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  1. Jericho or Omega as the inaugural champion makes plenty of sense (hype, ratings, prestige for the belt, etc). Plenty of people in the Battle Royal that would make a viable opponent..MJF, Jimmy Havok, Joey Janela, maybe Darby Allin, maybe Hangman, maybe a bigger surprise. Whoever wins it, if they save the first Championship Match for AEW on TNT’s debut that puts that guy over as a top guy. And would no doubt be a great match. My money is on Jericho being the first champ as well as possibly becoming IWGP champion and that being the thing that advances a NJPW partnership. I think with the cards it’s a 21 card deck with 5 of each suit and a joker card. The 5 guys who drew the same suit will be in the same group to either start the Battle Royal or be in the group of five that enters every three minutes. Whoever draws the joker is #21
  2. What would a Page/Darby Allin match look like at DorN? I think they are the only two contracted male wrestlers not yet promoted
  4. Make it wierd Brock Lesnar vs The Revival Lio Rush vs Braun Stroman and Nicolas Goldberg and AJ Styles vs DX Undertaker vs Sami Zayn Kofi Kingston vs The Brian Kendrick Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs Viking Raiders
  5. https://twitter.com/JonMoxley/status/1123438186410205184?s=20 SO IT BEGINS, Moxley’s contract expired at midnight
  6. Oh I just jumped off the walls. Tom Savini is 100% my favorite special effects/makeup guy
  7. I’m still gonna dream Big O is gonna turn on Kofi at some point
  8. Read it was unlikely. He’s burnt out and is leaning towards retirement. Loyalty still remains with WWE if he decides to return.
  9. Velveteen/Buddy tore it up. Hope Murphy is in the WWE Championship picture quickly
  10. I’d be really disappointed if it’s MJF from a storytelling POV. The teaser phone call and the match card of Cody’s with his opponent pixilated out all happened well before the MJF vs Cody heat, even still it doesn’t seem like there’s bad blood, yet. I’d give the angle a longer build once their TV deal starts. It’s the best blood feud they’ve got going. This is pretty great
  11. Twitter tweet says he’s not going to be a commentator. Looks like Excalibur & Marvez only.
  12. Really hope Dunne is the first UK main roster call up. Would love too see him vs Bryan/KO/McIntyre, etc
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