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49 minutes ago, Execproducer said:

Interesting but Did she ever appear in a Hitchcock film? I'm blanking on it if she did.

Angela Lansbury did not. That was not the point I was trying to make, just that quite a bunch of the remaining survivors of the "Golden Age of Hollywood" did (I looked at the list because Wikipedia mentioned Lansbury having been of the last of them and recognized the "pattern"), sorry if I did not make that clear.

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15 hours ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

Dame Angela Lansbury has died.  She was 96.  


I cannot believe Jessica Fletcher got away with it...  Rest in Peace you murderous psychopath. 

I love the Film School theory vids about Jessica Fletcher and Father Dowling both being serial killers.  It was also interesting to note that Fletcher's residence of Cabot Cove, Maine had a higher murder rate than Honduras. 

Speaking of serial killers, my ex-wife and I had the good fortune to see her perform in Sweeney Todd during its Broadway revival.  The ovation she got at the end of the performance was deafening.  


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I re-watched Cracker recently, a lot of it actually doesn't hold up that well but, that being said, Coltrane is still fucking great in it and, in particular, the Carlyle/Coltrane Hillsborough episodes are still some of the best TV ever made. 

Coltrane absolutely roaring with laughter during the famous Billy Connolly incontinence trousers bit still cracks me the fuck up too. 

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Musician Mike Schank, best known for his good guy role in the award-winning documentary film American Movie, has died. He was 53.

Schank’s close friend Jackie Bogenberger said he had been battling cancer in recent months and died Thursday.

American Movie won best documentary at the Sundance Film Festival and became a cult favorite over the years. The 1999 film chronicled the making of the horror short Coven by independent filmmaker Mark Borchardt, with Schank — Borchardt’s best friend — shown in the film supporting Borchardt’s filmmaking dream through various challenges.

Schank’s deadpan humor and quiet sweetness in Movie — including his honesty about his struggles with alcoholism and gambling addiction — made him a beloved, unforgettable figure. He hilariously provided a bloodcurdling scream for Coven and also composed its music. The 1999’s documentary’s success led to several opportunities, including a role in the 2001 film Storytelling and a voice cameo as himself on the animated sitcom Family Guy.

Bogenberger said that throughout his battles with addiction and cancer, Schank remained “one of the most kind and selfless human beings this earth was ever blessed with.”


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39 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

I went to the University of Illinois and had some film classes. In 2000, for the second Roger Ebert Film Festival, he had American Movie (and Coven!) on the schedule. One of my professors was tight with Ebert, so we got a few of the directors and stars of some of the movies to come speak to our class. One day, we had Mark Borchardt and the directors of American Movie as our guests. I hadn't seen the movie yet, and wondered who the weird dude sitting in the back of the class was. It was Schank, of course. When I finally saw the movie, it was like, "Oh! That's the guy!"

As an aside, we also got to hear from Michael Caton. I had no idea who he was, but there happened to be an Australian guy in our class, and he was flipping out.

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