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  1. My Guess on the big 3 starters left in FA Bumgarner-Angels Keuchel-Astros reunion Ryu-Cardinals
  2. Brodie Lee is one of the greatest big men I’ve ever seen, from what I read was one of the most respected and funniest guys in WWE’s locker room. I’d put him in the top of the card ASAP.
  3. Dustin Rhodes was by far my fave thing on this week’s show. I wish he could be AEW champ
  4. Is their a TakeOver for Rumble weekend? I know the one in PDX in Feb but it’s a really long wait for what should be TakeOver title matches...Shayna/Rhea, Cole/Ciampa/Balor
  5. Sheamus was spotted in Chicago I need a Sheamus vs WALTER NXT UK Title Match in my life
  6. The Rhea Ripley pin on Charlotte was a thing of beauty!
  7. Gargano and Joe are hurt and not cleared i have no clue who is #4 for WarGames. Andrade, Cesaro, DB, Rollins, KO, Punk, Black
  8. Go Astros, baby. LeChampions of the Americans
  9. Scorpio Sky, the Cody vignette, the last two matches rocked it.
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