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    You can't promote Twitter non-stop, run a billion wrestling documentaries on your network, show Vince and HHH shoot interviews ON YOUR NETWORK, give Punk the freedom to say whatever he wanted in 2011 etc etc etc.. and then expect the audience to act like it's 1992 when you want to push Reigns. It's on them. It's not the crowds fault.
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    So many reaction GIF's I would love to post in response to this, but I'm not "that guy", so I'll just ask - are you serious? I'll be kind and go with:
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    How about we all lighten up, hmm?
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    Heyman's a disingenuous slimebag. He's trying to play a headgame with Reigns. "I think you can beat all of these guys but my client's the best. And you can't beat him." It's pretty easy to see that. Reigns was also giving him a good look of mistrust throughout it all. It's really not that hard to see that. Randy's playing a long con with Rollins, too. You don't see the RKO coming soon? Let it simmer for a week and then go for it. Make Rollins squirm before you do the inevitable.
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    Well I messed around and downloaded the new DLC so I should be good and updated. Now I have to re-learn how to drive, shoot, and fly aircraff. Jesus, I am going to fucking kill myself on this new sports bike. My last save shows that I completed all of the Under the Bridge and Knife Flight challenges, so I am going to mush on and do the stunt jumps and finish the story missions. No way am I starting over.
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    I also, I really liked Reigns' reaction to DB tagging himself in. That was pretty good.
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    We'll give you 30 seconds. Go!
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    When indy wrestling goes bad... The guy in question landed on his head after a blown suplex, then that happened. Probably a concussion. (I wasn't there, but it was another show in my area.)
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    I'd prefer if Vince and those evil writers just came up with stories that had a beginning, middle, and end and did that. And screw it. Marvel's not letting fans write their comic books. You mean stories like Brock defeats the streak, destroys all comers, gets dethroned at Wrestlemania by the young upstart Reigns? Reigns who was the muscle for the Hounds of Justice,a group so powerful they only were stopped by themselves. Reigns who was immediately in the title picture, beat cleanly a former WWE WHC at a main PPV, won the Rumble which he barely lost last year, fought the man who never lost the title to retain his shot at dethroning the Beast at Wrestlemania? The main event clearly has a story that was built up. The only blank spot is the brief time Reigns was injured and no one knew how to script promos for him.
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    Almost always been true. When it comes to the audience the wrong promotion won the Monday Night Wars.
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    Yikes! Who did Emma piss off? I've seen a lot of hasty, thrown together Diva segments but that had to be one of the worst. #Givedivasachance indeed!
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    Paul Heyman is being obnoxious to Roman Reigns. I want to see Roman beat the hell out of Brock Lesnar to shove it in Heyman's face. That's the effect. This isn't calculus.
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    Keep watching. We won't change anything, but keep watching anyway.
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    Wealthy people can never be upset about anything, I guess. Yes, I don't think that AJ's higher profile and money-making ability erase the fact that she and other women get less opportunity than they should. I lean that it's just AJ going off on her own if only because I'm not sure how a "WWE discriminates against women" angle is a good idea. It could work, but would need the sort of subtlety and self-awareness that the writers on the main shows can't drum up. Also, it would take WWE actually giving their women a chance to reach a dedicated audience beyond having arguments and moments of lipstick lesbianism on Total Divas.
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    I don't think running an angle where women are being mistreated by management is a great idea.
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    Well? I looked, couldn't find any. There SHOULD be one. Yep. I didn't like it when it first debuted, but now I've mellowed (pun intended) with time and Kofi's happy-go-lucky fake-Jamaican gimmick was pretty fun. Kinda like an ethnic RVD with less stiffness and arrogance. YES, FOWLER, MANY! Prince Iaukeau was "meh", Dennis Knight with his clothes on was "meh", Kofi is pretty damn good. Was it me? Yeah, it does make me feel a little bit like C'mon, guys. Kofi Kingston is a high-flying, crowd-pleasing, children-amazing, highlight-reel-feeding everlasting gobstopper of a wrestler. WHAT'S WRONG WITH HIM? That his matches are too formulaic? Gee, in modern WWE corporate-scripted land with ten agents and a hundred writers, I'm sure that's all his fault. What are his downsides? He's gotten hurt a coupla times and hurt some other guys a coupla times, but those were all standard-business Act Of God unfortunate accidents that are inevitably gonna happen during a wrestler's career. (And don't gimme that "Bret Hart never hurt anybody" bullshit, Bret's well-known for his own high opinion of himself and there's no way in his entire career that he literally never once made a mistake which ended up with the other guy going to the hospital; or worse, toughing it out through the next set of dates.) Kofi flips, flops, and flies just like Rob Van Dam but with WAY less injury to his opponents. What, you think some of his moves look a little light? Then you go fucking make his house show bookings yourself and do it better. Every day of the week. Fifty-two weeks a year. With the WWE's infamously demanding travel schedule and their infamously cold-hearted attitude towards guys who don't come back quickly enough. (And don't say "Hey yeah but they let Stone Cold sit out for an entire year," that's because he's STONE COLD and they weren't taking any chances with the goldenest of geese, they were treating him like Steve Rhodes treated his semi-unpleasable wife Marcy and bowing to his every whim and he STILL made a questionable decision to do the barely-walking "run-in" at Backlash) Kofi has a Royal Rumble gimmick. How many other guys have that? Serious question. Maybe Shawn Michaels, Kane, Kevin Nash... and are you going to seriously tell me, with a straight face, that Kofi Kingston isn't a consistently better in-ring performer than Kevin fuckin' Nash? And can you IMAGINE the pressure he's under to make those planned Royal Rumble moments work? He's KNOWN for it. He has to top himself every year. And he has to do it live on television and in front of thousands of screaming people. Under the hot sweaty lights, on the cold concrete, that shit is HARDER THAN YOU THINK to do. And has he ever botched it? Well? I can't remember any incidents offhand. "Meh". Jesus wept.
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    DreamBroken is the kind soul the rest of you wish to be. To the Cuddly List for DreamBroken!
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    I liked the show. Thought the 2 big talking segments were very well done. Reigns came off great with his words, Bryan did a good job bringing his promo all the way around and I enjoyed Heyman's piece too. Cena/Rusev/Lana was an awesome promo segment. Lana was great as always, Cena brought the fire and passion with one of his really great promos and then Rusev came right back and delivered just as good. Loving Rusev's promo style lately. Like the IC title 4 way program with Truth getting a chance and found the tag titles rematch really good before the finish. The divas match was of course a shame, nice to see Emma for 30 seconds. I actually like how the Mania card is shaping up top to bottom so far. forgot to add, Bryan tagging himself in and Reigns laughing it off was a great touch, loved Cole putting it over like these two buddies are doing it right and having fun.
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    ALLEGEDLY stealing every lap top in America to create a new pile of things Hardy can ALLEGEDLY chokeslam his girlfriend on to. Also, I don't hate the Browns and their fans nearly as much as their ownership appears to.
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    Aahh it didnt last long. Wez whoopin ass right now.
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    Oh, this is just delightful. I almost got a job there, and thinking back and am glad I didn't. I disagrre about ROH though, they'll be just fine. SBG in a just world wouldn't be around much longer. But they have such shit programming that they'll have enough suckers sign up with them. I'd be up for showing those in charge of ROH that link. They really need to get out of there.
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    My guess is they're worried that would've made Orton yet another guy more over than Reigns.
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    No, it really doesn't. What happens on message boards is that people actually become really big fans of a guy organically, and then there is always a crew of people who have to go the opposite direction whether they like the guy or not. The wonder of wrestling, especially for those of us who aren't kids anymore, is when wrestling kinda brings back that magic again where you actually care about what happens to your favorite wrestlers. People being invested in Bryan is the mark of really awesome pro wrestling, not cult-like behavior to be derided. Oddly for someone who chided others for being cynical about RAW, that's the most cynical thing said in this thread so far. EDIT: Ah, the "won't someone please think of THE CHIIIIILDREN BRYAN'S NECK!"argument. Yeah, they shouldn't have put the belt on Steve Austin right after he came back from his neck injury either. Trying to put the responsibility for Bryan's health not on his doctors, not on Vince McMahon and the company for letting him wrestle, not on Bryan himself, but on the fans is weird, too. Alright, I don't want to get banned here so I'll step out now, but you're improving, Raziel. I give you three FSW's out of five.
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    I would also mention Kate Upton being in those Gods of War commercials but I believe we're talking about, ya know, non-models (in which case the only other woman I can bring up is, of course, Flo) Okay I'm stopping this before Rippa banishes us to the TV forum
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    How Noble still has a job as an agent after laying out that turd is amazing. HBK and Jericho put Noble over as a great agent. Noble isn't the guy deciding who to throw who out and when. Vince obviously wanted Bray to dominate early to get ready for Taker so you have to book him as the man the first 10 spots which was done reasonably well. Then Vince wanted to toss the most over guy in the company like a sack of shit after he worked with Fandango and Tyson Kidd for a few minutes. There wasn't much to be done to salvage the match after that, but I can't imagine it was Noble's idea to dump Mizdow(who had the crowd back) like a Bushwacker, and have Show and Kane kill all the other faces the crowd liked. Vince booked something he knew the fans would hate, and expected Rock to save his ass. The match was crap, but the booking was worse.
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    Sinclair is awful and I don't really see much of a future for ROH. Everyone I've known who has worked for them (I used to work in broadcasting in Maryland) has told me nothing but bad things, especially regarding how cheap they are. I'm seriously surprised they shelled out the cash to switch to HD. They probably got a barter deal. I just Googled "sinclair broadcasting cheap" and found this awesome thread.
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    He pretty clearly changed Wrestlemania last year based on the crowd. Which, in hindsight, was a big mistake. There are two mistakes to be made in situations like these: Not giving the people what they want, and giving the people exactly what they want. WWE has made both mistakes.
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    I blame Heyman for letting the Mutants in ECW think they were part of the show and not spectators, and that snowballed into fans thinking they're the show all over the place, and not watching it.
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    The WWE's true fan base is therefore the worst.
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    Worst crowd ever, you might say. But yes - that crowd was much more anti-Roman than Memphis was and it was pretty clear to me why they were booing, regardless of what side of the issue any of us are on. Live theater and movies aren't a very good comparison, because the creative forces behind that are focused on giving their audience what they are currently seeking. WWE's creative is focused on Vince telling the people what they want and insisting on framing his company to look a specific way even if his loyal customer base is telling him to stop. It really speaks to the passion of wrestling fans to go there just to say "fuck this shit," because if a certain director of films or theater consistently and deliberately pissed off their target audience, the audience wouldn't protest, they'd just stop going.
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    Shouldn't you lighten up? I've noticed a lot of your replies seem to be anti-Bryan fan troll-posts, which is just as bad as the "I want it my way all the time" posts. I agree, wrestling is more fun when you sit back and don't stress too much, but you seem to go out of your way pretty often to moan about Bryan fans. It's not that serious. Just funny to observe.
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    What IS Bryan doing at Mania? He seems to have no storyline that can lead to a match right now. He's going to be the musical act:
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    Dear WWE stop saying Daniel Bryan and John Cena wont be on Wrestlemania. Fucking Curtis Axle is confirmed for the show, I think those other guys will be booked. Jesus I try to defend this garbage and rationalize it, for my own enjoyment at least, but they insist on doing shit in the dumbest way possible. The fans were hot for Orton, so instead of letting him RKO everything in sight they do this stupid rejoining the authority garbage. They'll drag it out just long enough to dull his heat and then they'll pull the trigger. Did anyone notice Darren Young almost kill Konner/Conner/Con-Air with that overhead throw. Yikes.
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    On a non Reigns note, Big Show needs to retire ASAP and become a manager. His ad-libbing tonight was great. GET BACK IN THE RING YOU CHEATER.
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    Speaking of Curtis Axel, that Axelmania t-shirt would be a lot better without that stupid hashtag.
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    When they get older, tell them that. For now, explain that Hulk would toss Deadpool into orbit and win by countout. this, however, would not change hands.
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    Whatever is needed for the story.
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    But you decided to watched the Oscars, which is the epitome of self-important schmaltz.
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    Wasn't it King who had said "No one with the last name of Styles is cool." Proof to the contrary
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    We can, but what does Styles have to do with anything?
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    Shane Helms is best pals with Matt and Jeff Hardy, so he's probably not a great judge of character.
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