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  1. Production and set looked amazing, I hope they do TV there. Every match on the main card was different and delivered. Pre-Show remains unwatchable.
  2. I don’t know much about him but he was one of the few bright spots in that freak show of a Battle Royal. I liked his double team spots with Jungle Boy and their comedy stuff on BTE is good stuff. Im also in favor of City Boy or Urban Boy pairing up with MJF once this team runs its course. “Remember when you teamed with Luchasuckass, City Boy?”
  3. I’d like too see Hangman vs MJF. Both deserve a match on every show. Seems like the right kind of event for the Best Friends vs Super Smash Bros. match. Put together a woman’s match and that’s probably the card. If they are treating these smaller events as their TV leading into All Out, I wouldn’t give more than 7 matches for the cheaper streaming price.
  4. Who are the Drew Gulak types in AEW?
  5. I think Page is a main event guy right now. Wrestling Jericho for the title on (I hope) the TNT debut will get him over amongst the first time viewers/Jerichoholics. MJF makes sense for the TV Title and I’d put Darby Allin, Janela, SCU, Guevara, etc in a mix of matches. Too me though Jericho/Omega/Page/Mox/Cody/Dustin are the AEW title contenders.
  6. Can there be a Fyter Fest thread now? Jon Moxley vs Joey Janela is fire!
  7. HOLY SHIT MAN! this match + Omega/Bucks vs PAC/Lucha Bros and Cody vs Darby is a nice achievement of Khan’s continuing to book a better PPV each time out
  8. Just cause I’m excited. Guess is Hangman and Darby Allin take two of the four spots not yet announced in the Battle Royal but going by the Starrcast II appearance list there’s a huge amount of guys that could be pretty fun. Joey Ryan, Booker T, RVD, Jerry Lynn, James Storm, Colt, Shane Helms, etc Predictions: Jericho over Omega. Hope Jericho is carrying all the gold on TNT’s debut show. Cody over Dustin Lucha Bros over Executive Vice Pussies Strong Hearts over SCU. Just cause Omega/CIMA is happening in June Britt Baker over Nyla and Kylie. Not familiar with any of these three. Baker looks like she should be a top heel in the division and Kylie being a top face who seems like AEW’s Bayley type inspirational face chasing the gold. Angelico and Jack Evans over Best Friends. Think the Blondes are the best AEW Tag Team. Hikaru Shida’s Team over Aja Kong’s team. Shida looks like the face of the division from the start and would like to see her in the first Women’s title. Riho is also out of this world adorable. Hangman not wrestling on the Double or Nothing show but still walking out a #1 contender. Sammy G over Kip
  9. Jericho or Omega as the inaugural champion makes plenty of sense (hype, ratings, prestige for the belt, etc). Plenty of people in the Battle Royal that would make a viable opponent..MJF, Jimmy Havok, Joey Janela, maybe Darby Allin, maybe Hangman, maybe a bigger surprise. Whoever wins it, if they save the first Championship Match for AEW on TNT’s debut that puts that guy over as a top guy. And would no doubt be a great match. My money is on Jericho being the first champ as well as possibly becoming IWGP champion and that being the thing that advances a NJPW partnership. I think with the cards it’s a 21 card deck with 5 of each suit and a joker card. The 5 guys who drew the same suit will be in the same group to either start the Battle Royal or be in the group of five that enters every three minutes. Whoever draws the joker is #21
  10. What would a Page/Darby Allin match look like at DorN? I think they are the only two contracted male wrestlers not yet promoted
  12. Make it wierd Brock Lesnar vs The Revival Lio Rush vs Braun Stroman and Nicolas Goldberg and AJ Styles vs DX Undertaker vs Sami Zayn Kofi Kingston vs The Brian Kendrick Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs Viking Raiders
  13. https://twitter.com/JonMoxley/status/1123438186410205184?s=20 SO IT BEGINS, Moxley’s contract expired at midnight
  14. Oh I just jumped off the walls. Tom Savini is 100% my favorite special effects/makeup guy
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