words. There weren’t any catchphrases or stupid storylines. It was minimalist and tangibly understandable. These guys are not the best talkers nor are they the most good looking. It is literally two best friends who aren’t anymore. When Gargano refused to use the crutch on a beaten and battered Ciampa and sat down Indian style and placed his arm around Ciampa. It was beautiful and a amazing call back to their CWC match. And it made me care about the redemption of Ciampa. I honestly wanted Ciampa to just stop at that moment. I wanted Ciampa to stop being this vindictive spiteful character. But he didn’t and decided to use his knee brace to strike Gargano but he missed and Gargano caught him in the Garagano escape and then decided to get some comeuppance and used the kneebrace in a deathlock STF hold. This match was fucking magnificent.
  12. It sucks that anything amazing TJP has is wasted on TJP.
  13. Kyuubi

    WrestleMania XXXIV

    Nice front flip, but those kicks are shit. Turn that fucking pivot foot, Bryan. That little fucking pathetic ass pop when you kick the bag? Fuck is that? Throw your whole fucking hip in that shit you fucking hipster. I thought you were kicking fuckers heads in, not playing footsies with their foreheads. This is why you are B+. In all seriousness though, Bryan looks really lean and I can’t wait to see him in that ring again.
  14. Kyuubi

    2018 Matches of the Year.

    Murphy vs Kalisto One of the best things on 205 has been Buddy fucking Murphy. That is all. Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins Awesome match. Very athletic exhibition between the both of them. So yeah, if these guys want to come 205 Live, that would be great.
  15. I generally hate modern romance angles in the Wwe because Vince’s textbook misogyny always comes through in the end that the woman will always come away looking like a two-timer or something along those lines. And the men get the congratulatory trophy story boost that just makes their character better in a way that is meaningless outside the trite projection of “hey x character hit that.” The women often become objects in his storylines instead of independent characters. There were other ways to make Dar’s character project that he is a goofy snobby arrogant asshole that did not involve Alicia Fox, a character who has already been perceived by the fans as batshit and cantankerous.