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  1. Rockets are pretty stacked. Westbrook/Harden/Gordon/House/Brown/ McLemore/Nwamba at the wings Cousins/Wood/Tucker/Wooten at the bigs
  2. Something huge is going down tonight. From TK’s tweet Tonight we have a great lineup for #AEWDynamite Live on TNT at 8pm ET/7pm CT! For the rest of 2020, #AEW will keep delivering great matches on Wednesday Nights + there are massive surprises ahead! Please join us on TNT tonight, the balance of power in wrestling will shift tonight 8:45 AM · Nov 11, 2020
  3. Fury Road was good but at the end of the day an inferior remake of Mad Max II
  4. They didn’t give the Astros players punishment cause they wouldn’t have agreed too say a word without immunity. They wouldn’t have been punished at all otherwise.
  5. Abadon suffered a throat injury from tay Conti that left her unable to breath and they rushed her to the hospital.
  6. Kevin Cash blew it pulling out Snell. dammit. Fuck the Dodgers.
  7. I’d like too see some top 5-10 matches of the year lists..
  8. Hope so. Astros getting him back for less than expected would rule. I think there’s not many teams with a lot to spend with $$ uncertainty for the 2021 season, draft pick loss attached and a big 2022 free agent pool plus the “cheating” thing.
  9. Surprised Jojo Rabbit is at #94. Thought it would a top five to ten.
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