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  1. I could talk myself into doing Bret matches for the full four. Does that mean I get two Mount Rushmores?
  2. The Chris Rock season of Fargo was postponed due to COVID. New premiere date is September 27, with two episodes airing back-to-back.
  3. IIRC, we were told to keep the Astros stuff in this thread. Emphasis mine. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29651830/los-angeles-dodgers-joe-kelly-sounds-houston-astros-players-handling-sign-stealing-investigation
  4. Since everyone's already covered JR, I'll shift my focus elsewhere: That wind-up on Scorpio Sky's name was unbearable. Shoot Justin Roberts into the fucking sun.
  5. The good news: The Jays offense did stuff! I want to speak about nothing else.
  6. Given your track record, I now have doubts about whether this stable will even include FTR.
  7. I suddenly wish I watched more Marlins games because Don Mattingly’s mask game is bananas. Holy fuck.
  8. Sure. But then what you've got are undercard comedy goofs. Oh fuck this is how they get Sami Zayn back on TV, isn't it?
  9. That logic is the same as the Triple H mark promo, poking fun the whipped, impotent fucks who will lap this shit up no matter how much it sucks or how much they seek to actively abuse you. There is no money in it. Because the ratings have cratered since then, I'm happy to report it's a losing strategy!
  10. I was listening to Cornette's (I know, I know) review of Raw Underground, and he got into this. The basic gist is Shelton would never blow up, never really worked out, ate like shit, and was always in shape and delivered. During his ROH run, he finally started joking he was getting to be an old man because he actually had to get in the gym. And Eivion is correct. Angle was not a part of this class.
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