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  1. I have never seen this before and have no idea what it's from
  2. That 1999 tag sounds like an awesome challenger
  3. New Japan gets TV deal in US

    I really liked the Sabre/Tanahashi rematch, though not as much as their G1 match. This one had a longer runtime, which just meant they padded out the runtime with pointless interference. But Sabre was awesome going after every one of Tanahashi's limbs, really finding some killer ways to trao him in holds. But my god am I getting tired of hearing JR talk about what jeans and boots Davey Boy Smith wore in 1999. That's literally his only, weekly, observation about DBS Jr.
  4. This was my choice as a contender, and I too noticed it because I hadn't ever actually seen Hansen/Vader team before. And it only happened a handful of times anyway, right around this point in AJ. I was just expecting a fun mauling, but was shocked at the storytelling going on. I've actually watched this match three times this year now. It's really simple and great, and has most of the things I love about wrestling in it.
  5. http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2017/11/the-critic-proof-perfection-stupidity.html I wrote 1200+ words on that match a few weeks ago. It's impossibly great and horrible. But they did build to that impossibly stupid spot, with several other impossibly stupid spots.
  6. I thought Moose looked way better in that NOAH match than I've seen from him. He came off like a total star.
  7. I've never seen him before but thought TARIK looked really great in the 4 way. Anybody have match recommendations?
  8. Honestly I had no idea, but I've officially gotten to the point where I watch/have watched so much wrestling that I've forgotten a lot of what I've watched. Part of this project has been going back and reevaluating things I haven't seen in 15-20 years. It's probably been 15-18 years since I've seen WrestleWar, so I didn't pick up on any of the similarities. I'll go back and watch soon. Taking them each in a vacuum (MX/RR and MX/Steiners), which do you prefer?
  9. New Japan gets TV deal in US

    I really loved that Sabre/Tanahashi match, thought it was concise, to the point, focused, and the targeted work made sense from both sides. I thought it was really great. So I was excited for Ishii/Tanahashi and...I totally agree with Curt's thoughts, except probably more negative. Once this fed slightly brings me in, it completely pushes me away.
  10. Bummer to hear these stories about Kozina. At a 2002 APW show at the Napa Fairgrounds he worked a nice match, and couldn't have been friendlier to 21 year old me. He chatted with me for 10 minutes at the merch table, I was a fan of his wrestling (he had worked California several times at that point), was genuinely interested in my college radio show (which was half wrestling talk/half indie rock), offered up two of his comp tapes for free to use as giveaways on my show, honestly could not have been a nicer dude.
  11. Lord help me, I was actually amused by Josh Matthews' commentary last night. The bickering stuff with Borash made for some of the worst TV possible, but as just a heel commentator he can be very funny. During the main event he was explaining some psychology and then said "thought I would help you out since you're all looking at your phones at home while Drake is holding this chinlock." And later when they came back from a commercial break he said "How did Johnny Impact manage to survive through the break? We'll never know!"

    I like how once he finally got free from the ropes he then decided to take his time walking and getting into position for one measly stomp.

    Also, I am shocked to see that nobody has made fun of Stephanie's ghastly disco Tron jumpsuit.

    After seeing 5 Kairi wins, I've certainly seen enough for now. She brought essentially the same structure to every match, and blew off everything for her near identical comebacks. I left nearly every match more impressed by her opponent. Killer performance from Shayna though. http://segundacaida.blogspot.com/2017/09/mae-young-classic-final.html
  15. They don't want Nia to be anything like Piper. Monster face and monster heel are two very different things. Nia has played vulnerable monster better than many.