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  1. I've been a reader on this forum for fuck knows how long but only been posting since 2014 and because of a complete lack of post count not one person on here will know me. But as someone who has read this forum for as long as I can remember, it's pretty much, for the most part, always been cool as fuck and I think the mods, again, for the most part, have been cool as fuck about keeping shit in line on here (honestly, not always, but mostly) but I do honestly think that OSJ guy has got away with a lot of shit down the years that other people wouldn't have because, I guess, he's been here a long
  2. Yeah, those Bond films are obviously of their time but some of the casual racial stuff and the sexism in them stands out so so much. Some of it is just...yeesh. But, yeah, as I mentioned too, I'm just finding them really dull, just not for me I guess. I know Roger Moore was quoted before saying he played up on the humour side of it because the whole thing is so ridiculous what with every dude in every hotel and casino in the world knowing who this SECRET agent is straight away but he's actively terrible at points in some of the ones I've watched so far. The Man with the Golden Gun is an
  3. Aw man, I love the shit out of Stiff Little Fingers too although, in saying that, At The Edge might well be my favourite song of theirs: I had always heard about them and The Undertones making jibes at each other because one of them sang a lot about the Troubles here and the other sang mostly about teenage dreams, Mars bars and their cousin Kevin. I mean, I don't know how one could possibly make jibes about any band whose song has the lyrics ''He's got a fur lined sheepskin jacket, my ma said they cost a packet'' and ''His mother bought him a synthesizer, got the Human League i
  4. I'm a bit late with this and could easily be accused of being biased seeing as a) The Undertones are from my hometown 2) they're one of my all time favourite bands and d) I don't have a third reason but Teenage Kicks is pretty much one of the greatest songs of all time. It is 2 and a half minutes of perfection.
  5. Okay, am I the one that's fucking bonkers because that could very well be the case but make a case for me that the early Bond films are any good... Controversial I guess considering how revered they are but, I dunno, I started watching them in order from the beginning during all this shite that's going on as I'd watched bits and pieces of them down the years but had never actually watched most of the earlier ones from start to finish. I've watched as far as The Spy Who Loves Me so far and, fuck, they don't hold up very well at all. Some of them are downright dull and a chore to get throu
  6. Yeah, if you want Shake It Off, this is not the album for you. That being said, I think, for the most part, she pretty much knocks it out of the fucking park although the amount of songs could have been cut I guess as it feels a little bit bloated (I mean, yeah, The Last Great American Dynasty is pretty much shite). Stand outs though? The 1 and Exile. My wife loves the everliving shit out of Bon Iver anyway so I've heard Exile 428 times in the last 24 hours.
  7. If you'll allow me to ramble a bit, aw man, Big Jack is pretty much the only man in football history to have been both an England football legend AND an Ireland football legend. I'd heard the stories before which people have repeated today about him walking into pubs here and ordering everyone a round which he 'paid' for by cheque safe in the knowledge that the cheque would never be cashed so you have all these pubs in Ireland with framed cheques behind the bar, kept as souvenirs from the day Big Jack visited. Yeah, there were probably jibes about the whole granny rule and half the team
  8. So, I watched two recent films today. Onward? Really enjoyed it. That damn Pixar and their damn feels kicking me right in the feels. Capone? Holy shit, what a turkey. You figure, hey, Tom Hardy and he's playing later years Al Capone and that sounds pretty good, right? Yeah? Nope, nope, nope, nope. It was 1 hr 40 mins and felt like 6 hrs 40 mins of pish and I still haven't decided if Tom Hardy is good or bad in it. No, fuck it, he's definitely bad.
  9. Holy forking shirt balls, The Last Dance is so so so fucking good. I wouldn't even call myself a basketball fan in the slightest, I mean, obviously I'd heard of Michael Jordan because I'm a human being who lives on planet Earth but I'd legit never heard the name Scottie Pippen until I watched this which might seem crazy but still. But some of the stuff Jordan used to do? Jesus, that was some Matrix type shit; dude seemed to walk on air. Amazing, amazing documentary that makes me want to hunt out all sorts of basketball footage.
  10. Legit once saw a dude attempt a Stunner in a real life fight and I only wish I was joking. Landed on his arse and didn't hit shit which was a shame because I wanted to see the other dude do some Scott Hall or Rock style bump off it. Again, legit, I am not joking. Now if ever see some fucker do a People's Elbow or a Worm or some shit in a real life fight, well, shit...
  11. In what is my all time favourite thread on this forum, that Imagine entry is my favourite so far. I've laughed ever since. TREMENDOUS. And I like Lennon as much as the next guy but Imagine? Nah, fuck that noise. I have to say though, I dig the absolute fuck out of Into The Mystic, it's legit one of my all time favourite songs.
  12. Yeah, being from Derry myself, Derry Girls ain't happening this year. Even before all this, the whole of Derry would know instantly when Lisa McGee even scratched her arse so we would know when they started filming anything for it because every nosy fucker in the town would find out 67 days in advance. I have no idea how old the cast will be by the time the new series starts, Nicola Coughlan is literally 33 years old playing a 16 year old. It's basically Derry 90210.
  13. So, yeah, add Dave to Atlanta, Mr. Inbetween, Barry, Killing Eve and The Good Place as shows I decided to check out based on users on this very forum talking about them. I'm only 3 episodes in but, holy shit, what a great little show. Saw the Thrift Shop gag coming a mile away at the end of the 2nd episode. Still laughed. Nearly fell off my chair at the end of the 3rd episode. Not that I knew what that particular table was before I watched that episode.... Dave/Ally are also, incidentally, my wife's new favourite couple on TV...which means they're totally going to split up, rig
  14. So, ah, yeah, this thread remains my all time favourite on this forum. I mean, you shouldn't have to feel compelled to complete the full list, Liam but, I mean, you pretty much have to now, right? That being said, it's already popped up but Marvin Gaye's I Heard It Through The Grapevine is pretty much the greatest song ever, no? Or, at least, it's almost certainly the main one that horrendous singers in my office try to sing along to when it comes on the radio.
  15. Aw man, a lot of that shite Evolution run was pretty much the nadir for me at points. I mean, I like Big Dave and Ric Flair is my all time favourite wrestler but that boring as fuck Triple H cosplaying as a Flair/Race hybrid run was fucking tedious. And, again, it's not a case of me somehow having to justify myself for slagging him off, the whole Triple H is holding everyone down talking point died out 15 years ago, I just never ever found him at all interesting as an on screen talent.
  16. Welllll...The Big Show Show is fucking terrible. I mean, I like Show as much as the next guy and it's inoffensive I guess but, yeah, it's really not very good. I have though recently started watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for the very first time and it is very, very, very, very, very good. What I'm trying to say is it's very good. That being said, the Xan/Kimmy interactions are the best part of the whole show and I don't know now if Xan has been completely written out of it. Hopefully not.
  17. Triple H has always been legit dull as ditchwater to me. I was never one for the whole 2003 Smark Triple H is holding down Shelton/RVD/Booker/whoever glass ceiling malarkey; I'm speaking purely as an on screen talent and, as an on screen talent, I always found him boring as fuck. Probably didn't help that I detested D-X even as a 13 year old back in 1998 when you would think 13 year olds would be into that shit. I recently re-watched a lot of the 1998 Raws, most of it was absolute shite but the Austin/Vince stuff still holds up and I still love the shit out of Austin but D-X were insuffe
  18. So, yeah, football is pretty irrelevant right now but we can still talk about it. This gets done every few years on here but, hey, why not, your choices can change down the years. YOUR TEAM'S ALL TIME FAVOURITE XI Man United: Schmeichel G. Neville Vidic Stam Irwin Ronaldo Keane Scholes Giggs Cantona Van Nistelrooy Actually, okay, mine hasn't changed much in years. Most of those speak for themselves and are automatic picks but could easily have gone with Rio at centre half but for the, frankly, fearsome duo of Vidi
  19. Holy shit, that was great. Wrestling needs more hysterical shrieking and old as fuck ladies in the front row. It can't be stated too often but, god damn, Dick Murdoch was just a tad bit good at this whole pro wrestling thing.
  20. I honestly don't know what's going to happen, I mean, football is just a bunch of dudes trying to get a football over a line and is only a game and as beautiful and amazing it is, it is just a game which, in the grand scheme of things, means nothing. But if we have to talk about it, Liverpool are pretty much the champions, they were never in a trillion years going to throw it away and, yet, they can't simply award Liverpool the league and, I'm not just saying that as a United fan, because it would always be the asterisk against it, Liverpool won the league but they didn't win the league and yo
  21. I would be classified as a key worker for the NHS; I'm still in work and haven't been sent home yet. This is unquestionably serious and the mob in government has spent years making cutbacks to the NHS so the workers in it are underpaid, undervalued and overworked so now, when something like this happens which could never have been predicted, the shit hits the fan and it shows how underappreciated all these workers are and, yet, from my dealings with them, the vast majority I've dealt with down the years are basically saints. But when this is all hopefully over, the cynic in me would sugg
  22. Long time reader, very part time contributor to DVDVR but I just had to say, this might well be my all time favourite thread on here.
  23. Joe Gilgun will never ever not be Woody to me. In the same way that Idris Elba could do a bunch more films and 83 more Luthers but he'd always be Stringer Bell to me. I watched the first 4 episodes of Brassic though, a lot of the Sky One productions are usually hyped and then end up shite but this one is really quite good. It's a show which isn't quite what you think it is based on the trailers.
  24. I'm a couple of days late but one of the things which stood out about the shitty Bury/Bolton situations was noted shitbird Jim White on Sky Sports News standing in front of a countdown to their possible demise as he was positively orgasmic over bringing us the shite news of two noted historic football clubs possibly going out of business and a bunch of dudes losing their jobs. It was short sighted at best and downright cuntish at worst. I hate stories like that, they're more than just football clubs, they're intrinsically linked to the local community and that.
  25. Flair's number one with a bullet. Other nine are comprised roughly of Austin, Rock, Eddy, Hansen, Terry Funk, Kawada, Sting, Vader, Bockwinkel. I was 12/13 when Austin became the most over dude I'd ever seen in wrestling (not old enough to see that Hogan fucker on top, sorry) and, at that age, how could he not be my guy? That being said, I was also 12/13 when DX got big and they were fucking shite even at that age. I recently re-watched a bunch of 1998 Raws, most of it is the fucking shits but the Austin/Vince stuff still holds up for the most part but DX was as pish as it was when
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