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  1. Cole Miner


    Sunday's episode was one of the best hours of television I've ever seen. Episode has a perfect 10 rating on IMDb https://m.imdb.com/title/tt8084176/?ref_=m_ttep_ep_ep7
  2. Can't believe this foul was a flagrant 2 ejection
  3. The Warriors have quite a few players getting minutes that would have fit right in with the process era Sixers. Hell they are starting Glenn Robinson III that actually had a short stint as a process era Sixer. Think they might miss Jerry West. Especially considering the quality of role players the Clippers have assembled the last couple seasons.
  4. Don't know what the hell I'm supposed to do with Ayton. Basically 1/3rd of the season with 1 less player in the rotation. Bagley goes down too but I can at least throw him on the IR.
  5. Good to see that word is spreading fast. I was stoked for this team and it's defensive improvement this season just from adding Horford and Richardson. Thybulle is an added bonus and an added bonus that already has people asking whether or not he is the best defender on the team already. Please no Sixers first round pick injury this year.
  6. The day we must all face eventually. The day of the last goodbye. The day I must take her to be put to sleep. Just an agonizing horrible day and it is just getting started.
  7. Matisse Thybulle is an absolute stud defensively. Between him and Shamet last year this front office is pretty damn good with late first round picks. SImmons finally did it
  8. Yeah a Thursday division game is a pretty gutsy pick. Especially when Tampa Bay has the better coach.
  9. I can't believe they are still obsessed with using Sproles so often.
  10. Sixers classic edition jersey for this season unveiled. Horrible. The cursive looks more like Severty than Seventy
  11. He won't be super max eligible. You have to be on the team that drafted you or that traded for you during your rookie contract. He will be eligible for a higher percentage of the cap due to 10 years of service.
  12. It has been interesting how things have unfolded going back to the Lakers not being willing to trade for Paul George. Quite a domino effect. Be funny if this actually played a role. https://twitter.com/criscarter80/status/114739863863896883
  13. That is quite a haul for the Thunder. Made the Clippers pay since they were basically trading for George and Kawhi. SGA has all star potential. Gallo will probably get hurt on the flight over. I'd be happy with the move I suppose if I were a Thunder fan. Their status as a likely first round exit doesn't really change. They have limited options for moving Westbrook due to the contract and his decline. So blowing it up completely probably isn't realistic. They have the right GM to get value out of the later first round picks. If one of those unprotected picks are 6 years from it could have real value. East got a bit easier. Sixers are owed the Thunders pick this year which is top 20 protected. Odds of getting that pick declined.
  14. This is crazy. I was just going through Blind Blake albums on Spotify and spotted an album and couldn't believe the cover of it. The album cover is my picture I did using gimp. I colorized the Blind Blake image and did some repair work on it. I had posted the image to imgur so I guess they found it there.
  15. Probably but I hope it something absurd called the Wildcard Champion.
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