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  1. Hope Keith Lee is the one too take down Cole at Takeover: Tampa
  2. Good too see Dusty Baker finally going to win that elusive title in 2020. Go Stros bay bay
  3. Drew vs Lesnar is a great choice. Does Becky vs Charlotte vs Ronda II main event WM once again? Guess Bayley loses her title in the Elimination Chamber. Sasha/Asuka/Shayna/Ruby Riott/Nia. The Fiend vs Reigns seems likely, it is what it is I guess. Daniel Bryan vs Edge would be fun. Maybe Rollins, Murphy & AOP vs Orton, Black, Joe & KO
  4. Men’s Picks Most Eliminations: Brock Lesnar (7) Iron Man: Brock Lesnar (20-21) Final Four: Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, Keith Lee, Aleister Black Winner: Aleister Black Women’s Rumble Picks Most Eliminations: Nia Jax Iron Woman: Sasha Banks Final Four: Charlotte Flair, Shayna Baszler, Sasha Banks, Ronda Rousey Winner: Shayna Baszler
  5. I hope the Dark Order gets some deletion. I mean Matt Hardy.
  6. Wasn’t Harper Lee a woman portrayed by Catherine Keener?
  7. This is my biggest gripe with AEW. Indy wrestling level angles. I like the Dark Order vignettes but closing out an episode with a jobber Tag team joining, using what could have their best women’s title match for the Nightmare Collective angle, etc I do like the Butcher & Blade and there’s a place for them in the tag division, don’t have a problem with them taking a loss. Cody has to go through Wardlow next. And it led to Cody vs Darby II. I dig the Hangman story more than anything else at the moment. I’d love too see a Horsemen-esque stable with him leading, Tessa, Revival (March-April?)
  8. Like it, there’s really no team worthy of taking the titles from UE but Time Splitters change that perception.
  9. Maybe he had an unpleasant root canal and is really sour about it, my theory.
  10. I enjoy watching him do it way more than Dr. Bay Bay,
  11. Fair enough and good point but I still hate that this was even teased to begin with
  12. I want Jericho/Tanahashi at AEW Revolution in February, going to be let down if Jericho wins at Wrestle Kingdom. Which I also think would be the nail in the coffin on NJPW’s U.S. market.
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