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  1. Probably but I hope it something absurd called the Wildcard Champion.
  2. So hey only 2 days until the draft lottery. Sixers with a 1% chance for the number one pick. That could take away the sting from tonight.
  3. Not angry. You don't deserve to win giving up that many offensive rebounds and getting out hustled. Plus the 24 2nd violations in the crunch. If they are sticking with Brown they need to bring an assistant in with triangle experience.
  4. Stay asleep. I want 3 game 7s on Sunday. and he wakes up
  5. Since I watched a lot of Pakistan and India travel videos I get a lot recommendations from youtube now from those countries. This one popped up a little while ago. 94 year old man from India goes back to his childhood home in Pakistan he left at 22 when the partition happened. This video was so good.
  6. So top headline on realgm right now.
  7. Here is a lucky one. People in India find kid that has been missing for 8 years on a cooking show.
  8. Not fouling there was ridiculous. Like they quit.
  9. New David Boston going to Seattle.
  10. Straight jacket chic.
  11. I'd be really excited too. Guy is a beast.
  12. I don't really get not taking the Lakers offer. It was absurd. Even if you don't like all the young players they were sending you could still flip them for picks.
  13. Man trading Shamet is kind of a let down but BOBAN~! Harris is basically the perfect guy to fill out the starting lineup.
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