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BEST OF THE 20-10S Voting Guide

Message added by RIPPA,

Updated list of ballots received

  • Bill S. Preston ESQ.
  • hobo joe (revised)
  • Sublime (revised)
  • Lamp, broken circa 1988
  • Octopus (revised)
  • caley
  • The Z
  • Natural (revised)
  • Andy in Kansas (revised)
  • New Blood
  • EVA
  • (BP)
  • JL Sigman
  • MavsFan77
  • King Leonidas Of Sparta
  • Control
  • Jaedmc
  • Execproducer (revised)
  • Rippa

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I have already received two ballots so probably need to make this official

BALLOTS DUE: Sept 7, 2020 (Labor Day in the US)

BALLOT LENGTH: MINIMUM 50. MAXIMUM 100 movies (1-100). You may also "vote" for up to 25 movies as Honorable Mention (Honorable Mentions serve as first tiebreaker and some other stuff based on my whims)

BALLOTS EMAIL: DVDVRMAIL AT GMAIL DOT COM (In an ideal world you will submit your ballot 1-100 MOVIE TITLE, DIRECTOR, YEAR)

ELIGIBILITY: Anything that has a release date in IMDB between 1/1/10 and 12/31/19

You can update your ballot at anytime - just make sure you let me know that it is a corrected ballot when sending it (I also sometimes need to ask for corrections too)

(More Details In Next Post)

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1)  MARVEL MOVIE (Director, Year)

2) ANOTHER MARVEL MOVIE (Director, Year)


And so forth till however many movies you put on your ballot (min 50 - max 100)

HOW HONORABLE MENTION WORKS (I just copied this from the Greatest of All Time)

You may select UP TO 25 more movies (in no particular order) to list as your Honorable Mention

Please use the same formatting as your regular list so like

  • ROCKY (Avildsen, 1976)
  • ROCKY II (Stallone, 1979)
  • THE ROCK (Bay, 1996)

Again - MAX 25 Honorable Mentions. YOU DON'T HAVE TO PICK A FULL 25! YOU DON'T HAVE TO PICK ANY!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Reminder - you technically have a week.

Now that work has returned to normal - I will start nudging people to work on lists (and do my own)

And then be sad when I only get 4 ballots

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So, just to make sure, for a movie like 'The Trip', you want it formatted 

The Trip (Winterbottom, 2010)?

And not 

Trip, The (Winterbottom, 2010)?

Just want to make sure because I remember collating yearly 'Best of' lists and losing votes because I sorted some with the former format and others with the latter.

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7 hours ago, Octopus said:

If a film has multiple directors, how would you like us to write it? 

You can do just last names

Or things like Cohen Brothers or Russos

It doesn’t have to be perfect - it basically is just my check to make I am recording the correct film  

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On 9/3/2020 at 11:42 AM, The Natural said:

At the risk of and probably sounding stupid, minimum of 50 and maximum of 100. Can you do a number between the two, say 80? Just wanted to ask before I have a bash at my ballot.

Yup - you can do anything in between 50 - 100.

You also can still have Honorable Mentions even if you are below 100

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Okay - since I am an idiot - I legit didn't realize the deadline was Monday. (I kept thinking I had another week).

So while I am gonna start tallying what I have  - I am behind on harassing people and making my own ballot.

Clearly I will keep accepting ballots beyond Monday. (Since we also need more ballots to make this worthwhile)

This is who I have received ballots from so far. If you submitted and don't see your name - let me know

@Bill S. Preston ESQ.

@hobo joe


@Lamp, broken circa 1988


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27 minutes ago, Bill S. Preston ESQ. said:

-Does Twin Peaks: The Return qualify as a film?

-Some contradiction on if Dogtooth qualifies by release date?

No to Twin Peaks - both IMDB and Wiki consider it the 3rd season

Now as I said when @Andy in Kansas asked me that question - that one is a little in the gray area and I am not going to fight too hard if you vote for it. Just know that if you do - you and maybe Andy if he submits a ballot will probably be the only ones who vote for it.

Dogtooth is 2009 per IMDB so not eligible

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These are folks who at some point in one of this threads said they would work on a ballot or are my normal ballot submitters. I figure most needed a reminder this project (or the board in general) exists. I didn't include people who have acknowledged working on a ballot in the last few days

I expect most will tell me to go fuck myself


In no particular order









@Brian Fowler

@Curt McGirt





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