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  1. He looks more like Samoa Joe and what a coincidence that he's going to be in Reys corner against Samoa Joe. Where was Joe 21 years ago?
  2. At least his mask didn't have stick horse hair anymore.
  3. It took a couple times of seeing that screencap quoted to realize the Australian guy who banged a horse and the NSW magistrate were two separate people and the horse didn't get 10 months in jail. So it could've been worse for the horse.
  4. Is bullshit PG or does she get a talking to by Mark Carrano?
  5. Someone at CBS Sports must use reddit, since for a while there, it didn't matter what sub you went in to, you were bound to run in to a post telling you to not let (insert thing here) distract you from the fact that in 1998, the Undertaker yadda yadda'd Mankind through a yadda yadda.
  6. Well, I've learned from watching MMA that cups are apparently pointless because every time someone gets hit in the groin, they still react like they've been hit in the groin.
  7. Neither of those names have anything to do with Impractical Jokers.
  8. Did Betty and Jughead have a sexual relationship? I don't remember if that was portrayed in any way on the show and every time I happen across discussions of asexuals on the internet, they're always saying that asexual doesn't mean that they can't have romantic relationships because they still have feelings in other places beyond their genitalia, it just might get frustrating for the other person or they themselves have to make compromises for it to work but apparently people are complicated creatures and asexuals can be in relationships.
  9. How did anyone even hear what LaMelo said for there to be an immediate reaction to cut the segment short? It happened so fast and in context it sort of sounded like "Feet on the gas" like Lavar needed to run around in circles faster.
  10. Since he has a lot of guns, I was expecting it to be shot out of the air.
  11. People telling me to go watch things won't make me go watch those things but reading spoilers that make things sound amazing will because I wasn't that interested in watching it, just interested enough to read the spoilers, and having read the spoilers, I'm definitely more excited to see it sooner rather than later because OMGWUT!?
  12. If Brauns opponents had any respect for their own bodies, they'd just Walk away.
  13. That would be right in line with her character of post-modern commentary on how pro wrestling is stupid and fake and if you aren't having an existential crisis from watching it, there's probably something wrong with you because look at this stupid garbage, what are you doing with your life.
  14. Is it just me or did Renee's brother look a little like Dean?
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