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  1. Alternatively, it's become easier to appreciate their realism.
  2. I want to be hopeful. But this wouldn't be the first time someone writes a National Treasure script that fails to materialize a new movie. We're in Deadwood territory here, where I'll believe nothing till I'm looking at on-set production photos of some stars.
  3. I don't know. Sure, he's the man behind huge summer hits like Milf Island and he's the reason the microwave tray spins. But he's had his misses. Remember KouchTown?
  4. Trish Stratus and her first WWF contract.
  5. Arn Anderson talks about his experience with COVID: https://wrestlingnews.co/aew-news/arn-anderson-says-he-had-covid-19-i-couldnt-eat-anything-i-was-hallucinating/
  6. When I see numbers like that and think about how much is going into churning out a never-ending line of new Marvel and Star Wars stuff, the little voice in the back of my head starts whining things like "How fucking hard is it to get them to throw some of that money at a new National Treasure movie?" And then my brain just makes crying noises.
  7. That main event was rough. All that time with Brock holding the belt hostage and all that time waiting for them to pull the trigger on making Roman the guy properly again led to this. The action is incredibly dull and repetitive, even by the standards of the Suplex City template. The crowd isn't there for it at all. And worst of all, Brock wins and I come away thinking they're wasting my time and Roman's peak years. Just a trash match. You're not exaggerating in describing it as one of the worst to go on last.
  8. Peacock isn’t a real thing. It’s a made up service from the 30 Rock reunion special. You’ve been worked, DZ!
  9. Do we know this for sure? Is there no other property under the NBC umbrella that would be a fit for NXT? What's on SyFy (or however it's spelled now) Wednesday nights? I think their deal with USA was only for a couple years, so it'd be up later this year, right? Would they be able to shop it elsewhere?
  10. I feel like the only place to go from here is split hairs over differing definitions of ace-hood. Which I will graciously spare everyone of. You're welcome!
  11. All of which can be applied to Angle vs Michaels. I don't think that excuses not doing it.
  12. I know this steps on either the Edge match or the first Michaels match and those are well-regarded, but parking peak Cena in forgettable triple threats at back-to-back Mania shows just how little clue this company has at times.
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