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  1. I’m digging Omega. From what I can tell from the little I saw of him in NJPW is that his character and promos have really improved drastically in AEW. He might be one of the best. I love the psychedelic ring attire he looks like Miami Vice fused with Hunter S. Thompson.
  2. Well I know what’s my new #1 AEW match. WOW!
  3. Statlander was my fave at the time. Baker has really developed, Thunder Rosa & Shida are aces, Maki & Riho has brought fun back, Deeb, Cargill, Velvet, Ryo, etc are promising. Women’s division is on the top right now.
  4. Show was dare I say better than Revolution. Two fueds that could both lead to a Blood N Guts match id presume Omega, Good Brothers and guys vs Mox, Kingston, Cage and guys or The Inner Circle War Counsel Games
  5. He was an all-star in 2019. Guy with an 0-3 or 0-4 UFC record is still a big enough free agent too get chants every time Shane McMahon speaks.
  6. I wouldn’t put it past this being Paul Wight “B.S.” and hyping himself up with a heel turn at the fan’s expense. If not I think Lesnar, Cena & Punk are the three names that can move the needle. I’ll exclude Batista since he’s in the WWE HOF class and I can’t imagine that going over well.
  7. What NJPW guys are around? Or maybe Marty Scrull.
  8. Ryo Mizunami aside from Aja Kong was the most bland of all the Japanese side to me. Don’t want Nyla Rose being a 2x champ this soon either. I hope Shida retains but it’s unlikely.
  9. I hate WWE and I think this PPV is the last I watch. Total shits.
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