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  1. Am I crazy for thinking that ruling is a bigger deal than the other toothless Supreme Court decisions that everyone’s been treating like headline news all day? It definately makes for more interesting reading and will almost certainly have a larger impact. If only the media could stop being obsessed with youknowwho for a second.
  2. Correct. I know Tony has a history of being a very online smark, but he's somebody now. He shouldn't be wading into the shit like he's still a limp-dicked know-nothing mark like yours truly.
  3. Speaking of Pants Free JR, is this directed at him or me?
  4. I'm going to wait and see what Brandi gets up to in the next couple years before I can give you a firm answer.
  5. Nice! Someone find out what Alex Wright has to say!
  6. Jericho has chimed in again and Coach Tony is up to four tweets on the matter.
  7. Last week Jericho, this week Tony. I vote for Cody to do next week's tweet.
  8. A notification that I was quoted brought to this post. Tease!
  9. Two singles guys winning the tag belts. FWIW, I'm fine with Jericho winning as he's such a tippy-top guy compared to what OC has been presented as. But I think the pattern @For Great Justice is pointing to makes a compelling case.
  10. It's been a while since I've seen the match, but I remember accepting it on the basis of how much Hunter worked over the leg and Booker using everything he had to hit the Hangover. I'm cool with it since they built the whole match to get to that. Now the laying around after the Pedigree is a lot harder to explain away.
  11. Joe West making a bad call? You don't say...
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